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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author has given me permission to use character descriptions from his story.


Story Start


Six months had passed since Naruto had arrived to this world. Using some money he had stored up from his past adventures he purchased a semi-secluded place not too far away from Newport city. It was a nice city that didn't have many super powered rogues like Metropolis or psychopaths like Gotham. It was a few weeks ago he started having these strange visions. Images assaulting his mind. Some kind of green alien and attacking creatures and other things. It took him a few days of travel, but he drew ever closer to the source. Naruto was glad that his forms of identification could be used in most different worlds thanks to the similar parallel Earths/Edos in the different realities.

Naruto continued making his way to the origin where he saw two well known heroes. Batman fighting and he seemed to be losing against his opponent. Just then Superman had came into the fray.

''Batman and Superman…damn something big is going on…'' He thought as he joined the fray. He hung back to gauge and find the strengths and weaknesses of the strange creatures as they unbounded themselves out of positions that would have surely been impossible for most humans.

He decided to hang back and waited for an opportunity to follow the 'scientists' that were leaving so he could get some answers. .

''Going somewhere?'' He asked as he dropped down before them. .

"Out of the way!'' Demanded the woman, her body language quite hostile.

"I'm afraid I can't do that…in fact let's do this the easy way…'' He said activating the Omnigan. Through his numerous journeys he developed his eye technique to incredible levels. Splicing the genes of several Dojutsu through much research and DNA tampering. ''Tsukiyomi,'' The Goddess named illusion trapped the creatures who were unprepared for this mental assault. They dropped to the ground writhing.

''Is that...,'' Naruto didn't even finish when an arm suddenly stabbed through his torso. He turned his head to see more of these creatures arrived.

"Get to the city. I'll stay and cover you. If nothing else at least I could delay him." Replied A tall Russian that was obviously one of the white Martians.

The scientists nodded as they ran as several more joined the Russians. A couple of Black, Hispanic, and Australian looking figures.

' 'Guy whose about to be killed by my exploding kagebunshin says what?'

''What?'' The Alien asked as the Naruto before him grinned as he began to glow. Before the creature could even flee the Kagebunshin ignited in an incredible explosion sending the creature splattered across the trees and ground in the forest. Some sort of White goo was it's form.

''Now…let's see how you bastards like some fire,'' He thought as he shot out a grand fireball in the direction of the creatures. Part of his flames lit a blaze a bush and soon the forest started to catch on fire. Thinking quickly Naruto summoned rain to put out the fire. ''Well shit, maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do ,'' He murmured. There was one thing Naruto was grateful for. Despite the numerous amount of insane amount of time he had to put in learning Rin'nenganjutsu they were well worth it when they could be put to use.

Some more of those strange creatures appeared in their white mass humanoid forms with burning red eyes. ''I suppose we can't talk this over sake and ramen?''

They formed knifes out of their…arms…he figured as they shuffled forward.


The creatures said as they clamored around.

''Kaze Kaiten,'' He said as he shredded them into pieces as they splattered against the trees.

''Now…'' They started to reform again. ''What the fuck!'' He shouted as his eyes turned red and slitted. Maybe a little demonic chakra would persuade them to stay down for the count. After half an hour or flame blasts, chakra tendrils, and Rasengans the bastards were down for the count.

''Oh,'' Pant ''Kami……'' Fucking…Aliens,'' He said finally catching up with the two heroes to see a third unfamiliar figure was with them.

He had green-bluish skin with no body hair. His eyes were orange and he didn't have any eyebrows but it his eyes were surrounded by black mascara, his face was stretched at the top of the head and his chin was long. He was dressed with purple cape and purple underpants, two long ribbons covered his chest stretching to two button like ornaments on his cape which were a golden color. Bellow his abs was a red belt with a yellow belt-buckle. He didn't wear any pants but his feet were in a pair of purple boots that matched his cape.

The aliens started to fire at the man but Superman got in its way and was pushed back in a tank, in the smoke Batman pulled the person behind a van. An alien managed to get behind Batman but the blue person simply went through Batman and managed to channel some form of energy that deflected the laser. Batman in a quick reflex took out a batarang and threw it at the alien knocking it out, while the alien that protected batman seamed hurt.

'Guess he's on our side…Hhm Let's see how far and fast I can throw a Rasengan,' Naruto thought prompting his arm and preparing the Spiraling sphere. In his other hand he took out a Chaos Emerald. Thank Kami he went and got his own set from their respective planet of origin. (Saw it a Sonic Comic once. Can't remember which.)

While that was happening Superman managed to pull himself up and was using a tank he lifted above his head to deflect the lasers that were coming his way until he threw it at some of the aliens when….

''Chaos Control.'' Was heard throughout the area. Both Batman and Superman appeared to the roof opposite side of Naruto. ''No time to explain,'' Naruto said cutting them off when several space ships appeared in the air. ''Chaos Control,'' The blond said as he appeared above one of the ships. Gathering mass amount of Chaos energy he launched a Chaos Sphere that caused a chain reaction resulting in numerous explosions that tore the ship apart.

Batman at this time was maneuvering through the peaks of the mountains and managed to take some of them down while Superman threw one of the ships in a mountain.

Finally one of the ships hit the bat jet and it was going down.

"Oh hell!" Said the blond as he watched the ship go down, but was stunned when it suddenly stopped in the air and was radiating a greening glow. Following the stream that seamed to be connected to it, he followed the beam at a person who was standing on one of the mountains. Two ships attacked him but the ships were quickly destroyed by another character. This one was a woman with gray wings and a mace in her hands.

