-- Baby Fever --

by: Jupitrie

Summary: Hanabi catches a terrible sickness she has sworn to her father she would never catch… It's a sickness that can take hold of even the strongest shinobi warrior. What will she do when the only permanent cure…is to get pregnant? HanaXKono Comedic-Romance. (side of NaruHina)

Author's Note: You see, I have a confession to make.

*takes a deep breath*

I have been diagnosed with Baby Fever ever since my youngest sister was born. There I said it, siiigh, oh that feels so good to get off my chest. Wow. Thanks.

For those of you who don't know what Baby Fever is, let's just put it simply. It means you want a baby. That when you see a baby, you get really…bizarre. (Some say their Uterus starts to glow). When you can smell a baby, you loose all of your pride and start talking in this voice that would freak out any normal man within earshot. (Some are even said to start barking…like a dog). When you touch the baby, oh that's when baby fever is at it's height (Some simply faint from the overwhelming cute-ness). You'll have to battle with your good and evil side, and convince yourself you do not want to kidnap this kid because one day…one day…

You'll have a baby of your own. Because that's baby fever. Wanting your own baby.

Still, you do feel really creepy when your roommates catch you watching other people's baby videos on Youtube.

Feel bad for me. I'm suffering here.

Chapter 1: The Fever

"What is wrong with you?" Hanabi shrieked as she grabbed small little hands and yanked hard. The small child, 14 months old, started to fuss, before throwing his head back and letting out a mighty yell. Hanabi heard clanging, lifted her head and saw the other one opening the drawer to the kitchen cabinets, where all of these bottles of herbs were. Oh sure--glass bottles aren't hazardous at all, not until you throw them against the ground and they shatter to millions of sharp, dangerous pieces. Which, as Hanabi studied the stupid child from across the room, was his exact train of thought.

"FREEZE!" she hollered over the cry of the other baby.

The glass bottle, gripped tightly in the 14 month-old's hand stopped, and the curious baby shook it like a rattle. Watching the contents bob up and down inside. His round, blue, curious eyes started to sparkle with more mischief, he wanted to open this bottle. Without a second thought he lifted it over his head again, ready to smash it to bits. For real, this time.

Hanabi roughly stuffed the wailing baby under her arm, and marched over to the other one and ripped the glass bottle away from him. Naturally, this led to two clueless babies sobbing their hearts out. The children let high-pitched screeches fill the air before they let their mouths make shapes of an absolutely miserable up-side-down 'U'. Large messy tears rolled down their identical theatrical faces.

"Twins. She had to give birth to twins." Hanabi hissed sourly as she marched out of the kitchen. It was her fault for letting them loose there in the first place, she thought stuffing some rice balls in their mouths would shut them up from all that baby-blabber they were starting to do.

In fact, their once word-less baby holler turned to actual words.



"UGH!" Hanabi wanted to bury her face in a pillow and maybe suffocate herself. Her sister's babies were insufferable. Not only that, but they were exact copies of that idiot Jounin who sired them--that moronic Uzumaki Naruto. What was Hinata thinking when she got mingled with the likes of him? Her poor sister, she was never truly gifted with intelligence as well as the superior skills of Jyaken like Hanabi was. Hanabi continued to march down the halls, as the twins under her arms continued to call out for their creators. She could already tell that the crybabies wouldn't be very proud fighters either.

She finally turned the corner and used her foot to slide open the door to her father's study. He already was looking at her before the door opened--yes, that's how loud the babies were.

"Don't bring them in here." Snapped her father instantly.

"They're your grandchildren." Snapped Hanabi. "YOU asked for them to be here."

"Yes." Hiashi agreed, and shifted his gaze to the paperwork on his desk, "You don't hold infants that way, Hanabi. Put them down immediately."

"What is it? Should I leave or stop holding them? What?" Hanabi was in a sour mood, and she'd usually follow her father's every orders, but she had it up to hear with the kids. She had to constantly watch out for what they were touching, sniffing, eating--she couldn't even count on them to hold in their bowel movements. "I can't watch them! They're crazy."

Hiashi glared at his daughter, and Hanabi obliged in his latter command by putting down the wiggling, sobbing children.

The twins grasped at each other, pushing each other down to try to get a firm grasp on the ground before crawling on their hands and knees toward the door. Begging for their mother.

