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I can't see a damn thing, because that douche bag Eric blindfolded me. Just wait until I get a chance to get in a swift kick to his precious, teeny tiny balls. A mysterious stranger had shown up not too long ago, surprising Eric, and mentioned that he had felled his cronies; I can only assume he meant Jasper and Emmett. I hope they are still alive, and relatively unharmed. Worry for the safety of my two new friends, rivets throughout my entire body. The thought briefly occurs to me that maybe this newcomer is here to rescue me, but then I regain some sense and realize that would not be my luck. If this mystery man is able to defeat both Jasper and Emmett, he must be a formidable opponent indeed.

I overhear the unknown man tell Eric that his name is Marcus, and wonder for a moment if it could possibly be the Angry Pirate Marcus; the same man who stole my life and love from me. Yet there is something familiar about his voice, and I can't quite put my finger on it. It reminds me of Edward yet is harsher, more confident, raspier maybe? I can't let myself get lost in this sort of fantasy, there is no way this could be Edward. Edward is dead and this man said his name is Marcus. He is more likely the murderer of all that was good and true in my life, and for that possibility alone I need to keep my guard up.

Marcus and Eric are having some manly competition, a battle of the wits they call it. I hear them say something about deadly penis but I am not really paying attention to their games. Besides, I am sure all it really boils down to is some manly way of saying my dick is bigger than yours without having to actually show the other man your dick. Behind my blind fold, I roll my eyes at the stupidity of men and allow my mind to wander, as I tune out their nonsensical drabble. I begin to think of ways to free myself from this situation, while not being able to see a damned thing, and I become frustrated and feel my bottom lip begin to quiver. Hold it together, Swan. Now is not the time to show fear!

I still have yet to come up with an escape plan, when I sense someone coming closer to me. Strange fingers gently ghost over my hair in an almost intimate manner, and I can feel them trembling. The action should disconcert me but it does not, instead feeling mildly comforting and somewhat familiar. I don't know why, I should be terrified and shiver in fear. What the hell is wrong with me? I wonder. The mysterious stranger takes a deep breathe, inhaling in my scent, as if he is soaking up my smell like a starved man soaking in the aromas of a decadent banquet. Something about this action nudges at the forefront of my mind, but I am unable to grasp what it is. Suddenly, large rough hands grasp the blindfold that is around my eyes, and ever so gently, with a sense of reverence, pulls it away from my eyes.

The sudden contrast of the exposure to the bright sunlight, from the darkness I had been kept in from the blindfold, causes me to squint and blink a few times. As my sight clears, what I behold before me is the face of a man I never believed I would actually see, but knew what I would do if God ever granted me the chance. Gaping at the face before me, I know beyond a doubt that my suspicions are right. The black mask, the black clothes, the name Marcus- this is the Angry Pirate Marcus. Overcome with rage, I can taste the hate inspired venom dripping from my tongue. My jaw goes rigid and my gaze lowers. Anger is coming off of me in waves, waves that seek to pierce him in his nonexistent soul. The words that release from my lips are forceful, and I drench them in every bit of hatred I feel toward the devil before me. "I know who you are," the words seethe off my tongue and pass through my lips, every word laced with poison.

"Bella," the murderer of my true love, the destroyer of my existence, softly begins. It doesn't occur to me to wonder how he knows my name, because all I can see, feel, and respond to is the massive amount of vehemence I feel towards him. I stand up slowly, and for every step I take towards this defiler of love, he takes one step in retreat. When I notice that he is trembling, and there is fear in his eyes, my inner diva comes out of hibernation. She has been absent far too long and is now well rested and eager to go, more than happy to have returned.

Pulling out her trampoline, she jumps up on it, cheering me on with cartwheels and confetti while chanting, "Beat his ass! Kick his dick! Let him know we don't take shit!" I smile wickedly to myself; I have missed her and her timely motivations.

I bring myself closer to the malicious man, stick out my index finger, and jab him in the chest. Hard. A raw ache shoots through my finger and it hurts- a lot- but is worth it. "You." Jab "Killed." Jab "My." Jab "Love!" Jab "You." Double jab "Destroyed." Jab "My." Jab "Soul!" Push

"Bella, let me explain!" the killer of dreams cuts in. "You don't understand!"

