** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

"Your mission, Naruto and Hinata, is to head out to the border of Fire country out south. There has been movement around there and we think it is Orochimaru. I need you guys to check it out. I don't want Orochimaru to attack Konoha again, make sure you figure out what he's up to and if possible, bring Sasuke back with you. The two of you are my strongest ninja and I have no doubt that you will able to complete this mission. By any means, do not engage with Orochimaru unless absolutely necessary. I only want you in and out, gathering as much information as you can, but if you do go inside the base, don't stay in there long enough to get caught. As I said, you two are my best ninja, I want you alive." Tsunade explained seriously.

"Hai!" Naruto and Hinata said at once, and prepared for the treacherous journey ahead.

That was about a month ago. A lot changed in that month. At this moment, Hinata is sitting in a prison cell, refusing to eat or drink anything that has been given to her, refusing to sleep and hoping no-one will see her secret stash of chakra and food pills she's been using to survive. Did I mention that Orochimaru was the one who held her captive? Or the fact that Naruto was trapped in a large battlefield, which looked a lot like the forest of death in Konoha, except it was inside a building, about the size of a small town and there was no way to escape. Well, Naruto was going to find an escape route, whatever it took.

Hinata was looking at the mush that once resembled a steel cuffed chair on the center of her cell. The two dead bodies lying around it were some of Orochimaru's servants, the ones stupid enough to try and get Hinata into the cuffed chair. This only resulted in some of the metal from the chair being stabbed into random places in their bodies. Then she just let them bleed to death. They thought since they had temporarily shut off her chakra that she was weak. Boy, they were wrong.

But Hinata was worried for Naruto, she hadn't seen him since she was locked up in this crappy prison cell. I might add that the cell had electricity running through the bars so she couldn't touch them. She learnt that the hard way. Anyway, the last time she had seen Naruto was about three days ago. And he was being thrown into a large warehouse looking thing, when Kabuto opened the door all you could see was foliage, trees and Hinata could sense a snake and many other creatures living in there. She had tried to talk to him through her thoughts, but he was too far away from her, so her thoughts couldn't reach him.

"I hope he's okay…" She mumbled to herself, and took her seat in the corner of the cell, waiting for the next batch of idiots to try and knock her out.

"I see you've destroyed a few of my henchmen. You are a lot stronger than you look. But that isn't going to stop me from learning the byakugan's secrets." Orochimaru appeared, standing outside of the cell. Hinata could only see about a metre and a half outside the cell before it receded to blackness, because there were only lights shining in the cell so you could see inside, but not out. Orochimaru had stood within that metre and a half, so he was visible to Hinata.

"Where is Ruto-kun?" Hinata growled.

Orochimaru just laughed, "He's gone. If he's lucky, he still might be alive. But I highly doubt that. I threw him in my training grounds, and only I know how to leave those grounds, so he will be stuck there for a while."

"You do know you're talking about Naruto, right?" Hinata reminded confidently.

"You seem confident. Oh, and you broke my chair. It seems I will have to acquire a new one." He said offhandedly.

Hinata then noticed something, "Hey, I've seemed to notice that Sasuke no longer roams around here. What ever happened to him?" She asked nonchalantly, trying to get as much information as possible while she was trapped.

"Sasuke-kun has tried to escape, so I placed him somewhere where he couldn't get out, so I could use him for my body when time runs out." Orochimaru chuckled.

"Hmm…" Hinata thought everything through, trying to think of more questions to ask, or answers to get out of Orochimaru while he was being… slightly generous. But suddenly Kabuto's ugly face came out into the light next to Orochimaru, and he didn't look too happy. That might have been because Hinata had kicked him in the nuts and stabbed him with the needle Kabuto had attempted to stab into Hinata's shoulder. The needle made him immediately fall unconscious so she could kick him around some more until a large group of servants walked up to distract Hinata while a couple others took Kabuto out of the cell to be treated.

"How are you feeling today, Kabuto-teme?" Hinata asked casually.

"Hn. Trust me, I'll get you back for that one, Hyuuga." Kabuto glared.

That's when Hinata noticed it. Hanging from Kabuto's wrist was a silver chain. On that chain was an expensive silver heart with amethyst gems embedded on it. As it twirled around Kabuto's wrist from him moving, Hinata could notice the writing engraved on the back. She couldn't read it from where she was sitting, but she knew what it said. Naruto had gotten her that necklace for her. It wasn't even for anything special, not her birthday, not nothing. He just felt the need to express that he loved her, and when he saw that necklace in the shop he decided that was the way to do it.