"You will watch them, they are family." Said Hiashi calmly.

Hanabi crossed her arms, and literally pouted.

"Besides, this is good practice for you."

Hanabi never tried to sound stupid, but it just came out anyway, "Huh?"

"When you have children." her father said, matter o' factly.

"Ohhh, no." Hanabi laughed, "Wow, wow, wow--father, you… you have my respect, trust me you do--but you will not get grandchildren out of me. Not EVER. Is that why you invited Yuuma and Yuuhei here? So that it can inspire me to fall in love and have children?"

Hiashi's passive, almost bored face almost gave the answers away, and Hanabi stomped her foot angrily, "It is?" she gasped when he didn't even answer, but started to focus his energy on his scroll work and pick up a thinner brush for some detailed calligraphy. "Well I'm definitely not watching them anymore!"

He continued to ignore her, and she tapped her foot, waiting for him to get up and take some responsibility over the twins that were making their way out the study. Hanabi hissed and used her foot to push them back into the room, they rolled over and screamed--turning purple in the face as they rolled onto their hands and feel. They were like really, really loud turtles that hated being flipped over.

"Fine! If you're such an expert. Get them to stop crying, and I'll happily watch them! If not--screw it, I'm bolting. You can explain to Nee-san yourself why you lost your grandkids!"

"Hanabi." Hiashi warned, before obviously accepting the dare, and rising from his desk. The crying babies that were trying to escape the room, were stopped, and Hiashi propped one child on his shoulder, before reaching up and looping an arm around the other one. Holding a wriggling one year old was hard, but holding two was a whole other talent entirely.

Hanabi had watched her sister hold these two kids expertly from the day that they arrived. With such adoring attention it made her feel the bite of jealousy. As ridiculous as it sounded, she was horrified at the idea of her once kind sister sharing her maternal nature to the ones who naturally needed it most. Once Hinata moved out of the Hyuuga compound, Hanabi felt her everyday routine of simply getting out of bed a hassle. She hated waking up and feeding herself the breakfast that the staff had made instead of the home-cooked meal her sister would share with her. She would hate having to retire home from a long mission and hear her father go on about his life when he could have had Hinata listening to her woes. She hated realizing that the older sister she would constantly ridicule was the one person who turned out to be her near-mother figure. She hated realizing how much she missed a mother-figure, and was even more irked to find herself the babysitter of the two monsters who made her realize how much she missed Hinata.

Now, Hinata didn't have the time and place for her, and could Hanabi really blame her? She watched with bored eyes as her father struggled with the two creatures that literally sucked all of Hinata's extra attention. The two babies fought away at their grandfather's chin, wobbling and blabbering nonsensical words.

"Now come." Sighed Hiashi, "What will your mother say if she saw you crying, you're boys--boys don't cry." He said in an unnaturally calm voice.

Hanabi's eyebrow lifted. Huh, he wasn't half bad.

"Hinata was such a quiet baby, they obviously got this endless crying from that Uzumaki boy." Her father continued to say calmly, never raising his voice like Hanabi had thought he would. He didn't even let that usual spite fill his voice when speaking about the man that 'stole away' his first daughter's heart. "Then again, I guess they could have gotten it from our family… you, for instance…" his eyes briefly met his daughter's shocked eyes, "were a handfull, I tell you…"

Hanabi gulped.

It was as if she forgot that the sinister master of the house in front of her was, in fact, her father. He had in fact raised her, actually--he was the one who watched her after his late wife passed away. His daughters were the only thing left--and Hinata was so easy to take care of, he relied on spoiling the shit out of Hanabi to distract him from his wife's death. It was easy to get lost in baby-Hanabi, or so Hanabi herself heard.

"I…was?" Hanabi slowly leveled herself with the screaming children, feeling her ears go numb, but not caring.

"Oh yeah." Hiashi said, uncharacteristically informal as he let a groan escape his lips. "Seriously, you were louder than the two of these guys combined."

Hanabi glared at him, what an insult! These kids were screaming their whole hearts out, no way had she ever done such a thing. She always kept her emotions under control, and stood her ground under harsh situations with complete grace. The nerve of him! She saw one of the kids throw his head back again, and let tears roll down his actual forehead, and rolled her eyes. And no way was she that dramatic.

