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She sometimes wished she didn't feel this way. She sat up and ran her fingers through her long vibrant auburn hair. Whether it was the Sun's glow or the Moon's pale light the orange skin of the Titan's Tamarenean Princess, Koriand'r of Tameran was eye catching. She looked at the empty space of her bed that was once occupied less then an hour ago. She floated out of bed as she made way to the kitchen. That's when she saw him.

He was looking at a picture. A picture of a violet haired sorceress. Raven the Teen Titan, Raven her friend, Raven the woman he loved. It hurt them both, him more so then her that Raven wasn't willingly to open up quite yet. It had been a year since Trigon's death and Raven still held her feelings behind the protective wall she crafted years ago. She was more opened then she ever was before, but too much happened in her life that left her unable to express herself without fear of hurting those she cared about.
This picture was that of one of Raven's rare smiles.

Starfire closed her eyes and drifted back to her room. When this started initially it was to satisfy a mutual itch both had. Their was an attraction and deep friendship, but not love in the sense of a romantic tone. She never wanted to fall in love with him. His gentle touch. His caring eyes. How he would hold her whenever she cried and needed someone to be for her. She just wished he felt the same about her that he did for Raven. She was here. Right here. Willingly to love him.

That morning came and Raven tried to remain uninterested. She tried to still her beating heart when Naruto walked into the kitchen. Though she didn't admit she was in love with Naruto. She loved him dearly. He understood her and the burden she carried more then anyone. Both were cursed by an act performed by their father's and found themselves in places that cursed their lives with their very breaths. Though she was afraid to open herself up. She was afraid of the possibility of things not working out. This doubt was only enforced by Robin and Starfire's short lived romance after the Tokyo incident.

It was obvious that Starfie couldn't lie to herself forever. Dick Grayson was always going to be Robin first before he was Richard. Though maybe it was Naruto's comforting and concern for her feelings that pushed Starfire into letting go. It was just something that Naruto did. He cared, not like how he was in the past before he came to met the Titans, but still cared all the same. When Naruto opened up he told them a lot of things and quite frankly, there was no way in hell Raven would ever tried to bring back someone who willingly shoved their hand through there so called best friend's chest.

''Hey Rae...morning,'' Naruto greeted taking his seat next to her.

It was times like this Raven really appreciated having a hood. That and she could feel some level of emotion without things immediately exploding. ''Morning...'' Her reply was as monotone as she could mustered. Just his presence sent her emotions haywire. Happy would bounce about when unintelligible chatter. Lust and Desire kept on making comments and proclamations that made it hard to concentrate let alone the others. Even Wisdom seemingly betrayed her when it came to advice on to how to handle the situation. Though the biggest problem was the fact that Starfire's scent was all over him. She found it difficult to be around him when he smelled of her. Jealousy became quite vocal during that time to the point it was difficult to keep in control of herself. Out of all the Titans sans Naruto she was closet to Starfire and that made it all the more difficult. To picture the man she loved and the friend she thought of as a sister intimate.

A no strings attached development. That was what he told her when she stumbled upon the two in a state of undress once. It took every bit of will power she had not to lash out them and then some. Shortly after she began to notice a change in Starfire. It was slow at first, but it began to develop. Her lingering touches and gaze that spoke of her desire. Raven assumed that it meant that Naruto was not emotionally connected. Then there was the Jealousy which apparently was more then one way street.

Raven held Naruto's heart, but could not be intimate with him. Starfire was intimate with him, but didn't hold his heart.

Naruto got over being sick. The problem about that was he never got sick. It was a new type of poison hot on the black market. Something about Alien Blood from another Solar System. Eighteen days. Eighteen days of agony and worry. Naruto's body was left weakened from the sickness.
Both their bodies was covered in sweat. Both consumed by their lust, their desire. Their skin slapped together as gasps and moans filled the room. Things were going fine for awhile.
''Almost there...'' The beautiful alien moaned as she continued to ride him.

