Risa tried to fight her way through the crowds outside the downtown theater, pushing her way through the throngs of people.

It was way busier than normal, due to the theater's new show opening that evening.

She was meeting Otani just down the street, by a fountain, and she was already late.

Risa was almost out of the crowd when someone shoved her and she smashed into the pavement.

Her head slammed against the concrete, and she blacked out.


Risa was twenty minutes late.

She said that she had been caught in traffic, but that had been a while ago.

Otani knew she was coming from the direction of the theater, so he started to amble up the street

When he got there, he saw a crowd of people standing around something on the sidewalk.

He picked up his pace, knowing Koizumi would have something to do with it.

He couldn't have been more right.

He pushed his way through the throng and saw her laying there.

"NO!" Otani yelled, kneeling down and checking her pulse.

He sighed in relief when he realized she was only knocked out.

Quickly, he picked her up.

"Need some help there, son?" A man asked.

Otani stared.

"I may be small, but I got her"

THe man patted his shoulder, and Otani started walking quickly back down the street.

He laid Risa on a bench outside of a drug store, then went in to get supplies.


Risa woke up saying on a wooden bench.

Her head throbbed, and she groaned.

She sat up slowly, and put her head in her hands.

It hurt so badly.

Vaguely, she could feel a dull ache in her knees, hands, and elbows where she had scraped them on the sidewalk.

Otani was probably worried about her now.

Then, she felt something cold on the bruised head.

She looked up, and saw Otani's blank face looking at her.

he sat down in front of her, then bonked the ice pack against her head with a thunk.

She didn't make a sound, just stared.

Then he finally opened his mouth.

"You are such an idiot"

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