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''This is crazy...'' Naruto said as he broke the kiss and pushed her off him. ''Star were in the middle of a mission. For heaven's sake were in the middle of a mission.'' Naruto admonished as Starfire merely hugged her arms.

''You're right...I'm sorry...some friend I am? Going after the lover of a friend I considered a sister.''

''It wasn't my attention to hurt you. Damnit, I should have known better.'' the blond said as he clasped his face in the hand. The smell of forest life was rampant along with the smoke and oil of the nearby machinery. ''Two people being just lovers never work out.''

''It was my idea remember? I knew...but deep down maybe I hoped even before then, but now I know I was just fooling myself.'' she said thinking back to a time before the two of them became lovers.

''Naruto...can you show me how to cook?'' Starfire asked as she walked into the kitchen as the blond was fiddling with their new stove. Like usual the Titans had saved someone's business from being robbed or the people being horrible maimed and they were given free stuff as a thank you. In other words, being a super hero kicked ass. It was the Electrolux EW30EF65GS. The stove was an electric smooth-top range a highly expensive range toted as being worthy of an outdoor grilled and could also bake, simmer, and even boil.

''But you cook fine already.'' Naruto answered her as he sat down whole milk and a carton of eggs on the table joining the cup of water, flour, granulated sugar and butter. He turned and glanced at the girl who was wearing a midriff bearing p-shirt with the characters from that Disney show W.I.T.C.H. and blue jeans.

''Our friends always go for second and third servings for your cooking, but whenever I offer seconds of my cooking they always decline. I'm afraid they don't enjoy what I make.'' she said with a downcast look as she massaged her hands unaware of Naruto's annoyed glance and reflection upon this realization.

''The others...they don't have good taste.'' he joked, trying to lift up her spirits. ''I guess they can't tough out the meals. How about you try some Earth food? Maybe some of the ingredients you use aren't something people who lived on earth are used too.'' He suggested as he took out a bowel.

''If you believe its for the best.''

''Alright then just follow the direction. First we mix together the flour and the eggs.'' he said as the simple breakfast was involving into something more. Starfire was currently beating the batter as Naruto was cooking the sausage. After spinning most of the morning chattering and cooking the table was soon adorned with the breakfast traditional as Naruto called them. ''The others are going to be surprised when they learned you cook most of this...normal food I mean.'' he quickly added as to avoid hurting Starfire's feelings. He knew it was wrong to deceive the girl on the opinion of her cooking, but he was hoping the others would come clean to her about how they viewed her cooking.

''Naruto can I ask you something?'' Starfire asked as Naruto began munching on a piece of bacon.

''Yeah...go ahead.'' he said as he leaned against the counter.

''How come you're still single? '' she asked to his surprised as he finished the bacon and ripped off a sheet of paper towel as he wiped his hand.

''What do you mean?''

''I mean you are a nice, funny, and loyal friend. Surely there is a girl who must like you or you must like a girl do you not?'' she asked as he paused to contemplate her words.

''There is a girl but she's not interested in me. Though I'm not going to let it get me down and brood on it. If she doesn't feel that way I'm not going to try and force her to change her mind and hey there is plenty of fish in the sea so the expression says.'' he informed Starfire who was probably going to ask him what he meant by the statement. ''Hey how about we grabbed a quick bite then go to the gym and hang out. I mean when was the last time just you and me hung out?''

Moments later cries of rage and effort was being echoed through the gym as Starfire tore through kagebunshin like they were nothing. That cry, that warrior like cry was not something that echoed from her lips when they were in combat. Of course the girl was warned to hold back against the villains as super heroes didn't kill.

While Naruto wasn't kill crazy or anything even he, the so called saint of his generation realized that some of these criminals were just going to escape and were going to endanger countless lives. In his time in fact only a hand few people threatened the elemental nations let alone the entire planet, but every week he looked up there was some world destroying psycho that threatened the timeline or were killing people by the droves. Madmen and psychopaths destroying entire families or disrupting the sanctity of an entire city. It still struck him, the sight of that crying woman hugging the tattered the remain of her daughters jacket who was killed by some rogue criminal, a joker wannabe who simply wanted the attention. That if members of the army or government agent could kill for their country and not be admonished then why did some of these super heroes not find it worthwhile to attempt some sort of deal with the government to execute these obviously dangerous repeat criminals?