"I don't believe it." Hanabi muttered, she didn't expect her father to hear her, so she was surprised when his eyes caught hers.

"It was only Hinata who could calm you down from your biggest fits. Nothing's really changed…have they? She still has a way with the little ones..." he sighs, "Well, I guess we'll just have to call their mother if this goes on for too long." Hiashi never admitted defeat, and Hanabi watched with a mouth agape as that happened before her eyes. Call in? Call Hinata in? What if Hinata's husband answered the phone instead? What if he picks up the twins with that smug look that clearly said, "I knew you couldn't handle them"…? Hanabi was thinking too much into this, sure, but for some odd reason, she wouldn't feel satisfied if her father simply called Hinata to take the twins back.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" One of the kids were having a hard time breathing now, they were crying so much. The tears were actually starting to look like it caused them pain, but at least they weren't wriggling like jumping beans anymore. Hanabi watched in fascination as her father patted the twin's back. His hands looked huge when it patted their little backs. Was it always so big? When did the twins suddenly look infinitely times smaller?

Look how fragile they look…it's amazing that Hinata trusted her somewhat heartless father with her two treasures.

"Nee-san never comes around these days." Hanabi said softly, she hadn't realized she said it aloud, and turned slightly pink when she caught her father staring at her face again. "What? I--I'm just saying."

"Does it bother you?" Hiashi's eyebrow lifted.

"'Course it does!" Hanabi decided to snap, "She shouldn't have married outside the family!"

"Ah." Hiashi didn't agree or disagree, it left Hanabi blinking at her father in curiosity. She then realized the twin's cries settled down, they were now whimpering, staring at odd points in the ceiling, while letting their snot run all the way down to their chins. One baby had a bubble of snot growing and shrinking on his upper lip. "Good, they got it out of their system. Take them."

"Wha--but--!" Hanabi cried out.

"Don't you know that after a children throws a fit, they're tired? Hopefully they can fall asleep. If it's still too much for you to take care of sleeping babies, then call your sister." Hiashi instructed, handing the whimpering children to their aunt.

"Ah… but…" Hanabi started but her voice died in her throat. "Ugh… they haven't quit crying completely you know, the bet was for you to make them stop crying before I agree to watch them."

"Please." Sighed Hiashi, finally getting frustrated. "I have work to do."

Hanabi struggled for a while, hiking each baby up on her chest, before they managed to wiggle comfortably to let their chins rest on her shoulder. They were still trying to squeeze their tears out. One was trying to cry harder, but obviously was tired.

"Don't be so rough with them, Hanabi." Her father called out toward his daughter as she turned toward the hallway. "One small cut or bruise can mean that Hinata will never trust me to take care of them again!"

"Trust you? Oh that's rich." Hanabi hissed angrily. The babies, hearing the angered voice pushed their already tired bodies to hitch up their cries. She was shocked--she thought they were tired, what was this? They want to torment her even more? "Uh… f-father." She stuttered helplessly, almost dancing on the spot. "I can't do this."

"Yes you can." Hiashi said stubbornly, "You're just not trying."

Hanabi sighed pitifully. "You're not trying either."

"Treat them like you would your… huh… now that I think about it, you're rough with everything. Treat them like your nephews that still have fragile heads. Don't be too rough, or you can actually hurt them."

"I know that." Hanabi snapped.

Hiashi gaze hardened, "Do you?"

Hanabi noticed the babies were calming down again, she notices wetness on each shoulder, and shivered with disgust. They were drooling over her! It was probably mingled with snot too.. ughhhh gross.

"Try to get them to sleep." Hiashi instructed her again.

"Why can't you do it? You were so good with them before!"

"Because, I don't like hearing my grandchildren cry. It's not good for me--I'm too old." Hiashi said softly. "You wouldn't understand Hanabi… but when you have children…" he shook his head, "Their cries… they hurt the parent. It's the children's tears that toughen the parent up for the coming years. It's the parents who can bear their children's tears who end up with good children. You must know that. Hinata herself hears the children crying every day and she can't simply give up. Neither can you."

Hanabi was unphased by this rare touch of compassion from her usually stoic father. "But they aren't my children! I can easily give up if I want!"