Ignoring his rambling, my inner goddess and I have a quick consultation, and the two of us come up with quite the wicked plan. We see where our jabbing and stalking is directing this slaughterer of souls, and he is now standing precariously close to the edge of a steep ravine. My inner goddess winks at me and I go for it.

"You deserve nothing better than a similar treatment," I say sweetly, tilting my head up and giving him a heartbroken smile, earning me a confused and quizzical look right before I swiftly bring my knee up, and with the force of my anger, nail him straight in his manhood. Stumbling backwards, his face flashes with a myriad of emotions-amusement, fear, pain and, what the hell? Amusement again?

As he tumbles down the vine-filled ravine, his screams echo loudly throughout the ravine.

"I'm youuuuuuur biiiiiiiiitch!"

As I am congratulating my inner goddess on a job well done, realization sets in. Wait, what did he just say? Did he just say 'I'm your bitch'? No! No! No! He couldn't have possibly. It couldn't be; it's not possible! Oh no, what have I done? Before my brain even registers what my feet are doing, I am propelling myself forward, falling down the ravine myself shouting, "Edwaaaaaaaaard!"

My plummet down the hill comes to an abrupt stop as my body hits something rock hard, yet strangely soft and comforting. Strong arms reach out and envelope me, and I am filled with warmth and a sense of finally being home. I raise my head up to catch sight of what has caught me, and notice the arms that are holding me are sleeved in black cotton. Swallowing my fear and summoning up all the courage I have within me, I move my gaze to the face of the one whose arms hold me captive. As my eyes move upwards, I catch a glimpse of black fabric to the side, lying crumpled in the dirt. I realize this must be his mask, and it must have fallen off during his tumble down the rocky and steep ravine. Eventually my eyes make it to his face and I am sure I must be hallucinating. The face that gazes back at me, full of worry, concern, and never ending love, is that of the same man I thought was no more. The same man I accused him moments ago of murdering. Edward. I am lying, wrapped in my Edwards arms. Releasing a sharp breath I didn't realize I am holding, I begin to shake as the tears pour from my eyes. Wrapping my arms fiercely around his neck I sob deep into his chest. I don't believe what I am seeing. It can't be. Edward, my Edward is alive and he is here!

Burying his face into my hair I hear soft murmuring. He is chanting, begging me to forgive him. "I am so sorry. So, so sorry. You have no idea." The pain in his voice is raw and cuts straight to the deepest recesses of my heart. "Believe me Bella, my love; I wanted to come home to you so badly. I had no other choice. I had to lead you to believe I was dead, otherwise they would have killed me. I will never forgive myself."

The rational side of my brain recognizes that his apology is meant to comfort me, but it only serves to anger me. Twisting away from his embrace, I stand up and turn my back to him. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, counting to ten in an attempt to rein in my temper. My attempt fails. I am filled with so much unreleased and unexpected emotion that it can no longer stay contained.

Whipping my body around to face him, I shriek, "How dare you? Do you know…how this made me…what I almost..." I am unable to complete a sentence fueled with so much fury. Grabbing me by the waist firmly and swiftly, he brings his body to mine and before I can catch my breath to yell some more, his lips are upon mine, effectively melting all my anger towards him. It is true, it is real. He is alive and he is here, kissing me.

Our lips meld together in a passionate kiss, trying to make up for all the lost time. The drought I thought would never end finally has, and the overabundance is beginning. His mouth is warm and tastes of sea water, and the Edward of my memories. Running my fingers into his hair, I grasp strands between my fingers, forcing his succulent lips impossibly closer to mine. His tongue seductively licks the corners of my lips, asking silently for entrance. Willingly I comply, bringing my tongue up to meet his. Our tongues sear together, rejoicing in a long lost reunion of their own, sliding, savoring, and teasing, dancing a dance we choreographed together long ago and I thought I would never get to dance again. One I knew that no matter how long I am apart from him, I can never forget.

Feeling the last breath of air in my body leave, my inner goddess tells me to go ahead and pass out because he will revive me with even more mouth to mouth. But I needn't worry because his lips move to my neck where he begins kissing, nibbling, and worshiping the skin there, leaving small love bites that mark me as his. I don't care, because this is exactly what I want. Sliding his hands down my back, his long talented fingers curl and his palms cup my ass, pressing my sensitive center into him and I can feel how hard he is for me. The feeling of us pressed together, mixed with the delicious friction that is caused as his hardness grinds into me, makes me want more. So I hook my leg around his waist then jump and wrap my other around him as well. He stumbles back a few paces, surprised by the unexpected motion. Luckily there is a tree behind him and it catches him so we don't fall.

