Matthew's POV

I tapped my fingers on the bottom of the alcove I slept it, the alcove that had once belonged to Thalia. I began to hum nervously, not even sure why. I'd been buzzing with electricity lately, always on edge. I think it might have something to do with that mysterious, slightly crazy daughter of Perseus, Adeline. That and the prophecy. The damn prophecy that I only remembered one line of;

The Daughter of Perseus Drowned Forever.

Of course, I just had to remember the one line that confused me. How does a child of Perseus drown? It's physically impossible! And even if she could drown, her father would never let it happen. I'd met him once; he was a good man. He'd never willingly let his child die. Also, Adeline's dream proved that. And how does that make her dangerous, as my father had previously stated? Maybe it's because if we dated, and I'm not saying we ever will, I'd definitely go on the quest with her, and that could be potentially dangerous? But I've already been on a quest, was Zeus doubting my ability to survive another? Or did he just not want me to push my luck? Or does he know something I don't? That's probably it, but it's still frustrating. He said Adeline was dangerous, not her fate. So that can't be it.

But if it's not, than what is? Because suddenly, now, I am just noticing that yes, there was an aura of dangerousness around Adeline at moments when she was mad, such as when she was telling off Mr. D. It was almost as if she wasn't herself, knowing the somewhat-sullen, some-what happen, all-bipolar girl that she was the rest of time. Something was going on, and I needed to find out what it was. First, I need to know how the hell I'm gonna find out. I need to take a walk.

I got out of my bed and walked outside, only to find Adrian walking nearby. Why was it that no matter where I went either Adrian was there or Adeline invaded my thoughts? It doesn't matter; I'll only have to put up with it during summers. Hopefully. But why did they bother me? Why did I want them gone? They were nothing but nice, both of them. And they had a sense of humour; they didn't find offense in sarcasm or irony. Sure, they're stubborn and Adeline talks way too much but a lot of kids were like that and it'd never bothered me before, so why would it now? Maybe it was just the way...I don't know, the way they got under my skin? That could very well be it, but somehow I don't think it is. I mean, they'd never done anything wrong at camp [so far], and already Adrian had made many friends. So...what was my problem with them? I didn't even know. Something about the way that they were just irked me.

I think that it might have something to do with Adeline's aura of dangerousness; Adrian had it too. Because despite how nice they were, despite Adeline's ability to appear optimistic, they were dangerous. It wasn't just a figment of my imagination. Zeus' mental visit proved that. Because what's going on with them is something worse than your average everyday hellhound, the deadliest quest, worse than the war with Kronos, even.

But seeing Adrian gave me an idea for the first step in my plan: Find out if Adeline is still unconscious or not. I waved Adrian over and he jogged to me.

He reached me and stopped with a smile. "Hey."

"Hey," I replied. " Adeline awake yet?"

I expected the usually disappointed, crushed look and shake of his head but instead I got a larger, brighter smile and a nod. "Yeah, she woke up a while ago. She went to go see Chiron about him trying to convince the Gods to change the date of the party on Olympus to some time, any time, other than our birthday. So far Chiron's not convinced he could do it, even if he would."

I nodded with a faint smile on my face, trying my hardest to ignore my suddenly pounding heart. "Uh huh, cool. I think I'll go and...Tell Chiron...something."

Adrian nodded and replied, "Later," before jogging off towards his cabin.

Next step in my plan: Think of an excuse to go talk to Chiron.