Hinata had the most deadliest look on her face at that moment. "KABUTO! GIVE ME THAT NECKLACE BACK!" She growled violently.

Kabuto smirked, she had noticed, "I'd rather not. I quite like this piece of jewellery, it looks quite expensive. And the note engraved on the back is so romantic." He held his wrist up high, showing off the heart, then turned it over to read it aloud.

"Love you Hinata,
Don't you ever forget that,
Because I'll NEVER stop loving you

Kabuto smirked, "Isn't that cute. I didn't know Naruto-kun was your little boyfriend. I think that's absolutely adorable."

"Shut up!" Hinata yelled, "That isn't yours. That belongs to me you freak! Give it back." Hinata was seriously thinking of begging at that moment. That was the only thing that she had of Naruto's with her. She had left her engagement ring with Naruto in his travel bag because there was a possibility they would be fighting Orochimaru, and she didn't want it ruined and it would be worse if their enemies knew they were together and use it to their advantage. But Kabuto had her necklace. And she wanted it back. It meant a lot to her.

"I don't think so…"

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Naruto was lost and, although he hated to admit it, scared. But he wasn't scared for his own safety; it was Hinata he was worried about. He had been stuck in the overgrown forest for about 27 hours, and he was determined to find a way out. I swear to god if that bastard Orochimaru or Kabuto even tries putting ONE hand on Hina-chan, I will kill him. I'll kill them all! Those bastards. Naruto growled, making more shadow clones to search this place and try to find a way out.

He had to admit, this mission was not going too well. It was going perfectly at first, Hinata had effectively found Orochimaru's base with the Byakugan. They silently took out the guards, that assassination and stealth training from Anko-sensei really helped. But that's when it started to go bad. They searched every room, but couldn't find Sasuke. And then they ran into the snakes. They were everywhere, and one bit Hinata. After that she wasn't able to use her chakra for her byakugan, which meant they no longer knew where Orochimaru was. Then Hinata was taken from him, and he was thrown in this overgrown forest.

Naruto tried to use Hirashin to teleport to Hinata again. He had no idea why it wasn't working, and he was scared for Hinata. Maybe he couldn't teleport because there was something near her that was stopping him. A chakra-proof prison cell! He thought, it probably is stopping him from getting in. He smiled slightly at that thought. She must still be okay. He looked down to his sword, which was given to him from Hinata. He unsheathed the sword, looking at the golden dragon engraved around the dark orange handle. He traced his name which was engraved on the blade in gold. A stray tear left his eye, but he wiped it away with a look of determination. He sheathed his sword again, and ran through the forest as fast as he could.

He was going to get out and save Hinata. That was the only thing going through his mind as he continued to run through the forest.


Naruto crashed into someone. He flew into the ground from the speed he was running at. Quickly jumping up, he ran over to the person who he had run into. He thought he was the only one in this place, but this guy might help him. Naruto ran over to the guy and picked him up by the collar of his shirt, "Where the hell can I get out of here?" He growled.

The guys raven hair swished around as he shook his head from the fall, "How am I supposed to know? I was locked in here…. Wait… Naruto?" He looked up, onyx eyes connecting with blue.

Naruto's eyes widened for a second, but remembered Hinata could be dying or dead or in serious pain so he turned his face impassive, "Well, you better help me out of here then. And if you get in my way, I will not hesitate to kill you, Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes widened even more, "Wow, Naruto, all the times we have met before you always tried to bring me back and now you'll just kill me like that? I doubt you can by the way." He smirked.

Naruto clenched his fist around Sasuke's shirt tighter, "Are you helping or not?" Naruto growled.

"Hey! Why are you so violent! I'm going to help you! Stop damn threatening me!" Sasuke growled back.

"Either you help, leave me alone, or I kill you. That's your choices. I don't have time for you." Naruto ordered.

"What's got you in such a rush!"

Then he noticed Naruto looking down into the palm of his hand where a shiny object lay. A ring. A very expensive looking ring at that. He clenched his hand over it, not too tight as to break it, just firmly so he knew it was safe, "She could die if we don't get there quick enough! And I…. I can't live with that! S-She means too much to me…" Tears were falling down Naruto's face now, he dropped Sasuke on the ground and made more shadow clones to try and find a way out.