With a strength and swiftness I didn't know he possesses, he turns us around so my back is now against the tree, his lips never breaking contact with mine. The feel of his fingertips grazing my breasts make my already hard nipples stiffen even more. I let my hands trail from his soft hair, down across his muscular back, and in to the waist band of his pants, my nails lightly scratching the bare skin there before I slide my hands all the way down the back of his pants cupping his bare ass firmly. Edward lets out a loud guttural moan, which causes me to giggle. Breaking our kiss, he rests his forehead against mine. His hips begin to rock into mine, rubbing his erection against my core, effectively cutting my giggling short and turning into a loud, wanton moan. I push back wanting more, always more.

Edward grinds himself into me one more time before pulling back and panting, "Bella, Bella, Bella, I missed you so much and I am sorry. I love you Bella. I love you. I am sorry." A tear begins to fall from his eye; I cannot stand to see him wrought with so much grief and guilt.

Cupping his face with my hands, I make sure his eyes meet mine before responding. "Edward, I love you so much. When I thought you were dead, I died myself that day." We gaze into each others eyes for a moment, and he sets me down slowly, my feet once again touching the dirt of the forest floor.

"Bella, my love, death cannot stop true love; only delay it for awhile." Gazing deeply into his eyes, I see them full of all the love he has for me. "We better get going," he says, as he takes my hand in his. "We don't know who is after us and where they are. I promise I will explain all to you as soon as I can." Giving me a languid, soft, chaste kiss, before pressing his lips to the back of my hand, he pulls me towards an ominous wooded area I knew only as the Molten Marsh where the AORP's live.

Rose POV

I have decided to put my anger towards Edward aside for the time being. I figure I can always torture him later, it will just add to his anticipation. No, I will not admit that maybe I am forgiving him a little bit. Rosalie Hale does not forgive those that wrong her until vengeance is duly paid! If I was to be completely honest with myself, I might say I feel a little bit of forgiveness creeping up on me- and I don't like it one damned bit! Why did Edward have to look so happy when he saw Bella? Why did Esme have to give me that "men are idiots and always will be" talk, and tell me to just be the bigger person? Well the bigger manipulative person if we are still being honest here. Esme says acting like the "bigger person" will make Edward feel guilty, making it so in the end I truly win. She says she uses it on Carlisle all the time and it works like a charm.

Climbing back aboard the ship, I make sure everything is set, in case we find ourselves in need of a quick getaway. I look over at the weird contraption we have hooked up to the back of the boat that looks like the combination of a huge fan and a motor. Without it we never would have made it to Florin in time. By the grace of God, we were blessed to happen upon an unusual group of female pirates. We gained this crazy, life saving invention from them. The mere thought of those women made me chuckle and smile. They were some of the most ingenious and remarkable pirates I had ever met. I had been given a standing invitation to join their crew anytime I'd like. If it wasn't for my strong sense of loyalty and integrity, even with how Edward wronged me, I would have been more than happy to jump ship and join them right then. However, that damn sense of loyalty reared its ugly head and I knew Edward needed me, so I stayed- even if it was a stupid decision.

Their captain was a trip for sure. Introducing herself, she smiled brightly. "Cap'n Dandie Goose is the name and sailing these seas looking for fine booty is our game." That was followed by a lustful wink as she eyed Edward's rear end. "This is my first mate, Cece Masthugger," she said as a tall, willowy blonde approached us, wearing a very tight, very short, and quite revealing dress. The type of which I had never seen outside of wenches, except that these were…classy? Hard to believe, but true. Only these unusual female pirates could have pulled it off. The captain and her crew were all extremely beautiful and reeked of sex and loquats. "Cece's job is to make sure the booty's mast is always getting proper care. She is the best there is and we are lucky to have her as part of our crew." I was definitely curious as to what she meant by "the booty's mast." I knew what the ships mast was of course, but the booty's mast had me curious indeed.

"That I am," Cece said, while blatantly eying Edward's large package, proudly on display in his tight pants, and then winking in my direction.

