Andrea's A/N - Hey guys! :) So, I started watching Yu Gi Oh recently and oh god, fell in LOVE with spiritshipping and dark spiritshipping. They're the cutest couples ever! And after reading a bunch of fics about them, I just had to write my own. There just aren't enough!

Summary: Meet Jehu; cocky, arrogant, and breathtakingly handsome. Meet Haou, the object of Jehu's desires. I would also like to introduce you to Haou's arranged fiancè, who Jehu is not informed of. Oh, dear. This can't be good.

Pairings: Dark Spiritshipping (JehuxHaou), Spiritshipping (JohanxJudai), I was also thinking about putting in some RyoxFubuki (Or is it Ryou?) but it's undecided, and idk the shipping name heh e_e

WARNINGS: PLENTY of cussing, suggestive themes (that's why it's rated T, kids!), unbeta'd, uhh probably some other stuff that I'll remember later 9_9

Disclaimer: Because if I owned Yu Gi Oh, I would be sitting here writing a fanfic about my own series when I could just make it canon. Yup.

My Kind of Guy - Chapter 1 - She isn't, He is

"Jehu! You douchebag, wait up!" shouted a smooth voice. The person he was indicating to, Andersen Jehu, smirked without bothering to look back at his friend. He shook his teal hair out of the way of his piercing orange eyes slightly, yet the locks swept back as soon as he continued walking.

"Asshole, I thought I told you to wait!" his friend, Jim Crocodile Cook, reprimanded as he threw a fist in a friendly(?) manner at Jehu's arm. Jim had dark hair, tinted sea-green, that stuck up in spikes on either side of his had. Atop his hair was a cowboy hat, one side folding down to mostly cover his bandaged right eye. His other visible eye, a dark blue-ish green, shined in mischief.

"Oh, sorry. Must've not heard you," grinned Jehu, shrugging. Jim's eye narrowed.

"Save it. You should have waited! I have something to tell you!" insisted the Australian youth.

Jehu raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Is it something important? Just like last time when you decided to inform me in detail of how Karen tore that snake apart before eating it? Or maybe it's another dislocated finger of yours?"

"Hey, that was one time. And it was awesome!"

"You're gross," said Jehu, his expression twisting into one of exaggerated disgust. Jim waved it off.

"Yeah, yeah. Say what you want, but this time I swear you'll wanna hear about it!" he cheered. Orange orbs stared at him suspiciously.


"There's a new student!" Jim burst out, grinning at his friend. Whatever slight excitement that had begun to boil inside Jehu died down immediately.

"That's it?" he groaned. "I think the story about the finger was more interesting than that." Jim looked at him disapprovingly, obviously not liking the lack of enthusiasm.

"That's it?! Whaddya mean 'That's it?'?! Aren't you excited? What if this kid is some key point to some adventure of something?! We'd be rich!" Jehu stared at him like he was crazy.

"What movie are you getting this out of?"

"I'm being serious! Karen and I are itching for excitement!"

Jehu scoffed before smirking. "Okay, I what I really meant to say was; what the fuck are you on?"

"Pfft, thanks for being supportive you ass-face. I can really see why girls love you," Jim rolled his eye. "But anyways, I don't even know what this kid looks like. He wasn't in our first period class." He looked slightly put down at the fact.

"Maybe O'Brien knows," offered Jehu. Jim sadly shook his head.

"No, I've asked him already."

"Well I'm lost then. Maybe you can ask my cousin later. It doesn't really matter; in a couple of days he'll be old news," stated Jehu as they entered the quad.

"Aww, so much for my adventure…" sighed Jim dejectedly. The dark bluenette grinned.

"You don't need him, I'm all the adventure you need!" he cried out, throwing an arm around the other boy. Said boy just rolled his eyes and pushed the arm off.


"What's that supposed to mean?!"

Jim snickered. "Oh, nothing."

"Wow, you're cool," said the bluenette sarcastically. The two boys broke into laughter as they continued walking around the quad to spend the remainder of their break in between classes. Their stroll was soon going to be interrupted by the presence of three girls.

Two of them were giggling uncontrollably, one of them blushing. These were Makurada Junko and Hamaguchi Momoe. Junko was the one sporting red on her face, squealing embarrassedly as she felt the heat. She attempted to cover her face slightly with her auburn hair that was volumized and spread out across her shoulders in slight spikes.