''Star...'' He gripped her waist as he thrust upwards matching her ministrations. ''Kori...Kori!''

''Nar...OH X'HAL!'' She screamed in ecstasy as she let loose of all restraints.

''What were you thinking? You knew he was weakened, you could have killed him Starfire,'' Raven's comments were biting, hurtful, outside her usual character. Tamareneans were quite well known as an emotional race. The ability to fly was fueled by that very emotional temperament, Happiness in fact. Sexual bliss would work just as well making it easy to bring a joined partner with them. Though the transition was abrupt unlike it was for the emotion which was sometimes called Joy as well. Normally this wouldn't be a problem on it's own, but other Tamareneans didn't have Starbolts so there was no worry about a sudden discharge. Naruto at full power could more then handle a blast or two. That was proven so during training, but a completely unrestrained one at close ranged fuel by an emotionally blissful Starfire might as well when a rocket from a rocket launcher.

Starfire's eyes flickered slightly with a light vibrant glow. ''I would never intentionally hurt my Gend'an. Unlike some...''

Raven eye's narrowed, ''...What are you trying to say...Starfire?''

''Even when he is with me. I can feel he's thinking of you. Despite you keeping him a distance he wants to be with you Raven.''

''Then why?''

''Why?'' Tears stained her eyes. ''Because I am hopelessly in love again like a fool. You don't have a clue on how lucky you are.''
''How lucky am I if the guy who supposedly loves me is sleeping with my best friend?''
''Raven, Naruto didn't become a demon by conventional means. So what do you think happens when he goes into heat?'' The Auburn haired girl asked as she stroked the sleeping Blond's hair.

Raven stood there dumb founded as such as that slipped her mind. Naruto never did disappear for days on end or secluded himself like she did when she came in heat. ''Star...''

''It started a year ago...'' She said as Raven grimaced. It had been year since her fat...no, a year since Trigon's defeat. That monster was no father.

''Oh Azar!'' Raven said in horror as pain stricken her face. She remembered, after she had been 'sacrificed' and used as a portal Naruto went into the underworld to bring her back. At the time Raven had regressed to a younger age. She was fearful and didn't have much hope for the situation so she didn't paid much heed to his words. He had told her without directly telling he would become the Juubi incarnate if it meant saving her.

'I would never lie to you Rae.'

His response followed shortly after her answer when she asked him a year ago if she truly belonged and if anyone could every truly love her.

'I'm sure your mother did. Rae, you should already know by now the Titans are your family and that I...I love you far too much for this to be the end.'
Naruto had absorbed the dark and tainted chakra locked away deep inside of him. He took upon the very cursed power that led to the death of his family and hellish life to save her. As a result he was one step farther away from his slowly fading humanity.
''Raven?'' Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes. ''What happened?''
Naruto was met with a passionate kiss.

A month had passed and Raven started to gradually open up to Naruto. Wherever one was the other could be found. Maybe because Raven was finally beginning to understand the depth of Naruto's feelings. During that time he seldom ever warmed Starfire's bed. She missed the feeling of him holding her. The feeling that she was safe, that she was loved when he was around. Now that feeling was gone, taken by 'her' she thought bitterly. She found himself in his room. Hoping his scent would calm him down, but it only further drove her bitter as Raven's stench reached her nose.

A thought formed. It was erratic in nature. Desperate. Sudden. She wasn't going to stand by as he faded away from her. She wouldn't be able to bear it. Consequences be damned. She knew she was being a bit selfish in her current line of thought, but she couldn't help it. She always acted on her heart. Even if it upset those closest to her. Even if at first she needed a little push. She couldn't give up without trying. She was going to show him her love. That despite their agreement her heart reached out to him. He would know of her love and she prayed to X'Hal that he wouldn't break it. It had already been broken before and she didn't know if she could take it.
Chapter end
I decided to go with a Three-Way pairing, but a bit more complicate then just the simple sharing where the feelings were a bit more complex. If I get enough reviews with requests to continue I'll do more chapters.