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When Fang was in a dirt bike accident when he was 16, somebody saved his live by reviving him. Before the medics took him away he remembered the reviver eyes. Maxs'. A few years later when Fang is in Nevada attending his freshman year of college, and working at a tattoo parlor and Barnes and Noble bookstore, he sees those eyes again. Maxs'. Will she remember him?

Max was forced to move to Nevada and finish her senior year in highschool there. Reluctantly she does. And during her time there she meets Fang and his friends. Will she eventually learn to go with the flow?

Fang's Point Of View:

"I don't know what it means mom." I said exasperated. I dropped my head down on my pillow and stared up into the darkness of my apartment room.

"Honey. Just relax. I know I'm not there, but I am your mother, and I know for a fact that you will figure it out sooner or later." She responded through the phone.

I didn't say anything back for a little while until I said, "I guess I'll go mom." Then I turned on my side on my bed still holding my cell phone to my ear.

"Ok sweety. I miss you. And don't worry about this dream thing. Ok?" She said quietly and worriedly.

I sighed. "Thanks mom. Sorry if I woke you up. I love you."

"No you didn't. Your dad was snoring so it's ok." I could here her snicker. Then it was silent and I could here the wind and crickets through the phone.

"Are you outside?" I asked.

"Ya. Your dad put up this seat swing thing for me on the porch. I use it all the time." She said enunciating the 'all'. And I knew she did use it all the time. She loved the outdoors. Even if it was 1:30 in the morning. (Which is the time.)

I heard her pull the blanket around her shoulders tighter and felt her sad smile when she said, "I love you honey. And I miss you...When are you coming home?"

I sighed and closed my eyes. "I don't know mom. I want to come see you guys but I'm really busy."

"I know you are. My big college student." I heard her say with her sad smile again. "Just get some sleep honey. I love you. And I'll talk to you later...don't worry about the dream. I love you again."

"I love you to. Bye mom." I said quietly, then pressed end on my phone and dropped it somewhere on the floor which was cluttered with clothes and books. What can I say. I'm a nineteen year old boy.

After a few minutes of tossing and turning in my basketball shorts under the comforter I decided to just get up. I made my way to our small living room not bothering to be quiet since Iggy wasn't home.

Iggy, my best friend, and I live in a 2 room apartment. I've lived here ever since my senior year in highschool. My family had to move to California because my dad's job got relocated, and I wanted to finish highschool and go to college here. So that's what I did. And I've been living here about a year and a half with Iggy.

And since he wasn't sleeping in the other room right now, I turned on the TV. Saturday night. Nothing on. Hurray. And you're probably thinking, It's a Saturday night, you're 19, and you're not out doing anything? Well no I am not doing anything because I've been to busy thinking about this stupid dream I keep having over and over again. And because I have work tomorrow.

I skimmed the channels half heartedly. Even if something was on, which there wasn't, then I probably still wouldn't want to watch it. Ugh.

So I turned off the TV and watched the screen go blank. Then I just sat on the couch in the pure darkness. It was quiet. Really, really quiet. I took a deep breath and rubbed my hands over my face roughly and sauntered to the desk in my room.

I sat in the chair quietly for a second or two, then picked up my light pencil, and started to sketch whatever was in my mind. I was there probably over an hour just letting the contents of my mind spill onto the paper.

If you didn't know yet, I work at a tattoo shop. 'Reno Tattoos'. It wasn't anything super fancy but it was my passion. I loved the fact of art and freedom. I loved being the one to draw out peoples ideas and put it on their skin. My favorite thing was being the person to get to understand the tattoo itself and the story behind it. And now I'm starting to sound like a hippie or something so I'm gonna stop.

But there is something you should know. I'm not one of those tattoo people you see with sleeves of tattoos and piercings everywhere. I have one tattoo and a lip ring. That's it.

When I started to get to the end of my drawing, I started to doze off.

Everything went black. Then I could feel myself drift off towards the dream that replayed in my mind every night.

"Good luck honey." My mom said with a smile holding her digital camera.

"Thanks mom." I said, rolling my dirt bike to the start line. We had traveled all the way to Oregon for the 'National Motorcross Race'. (Racing dirt bikes.) I've only crashed once in my life and all I did was fracture my elbow. Otherwise I basically win every race. Or at least get second or third.

This weekend has been running through my mind over and over again for the past 2 weeks. I have been so excited. My family knew it to.

After I put my bike at the start, I put its kickstand down and went to get something to drink really fast. "Mom, can I have like a dollar or two for a Gatorade or something?" I asked, walking up to my mom.

"Ya. Here." She said smiling. "Hurry up because you guys are supposed to start in about 10 more minutes."

