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"Come on Hinata! Keep it up!" Kurenai yelled at her young student, about sixteen, who was panting badly covered in scratches. She had been dodging kunai and shuriken for the past four hours.

"Let's take a break," Kurenai said and Hinata collapsed onto the ground.

"Good… idea," Hinata replied between gasps, pulling her long bluish-black hair out of her face.

"Well, let's get you back to the compound," Kurenai said as Hinata got up from on the ground and they started to walk to the Hyuuga Compound.

"Hinata!" A voice came from behind Hinata as she walked into her room. Kurenai had already left and Hinata was about to have a shower.

"F-father?" Hinata stuttered, turning around. Oh crap, there goes the stutter she thought to herself, she hadn't stuttered in ages, only when around her father she still stuttered.

"Where have you been!?" He yelled.

"J-just t-training with K-Kurenai-sensei." Hinata explained, avoiding eye contact.

"I told you to be back by three o'clock!! It's three-thirty!!! Why do I even bother with you? Sometimes I wonder if you even are a Hyuuga… You are going to have a training session with me. Right now out in the North training grounds." Hiashi ordered and started walking, motioning me to follow, "Don't disappoint me."

I just came back from a massive training session! How am I supposed to train now?! I can barely walk! Hinata thought to herself but knew she wouldn't be getting out of it.

"Let's get started," Hiashi said as they entered the training ground and slipped into the jyuken fighting position, byakugan activated.

Hinata quickly followed and got into defensive position. She knew that she didn't have enough energy to go offensive so she prepared herself, also activating her byakugan.

Hiashi charged palms forward, "Rotation!" Hinata yelled and started spinning, a blue light of chakra surrounded her and sent Hiashi a step back.

"That was a weak rotation. You should be able to do better." Hiashi growled and charged again.

"I just came back from training! I'm out of energy and chakra! Of course I can't do an all-out rotation!" Hinata yelled back, dodging his palms.

"Don't talk back to me!" He growled thrusting his palms forward faster Hinata could barely dodge. Hinata then found an opening, she dodged Hiashi's palm to the head by doing a backbend, and threw her leg forward to kick him in the chest, sending him flying back.

"STOP TREATING ME LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH!" She yelled, quickly getting back into position as Hiashi threw a couple kunai at her, which she easily dodged, well, she'd been dodging them all day so it was easy for her.

"I treat you as you deserve to be treated! You should be stronger! You are WEAK. The clan has no need for someone this useless! You haven't got stronger since we last sparred!!" Then Hinata felt a palm to her shoulder throwing her back into a tree. She didn't have enough time to get back into position before Hiashi was standing in front of her palm towards her chest. The tree broke sending Hinata back more. "Eight trigrams: sixty-four palms!" Hiashi yelled running towards her.

Hinata knew she was done for, but she still had one trick up her sleeve to try out, "Water style: Vortex of protection!" Then she moved, twisted her body and spinning as fast as she could from the outside her attack looked like a tornado made out of water surrounding her, but she knew she couldn't keep it up for long. She felt her father's palms hitting the outside of her protection and she was getting weaker quickly. Her chakra was completely drained.

Slowly the protection subsided and her father charged forward palms out. Hinata couldn't even defend herself.

"Two palms!"
"Four palms"
"Eight palms!"
"Sixteen palms!"
"Thirty-two palms!"
"Sixty-four palms!"

Hinata was in a lot of pain then, she couldn't move and all of her chakra passages were blocked. Not that she had much chakra left anyway.

"You disappoint me. You shouldn't even be a Hyuuga! No wonder your sister is getting the title as heir." Hiashi growled and stormed off, leaving Hinata on the ground bleeding and in pain.

Hinata refused to let her purple eyes close, "I'm not finished yet father! I can still fight!" She yelled getting onto her feet as Hiashi turned around.

"You should know when to stay down. I'll show you the punishment of that mistake." He charged.


On the other side of the village two figures walked towards the gates. They had returned after three years away on a training trip.

"State your name and your business here," a guard at the gates stated as the two walked up to them.

"Don't tell me you don't remember me!" The younger one, about sixteen yelled back.

"Naruto? Is that you! Wow, you've grown. Weren't you supposed to be coming back next week?" He smiled at the ninja.

"We decided to come back a week early," The older man, Jariyia said as they walked towards the hokage tower.

They started to the tower when they crossed a big group of people, "Naruto! Your back!" he saw most people standing there, Shikamaru, Tenten, Neji, Lee, Sakura, Choji, Shino and Kiba. But he couldn't help but feel disappointed when he noticed the girl he really wanted to see wasn't apart of the group.

