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Story Start


'' are you still alive?'' Super Naruto asked as the bruised Naruto stood up from the ruins of the building. Streams of red chaos energy from the super charged Chaos blast sparkled.

Naruto chucked in response to his super alter-ego's question. Wiping the blood from his mouth he removed the torn and tattered remains from his shirt. He winched as he moved his dislocated left arm back in place. ''You're me. You should know that we're too stubborn to die so easily.

''Then I'll just have to finish you quickly!'' The Chaos User snapped as he gathered a ball of energy to fire it only for Naruto to summon the Mirror Shield and deflect it into the air.

''This time...I came prepared.'' he said as he quickly shot two fingers forward. ''Electri!'' he cried, calling upon the ancient moon magic and firing out a bolt of lightning which the Chaos User dodged with ease.

''You think these little tricks will beat me! It's useless! I've beaten you once already! I refuse to allow you to seal me again. I won't be your glorified attack dog when you get over your head.'' In a flash of Chaos Control the Chaos user launched his counterpart in the air with a brutal uppercut in the air.

After being launched high in the air Naruto was able to halt himself as he hacked up bits of blood. In a flash his Chaos Counterpart appeared above him with his hand poised, ready to fire.

''You won't be given time to recover! I'm ending this now! Goodbye forever! Tentai Naruto!'' The Chaos User said as he gathered and condense enough power to wipe out a continent. ''CHAOS...BLAST!''

Naruto jolted awake, covered in sweat, his chest heaving in and out and the nightmare still fresh in his mind. 'What the hell was that?' Naruto thought as he got up and went to the bathroom. He turned on the water tap and began splashing his face with water from the tap. ''My first few days into my new apartment and I'm already having nightmares.''A few weeks had passed and a league level threat hadn't occurred so everyone went back to their respective city's with their communicators activated in case they needed to be contacted; with the only exceptions being J'onn and Diana who had been vanished from her island.

Naruto wished he would have at least been conscious to try and plead Diana's case. Surely if he called in a few of his allies in higher places they could have argued how the rules of old could hardly be applied in a modern day situation.

Unable to get back to sleep Naruto decide to go for an early morning run to clear his dream felt too real for him not to have heeded. Also he would need to go out and find a job to support himself. Thankfully enough he went to community college then transferred to a four year college being time travel and earned himself a degree.

The cool morning air felt good against his skin. ''Get back here!'' a voice shouted which alerted the blond. Naruto traced the origin of the voice and saw a beautiful young woman. Her appearance consisted of her waist length red hair tied into a pony tail with a hazel eyes and a charming pearl-white style. Her outfit consisted of low heel black shoes, stockings, black skirt, and red tank top, with star shaped earrings, and silver necklace. It looked like she was also wearing a french twist style.''

From what he could see from she had her purse stolen from a mugger. Naruto rolled his eyes,'Great so I'm been reduced to stopping purse snatchers!' he groaned as he was about to intervene when what transpired surprised him. The woman in question managed to chase the mugger down in her heels and tackled the hell out of it. Grabbing him by the leg she turned him over and punched the shit out of him. Naruto couldn't help but winch when she stomped into the man's sack. ''Okay then...not such a helpless damsel then.'' he said as he wondered if he should still intervene; not because he felt the woman was needed help, but because he figured someone might call the police and honestly Naruto felt that the ass whooping the mugger was receiving was punishment enough.

After spending some time thumbing through adds and trying to decide what job would have flexible hours where he could spend large amounts of time traveling about?

''Man did you hear about those super heroes? Its so surreal man.''

''Hey did you hear about the museum incident? They said someone broke in and stuff some artifacts and the mall was even wrecked.!''

''Someone needs to do something about this? We can't have those freaks running around and doing whatever they please! What if they suddenly decide to enslave us all? There would be nothing to stop something!''

''Are you daft woman? Do you want to piss off a legion of super powered beings which for all we know includes someone who can blow up a damn city with a fart? I say we be nice and thankful and not give them a reason for them to say fuck it and leaves us to the wolves!''

'Now why can't more people be like that guy and have some common sense?'' Naruto couldn't help but wonder.

'Yeah man...Superman is actually an okay guy. I remember one time I was like, hey Superman can you help me with my lawnmower and he was like okay, I'm Superman...I know how to work a lawnmower.''

'What the fuck did I just hear?' Naruto wondered as he tried not to laugh his ass off.

'Hey did you hear about that new Columnist job at the Daily Poster? Apparently they want someone to do articles and posts; you know like that Lois Lane chick for the Daily Planet.''

''Ain't she the one always being saved by Superman?''

''Yeah man, she's hot and all but I was Superman I look her in a basement for about a week to get some damn time off.''

''Dude that's pretty dark; Superman wouldn't lock someone in the basement. Now that Shinobi guy, he's pretty suspicious as no one knows him.''

''Yeah like that black haired chick?W hat's her name.''

''She's a wonder alright. Especially with those tits! Man those are some of the biggest titties I've ever seen!''

''Uugh you're disgusting! Have you no shame?''

''Hey she's the one runny around in that outfit! If she didn't want people ogling her she shouldn't be dressed that way.''

''Just because a woman is dressed sexy she has to deal with perverts like you ogling her. That's real fucked up Johnny!''

''Hey that's her name isn't it? Wonder Woman? She can Wonder me anytime.''

and the two perverts found themselves randomly blasted back on their asses by a force of wind. The crowd of people in front of the newspaper were startled by the Phenomena.

''Columnist job huh? That sounds promising?''
he said as he decided to go and apply for this job.


New Note


Third Fang, many numerous authors, and reviewers have given me permission to use certain Jutsu, themes, dialogues, and other such things which will be seen in this series. I will be listing and crediting authors whose inspiration for material begins/appears in subsequent story or chapter. Many homages will be paid to some of the greatest writers on this site and as well as Cameos or shout-outs as well. I want to think everyone who has been a long time fan of my stories and my series since conception. With that said I hope you guys enjoy this final revival/rewrite of my series and enjoy this new direction I am taking it in. Also this story along with many characters will be a lot darker then the previous series and there will be a heavier use of dark themes along with numerous added scenes and things that branch away from Canon.

For each story I work on I will be adding the new chapters after the old ones if there is a significant difference then the old one. Once I get up to the point to the story where the old one stopped at I will delete the older chapters and the new ones will take their place, but I will be leaving up the old chapters for people to enjoy.

As you all know and see there is always a vast improvement from my old versions to my new versions. This time I am not only fixing mistakes, but I'm doing something known as Adaption Expansion and try to go on and give depth that's only been seen by writers like Mistresswinyoll and her Rosario + Vampire stories and the likes. Now I know some of you are disappointed and hate when I do this, but I need to completely reevaluate and add some depth to my changes and reasons as well as balance out my original characters.

So with that, I will begin my getting out the new origin story 'New Origin' which will completely change and redefine Naruto's back story (It won't be a branch off of canon like before but similar), we'll actually get to see more of the villains and enemies and show why those on the antagonist side are a threat, and we actually get to see those OCs you've all been giving me.

I will also be bringing back in a capacity the main characters for crossover I don't have and give them larger roles and alter the plots more. I will be making the plots mine instead of following too close to canon like I usually do and I know that you will all enjoy it. With that said please be patient while I finish writing up New Origin the first chapter.