Their ship was named "The Reneesme", and we had come upon them while both of our ships were trying to make it through the same pass. Edward was being a super asshole, seeing as he was in such a hurry to get to Bella. Luckily, Cap'n Dandie Goose and her crew were rational enough to hear us out. After hearing our plight, followed, by a little bit of tear wiping from the crew of the Reneesmee, they offered us their contraption, the Blow 'n Go, which they said would vibrate and make a humming noise while turned on, then it would push you through the water like a bullet. But you had to stand back from it, otherwise you would get wet from it squirting all over the place. They swore that this machine would make it possible for us to get to Florence in plenty of time.

It's now been several hours, and it is beginning to get dark. I wonder where the hell Edward is and if I should just take matters into my own hands, when I see two men approaching the boat from about fifty yards away. It appears to be the giant who had been scaling the cliffs, along with one of the other men he had been carrying on his back. I quickly prepare for what could end up as a battle between the two of them and myself. As the men approach, I notice how good looking the giant one is. I begin to feel momentarily lightheaded and I wonder why, until I realize I have forgotten to keep breathing. What in the hell was that? I thought to myself. Rosalie Hale does not get affected by men, she affects them! Yet this incredibly large man is stunning and is definitely affecting me- everywhere. I can't help but wonder if everything is to scale on him, because if it is he has one very large… Peanuts? Why is he carrying a bag of peanuts? Is it coincidence or do they know of Edwards peanut allergy and it is part of a planned attack? I realize I need to regain my composure and shake myself out of this lust filled haze if I hope to stand a chance against them. I gather my slingshots and supplies and crouch on the side of the ship, hiding while waiting to take them by surprise. As I watch them approach and get within range of my slingshot, I find it odd that they are not trying to be inconspicuous in the least. They are being loud, laughing and joking with each other. Maybe they have no idea anyone else would be on the ship, but if they just naturally assume that, they must be naive idiots. I know I can use their lack of attention to my benefit, and sneak around to the other side of the ship so I can creep around the corner and get behind them. I am very stealthy in my moves and am able to get close enough behind the two men to jump onto the back of the giant. In hindsight that was a bad idea, but when trying to decide which one to attack first, my body told me the big one, and I listened. As soon as I am on his back I am immediately flipped forward onto the ground under his foot, with the small blonde man to the side, laughing.

"Well what do we have here?" the small blonde one says through his laughter. The big one begins to say something but all that came out was grunts and drool. I swear I had heard him talking before, but maybe he was "special" and didn't talk and I had been mistaken before. He seems quite distracted by his lack of literation, and I use that to my advantage, slipping out from under his foot and running to take cover behind a tree. I quickly pull my slingshot out and load it up to launch. I hit the giant right between the eyes, but unfortunately for me, unlike David's Goliath, this stone has no effect on the giant before me. In fact, he just laughs at me.

"Rosalie, Edward sent us. Please let us explain," the large one bellows.

"What? How do I know I can believe you?" I question them. They then tell me their tale of what has happened and why. I apologize and invite them aboard the DRT Oar. The giant, whose name is Emmett, is very friendly and jovial, and I can find myself easily falling for this man. I know I should fight it, but I am not sure if want to.

I fill them in on all the details with Edward and our escapades. When I tell them all about good ol' Eddie boy locking me up, they were impressed with the balls he showed. When I give them my bitch face, they quickly recant their words and say he was wrong and I was right of course. It is during this time that they help me form my plan of revenge on Edward, which of course will have to wait until the whole Bella debacle is over.


Bella is not pleased that we are about to enter the Molten Marsh, which is home to the Arachnids Of Ridiculous Proportions. To tell you the truth, I am not exactly thrilled about it either. However, this is the best way to get back to the ship and around any others that could possibly be searching for her. I do not trust James worth my spit. I know this kidnapping had to be of his doing somehow, I just don't know the why or how yet. I notice that Bella is wearing the knife that I gave her around her neck, and it is securely hidden beneath her blouse, nestled in her ample cleavage. Just the thought of Bella's cleavage is sending my mind, not to mention other parts of my anatomy, in directions I do not have time for right now. I grasp the chain holding the knife and remove it from her neck, popping open the knife and handing it to her. "Here, use this in case any of the arachnids get too close."

She looks at me in awe and says, "How did you know how to work that so fast?"

I look at her quizzically before saying, "Bella my love, it's a pocketknife. They all work about the same. Plus, I am the one that gave it to you."

