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Pairings: Tweek/Craig, Tweek/Clyde

Summary: For three years – Craig and Tweek haven't been friends. It's confused Tweek, since they were best friends, but suddenly, in their first year of high school, Craig began to push him away and stopped hanging out with him all together. Tweek has been nervously trying to figure out why Craig wouldn't want to be friends anymore. Little does he know that Craig is finally ready to admit that he wants Tweek back… and not just as a friend.

Notes I: I have a few stories going right now, I know lol but I felt inspired to write this pair

Notes II : Just to clarify, they were friends up until their first year of high school – before Craig began to treat Tweek like shit, and basically end their friendship. They are now in their last year of high school - and the story is taking place.

Notes III: This story will get a little M rated…. ;) Warning you ahead of time lol – but most of it is going to be rated T, hence, listing it under T. Besides, nothing shows up under M … :P

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It was the start of a new year: the fourth, and final.

Tweek walked into the high school alone – holding his books tightly in hand as he made his way down the hall. He was wearing his typical dark green button up shirt, though over the past year, he'd finally learned how to button them properly. His jeans hung off his slender hips, and somewhat dragged on the ground; unfurling and fraying around the bottom from walking on them, though he didn't mind. They already had a few rips and tears in them, but they were his favorite jeans. His blond hair was just as jagged and unruly as it had been when he was little, but now it was a bit longer; not in a girly way, but the shards of blond hair hung in chunks around his face – at times blocking his line of sight.

They had all grown up so much… at least, compared to Tweek's memories of when they were all in the fourth grade. It might seem like a dumb statement; of COURSE they all had grown up. They were in high school now.

And while Tweek liked high school now – he didn't when he'd first arrived; namely because his first year of high school had brought about the END of his friendship with Craig.

They had been best friends for so long; they had stuck by one another, and Tweek had always felt comforted by Craig's protectiveness over him. But as soon as they got to high school… something changed. Craig began picking on Tweek and being difficult. Soon, he began outwardly insulting Tweek, which only diminished the small amount of confidence he'd been building up over the years.

Finally, it got to the point where Craig stopped coming around Tweek altogether. It had baffled Tweek to no end, and he'd spent most of that year NOT sleeping… stewing over what he could have possibly done to make Craig so angry with him. Tweek still hung out with Token and Clyde, but Craig never hung out with them anymore. From what Clyde told him, Craig still kept in contact with THEM… but chose to avoid them at school because of Tweek. This only added to Tweek's paranoia, and despite hounding Clyde for more information – he wasn't given any.

No one seemed to know the real reason as to why Craig would dump his best friend. Tweek still remembered Kyle and Stan talking to him about it – they reminded Tweek that Craig was, and always had been, an asshole that never justified what he did or who he was. His answer was to flip everyone off.

Growing tired of trying to find answers, Tweek eventually gave up – and instead of feeling guilty and unhappy, found his inner anger; fuck Craig. As far as he knew, he hadn't done anything wrong… Craig had just turned on him for no apparent reason.

By the time he started his second year, Tweek was over the whole ordeal, and decided to just focus on those people who were STILL his friends. But every so often he would see Craig walking down the hall, or sitting alone in the cafeteria with some random girl… and his heart would sink. He did miss his friend; no matter how hard he tried to ignore it. Tweek was an obsessive person, and the fact he still had NO clue why Craig had thrown away their friendship still plagued the back of his mind.

In third year, Tweek considered Craig a lost cause. He'd slowly attempted to fill that void in his life by hanging out with Clyde. The attractive boy took Tweek under his wing and tried to convince him that they could be best friends. Tweek actually believed it… until the end of their third year – when Clyde kissed him. Turns out, Clyde had always liked Tweek, and everyone knew it but him. Oddly enough, Tweek wasn't as freaked out by the kiss, and was actually kind of flattered that someone as good looking as Clyde liked him in that way.

So, by the time the summer started, the two had begun to date quietly. Thank god it was summer – Tweek was happy to have a few months to explore this new relationship without having the other kids at school watching their every move. While he hadn't initially thought he was gay… Tweek realized that he preferred guys. Girls were too confusing, too needy and too unpredictable. He had never really been attracted to one – and now he realized why. Clyde told him he had always 'known' Tweek was gay, which surprised Tweek. Other people could tell before him? It had made him a bit paranoid, but Clyde soothed his fears and told him it wasn't blatantly obvious… he had just seen signs. In fact, he had assumed that Tweek and Craig would have been dating.

The thought of Craig again made Tweek's heart ache a bit – but once more, he tried to push that feeling away, and replace it with the happiness he felt when Clyde was around him. Clyde WANTED to be around him – and Craig didn't.

Simple as that.

"Tweek!" The familiar voice of Clyde called – bringing Tweek out of his thoughts as he reached their lockers. Jesus, starting his fourth and final year of high school had made him reflect on his past a lot this morning.

Reaching his locker, Tweek twitched and gave a nervous smile as he was pulled into Clyde's arms. The slightly taller boy leaned down and kissed him sweetly – making Tweek blush as their lips parted. After shoving his books into his locker, the blond wrapped his arms around Clyde's waist comfortably. "You look hot for the first day," Clyde purred with a smirk.

"Ngh! T-Thanks," Tweek answered, a blush still painting his pale, smooth cheeks.

He felt Clyde's lips gently grazing his jaw as they stood there. Token was busy talking to Wendy about something – they had been seeing each other for almost three years. Apparently, she'd broken up with Stan after catching him kissing Kyle. The two had denied it for a few weeks, but were seen holding hands in the hallway. That pretty much confirmed it for everyone that they had started dating… but it wasn't a surprise. Most of their senior year had figured they would end up together. Most students, however, seemed MORE intrigued by the fact that Clyde was dating Tweek.