As Starfire's leg nearly took off his head Naruto's head was once more back into the game. He really needed to keep focus when he was fighting. Thinking back to the early days the warrior princess was quite a terror. He was beginning to wonder if restraining themselves so much as to not be lethal caused more harm then good. Before he could go into more thoughts he realized that maybe it was time to bring this spar to an end.

Apparently Starfire had the same thing in mind. Hooking her legs around his neck he found himself being slammed onto his back as Starfire straddled his chest. ''I win...'' she said with a cheeky grin. ''What was it that you offered earlier? That if I win you have to do anything I suggest?'' she asked as Naruto nodded, trying not to think about Starfire's squishy rear on his chest and failing miserably as there was stirring going on in his pants. ''Then you'll take me to the carnival?'' Despite the fact that she was asking it sounded more like a command.

''Can't Robin take you?'' his eyes blinked in confusion as he looked up at the auburn haired girl going over her request.

''Robin is busy...ever since the Broshogun incident he has been going over the towers defenses obsessively to make sure we aren't caught off again.''

''He doesn't deserve you...'' he said as Starfire giggled at Naruto's statement.

''I know...'' she said as they both burst out laughing.

''Wow...that was unexpected. I never thought the princess could be quite snarky.''

''Yeah well...I learned from the best.'' she said as Naruto let out a sigh and looked up, his eyes resting on the wall.

''Alright...go ahead and get ready then. I haven't been to the carnival in awhile either so it'll be fun.'' he said as Starfire leaned over and kissed his cheek before floated off and making her way towards the door.

''I'll meet you outside.'' she said as she exited the room leaving Naruto to his thoughts as he held his cheek where Starfire's lips brushed against his cheek.

As Naruto came back to reality he looked at Starfire, wondering just how did things become so complicated. ''Star...I'm hoping we can work through this somehow. That I hope you can understand that I won't...that I can't betray Raven.'' he said as Starfire nodded, understanding what he meant.

She felt terrible, knowing that she was willing to pursue Naruto despite the fact how much it would hurt Raven. She was felt herself lost; hopeless between the identity of The Teen Titan known as Starfire and the Princess of Tamaran Koriand'r. The latter a proud warrior who followed her heart and warrior code or the former who was one of the members of a super hero team who had a close friendship with the other Titans. ''Naruto...I...'' the scene was interrupted as the form of Robotman burst through the area causing them both to jump out of the way. That followed after him, soon joining the other titans as they came across a building that sat at a distance behind all the weapons, which were arranged in a double row flanking the main approach. The muzzles rotate to track Robotman's movements, with the unfortunate result that the two in each facing pair end up blowing each other away. Only two are left firing, one on either side of the door, and their shots seem to give him a brief bit of trouble. However, he gets clear with a mighty leap and yell, pounds one gun into junk, and vaults across to smash the other one off its mountings.

Directly above the door is one more gun that has not fired a single shot throughout the entire fusillade. '' Mento! Elasti-Girl!'' he shouted as he looked around the badly lit area as the Titans showed up.

'' Cliff, what's going on?'' Beast boy asked him as the Robot man looked around the platform and walls frantically.

'' An ambush...came outta nowhere...Negative Man! They can't have gotten far. ''

''Robotman! I had to reset your internal chronometer when I repaired you. You've been offline.'' Cyborg informed him as the man calmed down.

'' How long?'' Upon hesitance of getting an answer he started to get angry. ''I said, how long? ''He glares down at Beast Boy with all the fierceness his steel face will allow.

The wide-eyed green teen pause before reluctantly answering after finally working up an answer.

'' Five months. ''


Chapter End

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