Hinata-chan, I've missed you. I want to see you again, where are you? He thought to himself. During his trip he realised he really missed Hinata. It all started when he got a package in the mail.

He remembered that day, and pulled out a silver kunai from his weapon pouch, which he had got in the package. He also got a card that said:

Dear Naruto,

Happy 15th Birthday!

It's pretty boring here without you and we are all missing you. Can't wait to see how strong you are when you get back.

-Hinata Hyuuga.

That was the first birthday present he had ever got. And that card got him thinking about Hinata. How kind she was, how she was always there to cheer him up, she never laughed at him and was always there to help. Sure, she was shy and a little weird, blushing and fainting a lot, but she was the nicest person he had ever met.

He shook his head, returning to the present, where all his friends, minus Hinata, were staring at him confusedly.

"Sorry, guys. I was just thinking about something. How have you guys been?" He asked.

"OH MY GOD! Is that Naruto?" Another voice ran up to the group.

"Yeah Ino, it's me," Naruto smiled at Ino who entered the group.

"Wow. You've GROWN! You're so tall! And you've got muscles! Are you sure this is Naruto?" Ino looked like she was having a heart attack.

"The power of youth is still burning brightly within you, Naruto-san!" Lee yelled, making Naruto chuckle.

"Well you sure haven't changed, Lee!" Naruto smiled widely.

"Good to have you back, Naruto-san." Neji stepped towards Naruto and patted him gently on his back.

"It's going to be much more troublesome now that you're back…" Shikamaru sighed, thinking about the days of cloud-watching he's going to be missing out on while trying to get Naruto out of trouble.

"Have you gone to Itchiraku's yet?" Tenten wondered.

"No! That's why I have to get to Baa-Chan! Pervy-Sage is making me go see her first." Naruto complained.

"It's troublesome, but welcome back. I'm going make use of the cloud-watching time I've got left, so I'll see you later, Naruto," Shikamaru sighed and walked off lazily. Sure, Shikamaru was the laziest person you'd ever meet, but he was smart. Like the smartest person on the planet, so that made up for it.

"Well, I better get going! I want that RAMEN!!" Naruto yelled, and ran towards the Hokage's office.

Everyone stood in shock at how fast Naruto moved, "Wow, he has gotten a lot faster." Sakura was stunned. No-one was that fast, he was probably on par with Lee in speed now.


"Baa-chan! We're back!" Naruto yelled as they busted through the doors of the hokage's office.

"Naruto? Well, you guys are early! And you're taller! Have you got any stronger?" Tsunade, the hokage, questioned.

"Of course I have!" Naruto yelled.

"Well, that's good I'm going to test your skills." Then the door flung open, revealing a stunned Sakura.

"Sakura!" Naruto greeted.

"Hey Naruto!" She smiled then turned to the hokage, "What did you want me for Sensei?"

"You and Naruto are going to fight Kakashi. I need to test your skills." Tsunade said as a cloud of smoke entered the room.

Once the smoke cleared, there was a man with silver hair, a mask covering his mouth and his forehead protector covering his left eye.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled.

"Nice to see you again, Naruto." Kakashi smiled behind his mask.

CRASSHHH!!!! Something flew through the wall of the hokage's office, landing in a crater on the floor.

The figure stood up and rubbed the back of its head, "Okay, that one hurt a little." A feminine voice mumbled. She then noticed she had flown through the hokage office, her eyes grew wide, "Sorry Hokage-Sama! I'm sorry for interrupting. I didn't mean to… I think it was better when I was flying through trees, ne?"

"Hinata! What the hell is going on here?" Tsunade yelled. Everyone was staring at her bruised and bloodied body standing in the middle of the room.

"Hinata-Chan?" Naruto was shocked. In front of him stood Hinata, kind girl that he had missed so much in his travel. But she was different. She didn't seem as shy as she used to be, he hadn't heard her stutter once, and she was beautiful. Well, she'd always been pretty, but now she looked down right beautiful. She didn't even look much different, apart from her hair which was now long, she was still fairly short, about a head shorter than Naruto, but she was gorgeous, even covered in blood. He couldn't help but stare, wide-eyed at her.

She froze when she heard Naruto's voice; a blush covering her face as she slowly turned her head towards him and said, "N-Naruto-kun?"

She was in shock. This was the guy she had a crush on since she was ten. And he was handsome as ever. He still had his blonde spiky hair and sparkling blue eyes but he was taller and he had muscles, a well-toned body, she thought.

