A/N: I thought I should do one of these from a Dean angle. If you've read "Fresh" you know what to expect. If not, I'm not going to ruin it for you, except that you remember that I don't write really dirty stuff so….


The kiss was sudden, fierce and unexpected, though Dean was happily compliant, tasting soft lips soaked in tequila and grenadine.

She pulled Dean up from his barstool, pressing herself against him.

A slim hand delved into his jeans, greedy fingers plunging until they brushed skin, grasping and giving a firm tug--

Dean turned sharply, deftly grabbing the wrist of the brunette pickpocket now holding his leather wallet.

" I gotta say, your partner in crime got the better end of the deal." Dean smirked, retrieving his property.

"Next time ladies, pick a less experienced mark." Both women glowered.