Sasuke's eyes softened, Naruto was standing here pouring his heart out to him. Naruto was still like a brother to Sasuke so he got up and patted him firmly on the back, "I'll help. As long as you help me get back to Konoha."

Naruto did a double take, "You want to come home?"

"Why else would I be locked up in here? I tried to escape, and I was caught and locked up in here." Sasuke explained.

"Let's go. My shadow clones are looking around every inch of this place, and I need to find a way out. She could be in pain." Naruto straightened up, wiping the tears from his eyes with the look of determination on his face.

"Well, I've been here for about a week, and I've figured out that the only way out is through the glass roof. It'll just be hard to break open. But I think we'll be able to do it." Sasuke said with a confident smirk.

"Let's go." Naruto smiled back and the duo ran off towards one of the walls, which was a couple of kilometres away.

"Um, I'm just wondering…" Sasuke started, "Why has Orochimaru got her? I mean why would he want... uh… who is she? Sakura-chan?" Sasuke's eyes widened at that thought, "Is Sakura-chan okay? Are you married to Sakura-chan!"

Naruto smirked, "There is no way in hell I would be married to Sakura. Sakura-chan is fine in Konoha. I knew you liked her." Naruto joked, "I'm not married. I'm engaged. And I'm with Hina-chan. And yes, Orochimaru has got her. Because of the byakugan. And I need to find her…. What if he takes her eyes? I love her eyes. That's it! I'm gonna kill him!" Naruto growled with a burst of speed.

"Hinata Hyuuga. You finally noticed she liked you, eh?" Sasuke smirked, keeping up with Naruto.

"Er… actually, I had no idea. I just liked her so I asked her out." Naruto explained awkwardly, making Sasuke chuckle.

"Why am I not surprised?" He laughed.

Naruto sighed, "Well, it's not my fault. I just… had other things on my mind?"

"Come on, let's just go save Hinata." Sasuke decided, and speeded up even more to catch up with Naruto.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **


** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

"Have I told you I don't like you?" Hinata asked one of Orochimaru's servants who was debating whether to follow his masters orders and go inside or not.

He ignored her, holding the needle in front of him as if it were a shield.

"Would you like to join my pile?" Hinata gestured to the pile of dead guys that decided to enter her cell, "What comes in, doesn't come out."

She enjoyed scaring the people that walked by, it was the only thing she could do to let time pass by. The guy didn't come in after that, and Hinata was pretty sure he was debating stabbing himself with that needle. But he just turned around and left, obviously looking for something.

Hinata sighed, she was determined not to cry. Naruto was alive and looking for her no doubt. And she was hoping Kabuto would enter her cell. He still had her necklace and she wanted it back.

Her face brightened the guy came back, but the smile was wiped off her face when she saw what looked like a senbon gun in his hands. She quickly jumped to her feet as he started firing senbons filled with poison at her in an alarming rate, and without chakra it was near impossible to dodge. But luckily Hinata had done the impossible before, so she should be able to do this. But this was not her lucky day. She dodged all senbon except three that hit her in the shoulders and arm. Her eyes widened, as she quickly pulled the senbon out of her shoulder and used her Kyuubi chakra to try and get rid of the poison in her system before she became unconscious.

Dark whiskers appeared on her cheeks and she accessed the Kyuubi's chakra, but it took a lot of energy out of her since she had no chakra that actually belonged to her at the moment.

She wasn't going down that easily.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

"Kit, Vix is using my chakra. She seems to have some type of sleeping poison in her system," Kyuubi's voice echoed in Naruto's head.

"Is she okay? Well, help her! Get that poison out of her system!" Naruto ordered.

Kyuubi sighed, "I gave her my chakra, it seems she's okay now, she stopped using my chakra, well, it's either that or she has fainted from the poison." The Kyuubi guessed.

"What? Is she okay or not?" Naruto was panicking now, almost tripling his speed up the wall he and Sasuke were climbing.

"I don't know, Kit. Neither of us can talk to her because she's too far away." Kyuubi explained.

"Well, then we better get closer."

"What is this place?" Sasuke's voice scared the hell out of both Naruto and the Kyuubi, but the Kyuubi chose not to show it.

"What the hell Sasuke? How did you get into my mindscape?" Naruto was freaking out now.

"I have the sharingan you idiot. I can see most things other people can't." Sasuke explained.

