Four Pirates and a…Little Lady?

A Black Lagoon fan fiction

By Technomad

Chapter 01

Roanapur, Thailand

The slender, black-haired girl slipped through the streets, expertly dodging traffic with the ease of a lifelong city-dweller. Darting across a street, she easily jumped out of the way of a crazed taxi driver, answering his curses with a lifted middle finger.

Pausing for a moment, she peered at a map, looking up to check the names on street signs against the street names on the map. Confident again that she was going in the right direction, she pressed onward, just another face in the Roanapur street crowds.

The headquarters of the Black Lagoon Courier Company, as it was known to the Thai authorities, was one story up from the street level. Rock was sitting by the window, looking out over the Roanapur cityscape, taking a break from work. Dutch, the leader, was going over some accounts that Rock had finished reconciling, and smiling to himself at the profits that were coming in since they had taken in the renegade Japanese salaryman. Benny was off in the electronics bazaars, skulking around for parts he wanted for one of his projects, and Revy was with him. She had recently broken her Discman, and was in the market for a replacement. Dutch figured that the Lagoon Company's electronics wizard was the man to talk to about that; he knew who sold good stuff and who sold trash. Letting him guide her was easier and cheaper than having to go back and shoot someone who'd cheated her, Dutch had decreed.

Rock looked up curiously as a knock came at the door. Dutch called: "Come on in, whoever you are!" Unobtrusively, his hand went below his desk, to where Rock knew that he kept his revolver. While things had been quiet around Roanapur of late, Rock and Dutch never forgot the chaos that had erupted out of nowhere before. The Romanian twins, "Hansel and Gretel," were both dead, but their ghosts lingered on in their old adversaries' minds.

The door creaked open, and a slender, black-haired girl came in. She put a backpack she had been wearing down on the floor, and asked: "Is this where Rebecca Lee works?"

"Rebecca Lee?" Dutch was nonplussed for a second, before memory kicked in. "Oh. Yeah, she works here. She isn't in right now. Can we help you?"

"Not really. I need Rebecca. May I stay?" Without waiting for an answer, she pulled up a chair and settled into it, leaning it back on the two back legs and lacing her hands together behind her head. Rock raised an eyebrow at this kid making herself so at home, but figured that Dutch could handle the situation. The captain of the Black Lagoon was one of the most unflappable people that Rock had ever known; almost nothing seemed to faze him, and Rock knew that he could handle almost anything that came up.

For about half an hour, nothing much happened. The strange girl seemed to be completely at home; she did not offer to introduce herself or ask anybody's name, but just sat there quietly. At first, Rock and Dutch kept shooting glances at her, but after a while, they got used to seeing her there, and went back to what they had been doing.

Dutch was buried in a mound of paperwork and Rock was talking on the phone to one of their customers when the door opened again. Benny came through first, a big smile on his face, loaded down with bags full of electronic doodads of various sorts. "I found everything I wanted, Dutch. That shipment of black-market parts from China's depressed the market here, and I got some really good deals!" Chuckling to himself, he disappeared toward the room he used for his hardware assembly. Rock knew the signs. Benny'd be buried in wires, gizmos and soldering irons for hours, having the time of his life.

Revy came through the door a little later, her body moving to the beat of the music pulsing through her earplugs. "Man, this new disc-player beats the hell out of that old one! I have got to let Benny help me shop for things like this more often!" She was in as sunny a mood as she ever got, and gave her co-workers a big smile. Then she saw the strange girl. The smile slid off her face, and her eyes grew wide.

"Hi, Revy. Good to see you back here," Dutch said. "This girl said she wanted to see you. Do you know each other?"

"I think we do," the girl said. She got up and walked over to Revy. "Hi, Rebecca. It's been an awful long time." She smiled. "Don't you recognize me? I know I was a lot smaller when you saw me last…"

Revy sat down abruptly, her face a mask of shock. Dutch broke the silence. "Is there something you aren't telling us?"

Revy's mouth opened, then shut. The strange girl was the one who answered. "I suppose I should introduce myself. My name's Rachel Lee, and I'm Rebecca's little sister."

You could have cut the silence with a knife.