"Then please, clean the twins up before calling Hinata, if she sees how puffy their eyes are, she'll probably ban us from seeing the twins for another five months." Grumbles her father.

'Wow, wow, wow, time out. When in the world did Hinata-nee-san have this much power over Father?' Hanabi thought in absolute shock, she stared down at the children. It was hard to imagine that her father would be the type of grandfather to spoil his grandchildren. He certainly was cold enough to hand them over to their aunts when he was bored of them. Still, the way he didn't even outwardly complain about Hinata marrying outside the family was confirmation itself.

He was happy the twins were here right now. He wasn't happy they were crying, of course, but…obviously it gave this man great happiness to call up his daughter and ask to see his grandchildren.

Hanabi cursed, realizing her arguments with her selfish father were going no where. She also realized that her father, though selfish--did watch the twins earlier that day while they were in a better mood. He probably got on their good side and didn't want to be around them while they were in a sour mood. That wimp! And to complain about not seeing them for months? Well tough luck--why would he want to see these annoying brats anyway?

Hanabi stopped when she realized something. The twins stopped crying.

Like--they stopped crying entirely. No, it's true! Or had she finally gone deaf?

She stopped walking and noticed that the cranky boys started to fuss again.

She stomped, loud and hard down the hall, and realized her ears weren't ringing--or broken--they… the twins breathed deeply and calmly, feeling the feet of their aunt move underneath them. They were hypnotized, almost. They clearly liked the bouncing feeling, and they were at a loss for words or tears or cries once she moved in that violent fashion. She stomped yet again, and the results were the same: silence.

"Huh." Hanabi realized, she stood entirely still, to see their reaction.

The twins, started to sniffle.

"Ok, ok!" Hanabi walked. But that wasn't enough… they started to fuss again, burring their snotty noses on her shoulder and opening their teething mouths to start coughing out more tears. They wanted for her to stomp, dramatically up and down the hall..?

She could do that. She lifted one leg high up from the ground before stomping.

The twins stopped crying as if someone stuck a cork in their mouths.

"Ha." Hanabi muttered victoriously, "You guys are so simple minded, I solved you!" she then lifted her other foot and stomped.


"STOOOOP!" a voice hissed, "What in heaven's name are you--Hanabi-sama?" oh yeah, she forgot--other people live here. Hanabi looked up to see a crippling elder, blinking up at her with large bottle-glasses that magnified her orb-like Hyuuga eyes.

Hanabi had stopped mid-stomp, she probably looked really stupid. Lifting her feet up high, ready to stomp, with two babies that were starting to fuss, clinging to each shoulder.

"Are those the twins?" the elder asked, pointing a snotty nose in the air toward the babies. The Twins. They were infamous everywhere. Even the citizens of Konoha called them the twins. The kids had names, but it was hard to really use it when they were completely identical to one another. "My, my, that stupid sister of yours, what she got herself into."

"My sister is not stupid." Hanabi felt agitated--only she could call her sister stupid. Hanabi hated it when other people, even her father, insulted Hinata. "She's just…brash, I dunno."

"Those twins aren't the slightest bit aware of their Hyuuga nature, it's such a shame." The elder continued, shaking her heavy, wrinkled head. "Here, let me see one."

"Uh, nah, they're kinda cranky right now so--"

"I want to see!" the elder ordered, raising her voice. The babies started to cry again…

"Please." Hanabi hissed, she realized her voice was now a whisper, "Come on! Lower your voice! I just got them to stop crying!" she felt she heard that phrase being used a million times in human history. Just as it left her tongue, she had a gut feeling that there was probably a mother out there in the world hissing the exact words in another language toward some inconsiderate sole that very moment too.

"Hanabi-sama, I order you to let me see one!" shouted the elder, unwisely. The babies were howling again, and Hanabi reluctantly shifted a shoulder and brought one down to the elder's arms.

The baby started to wriggle again, just as the Hanabi let go of him and entrusted him in the elder's outreached hands.

"Watch out!" Hanabi cried, shocked as the elder's arms wobbled, holding the fragile-looking baby. The old lady fumbled with the child, almost hitting it's head, but caught it with shaky arms just in the knick of time.