"Well, let's just get going and find Hinata-chan." Naruto sighed, pushing Sasuke out of his mindscape and sprinted up the last 200 metres to the roof with Sasuke by his side.

"Now how are we going to break out of this thing?" Naruto asked as he punched the solid glass roof, not even leaving a dent in it.

"Use your strongest technique on this thing and I'll use mine. On the count of three." Sasuke instructed as he started forming the Chidori blade as Naruto started the Rai-sengan (lightning version of the Rasengan).

"One… Two… THREE!" They yelled at once, slamming their techniques into the roof, leaving a gaping hole in it but giving the duo trouble staying on the wall without falling off.

After regaining their balance, Naruto and Sasuke jumped through the hole in the roof and ran towards Orochimaru's hideout.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Naruto and Sasuke were seen hiding in the foliage near Orochimaru's base. Well, they weren't seen; they were just hiding. There were two guards standing outside the base, but appeared to be paying no attention to their surroundings at all.

"Sasuke, do you know where they would be hiding Hinata?" Naruto asked seriously.

"Not sure, there are quite a few different prison cells around the base." Sasuke explained.

"Okay, I'll see if I can reach her…" Naruto sighed, entering his mindscape along with Sasuke. "Hinata-chan? Hina-chan? Princess? Can you hear this? Hey! Kyuubi! Is she close enough to hear this?" Naruto asked Kyuubi who was in his own cage staring down at Sasuke and Naruto.

"Yes, she should be able to hear you." The Kyuubi explained casually.

It was at that moment when Hinata appeared in Naruto's mindscape, looking around eagerly, "Ruto-kun? Oh, you're okay!" She smiled brightly, running to her man's arms.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But what about you? Are you okay? Have they done anything to you! Those bastards! I'm gonna kill them!" Naruto growled, not even giving Hinata any time to answer the questions.

"Relax, Naruto-kun… I'm fine… just really… really tired and hungry. I'm not eating anything these bastards leave for me, because it'll make me go unconscious and… SASUKE? Is that you!" Hinata finally noticed the other person in the room.

"Yeah, it's me. I'm here to kill that bastard Orochimaru. At the moment, the dobe and I are standing outside the base. I managed to convince him not to burst in there head first and get himself killed. Can you tell me where Orochimaru is right now?" He asked urgently.

"Sleeping. I would think. Or in the infirmary. If there is one in this place. It would matter if I knew exactly what was in the needle I stabbed him with, but I didn't really care since he was trying to stab me with it. I even debated kicking him in the nuts but was pretty sure that wouldn't have done much good since I'm sure he has no balls." Hinata sighed.

"I'm not the only one who thinks Kabuto is gay with Orochimaru!" Naruto smiled.

"Dobe, leave him to me. Go get Hinata and then come get me. I should be done by then. Hinata? Do you know where you are?" Sasuke asked.

"Umm…I'm not sure. I'm in a cell near something which once resembled a chair with cuffs on the arms and legs. I kinda tore it, and the people, to bits when they tried putting me on it. Do you know where that is?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah, it's not far from the infirmary. I'll take Naruto to you, then I'll go after Orochimaru."

"Wait, Sasuke! If you run into Kabuto, don't kill him. I want to do that. And he has something that belongs to me and I want it back." Hinata ordered, thinking about her necklace.

"Sure, but I'll knock him out so he doesn't get in my way." Sasuke then disappeared from Naruto's mindscape.

"Don't worry, Hina-chan, we're coming." Naruto leant down to give her a kiss on the lips before she disappeared from his mindscape.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Hinata opened her eyes and immediately jumped backwards. There was a figure standing in front of her ready to stab her with a needle.

"Kabuto," She growled.

"So I see you've finally woken up." He smirked, "But you will be asleep soon enough, so don't worry too much."

Hinata smirked back at him, "You have no idea who you're messing with. You see, now that you've made me mad. You'll be the one sleeping soon, and this time you won't wake up."

"Are you still upset about your necklace? Don't worry, I'm sure it will be used for a greater use, meting it down into something… useful. Unlike what it is at the moment." He got into a fighting stance, holding the needle out in front of him.

Hinata growled, getting into her own fighting stance, "You know I can't use my own chakra, right? But no-one said anything about chakra that doesn't belong to me." She smirked, red demon chakra surrounding her body.

"But you… ? You aren't a jinchuuriki? How do you have demon chakra?" Kabuto was shocked.