She stands there, looking confused for a minute before loudly exclaiming, "OH MY LORD! How did I not get that before? It all makes sense now!" I stifle a laugh at Bella and her tendencies to miss the obvious. "If I would have known…wow. How did I not figure that one out?" She shakes her head in amazement at herself and I just laugh. It is a true 'Bella' thing to do, and I love all of her, even the parts that can be frustrating at times. I am just so glad to be back with her finally. I grab her hand tightly and bring us into the dark shadows of the Molten Marsh, keeping my eyes peeled for those disgustingly huge arachnids. As we enter the marsh, I notice Bella is trembling. Moving her into my arms and holding her closely, I brush her brunette locks out of her eyes where they have recently fallen.

"Bella sweetheart, what is wrong?" I ask.

"I-I-I I am terribly afraid, Edward. The arachnids and the dangers of the marsh? We will never survive."

I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. "Nonsense baby, you are only saying that because no one ever has."

She looks up at me, narrowing her eyes in irritation. "Edward if that is supposed to calm me you are severely mistaken."

"Bella dear, I was only trying to lighten the moment." I spin her around so our chests are meeting, bending over slightly so my face is even with hers as I hold her tightly and ask; "Do you trust me?"

"What?" her nose wrinkles up in that adorable way and I can't resist kissing the tip of it before I enunciate each word carefully, gazing straight into her eyes.

"Bella, .?"

"Yes, of course I trust you Edward. I trust you with my life, my heart, and my soul."

I lean closer to her, my nose touching hers lightly, before shifting my head minutely to make our lips gently brush against each other in a chaste kiss, then rest my forehead against hers. I hold us still for a moment, just feeling her warm breath upon my lips, reveling in the moment and the fact my Bella is with me again, willing her to feel safe with me and know that I will never let anyone or anything hurt her. We will make it through this awful marsh on pure will of me keeping her safe alone if I have to.

I crush my lips to hers in a searing kiss, showing her how much I care for her and her life; how I will protect her, how I will go to the ends of the earth and back to keep her as mine and in my life forever. She returns the kiss just as passionately, her hands immediately taking residence in my hair where they begin tugging and pulling. I can't hold back the moan that is building inside of me from her touch, it hurts, but it is such a good hurt when she does that. Her tongue darts out of her mouth and slips into mine, caressing and tangling with my own. I let my hands slip to her backside, cupping her supple ass. The sounds she is making are nearly driving me to the edge. I have waited for her for so long and I don't know how much longer I can wait; but not here, not now. Our first time will not be in the gloomy and eerie Molten Marsh. Gathering up all the will I can, I gently pull away from her, the kiss leaving us both panting and trying to catch our breaths.

Once I am partially recovered, I look at her, taking her hand, and start walking us forward saying, "Bella we better get going if we want to make it through here before it gets too dark and before the others figure out where we are and catch up with us."

"Um, okay," Bella replies, a wistful and dreamy look in her eyes. I chuckle; glad our moment of lust seemed to help relieve some of her fears.

We then begin our descent into the deeper recesses of the marsh, our surroundings only got more dreary and sinister as we did. Suddenly from nowhere, an odd feeling comes over the entire marsh, followed by complete and utter silence. We stop where we are, trying to figure out what is going on when suddenly, right at Bella's feet, there is a large puff of smoke released from the earth with a stench attached to it, the likes of which I have never smelled. It is absolutely horrid and makes my eyes water. The wretched smell is too much for Bella and causes her to pass out straight in to my arms. Thankfully, once the cloud of smoke blows away with the breeze, the smell is gone and I am able to revive Bella rather quickly. She comes to and crinkles up her nose and forehead in the cutest formation, showing how disgusted she is by the stench we had just encountered.

"What was that?" she questions.

"My dear, I believe that is one of the dreaded pitfalls of the Molten Marsh- the Methane Cloud. It is silent, but deadly."

Once I am sure that Bella has fully recovered from the gas attack, I gently take hold of her hand once more and we continue on our way, making sure to stay aware of any signs that may tell us of the impending release of another methane cloud. As we make our way through the marsh, Bella begins to question me on the specifics of my whereabouts and the happenings surrounding them. I relay to her the story of the prawn ship being robbed by the Angry Pirate Marcus, who was actually Carlisle, and the history behind the name of APM and all of his successors. I then tell her of his offer to Rose and I to either take over the ship for him and I could become the next Angry Pirate Marcus, or Rose and I could both die. She seemed to quite understand.

