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The Twilight Bride Introduction

There once lived two souls who loved more deeply and more purely than any other person has ever been known to love. They came from two different worlds, but their hearts intertwined just the same. That love was lost and broke this young girl more than she ever thought possible. She couldn't and never would love again; couldn't forsake her heart, her soul, and the gift they had been given. He was her one and only, her forever.

Her name was Bella and her father owned a farm. His name was Edward and he worked as a farm hand for Bella's father. He waited on her hand and foot, always giving her what she needed or wanted, oftentimes before she could even request it; he just knew. It was almost as if he could read her mind. Edward hardly ever spoke to her but when he did it was usually three small words which meant the world to her. Not until after years of this master and student dance did she realize that she loved him; just as he loved her.

Bella was a beautiful girl. Long chestnut hair accented her chocolate colored eyes, and her fair skin provided her with a stunning complexion. However, that is not what she saw when she looked in the mirror. On the rare occasion that she did study her reflection, all she saw was a mouth graced with one lip that was slightly larger than the other, boring brown eyes, and skin that never kept the sun kissed look in the summertime. Despite the fact that she was always kind to others, she came to the realization upon her sixteenth year that she did not have many female friends. Little did she know that the other girls in the village despised her for her enviable beauty. Men would stare at her as she walked to and from town, and those of wealth were known to come from far away just for a chance to catch a glimpse of her beauty. Many thought part of her beauty came from the fact that she was completely oblivious to it.

Known for her pure and innocent nature, Bella had the ability to make anyone laugh. Her wit and humor was known throughout the town. If one of the locals was having a rough day she was sure to do her best to cheer them up, always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on if need be. Her selfless tendencies and compassionate temperament were the only things to outshine her beauty.

Despite this, Bella had never displayed an interest in boys, romantically that is. The village boys were perfect playmates for her as a child, for unlike the other girls she didn't fret over a little mud, or mind playing with frogs they would find in the neighbor's pond. In fact, she found it all quite delightful. But as she reached the age of blossoming romances, she found that no one put a sparkle in her eye; until him.

Edward grew up a very poor boy. His father died when he was very young and his mother did her best to raise him right, until she passed away when he was sixteen. He came to the farm that Bella lived on looking for employment and Bella's father, Charlie, saw something in him that he liked. Bella only saw stars. She was completely mesmerized by his beauty. His shocking copper hair always seemed to be in disarray and when he looked at her with his piercing green eyes she felt he could reach the unknown depths of her soul.

Like all of the other local men, Edward too noticed Bella's beauty. She was so easy to fall in love with. But he wanted to be worthy of her, worthy of her love,so he saved every penny her father gave to him in wages. He dreamed of the day that he could build a house for the two of them so they could be married and start a family together; longed to give her everything, yet still couldn't bring himself to truly talk to her. How he wished he could just open up and speak to her, share with her, protect her; hold her forever and never let her go. Someday he would make his dreams come true.