"Huh." Was all the elder said, barely an apology seemed to form on her lips, as she almost let someone else's baby fall. Hanabi wondered why her heart was hammering so loud. These were the kids of the thick-headed Jinchuuriki, they would be fine if they were dropped once in a while…right?

Don't be too rough, or you can actually hurt them

Her father warned her. And the warning seemed to sink into her system and alert her that maybe she shouldn't entrust the kids so easily toward other people.

"I wonder why Hiashi won't put a seal on these little ones." Snapped the elder suddenly raising her voice, "He's obviously going to be a trouble-maker, this one…" the baby in the elder's arms screamed, as if he was offended. Hanabi thought back to her father that the elder was talking about. Her father, that only moments ago, was mumbling about not being able to see his grandchildren more often. Was this elder crazy? Hiashi wouldn't dare harm the twins in any way. Even Hanabi--who barely spoke about the twins with her father--could see that crystal clear. As much as Hanabi hated to acknowledge this fact, her father had grown old and soft. He loved his grandchildren.

He loved them more than Hanabi, that's for sure--what with the torture he's putting her through by making her watch them…

And they didn't deserve the seal. That was sure.

"He's Hinata-sama's son." Hanabi felt the need to remind the elder, "They have the blood of the main-family protecting them."

"Yes, but they have other blood in them too." The elder said distastefully fingering the dirty-blond hair atop the infant's head. The babies couldn't help that they mostly inherited Naruto's coloring. Their hair weren't nearly as bright as Naruto's golden locks, but streaked with some darker hair, making it almost brown. Hanabi remembered being amazed that her sister's luscious black hair wasn't passed down to her babies. She thought black hair were dominant genes, but apparently when you're with Uzumaki Naruto, all of his recessive traits become dominating.

The way that the elder hatefully held the poor, crying child, finally made Hanabi pity it. After all, the elders regarded her elder sister badly--and if it weren't for her sister who looked so bad to begin with in, Hanabi wouldn't look so good. Hanabi sighed, she knew she had her sister to thank for having the respect that she has, she might as well give her sister's kids a break.

"Let him go." Hanabi scooped him back up into her arms and sighed, "They're tired. I must go, good bye elder Chinami."

"Hm." Chinami huffed, "Keep it down, heiress."

"I'll try." Hanabi bit back, and grinned as she turned her back and…

STOMP STOMP STOMP'ed right out of there and into the backyard.

Silence, oh, beautiful silence… With only the sound of her feet stomping the ground, the twins were free to look about the sky with dumb, gaping mouths. They were enjoying their walk, and simply showed it by not screaming their heads off.

But Hanabi was thinking of something else.


"Ew. Ew. Ew. EWWWW!! There is drool running down my back!" Hanabi cried. "I can't help it--we're going to wash your faces!"

She scampered back into the house, ignoring the twin's discomfort as she jumped into the nearest bathroom to fetch a wash cloth. She set the twins down on the ground, and wet the cloth before bending over, and roughly taking care of the tears, and the snot on their faces.

"You're useless, you are!" sighed Hanabi, and stopped after she cleaned one of the twin's faces.

The kid was smiling back at her.

A cheeky smile that showed off his tiny little baby teeth.

"You liked that?" Hanabi found herself smiling back. She goes over to the other twin, running the soft cloth over the baby's face to take off all of that disgusting looking snot and drool and tears… She peeked at the other one's face once she was done and blinked back when it beamed like his brother.

"You guys are strange." She saw the boys lifting their fingers. "Huh, so you do have some traits that come from Hinata-nee… she likes being clean too!" she complied with their silent requests by cleaning their tiny little fingers. Marveling at how small fingernails could really be. They were soft too, she was just so rough with them before, she didn't realize how much fat was around their body to protect fragile, innocent bones. Like, for instance, their hands--it's the boniest part of most people's body, but theirs were round, and made actual spheres when they clenched them into fists--no harsh bumps poking out. She noticed one of those tiny hands touch her own hand, and looked at it.

They were so tiny…

She found herself sort of…zoning out and shook herself from it.

What was this? She gulped, was this…the thing that women called baby fever?

She chided herself, nonsense.

"Up." She looked down at one of the twins who spoke an actual word. "Dakko." ("pick me up" in Japanese)

The other one chimed in, copying his brother. "Up!"