"Alright." I said then jogged off to the outside food court. It was hot outside, especially in my thick black jacket and black riding pants. Wow. And it would only get better when I put on my black helmet to.

I let my dark hair fall in front of my eyes as I watched the couple in front of me in line. The guy's arm was slung over the girls shoulder, acting like she was his property. But there was something weird about it. She was stiff. She looked to be a year or two younger than me and she was obviously uncomfortable. Obviously not to the guy though.

It took me a second to recognize that the guy was Noah from Washington. Another one of the racers. He was wearing an orange thick coat and orange riding pants. He like the center of attention. Everybody hated him because he wasn't a fair rider, and he had horrible sportsmanship.

As I stood in the line, I silently glared at him, and felt a little sorry for the girl. Every time he would try to touch another part of her body she would quickly move out of reach unnoticed. Even he didn't notice to much of what she was doing.

By the time I got my drink and was walking back to my family, I had recognized the back of her. I didn't get to see her face but I did notice her long curly brown hair, her slender body, long legs, and nice ass. What can I say? I am a sixteen year old boy. I'm not perverted but I do notice things.

When I made it back, it was time to start so I grabbed my helmet from my mom and climbed onto my dirt bike at the start and remmed the engine. I could feel the bike start to vibrate rapidly and other bikes around me started to do the same.

The crowd started to cheer and I swear I could hear my mom over everybody else scream, "GOOD LUCK SWEETY!!" Ha ha. That's my mom.

I smiled at the the thought of my mom, inside my helmet. I could do whatever facial expression I wanted in here because nobody could see. I looked to my left and right noticing the other riders. And yup I saw Noah in his orange attire two spots down from me. Ugh.

As I watched Noah start his bike I heard the starting gunshot echo through my head and lunged forward on my bike. I was ahead instantly and I went around the first bend easily, followed by the straight away with the mounds after that just as easily.

After the seventh lap of the long race I was till in lead and I could see the finish line coming into view. I checked my mirrors really quick and I noticed somebody in blue coming up from my right so I moved to the left to avoid collision. But I didn't know that Noah was riding hard on my left on purpose. He slammed his front tire into my back tire hard on purpose and I lost control.

I remember swerving to the left to hit as little people as I could which was the right thing to do. Accept it's hard to do when you don't have control, so I cranked it to hard and smashed into the inner wall and fell off my bike. I was later told that if I hadn't had on a helmet I would have died instantly from impact. Luckily I didn't. But I didn't remember anything after that either.

Since I was wearing a helmet I was knocked unconscious instantly when I hit the wall.

Then it felt like a dream. I remember feeling dazed and tired. I was motionless. I couldn't move. All I could see was black and feel numbness.

Then I could feel my head get lighter and warm hands on my neck. It took me a second to realize that I have a helmet on. Had a helmet on. Somebody must of taken it off because I definitely couldn't move my arms.

My eyes were still closed as I felt somebody straddle my wast loosely and start beating at my chest. They were even amounts of pressure in the center of my chest. But I could barely feel them.

Then cold air swarmed around my torso when I heard the zipper of my heavy jacket being pulled down and taken off. Then the beating continued with much more pressure.

After a few second my hearing started to come back louder. I could faintly hear rummaging and crying mixed with screaming. What was going on?

Suddenly the beating stopped and there was pressure on my lips. Another pair of lips. And I was filled with air. Then the beating continued. As I started to think about what the sounds actually were around me, I could hear somebody on top of me. He....I mean she, was panting and murmuring in an unfamiliar voice, "Wake up. Wake up. Wake up." Then the beating stopped and breath filled me once more, then the beating continued. Then I found the strength to slowly open my eyes.

The first thing I noticed was that I was engulfed in long, curly brown, familiar hair. Then I looked up higher and I could see her mouth moving soundlessly. She filled my entire vision. Then my mind registered to what she was saying. "Can you breath? Breath. Breath." She panted. I didn't say anything as I watched her thump on my chest. I didn't know how to speak. And it registered. I almost died.

I looked up at her again, locked eyes, and I never looked away. They were the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen. They were honey colored all the way through. They were bright and alive. I have heard on honey colored eyes, but I had never seen ones that were this beautiful. They were like the best part of a sunset.

For the next millennium as she filled my lungs with air and kept my heart beating I memorized her entire face. Around her honey eyes she had dark, full eyelashes that cast a shadow on her high cheekbones. Her face was soft and framed in side bangs and curly hair falling into her face. I followed a small strand of it to the corner of her mouth where it stuck. Her lips were full, pink, and soft, which caused me to notice her silent words still coming out.

I tried my best to hear what she was saying. "Can you breath? Can you breath? Can you hear me?" She asked sounding so flustered and out of breath.