Suddenly there was another crash and Hinata was indented in a wall. Standing in the middle of the room was a very angry Hiashi.

"F-father!?" She quickly remembered what was going on, suddenly she felt her body shoot up with confidence, "Before you hit me again, I think we should go back to the training ground and stop destroying the hokage's office, ne?" She asked venom seeking into her voice.

"I'll ask once again! What the heck is going on here?!" Tsunade roared.

"We were training, hokage-sama," Hiashi said curtly.

"So that's what you call it." Hinata sighed, picking herself up from off of the floor and stretching her sore limbs, "I thought you'd call it 'beaing-the-crap-out-of-Hinata-because-I-got-nothing-better-to-do' since I'm not worthy enough for you to train me."

"I told you not to talk back to me! You better show me some respect!"

"You'd better earn it then! And by beating me and telling me you're disappointed in me is NOT helping!" She shot back.

Everyone in the room was shocked. No-one had seen Hinata like this. Hell, even Hinata was shocked at herself.

Hiashi charged. But Hinata managed to slip away from him. She was fast. "Look, father. I really don't think the hokage likes you destroying her office." Hinata warned.

"SHUT UP! You insolent little BITCH!" He yelled and charged again.

Hinata could feel herself fill up with energy; she just kept stepping out of the way of her father's hits, "Ouch. That comment hurt. You know what? I'm so over you disrespecting me. I'm your daughter for god's sake!"

Suddenly Hiashi made a hit, on Hinata's left shoulder. She quickly stepped back, grasping her shoulder.

Hiashi went for another attack, but Naruto decided to intervene, he ran up to Hiashi and put him in a lock before he could think twice, "I would advise that you leave Hinata-Chan alone, or I will have no choice but to beat the crap out of you, got it!?" Naruto warned calmly, making the threat sound even more murderous.

Hinata was having trouble keeping her balance now; the whole world was getting dizzy. She quickly turned to the hokage, "Sorry to be a bother, but I think I'm going to faint in like six seconds, could you please take me to the hospital or something?" Then she turned to Naruto, "Oh and Naruto-kun? It was good to see you again. Welcome back." She smiled and fainted then.

Naruto was the first to reach her. He caught her gently in his arms. Leaving Hiashi to fall onto the ground.

"Well, that was interesting." Kakashi said, breaking the silence.

"Okay, Hiashi. Get out of my sight. Naruto, bring Hinata here, I need to look at her." She ordered and Hiashi disappeared.

Wow. Was all that went through Naruto's head, Hinata-Chan is strong. I hope she's okay.

"Wow. Hinata is pretty strong. But Hiashi didn't have a hit on him, he must be like really good." Sakura thought.

"She's too kind to hit her own father. Couldn't you tell she was holding back?" Naruto turned to her.

Sakura froze for a second. What if she was going all out? What would've happened? Once Sakura got over the shock she said, "Well, she's stronger than me." with a small smile on her face.

"I'm going to get her to spar with me when she gets better," Naruto said with a smile on his face. And there's a chance to get to know her better in the process.

Tsunade made a quick hand sign and her hand started glowing with green chakra as she started healing the girl in Naruto's arms.

"Well, you've still got that test of yours… but I've got a new idea. How about we join Hinata with this?"

"I can't take all three of them!" Kakashi complained.

"That's why you and Sakura will be taking on Hinata and Naruto." Tsunade said as she took Hinata's jacket off and started healing her shoulders.

Naruto looked at the girl in his arms, she was wearing a black tank-top underneath her big jacket and it really showed off her figure. Naruto blushed and quickly looked away before anyone could notice he had been staring and concentrated on the conversation. Maybe she's changed a bit more than I thought. Then realised what he was thinking about, Damn you Pervy-Sage!! I'm not a pervert! I'm not a pervert!

"So tomorrow at lunch we'll have the fight, meet at training ground 12 and when Hinata wakes I'll tell her as well." Tsunade ordered as everyone left the building.


Hinata's eyes opened to an uncomfortable feeling in her back. She tried to sit up but she then realised she was already in a sitting position which resulted in her falling on her face.

She slowly stood up and noticed a chuckling Tsunade standing in front of her, "Hello Tsunade-sama. Did you want something?"

"Are you up for a fight tomorrow?" She asked with hope in her eyes.

"Uhh… sure, why?" Hinata asked, stretching the ache in her back.

"We are going to test Naruto's skills. You and him will fight against Sakura and Kakashi." She said with a smile.

"Okay. I'll be happy to join in the competition." Hinata said with a small smile.

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