"I have my secrets."

"I guess you will be more interesting to study than I first thought." Kabuto charged straight for her.

"You should know better than to battle close-combat with a demon. Especially one which knows jyuken." Hinata charged too, dodging the needle Kabuto threw at her and sending him a solid jyuken styled jab to the stomach, using her other hand to quickly grab her necklace from around his wrist before he flew away.

Hinata was about to run in for another attack when she suddenly felt extremely dizzy. "What's happening to me?" She yelled at him.

Kabuto just smirked, "Who said I haven't already sent a poison through your blood? You woke up just before i could put the second needle in you."

Hinata blinked rapidly, trying to focus her eyes but it wouldn't work. She gripped onto her necklace tightly; she wasn't going to lose it after this. Kabuto was moulding chakra, slowly stepping towards Hinata, who was backing away slowly, trying to stay focused and not fall over due to her dizziness.

It was then when she noticed the cell door was open, well she was pretty sure it was open, her vision was still blurry but she decided to make a run for it anyway.

Luckily, she made it out of the door without crashing into it, but ran straight into the wall outside. She rubbed her head where she had run into the wall, feeling the slight trickle of blood fall down her forehead as she heard laughing behind her.

"Now this is going to be easy. Like fighting a drunk."

"I know someone who can fight even better when intoxicated." Thinking of Lee's drunken fist technique.

Kabuto smirked, "Yes, but I'm sure that person is not you." He charged.

Hinata couldn't dodge, she couldn't even think straight, so how the hell was she supposed to fight? Coming up with an idea, she pulled up more fox chakra. "Ruto! Hurry up and get over here! Kabuto-teme has drugged me and I can't dodge him for much longer!" Hinata said urgently.

Hinata quickly put her necklace in her pocket and zipped it up so the necklace wouldn't fall out and got into a fighting position, "Here goes nothing…" She whispered to herself.

Kabuto charged her, pulling a scalpel out of his pocket. Hinata knew she couldn't fight him like this, so she did everything she could to dodge, or defend herself without getting hit. "Kaiten!" She yelled at Kabuto got close, spinning around rapidly creating a sphere of chakra around her.

She tried to hold it as long as she could, so Kabuto would come up to her, but the dizziness was too much. The technique stopped, and she fell onto the ground, head spinning. She couldn't see properly, but she could sense that he was on the ground in front of her after he kaiten hit him. But he got up, "You're done now." He said with a smirk walking back up to Hinata.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **


** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **


She tried to hold it as long as she could, so Kabuto would come up to her, but the dizziness was too much. The technique stopped, and she fell onto the ground, head spinning. She couldn't see properly, but she could sense that he was on the ground in front of her after he kaiten hit him. But he got up, "You're done now." He said with a smirk walking back up to Hinata.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Hinata clenched her eyes shut, unwilling to see anything she could feel Kabuto right in front of her when she heard a yell, "Touch her and I'll kill you!"

Hinata's eyes shot open, she still couldn't see straight, but Kabuto was standing directly in front of her. The sound of Naruto's voice gave her confidence, and she kicked the air in front of her, hitting Kabuto in the face, sending him flying backwards, and attempted to stand up.

Naruto looked over to Hinata, who was leaning against the wall, dizziness obvious in her face. "Sasuke," He ordered, "Take Kabuto." And ran over to Hinata.

"Baby? Are you okay?" He asked, gently holding her against him. She was shaking.

Hinata looked up at him, "I'm dizzy. He got me with a needle. But it'll pass soon… I think." She blinked rapidly, the dizziness was actually getting worse and worse until she just collapsed.

"Hinata!" He yelled, catching her before she hit the floor. Holding her bridal style he looked over to Sasuke and Kabuto who were still fighting each other, "Kabuto! What did you do to her?" Naruto yelled, storming up to him.

Kabuto just smirked, "You might want to get her to a hospital, or it's just going to get worse."

Naruto's eyes widened, "W-w-worse!" he then narrowed his eyes and walked up to the fairly beaten Kabuto, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, shifting Hinata so he was holding her in his left hand, back against his chest. "You better hope she doesn't get any worse, or I'm coming after you, got it!" Naruto growled, letting go of Kabuto and creating a Rasengan in his right hand and shoving it at Kabuto. "Sasuke, we're leaving."

Sasuke turned to his friend, "What about Orochimaru?"