"Uwaa…I'm so embarrassed…I can't do this…!" she whispered to her raven-haired friend, Momoe. Momoe smile reassuringly and prompted,

"Yes you can! Come on, you don't want to live your life knowing you could have taken your chance but didn't did you? Asuka-san, help me!" She looked pleadingly over at the third girl, who stood there with her arms crossed and an exasperated look on her face.

She was Tenjouin Asuka, an attractive girl who was wanted by many of the male population for her long, waist length gold hair and her delicate complexion.

"You guys…" she sighed. Momoe seemed to ignore this.

"Come on, Junko-chan! You can do this!" Junko seemed to gain confidence at this and marched up to confront the two boys. The raven followed eagerly and Asuka trailed behind her.

"Um…J-Jehu-sama…" stammered the brunette, her blush increasing tenfold. Jehu blinked and turned around with Jim to see the red faced girl behind them, playing with her fingers nervously. Jehu internally sighed; he knew what was coming.


Junko faltered, and looked over at her friends nervously. Momoe encouraged her with a wink and a thumbs up and Asuka gave her a small smile. Junko smiled back, and didn't even notice that the blonde's smile was slightly forced.

"W-well…I…I really like you…and I was wondering if…" she trailed off shyly. "If you would go out with me!" She bowed at the end of her sentence, her hair creating a veil around her to shield her still reddening face from the outside world.

Jehu smiled sadly even though he knew she couldn't see. "Sorry…" he said simply, and turned around to walk away, Jim following. Neither of them turned back to see the tears trailing down the girl's cheeks and onto the pebble ground. Immediately, Momoe and Asuka rushed over to her.

"Awwww, I'm sorry! He doesn't know what he's missing out on!" the raven comforted, taking her friend into her embrace. Asuka was frowning, and spoke in a soft tone,

"I told you that he was no good for you…"

Momoe looked at her, shocked. "Asuka-san! How can you say that in that kind of cold tone at a time like this?!" She looked as if she was going to say more, but she felt Junko's head shake.

"No…Asuka-san, you were right…I should have listened to you…" she sobbed. "Now look at me…" The blonde gazed at her with sadness and sympathy in her eyes.


The only response she got was another choked sob.

Jim whistled. "That was rough, man."

"It's not my fault; I'm not good with dealing with girl emotions. You know that," replied Jehu indignantly.

"Yeah, kinda figured that when you shot down the last five ladies in the past month," said Jim sarcastically. Jehu rolled his eyes while grinning.

"What can I say? I'm a chick-magnet." Jim laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. But between you and me, I wouldn't have turned her down. She was hot!"

"You said that about the last five too."


"You're desperate," snickered Jehu before shrugging. "Dunno, she just wasn't my type."

"Psh, no one's ever your type! I'm starting to think you don't even have a type," Jim sighed dramatically. "Oh, wait, that's right. No girl could ever be your type because you're gay! Oops I must have forgotten; silly me."

"Shut up, you jackass," growled Jehu.

"Oh ho, but whyever should I? Making you uncomfortable is one of the few reasons I drag myself out of bed in the morning to come to this hellhole. If you had a heart, you wouldn't deprive me of that," he looked over at the bluenette pitifully.

Jehu smirked. "Sorry, sucks for you."

"Thanks, mate."

"Anytime." Jim rolled his eyes, and the two continued walking. They weaved through the crowds of students (Jehu pointedly avoiding the glance of many adoring gazes shot his way), cracking jokes and exchanging thrown fists before another interruption greeted them. It was none other than Jehu's little cousin, Johan.

"Jehu!" he shouted, running up to his almost mirror image. Jehu turned to him, and cracked a malicious grin.

"Why hello, dearest cousin! What brings thou here…ith?"

Johan narrowed his emerald eyes and said, "Yeah, yeah save me the torment. So, tell me what you know about a certain new kid attending here?"

"Ughhh, him again?! Why is he such a big deal?!" groaned Jehu, throwing his arms up. Seriously, it's not like this guy was a prince or anything.

"I wasn't aware that he was a big deal," commented Johan, raising a slim eyebrow. "Whatever, I don't really care. But, from what I've found out, he's Judai's brother!" he finished excitedly.