They lifted their hands up to her.

They've never done that before. Hanabi watched in fascination, as the tiny men entrusted her to lift them up. She complied; a little embarrassed with how friendly they've got simply after she washed the gunk off their face.

She stomped out of the bathroom. The babies were in a good mood now that they were clean, and now as Hanabi stomped down the hall toward the backyard, she heard…


"Is it that funny?" Hanabi asked them.

Once one twin laughed, the other tried to out-laugh the other.

When the other twin laughed harder, the other twin would do this hilarious thing where it just rolled his head back and had a laughing fit.

"Wow." Hanabi breathed.

She never heard the twins giggle like this before.

She felt herself grin proudly. Ha! Hanabi Hyuuga was good at anything. Even being good with her sister's unnaturally ill-behaved children! She should write a book about kids the same way those other wannabe bookwriters do…

Ha, it would be called 'Resist Baby Fever--They aren't that big of a deal as everybody says they are!'

Ok, ok, a tad bit long, but with a few revisions she can see it becoming quite catchy.

"Totally." She breathed out, continuing to stomp, and grinned when another baby giggle hit full blast in to her ear. "Ah, cut it out, it ain't that funny!" she blushed, and made another dramatic STOMP. She laughed along with the twins who both rolled their heads back to howl with laughter. "You little monsters you!" she felt her cheeks glow red. "Ugh, you like terrifying people so much, you want me to stomp up and down Konoha, don't you?"

The babies excitedly chatted toward her once they realized she was talking to them.

"Epikodashi mizu papi kon tatata."

"Oppo sandoicchi ni na ni? Nani?"

"Ugh, that's not Japanese." Hanabi taunted.

"Booom! Boooom!" one baby said, and tried to kick the legs that Hanabi kept a hold of to prop the baby up. He bounced around in her hold, and the other twin followed.

"Ah! Stop that! I might drop you!" Hanabi didn't know why she started to talk to the twins, what in god's name was she thinking anyway. She tightened her grip, "Ok! Ok! I get it! You're excited! Calm down, or I really might drop you!"

She bounced to try to adjust them, and they howled with laughter for the third consecutive time.

"What?" she bounced, and the kids laughed again. "That is funny? What about this?"

She bounced yet again, this time enhancing it with chakra and flew up into the air. The baby's laughs stopped mid-point and she felt them cling to her with their tiny little hands. When she landed safely on the ground, the babies blew up with more laughter, this time not getting enough air to fill their lungs. It was like the kind of laughter that would have had grown people slapping their knees or roll around on the floor. Their laughter was slowly becoming hysterical to simply hear. Their laughter was becoming, well, contagious. Hanabi caught herself laughing as well, but shook out of yet another trance that the babies had put her in before she got too carried away.

"Ahhh, yeah, yeah, so funny." Hanabi actually had to put them down as they continued to laugh. "Wow, you guys are such suckers! That was no big deal at all!"



The babies were actually talking. And coherently too. 'Mo ikkai' meant 'once more'.

Well, finally she understood. More like, she felt she owed it to them to listen. They were looking up at her so attentively.

"What do you say…?" Hanabi heard other mothers say that in the park, and couldn't help but test it out.

Maybe the twins knew the secret answer too?

Maybe Hinata taught them already…?


"ONE'AIII!" (onegai/please)

OMG! They knew! Hinata already taught them manners~! Oh, and Hanabi thought they were hopeless!! If they keep this up they'll grow up as gentlemen for sure!!

"Oh what a good widdle--" Hanabi stopped and gasped, slapping a hand over her mouth. Her voice had dipped to that frighteningly sweet tone, and she was… well, she was grinning at the boys, ready to embrace them. The boys looked adoringly up at her…

"What have you turned me into?" Hanabi asked, horror written across her face.

"Ah! Hanabi-chan!" she looked up and saw that special person who could end this madness, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okaaa!" screamed the boys in unison. As none other than the sweet woman that bore the monstrous twins came drifting into the gates. Hinata Hyuuga had blossomed into a true beauty over the years, and had rightfully gained the attention of her life-long crush. Once attained, the sweet, beautiful heiress was quick to become a wife and a mother. Hanabi was always a little jealous of Hinata's looks--as she walked in she noticed a few guards turning their heads. Hanabi knew why the little boys by her feet adored the sight of her.