Naruto just glared, "We'll get him later. He'll come for you, and then we'll get him. But now, we need to get to a hospital." He looked down to Hinata, shifting her once again in his hands, making her a little more comfortable.

Sasuke nodded, "Let's go."

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Naruto burst through the doors of the hospital, Hinata in his arms bridal style, and with Sasuke flanking him, "We need a doctor, NOW!" He yelled, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

"What happened to her?" The nurse at the desk asked, looking over the girl in Naruto's arms.

"She's been poisoned." Naruto explained, worried.

"Come this way."

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

Naruto was pacing outside the room, the doctors wouldn't let him stay with her, and he was freaking out.

"She'll be fine." Sasuke reassured, sitting on a chair outside of the room, watching his brother pace back and forth.

"She better be…" Naruto said quietly.

Sasuke sighed, "Calm down, Naruto. She'll be just fine. Okay? They know how to fix her, and she's got demon chakra to do it in record time. She'll be up and ready anytime now."

Naruto locked eyes with Sasuke, and seeing the look of utter confidence in what he was saying, nodded to himself, "You're right. She'll be fine. I just can't help but worry about her."

Sasuke smirked, trying to make him think about something else for a moment, "I can't believe you got yourself a fiancé that isn't some crazed psychopath."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "You're just jealous because you don't have a girl. So much for Mr Pretty-Boy."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, "I ju-" he silenced himself mid-sentence when he saw the door opening to Hinata's room.

"You can come in now. She should wake up soon. We have relieved the poison from her system. She's allowed to leave when she wakes up." A tall man in white smiled gently to the boys, before walking off into the hall.

Naruto was in that room in seconds, taking the seat next to Hinata's bed, and watching her sleep with a gentle expression on his face.

Sasuke smiled, walking slowly and casually into the room, taking a seat at the far edge of the room silently. He was watching the couple with a small glint of longing in his eyes, which he immediately pushed back, illuminating his once again unemotional face.

Naruto gently stroked her hair out of Hinata's face, his hands lingering on her soft cheeks. He smiled as he heard a small moan of appreciation from the sleeping Hinata. She was too cute. Naruto watched her as she stirred a little bit before opening her eyes slightly, blinking through the light.

"Mmnn…" She mumbled as she sat up, taking in her surroundings.

"Hey gorgeous, how are you feeling?" Naruto smiled as the girl yawned cutely, closing her eyes as she did so, and opening them to see two bright blue eyes and Naruto's grin.

She smiled back at him, "I'm good." She said as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Now we can head back to Konoha!" Naruto announced with a smile and took the lead as Sasuke and Hinata followed slightly behind him out of the hospital.

Sasuke leaned over to whisper to Hinata, "How can you put up with this guy?"

Hinata giggled slightly, "He isn't that bad, he just gets carried away sometimes." She whispered back with a smile.

"I'm glad you think so." He sighed, looking towards the now marching blonde. "Why is he marching? We don't want to be noticed right now."

Hinata laughed, "I'll stop it." She turned to Naruto, "Ruto-kun?" She asked gently.

"Hm?" He turned around.

"We really don't want attention right now, so can you please stop marching?" she grabbed onto his hand.

"Okay." He smiled at her, squeezing her hand as they continued to walk towards Konoha. "Oh, wait!" Naruto forgot something, and let go of Hinata's hand to swing his bag around to his front, looking through a pocket, "Here. This is yours." He gently put the engagement ring on Hinata's finger before zipping the bag up and placing in back onto his back.

"Thanks." Hinata smiled before taking his hand once again.

Sasuke snorted from next to Hinata, "Yeah, carried away my ass. You just don't mind because you know how to control him." Sasuke stated with a small smile playing on the edge of his mouth.

Hinata just smiled at him with a shrug, "Same thing."

Sasuke snorted, "Women."

Hinata laughed at him, "Just because we've learnt how to tame you men and then all you guys are completely hopeless to even understand the workings of a female."

Naruto chuckled slightly from the other side of Hinata, "Yeah, she has a point, but the smart men learn to go with whatever their girl says."

"I can't be tamed by a female!" Sasuke said stubbornly, making Hinata and Naruto both laugh.

"Trust me, I would've said the same thing a couple years ago, but you will. And the worst thing is you'll do it willingly." Naruto sighed, still smiling maniacally.

"Yep, all we need to do is remove one thing from your life and you'll be at our feet begging," Hinata said with a big smile.