'Green Lantern…Hawk Woman?' He thought recognizing the heroes from among the many super beings he was studying of this dimension… 'Well this is something.' He thought as he teleported to the cliff.

From the cliff, the rest of the heroes did their work.

Hawkgirl had began to follow ans was nearly hit by one of the ships when another woman with long black hair appeared and deflected the lasers but neglected to fly out of the way of the falling ship. He figured by her way of dress she was the famed wonder woman as the Green Lantern created the dome around the young women protecting them from the blast.

"Who's the rookie in the tiara and this kid?'' He asked. He was of African-American Origin with short black hair shaved on the sides with a strong muscular built, glowing green eyes. His clothing looked like a full body suit of green, black and white. The top of his suit was green emerald color in a V form going from the back all the way the front covering his neck, shoulders, and upper half of his upper body in green while the rest was black with the exception of his boots that were also green and his gauntlets that were green as well. On his chest was a green lantern like patch in a white circle. His weapon of choice was apparently a green ring that helped him channel a green energy field in any shape he desires.

"I'm not sure!" responded Superman throwing the last ship in a side of a mountain.

Soon every hero grouped together with Batman and Naruto, including Flash that appeared with the missing side of Batman's ship.

"Hey Bats, I think you drooped this…. Whoa…where have you been all my life?" asked the dazed Flash seeing the black haired beauty for the first time.

He was dressed in a full body suit that had a hood that covered the top of his head with white see through material for eyes and two lightning like ornaments on the sides where his ears should be. The suit was apparently very flexible. It was blood red with a diagram of a lightning going through a white circle with a yellow outline. A lightning pattern where on his arms just bellow the elbow. He wore what seamed to be a lightning styled belt around his lower abdomen and golden like boots.

"Themyscira" answered the woman completely oblivious to Flash's attempts.

"Huh?" answered Flash confused.

"The home of the Amazons, I always that it was merely a legend." His answer came from the second woman. She wore a bird-like mask, red hair that reached the middle of her back, red lips, black eyes, two brown-grayish wings, a yellow top that seamed to hold on her impressive D cup breasts to the waist. She wore a pair of black tight pants that covered her lower held and a pair of super short pants that covered her slender ass and lover midsection. Her feet were fit in a pair of red boots. In her hand she held the same mace with leather short rope that was around her hand to prevent it from falling.

"I assure you it's as real as the ground we stand on. I am Diana princess of the Amazons." She presented herself with a smile and pride in her voice.

She was a tall, slender beautiful woman with visible muscles and a tall figure that held herself in a prideful posture. She had long dark flowing hair that reached her middle back, baby blue eyes, she wore a golden tiara with a red star on the forehead, similar to a hiate(forehead protector), she had red lips, a tight red half shirt covered her big D cup breasts that was similar to Hawkgirl's, except it had ornamental gold on the front in the form of two 'W' one above the other. A golden belt held her tight dark blue mini pants, with white stars, that covered her round backside leaving her thighs exposed. Red boots with a white outline going down to the front and back, covered her feet and legs up to just below her knees.

'Damn…no matter what realm I go to Amazons are so much sexier in person!' Naruto thought as he let out a small exhale.

There silent conversation ended when the blue? Or was he green alien that seamed to be their ally looked at Naruto.

"What?" Naruto asked with questioning look. He realized that everyone was looking at him.

"We were waiting for you to introduce yourself, the rest of us know each other in some shape or form, but you are new around here." The alien answered looking at Naruto's attire.

His standard garbs had been replaced with Black sweats and a Red T-shirt with a golden fox on the back with Anbu style armor over it.

''Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Hiragana…or just Shinobi,'' He said as realization flashed on some of their faces. Shinobi, quite a few had heard of him and his usual abilities. Now whether some were true like having a giant pet cat or the ability to summon giant ninja stars were up for question; his M.O. wasn't that of the usual hero. Stories had it where he was a bit violent. Some that he controlled the minds of others and had him do his fighting. There was no clear source that accurately, or believably defined the mysterious vigilante.

"J'onn J'onzz" said the alien taking his hand shaking it. introductions were soon made and J'ohn began explaining his story. About he ended up on Earth. The genocide of his people. The White Martians. Though before anything else could be discussed the conversation was cut short by a crack of lightning that came from a storm.

"What is that?" asked Diana shock in her voice as well as the others.

"It's begun!" J'onn stated clearly knowing what was happening.

"What are they doing?" asked Hawkgirl.

"The invaders are nocturnal. They want to blot out the sun to live in perpetual darkness." with no emotion was in his voice, J'onn answered.

"Friends of yours?" Joked Flash looking at Batman and Naruto.

"Unfortunately, we barely know each other."

"What's the big problem? Can't you just whip up another batch of that nerve gas?" asked Flash hopeful.

"Unfortunately no, the gas can only be made from a rare Martian plant, I brought a sample with me but it was destroyed when I was captured," Answered the blue alien with the same monotone voice.

"It wouldn't have been any good!" Stated the Shinobi catching everyone's attention. "The gas could have dissipated in the atmosphere and we don't know what effects it could have had on human, or the environment," concluded the blond.

"Then we'll have to take out those factories!" With a conclusive tone and her hand of her hips, Diana broke the silence.

"Lady, this is no job for amateurs," responded green lantern voicing his displeasure.

"We amazons are warriors born. Want to test me?" Retorted the princess who was now in a staring match with Green Lantern.

''She has a point,'' Naruto interrupted. ''It's no time to fight amongst ourselves…'' He said as he pressed a button on his watch with a computer screen popping up. ''Now I have done a analysis and these following targets need to be destroyed in order to prevent the world be covered in darkness…'' The blond said as a map appeared with several blips on them.