"Okaaa! Okaa'an!"


"Oh here are my boys." Hanabi recognized that overly-sweet voice, she was so close to sounding like that too! Her sister's damn children--influencing her to be…well, more like Hinata! She was shocked, appalled, she never wanted to see these children again!!

"Oh Hanabi-chan, I didn't know you took care of my boys. Thank you so much, they look so happy." Laughed the mother kindly, gathering her boys in her arms. Hanabi watched as one boy gave his mother a loving, wet kiss on the cheek. The mark where he left his lips shined--wow, it was a really wet kiss. "I didn't know you willingly watched them."

"I--" Hanabi scowled, "I didn't." she muttered.

"Well, I must say, I'm impressed. Watching two boys on your own, that must have been tough." Hanabi saw one boy comfortably making himself at home on her sister's shoulder, and slowly closing tired eyes. The other one was nuzzling the shit out of Hinata's other shoulder. He even reached out and… Hanabi's eye twitched, tried to bite his mom's jaw?

"Yuuma! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that!" Hinata didn't sound angry though, she was laughing, and nuzzled her baby back, who squealed with delight. Hanabi felt embarrassed, her sister never showed this much public affection to anybody. Not even her husband was caught kissing his sweetheart in the open.

Hanabi crossed her arms and looked away, "They were no big deal, I don't see what the whole fuss is all about."

"Oh well, I'm glad they had fun with you. Say bye-bye to Hanabi-chan, Yuuma." Hinata turned to the one that was still nuzzling her.

"Baa-bai" The boy obediently waved. Oh, so that's Yuuma. Hanabi took note. He had the blue overalls on. That meant the one with the green overalls had to be Yuuhei.

"Yuuhei, say…bye? Oh goodness, he's out!" Hanabi watched Hinata giggle as she patted Yuuhei's butt. Hanabi wondered if one day she could do the same thing that Hinata just did. Tell one kid from the other.

"Thank you again, Hanabi--I'm sure they had so much fun with you."

"Pfft." Was all Hanabi could really say.

Just when we were having fun too, typical…Hanabi thought bitterly. Hinata turned around and headed out the Hyuuga estate, stopping shortly to say greetings to the guard by the door.

Hanabi was just about to head toward her room herself to get some much-needed reading done… when she caught sight of something.

Baby Yuuma, peeking over his mother's shoulder and waving at her.

She stopped in her tracks and stared back.

She found herself in a daze, waving back.

She didn't understand why she felt so sad.

The boy put his chubby hands to his lips, and then flung it in the air.

An air kiss.

Hanabi's eyes widened.

She imagined the kiss flying right toward her face. She bit her lip and slapped a hand over her forehead and felt… felt that it was warm--hot. A fever. An actual fever or something had just attacked her via air-kiss!? She looked up and felt her heart melting when her sister turned the corner, and the waving Yuuma was out of sight.

She breathed heavily, and collapsed onto the ground.

There was no denying…she felt mother nature laughing at her.

She caught the Baby fever.

To be continued…

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"Oh I see… you want a baby…" Konohamaru grinned. "Stuck up, bitchy, selfish, rude Hanabi Hyuuga… wants a baby, oh how precious…" he says in a baby voice and then, he changes his expression in a split second into a look of pure disgust "--And frightening. Stop joking around. Girls like you aren't allowed to have baby fever." He deadpanned.

"Wha-!" Hanabi was extremely offended. "What do you mean… girls like me?"

"You know, you." He gestured to all of her, and Hanabi gaped at him. "You'd…" he snorted in laughter, "…you'd probably eat your young."

The… nerve of him!!!

It…actually hurt her feelings. Usually, comments like that…do not hurt Hyuuga Hanabi's feelings.

The ending song to this fanfiction, would totally be this:


Band: Polysics

From the album: Now is the time!

Why: Because, it sort of has that hectic feel to it that I can see coming out of Hanabi babysitting two kids. Also, it's Naruto's sons she's looking after, they don't listen to calming lullabies to get them in a good mood. They listen to bleepin' techno/pop/rock. Also? They like raggae. I already got it made up in my head. Raggae, and techno.

Link: youtube .com/watch?v=nx-EDWkcGAY