"And what exactly is that oh great female?" Sasuke asked sarcastically.

"Sex." She said confidently.

Sasuke rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Well, I'm not one of those sex-absorbed males. That wouldn't work on me."

Naruto laughed slightly, "Trust me, it will."

Hinata looked up at Naruto, "It's not like you would know, I'm not one of those controlling females who would use sex against you."

Naruto just smiled and kissed her on the lips, "I know." He said before whispering into her ear, "But maybe it's just because you like it just as much as me."

She smirked rolling her eyes as Sasuke had did a moment before, "Wouldn't you like to know." Making Naruto grin widely as they continued towards Konoha.

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **


** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

** 2# N-A-R-U-H-I-N-A #2 **

"Fuck," everyone turned to Sasuke at the sound of him cursing.

"What is it, man?" Naruto asked, confused.

Sasuke was glaring at something ahead of him, the other two quickly followed his gaze only to see a small black-haired woman walking this way. "Who is she?" Hinata asked, watching the approaching female.

"That's Kunori. She's some crazy bitch that keeps finding me. I think she's delusional, she think's im her boyfriend or something and keeps appearing out of nowhere." Sasuke sighed loudly.

Naruto nodded to himself, "So what are we going to do about her?"

Hinata smiled, "I know exactly what to do. Just wait for her to reach the group and let me control everything." She said confidently, turning to Naruto for a second, "It doesn't mean anything." She said kindly, giving him a very subtle peck on the lips before stepping away from him and grabbing firmly onto Sasuke's hand.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows at Hinata, but only got a wink in response. Kunori had noticed Hinata holding hands with Sasuke and started to get mad as she finally reached the group. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my Sasuke-kun?"

Hinata glared back, "He's not yours! He belongs to me, see?" She held up her left hand, the ring glinting in the sunlight.

"Well, I've known him longer, and we've been together since last year, so that ring is a phony!" She growled.

Hinata widened her eyes in fake shock, "You've been together since last year? But that's when he proposed to me." Hinata pulled her hand out of Sasuke's hand, glaring full-force at him, "You were cheating on me this whole time?"

Sasuke was shocked, he didn't know what to say, "Uh, I'm sorry?"

Kunori turned her glare to Sasuke as well, "You were with another woman the whole time! How could you? You two timer!"

Hinata smiled inwardly, "That's it! Leave! Get out of here right now!" She yelled angrily.

Kunori stamped her foot hard on the ground, "That's right! We don't want to see you ever again! Leave, and never come back!" She yelled, turning around and leaving.

Hinata followed her example, storming away, but she only waited in the bushes until Kunori was gone and then reappeared next to the two awestruck males. "Well, she won't be bothering you no more," Hinata smiled widely.

"How did you do that?" Sasuke asked, shocked.

"I'm a female, if you hadn't noticed already. And being a female, I know how our mind works. Okay, well, us females are very protective of what's ours, a lot like you guys, right?" Earning nods from the guys she continued, "And, we females can be very emotional. So, I just made her angry, which made her vulnerable, and nudged her in the direction I wanted her to go." Hinata smiled.

Naruto hugged Hinata, smiling proudly, "You're awesome, Hina-Chan!"


"But how did you know she wasn't going to hit me?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata smiled back, "I didn't, but the worst she would've done was slap you because she's not a ninja and I saw her manicured nails."

"How the hell do you know all this?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata laughed, "I am a female if you hadn't noticed."

"Yeah, but you're nothing like any of those things you were talking about," Sasuke sighed, utterly confused.

"I can be. But I'm a ninja, and I choose not to show it. And since I'm a ninja I've learnt not to be vulnerable while angry. But I still can be emotional, and I am still very protective over what belongs to me." Hinata explained, trying to think of an example, "Oh, yeah, remember when we were at Orochimaru's base? And Kabuto took my necklace?" She asked, pulling out her necklace that was sitting under her shirt, "And when I talked to you I said I needed to get it back when I was talking to the both of you through Naruto's and my mind conection. Then, I was protective over something that belongs to me, you get it?"

"Aw, man. No. Maybe." Naruto sighed loudly.

Hinata smiled at the two confused men, "Okay, that's it. I know what we can do today while we walk. I'm going to teach you guys about girls."

Naruto gave Hinata a look, "But I don't need to know about girls, I've already got one and know everything about her already."