Could I breath? I don't know. I tried to suck in a breath slowly but I just ended up coughing and choking. Then the feeling started to come back in my body. Coughing hurt my stomach so bad. Then I could feel it. I had broken ribs. OW! Pain engulfed me as my entire body started to shudder as it got back its feeling. I had broken bones everywhere! I could tell. I tried to hold back tears as I listened to the girl on top of me.

"Sh. Sh. Relax. I think you broke a few bones. You're barely alive right now. Just relax. The ambulance is almost here. Just hold on. Please. Just hold on. I'll breath for you." She said breathlessly. Then her hand wrapped around the back of my neck, she plugged my nose with her other hand, and blew into my mouth ounce more. Then again. Her breath was warm and her lips were soft.

I was about to attempt to say 'thank you', but she was pulled away by a larger man. She didn't resist. They knew what they were doing. Then the same man flew down to his knees and started touching my body and checking my vitals, and saying words that I didn't understand. Then there were about 5 more of them. They quickly lifted me onto a gurney and shoved me into the back of an ambulance. I tried to crank my neck around to find that girl, but they held it steady and said, "Don't try to move." I didn't listen as I fought the pain and continued to look around for that girl. They didn't like that that much and they just put more pressure on my neck and shoulders.

I lay there and felt everything in my body that was wrong. Things were broken and I was in so much pain. I closed my eyes as I felt the ambulance start to speed up, and felt someone grasp my hand. I kept my eyes sealed as I heard somebody crying in hysterics. It was my mom. That's who was holding my hand.

I tried my best to squeeze her hand back to let her know I was going to be ok. I don't know if I did though because I drifted off, as I heard the medics seizing things and working on me.

I woke with a start. My eyes flew open and they darted around my still dark apartment room. I looked down at my desk and immediately remembered what I was doing.

I fell asleep when I was sketching. I still had my pencil in my hand so I put it down and pushed my chair back a few inches. Then I took a deep breath and put my elbows on my desktop, put my head in my hands and looked down at my creation.

It was her. It's always her. I put my dream onto paper. I put her onto paper. It was her face exactly as I remembered it when I was 16. Her soft lips slightly parted, with her messy curly hair falling into her face. Her eyes. Her eyes were perfect. They were looking right back at me as if they were alive.

Ugh. It's not like I know who this person even is. It was three years ago when it happened. I would never find her. I never learned her name because she never came to the hospital room. She just vanished.

After I was fully alive and my whole body practically casted and I was safe in my hospital bed, my mom searched for her everywhere. I mean everywhere. She asked all of the parents if they knew her. She asked everybody. But nobody ever saw her again. Ugh.

I looked over at my alarm clock. 3:00 AM. I groaned. I had work in about 5 hours. I had to be at work by 8. At least I didn't have morning classes since it was Sunday.

If you're wondering, I am a full time college student at Nevada State University. And I am a freshman, so that means I only have 4 years left. Yay.

And even though my family was in California and I rarely saw them, I still had plenty of friends. A few of them are seniors still in highschool, a few of them are freshmen in college, and a few of them just live in an apartment and work. I'm the one that works two jobs, goes to college, and lives in my own apartment...with Iggy.

And I don't work two jobs because I so desperately need the money, I just enjoy both of them.

I looked down at the picture again, sighed, and wiped off the left over eraser shavings on the page. Then I closed my sketch book and stood up. Without turning on the light, I roamed my room looking for clothes. I found a dark gray sweatshirt and some dark blue jeans. I put them on and slipped on my black vans. I put my cell in my back pocket and headed for the front door.

When I opened the door, a cool air blew in around me. I put my hood up over my dark hair, and locked the door behind me. I silently made my way down my apartment stairs to the parking lot. You might be thinking, he lives in a ghetto apartment? No I don't. It's a nice apartment. And it wasn't exactly cheap either. Iggy and I shared the rent.

Anyways since it was 3 in the morning I just decided to walk to the river. My river. A secret river that I went to to think things over and relax. And nobody was going to jump me. First of all, it's not that kind of neighborhood. And second. One look at me and you know not to even point a finger. I wasn't mean, but I did look it.

So I quietly made my was across the street to the opening of Pine neighborhood. Stopping to think for a second, I slipped on my invisibility. People probably wouldn't like seeing a nineteen year old boy wearing all dark clothes walking through their neighborhood at 3 in the morning.

And now you're probably thinking, Invisibility? Really? Yes really. There's no scientific explanation for it. It just happened one day when I was a baby. I can think 'invisible' and I'm invisible. I haven't told anybody accept my family and Iggy. Only the people I trust because if the work got out...I don't know what would happen. So ya. I can be invisible.

I made my way (invisibly) pass the nice houses until I reached the roads end. I silently walked through the little forest that hid the river.