Rock was shocked, although he couldn't have said why. He knew that Revy had to have had parents, and possibly siblings-she hadn't come full-fledged into the world, after all, and she had mentioned that she had grown up in New York City, a wretched hive of scum and villainy that made Roanapur look like Utopia-but she never mentioned them or spoke of them, and had forbidden her crewmates to ask her about them. He had gathered that she had had a bad time growing up, and wanted to forget those years.

Well, it looked like those years hadn't wanted to forget her-and here was a piece of them, in the flesh, standing before them. When Rock saw Rachel and Revy together, he could see the family resemblance between them, beyond the common Chinese features; being Japanese himself, he had an easier time with that than he figured Dutch or Benny would.

Rachel's hair was longer, and her figure wasn't as developed, and she wasn't as tall as Revy was, but other than that, they were very alike. Rachel's stances were also very like Revy's, and a lot of her gestures were reminiscent of things Revy would do.

Finally, Revy spoke. Her voice was uncharacteristically subdued. "How-why? How did you get here, and why did you come in the first place?"

Rachel smiled. "Why? Well, you're my big sister, and my only relative left who isn't dead or in prison." Dutch's eyes went wide, and Rock knew that he looked surprised, too. If Revy's parents, or whoever had raised her and her sister, were criminals themselves, that explained an awful lot about their crewmate. Oblivious to the reactions she was getting, Rachel went on: "After they came and arrested Mommy for that check-cashing scheme she was running, I figured it was time to get out of NYC. I'd been in juvie before and didn't want to go back, so I rode my thumb to the West Coast and got on a ship. I knew you were in Roanapur, so I just kept going till I got here."

"How did you manage to travel all alone?"

"I snuck." Rachel smiled reminiscently. "Big freighters have lots of places for a small person to hide, and I knew about how long they take to get where they're going, so I just made sure that I packed along enough food for the trip and stayed well out of sight. Once the ship made port, I would swim ashore with my pack, find a ship that was going in the right direction, and sneak aboard. I finally made landfall in Bangkok, and from there, it's not that far to Roanapur. Very few ships seem to come here for some reason."

Rock knew there was a lot she wasn't telling them. A thirteen-or-so-years-old girl traveling alone, with little money-she had to have paid her way somehow, and Rock was afraid he knew how. However, this wasn't any thirteen-year-old…this was the sister of Revy Two-Hands, one of the toughest women in a very tough city. Rachel seemed perfectly untraumatized, and if she was anything like her sister, Rock figured that anything that had…happened…had happened with her consent. He thought of what would happen to someone who tried to rape or molest Revy, and shuddered.

Rachel looked around. "You must be her crewmates. I had heard things, here and there, that said she'd become a pirate. You don't look like pirates. You look like nice people."

Dutch cleared his throat. "Well, Miss Rachel, you heard wrong. This is a courier company. However, we sometimes do break the law. I'm Dutch, by the way-I'm the captain. This-" indicating Rock, who smiled, "is Rock. Unlike the rest of us, he's not American; he's Japanese. Benny's the guy who came in with Revy. He's our electronics expert. When he comes back to the surface-he's eyebrows-deep in a project right now-I'll introduce you to him."

"Oh. That's all nice to know. I'm glad to meet you all." Rachel sauntered over to Rock, looking him up and down like he was a side of beef she was considering buying. "I think I like you. You're cute." She gave him a very sultry smile, and Rock backed away, glancing fearfully at Revy, who was clearly getting steamed.

Revy reached out and grabbed Rachel by the shoulder. "Come on, little sister," she snarled through a smile. "Since you're going to be here, I'd best show you where I live, and give you a little talk about this place and these people." Turning to Dutch and Rock, she said "Will you excuse us, please?" Not waiting for an answer, she hauled Rachel out, with her little sister smiling and waving goodbye as she left.

Dutch looked at Rock. Rock looked at Dutch. Finally, Dutch sighed. "And to think I thought that we had a stretch of boring and routine ahead of us."

Rock shook his head. "One of Revy's interesting enough. I can't wait to see what two of them will be like."

END Chapter 01

(Author's note: I was wondering what Revy's people were like, and had this idea. I am just going to see where it takes me. I hope you like it. Please do review-I love reviews!)