Hinata smiled, "I know. But I am one female. You know me because you are around me so much, you know my reactions to things and everything. But I'm going to give you and Sasuke a run down about the ordinary female mind."

Sasuke sighed, "Well, how are you going to teach us?"

Hinata looked around herself, then caught eye of a girl sitting on a bench, staring ahead, but eye's glazed, as though she was thinking. "Look at her." Hinata instructed, pointing to the brunette, "Lesson one, when a girl is silent, she's deep in thought. That girl has obviously got a lot on her mind. The best you could do while a girl is deep in thought like that is to get her to talk it out. But, if you asked her if she wanted to talk about it, and she refused, you have to let it go. At times like that a girl wants to think it out on her own, understand?" Hinata asked.

"I think so," Sasuke sighed.

"Okay, hmm, let's see." Hinata said, looking around the area, in search for another girl.

"What about her?" Naruto asked, pointing to a girl who was talking to a guy. "The girl next to the jerk."

"Jerk?" Hinata asked, looking at the duo ahead and seeing Sasuke nodded his head in agreement to Naruto.

Naruto smiled, "It's obvious to us that the jerk doesn't really like her. He won't look at her face for more than three seconds before looking down her shirt."

Hinata took a closer look at the couple, "I see. And the girl is obviously not a big fan of him either, you can tell by the way she stands next to him, she isn't standing as close like a couple would be and keeps checking out that guy that's standing next to that food stand." Hinata noticed.

Sasuke and Naruto turned to see another guy standing near the food stand, he was a brunette and talking to an old black-haired man, the later of the two looking slightly uncomfortable.

"So in other words those two are a bad couple." Naruto deducted, looking over to Hinata, who was no longer paying attention to the two of them, she was staring over to the two people talking at the food stand, eyes slightly narrowed in thought.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked, finding nothing wrong with the talking duo by the food stand.

Hinata shivered involuntarily, "I think I know that old guy, but I'm really hoping I'm wrong." She said, slowly walking towards the two, slightly hesitantly.

Naruto walked up to her, grasping her hand comfortingly wondering what was going on, "Who is he?"

Hinata shook her head, "You'd kill him if I told you who I think he is."

This just made Naruto confused, "Why?"

"Oh, trust me. You'd have your reasons." And with that, she blocked her thoughts from him, ending the conversation.

The two people turned around when Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke started to get close to them, and the older guy's eyes immediately narrowed. "You!" He growled.

Hinata tensed up at his voice, "I would say it's nice to see you again, but I'd be lying."

The old guy glared, while the young man was looking around the group confusedly, his eyes straying to Hinata longer than Naruto would've liked. "You bitch! How could you do… that to me!"

She glared back, "So you wouldn't be able to do anything else, Zanbiko."

Naruto froze, he knew that name from somewhere. His eye's opened wide in realisation and he growled, a low menacing sound escaping his lips.

"What's going on, dad?" The young man asked.

"Dad?" Hinata's eyes widened, the young man locking eyes with her.

"Who is this chick?" He asked again.

Naruto was getting pissed off with this guy, but Sasuke kept a firm grip on Naruto's shoulder, still confused about everything.

"I want payback for what you did to me." He glared.

"No." Hinata said coldly, "What I did to you was payback for what you were trying to do to me." She glared, and Naruto prepared to attack this guy. "We're even."

"You damned bitch!" He yelled swinging a fist towards her only to be caught by Naruto's hand, who was squeezing Zanbiko's clenched fist hard.

"Touch her and I'll kill you, got it?" Naruto warned.

Zanbiko pulled his hand out of Naruto's, "Oh, so she's your bitch now, eh? Or is she his?" He said pointing to Sasuke, "I wouldn't be surprised if she was both. She is quite a – "

"One more word and you're dead." Naruto growled threateningly.

"What the hell is going on!" The brunette yelled again, angry.

"This bitch ruined my life!" Zanbiko yelled.

"You tried to rape me! You sick paedophile!" Hinata yelled back.

"It was not rape! We were to be married!"

"There was no way in hell that I would've married you!" She growled, taking a step forward, fists clenched.

"You're just a weak little girl! So just go running home to your mummy!"

Hinata growled and punched the guy in the face, letting out steam, "Shut. Up!"

The young brunette kid's eyes widened as he ran over to his dad and helped him up into a standing position, "I'll be back bitch. And then you'll suffer the same fate I did." He growled as the kid helped him limp away.