"Judai? Isn't that the kid who works at McDonald's that you have a creepy crush on?" taunted Jehu, stifling a laugh as Johan turned beet red.

"Shut up! It's not a creepy crush! But, that's not the point; I want you to ask Haou if Judai's gonna transfer here too," said Johan, looking at his cousin.

"What? Why do I have to do it? You do it yourself."

"Because I don't want it to be obvious to his brother that I like him," muttered Johan. Jehu smirked.

"Too late for that. I think you just radiate 'I love Judai!' vibes to everyone you meet."

"Go die."

"That's a great way to ask someone for a favor."

Johan opened his mouth to retort, when Jim cut in.

"Wait, wait. First things first, where is this Haou?" he asked, obvious excited that someone finally knew who it was. He couldn't wait to meet him! New faces meant new adventures!

"He's over there sitting at that table," said Johan, pointing somewhere to their left. Two pairs of eyes drifted along the path indicated, and landed on the same target.

It was a boy with unruly and spiked hair that stuck out backwards; a dark brown, yet the tresses were a lighter tan shade at the top, successfully creating layers of color. Shocking golden eyes were dulled slightly and half-lidded in boredom as he read a book. His slim fingers played absentmindedly with the zipper of his slightly oversized black hoodie.

All in all, he was gorgeous.

Jehu whistled low. "Damn, I'd tap that." Johan made a face.

"Paying no mind to that statement…That's Haou. He looks just like Judai, except for the eyes. Judai's are brown."

"Judai must be hot, then."

"And he's mine," glared Johan. Jehu waved him off.

"Sure," He left it at that, smirking lightly as he walked over to the table Haou was at. Jim sighed.

"Since when did my great adventure turn into a romance novel?"

Johan blinked. "What?"

Jehu's orange eyes scanned the frame of the teenager hungrily, as he neared him. Yup, he couldn't wait to taste those plump lips and nip at that flawless skin. He licked his lips.

"Hey," greeted the bluenette, his smirk growing more profound as he look a seat at the circular table, across from the brunette. Said brunette looked up at Jehu, not saying a word. Jehu decided not to let this bother him. "You're Haou, right?"

Haou stayed silent for several moments, and Jehu was about to try again when he opened his mouth, "…How do you know my name?"

"Well, you're the new kid, right? It's hard not to know your name," Jehu lied smoothly. He wasn't sure exactly how many people knew Haou's name, but it didn't really matter. Haou just sighed and ignored Jehu in favor of reading his book once more.

Jehu pouted, "Hey, it's rude to ignore people that are trying to be your friend!"

"Why would you want to be my friend?" asked Haou in a monotone, still not reconnecting their eyes.

Grinning, Jehu leaned across the table and placed his fingers underneath the brunette's chin, lifting up his head so that their eyes met. He continued in a husky voice, "Well…maybe friend isn't exactly the right word." He brought his face closer to Haou's, until they were mere inches away. "I was actually thinking about boyfriend…" he finished, letting go of Haou and leaning back slightly.

Now, Jehu didn't exactly know what to expect. Would Haou blush furiously? Would he jump at the chance at being with Jehu? Would he show clear signs of denial by leaving the scene hastily? But what really met the bluenette was…

A pair of unblinking golden orbs staring right back at him, no emotion to be found in their dephs.

"Not interested," he deadpanned, grabbing his book as he got up and walked away towards the locker areas. Jehu was left, blinking in his shocked stupor.

Had Jehu Andersen just been rejected? That had never happened before. Well granted, he had never exactly taken interest in anyone else before either.

Slowly, but surely, a goofy grin slid onto Jehu's face. Haou was so…


His rejection would just make it more worthwhile when he finally got him. And he would get him.

Because, come on, he's Jehu.

The bluenette trotted back over to Jim, who was laughing heartily and Johan, who just shook his head and walked away.

"Ha! Now I know why you never ask anyone out, haha! You suck!" snorted Jim, enjoying his friend's torment immensely. Jehu's eye twitched, but he decided to let it slide this time.

"You know what you said about me not having a type?"

The chortles died down. "Yeah…?"

"Well, you obviously had no idea what you were talking about."

Ouch, Jehu. Shot down. But it's all okay cuz you're never gonna give up till you have yourself some Haou! XD Sorry, short chapter. I'll try to make the next one longer.

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