I walked for a minute or two in the dark woods, until I heard it. I could hear the gentle flowing water coming up. I finally stepped through the little forest opening and looked over the water. The river was below and I was on the rocks on top. I took a deep chilling breath, stuffed my hands into my sweatshirt pocket and sat down where I was.

I closed my eyes and listened to the running water crash into rock, and the trees sway in the wind. I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at the almost full moon and its' illumination.

As I layed down on my back, on the cold rocks, I slipped off my invisibility and just relaxed.

Maybe this dream didn't mean anything. But maybe it meant everything. After the crash I had the same dream over and over again just replaying what happened. Then it stopped coming in my junior and senior year of highschool. And now...I've been having it every night.

It had to mean something.

I lay there in the cold on my back looking at the billions of starts in the sky, picturing her face over and over again. The entire seen played in my head like a movie.

By the time I was about to fall asleep, I could faintly see the sky start to light up. It was the color of her eyes in the sky. Shit. Everything I looked at reminded me of her and my dream and how she was so out of reach.

I slowly sat up and stood, looking at the river one more time before I left. I breathed it in. The freshness. The peacefulness. Then I turned and made my way back through the little forest, meanwhile slipping on my invisibility, and through the neighborhood.

Unlike on my way here, I noticed a 'for sale' sign that had 'SOLD' stamped on it. Huh. I guess somebody was moving in soon. I hope they're not freaks like everybody else that moves here.

I shrugged silently in my dark sweatshirt and walked on to my apartment . When I got there I quietly opened the door just in case Iggy actually came home last night and was sleeping.

He wasn't sleeping, but he was home. I could see his blonde head halfway in the fridge rummaging around for food. "Hey Fang. Where were you?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder.

"Walking." I said.

"Oh. I just pulled in and I didn't see you." He said started to pull some orange juice.

"Invisibility." I said.

"Oh. Could you not sleep or something?" He said seeming to stop and think about something then continued, "Dream?"

I just nodded, leaning on the kitchen entryway. I didn't even ask him where he was. If it's a Saturday night and Iggy's gone until 7 in the morning...well you get what I mean. He was one of those guys. Sexist, but not exactly disrespectful and rude like most. He knew what I was thinking about and smiled brightly at me. He was very open with his expressions, but I, obviously wasn't.

"Yup. You are correct." He said still smiling and gulping the orange juice at the same time. "Her name was Stacey. She was shorter...and blonde." He said proudly.

Dear God. "I don't want to know." I said rolling my eyes, and coming into the kitchen to grab some food before work.

"Sure you don't" He said moving around his eyebrows. What can you expect? It's a nineteen year old Iggy without parental supervision. He's definitely not a virgin. He was the one-night-stand kind of guy. And yes he was safe about it. Ok now I'm done talking about this. It's getting awkward just thinking about it.

"Keep it to yourself. That's the rule." I said grabbing some cereal.

He chuckled. "Fine. Fine. Do you have work?" he asked.

"Ya." I said sitting down at the table to eat. At least he changed the subject.

"...If Nudge calls don't answer it." He said sitting down across from me, turning on the radio quietly. We always had music going on in this house.

I gave him a questioning look waiting for him to continue. "She says that their senior class is getting a new student. And you know Nudge." He said matter of factly. Yes I did know Nudge. She was one of our best friends. But when we were seniors she was a junior so she's still in highschool. We are basically a year apart in age. Iggy, Chris, Damon, and I graduated last year and Nudge and Gazzy are seniors. Even if we go to different schools, we all still live in the same area and hang out and talk basically every day.

So...knowing Nudge, if she has 'juicy info' as she would call it, don't answer her calls because she will go on forever about them. No joke. "Ok?" Iggy asked just to make sure I understood.

"Got it." I said.

Before I was about to leave for work, Iggy called, "What work are you going to?"

"Book store. I'm off today at the tattoo parlor." I said.

"Ok. When are you getting home?" He asked.

"Why? Is a naked chick gonna surprise me?" I asked trying not to crack a grin.

"No. I was just wondering." He answered shortly. Ha ha. That just made me chuckle a little bit.

"8 ish. I think. I'm working a 12 hour day." I said. It made me tired just thinking about it. I was probably gonna have a few hours to do nothing so I grabbed my black back-pack really fast before I left.

"Ha ha. Have fun then. Bye." Iggy called.

"Ya." I called back, and jogged down the stairs to my car. I only had to drive about 5 minutes. Barnes and Noble was really close. Ya that's right. I work at Barnes and Noble. I love books. And I took my back pack because I have a ton of homework to finish by tomorrow so I might as well do it in a quiet book store.

I pulled into the parking lot and lung my back-pack over my shoulder as I slowly made my way for the front doors. When I arrived, I noticed I was the only one working this shift.

This was going to be a slow day.

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