We continue our way through the marsh and things are going rather well considering where we are. We have been able to successfully avoid the methane clouds now that we knew what to watch out for, and we have yet to see a single AORP. It would be very easy to settle in to a sense of complacency and safety but Carlisle, and the months of being APM, had taught me to always be on my guard.

Holding Bella's hand in mine, we are walking in a comfortable silence just enjoying being with each other once again. Bella turns to me and opens her mouth to say something when I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and an uneasy feeling settles over my entire being. Cupping my palm over her mouth and picking her up by her hips, I swing us around behind the nearest tree just in time to see an enormous spider, larger than a horse, slither from behind a large boulder. We have finally encountered the dreaded AORP's. Their rumored size turns out to not be a rumor at all. In fact, it appears that the size may have been downplayed, or this one was larger than most. I assume the AORP to be a female as she has thousands of tennis ball sized babies crawling all over her back. I glance at Bella who is standing next to me, paralyzed in fear. Her face has turned a pale putrid green color and she looks like she may pass out at any moment. Reaching my arm around her, I hold her close and try to soothe her and let her know everything will be alright. I was scared shitless myself but thankfully I have learned to not show outward emotions.

Quivering in fear, Bella turns to me and whispers softly in my ear, "Edward what are we going to do? We can't hurt her, she's a mother."

My eyes bulge and my jaw drops. "Bella you must be kidding me! I will do whatever I must to get us out of here safely. It is only a spider, a giant one at that, but nonetheless if I have to choose you or that foul arachnid, I choose you. You know that."

Our whispering, although soft, has caught the attention of the mother AORP. Her eyes began to glow a startlingly red color and she hisses at us. One of the smaller spider babies falls off of her back as she turns to face us. Glaring at us, she scoops up the baby spider and pops it in to her mouth, watching us as we watched her back in disgust, not believing that she is actually eating one of her own.

Bella looks at me, her face an even more sickly color now, and says, "Never mind, let's get that bitch!"

I quickly and gently press my lips to Bella's and say, "Stay here," as I straighten my stance and prepare for a battle with this unusually large arachnid. Bella turns and glares back at me. "Nuh-uh! No way! You fight, I fight. We are in this together." There is no time to argue with my stubborn love, so I just try to think of the best way to defend her while fighting off our enemy. Bella surprises me though. With an unusual amount of coordination she leaps up and grabs on to a lower hanging tree branch. Swinging her body back and forth several times, she leaps off of the branch with one leg outstretched and ready to kick whatever gets in its way. What ends up getting in its way is one of the arachnids' eyes. The force of her foot is strong and does significant damage, throwing the AORP off track and causing it to stumble. Bella lands flat on her butt, but doesn't seem injured or bothered by it, in fact she is smiling. I look in her direction, giving her a smirk and quizzical look, but she just shrugs like it's no big deal.

The AORP recovers and hisses loudly; shaking its body in fury, making many of her babies fly off and scatter around us. She glares back at us, but this time with only one red glowing eye. It seems Bella's brave act has taken out the other. I am filled with relief when it appears Bella has gained some sense of self-preservation and runs to the next nearest tree and climbs it, perching herself on the first branch she reaches that can support her weight. I am glad she is up and out of the way so I can focus on defeating the AORP. I bring out my slingshot from my back pocket and quickly grab a stone from the ground. I aim and shoot successfully, taking out the arachnid's remaining eye. The arachnid rears like a horse and stands up on only its back four legs, making the remaining babies on her back tumble to the ground. Lucky for us the babies are fearful and scurry away, hiding in unknown places around the marsh. When the AORP comes back down on all its legs, I feel a gust of air and see a flash of brown hair and pale skin fly by me. It takes a moment to register that Bella is jumping from the tree branch and onto the spider's back. I don't know where this coordination has come from, seeing as how the girl can hardly walk in a straight line without tripping, but apparently climbing trees and jumping on the back of magnanimous spiders is not a problem for her. Bella lets out a giant whoop, quite impressed and proud of herself, and I can't say I don't feel the same way.

That is until I realize she has not thought this through, and has no idea what to do now that she is perched atop our enemy.

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