Tweek knew what they were all thinking; "He could do better." – In fact, Tweek thought about that all the time. He knew that Clyde could have any girl, and probably any other guy, that he wanted. The boy was good looking and charming, he played sports, and he got decent grades in school. What was Tweek? Well, nothing in comparison: he was paranoid, he twitched and tugged at his hair all the time, he was addicted to coffee, and kind of shy.

His hands absentmindedly gripped Clyde's sweater as they stood there – his boyfriend's nose now nestling against his cheek. But when Tweek's big, hazel eyes looked up and down the hall, he froze… Craig was standing there. And he was looking right at him.

There was a confusing look on his face; he looked kind of angry, but also hurt.

Tweek furrowed his brows and immediately looked down, beginning to twitch rapidly as he bit his lower lip.

"What?" Clyde asked, noticing the shift in Tweek's demeanor.

The blond shook his head, but still didn't look up. "N-Nothing." He answered quickly. Clyde looked up and over, and saw Craig still standing there – that same look of anger and sadness in his eyes.

"Oh." Clyde mumbled. "Ignore him."

But Tweek couldn't help but flinch, "Arg! I c-can't ignore him, man! … He hasn't looked at me in three years! Why is he –ngh- looking at me now?" The blond asked nervously.

"Maybe he didn't know we were dating." Clyde shrugged, wrapping his arm around Tweek's shoulders. "He'll get over it; he's the one who ended your friendship, remember? Why do you care?" The dark-haired boy asked him.

Tweek paused, still nervously twitching as he thought about it. "W-Well, I –ngh- guess I don't." He admitted. Clyde was right: they weren't friends anymore. He shouldn't have to worry about why Craig looked so angry at the sight of Tweek and Clyde together. Then again, the paranoid blond couldn't help but think that Craig might try and murder him, or something.

But that was just the paranoia talking.

"S-Shit man! I need a cup of coffee before class!" Tweek exclaimed, biting his lower lip. His eyes anxiously shifted back to see if Craig was still standing there… but he wasn't. He'd disappeared.

Clyde kissed Tweek gently on the cheek, "Alright, come on spaz. Let's go to the caf and get you a cup of coffee before class." He soothed, beginning to walk Tweek down the hall; his arm moving to lace around Tweek's back. The blond welcomed the comforting arm around him as they walked together.

Tweek's second period of the day was drama. It might seem odd that he was in a class that involved 'performing' in front of other people… but initially, he had been enrolled into the class by the high school counselor, who believed that taking drama might help improve Tweek's social skills and help him build up his confidence. It was working; this was his third year in the drama class.

Unfortunately, this year there was a new face in their midst. Normally, the kids who took drama continued to take drama each year – so, Tweek knew everyone in the class from previous years. But there was a new person in their class. And when Tweek saw this familiar face, he almost vomited on the spot. It was Craig. He was sitting in one of the auditorium chairs lazily, not speaking to anyone, and waiting for the class to begin.

Keeping his eyes down, Tweek made his way over to another chair (far away from Craig) and sat down.

"Ok, ok, settle down." Mr. Fox said, coming into class. He was the drama teacher – and was homosexual himself (not like it was a shock to anyone). But all in all, Tweek liked him; he was pretty laid back, and really receptive to helping Tweek overcome his nerves. He owed a lot to Mr. Fox, and the guy had quickly become one of his favorite teachers. "Welcome to the first day of Drama. It's nice to see the old faces back again." He smiled, looking around in the class. Pausing, his eyes fell on Craig, "And a 'new' face is always welcome." He said, nodding to the dark-haired, gray-eyed boy, who gave him no response.

Clearing his throat, Mr. Fox smiled, "Well, why don't we start the class off with some performances, hmm?" He asked. "I'd like to run through the scenes we did last year for your final exam just to get the blood flowing. Don't worry, this won't be marked – consider it as a warm up." He smiled. Looking around the class seated in the auditorium. "Why don't we have … Tweek and Ashley." He suggested.

Tweek swallowed, suddenly feeling those nerves returning. Normally, he wouldn't have minded; it wasn't the memorization he was worried about – it was performing on stage in front of Craig: the boy who hated him. They hadn't spoken, or even really been in the same room for years, and now, here he was… encroaching on the ONE class Tweek had started to feel comfortable in.

Making his way up to the stage with his scene partner Ashley, Tweek tried to push those nerves from him – using a few tricks Mr. Fox had taught him over the years.

Breathe slowly. Clear your mind. Place yourself right into the scene, and ignore the audience.

While they mostly focused on theatre, their final exam last year had been to do a scene from a film. Tweek was given a scene from the movie 'Annie Hall' with this girl Ashley. He'd actually really enjoyed the scene, and since the character of 'Alvy' was kind of neurotic and anxious like him... Tweek had really sunk into his role: they'd gotten a great mark.

Yet as the two students finally took their position on the stage – Tweek found that everyone in the audience was a blur… EXCEPT for Craig. He could see him; he could feel Craig's gray eyes watching him closely.

Trying to ignore him, Tweek began, "Hey, you are in a bad mood… You-you-you must be getting your period." He started. The class immediately chuckled.

"I'm not getting my period." Ashley responded, rolling her eyes as they pretended to wait in line at the movie theatre. "Jesus, every time anything out of the ordinary happens, you think that I'm getting my period!"

Tweek looked around them nervously, "A li-little louder. I think one of them may have missed it!" He commented sarcastically; like she was causing a scene in the line up. Stepping away from Ashley a bit, Tweek pretended to talk to the ticket teller. "H'm, has the picture started yet?" He paused. "Two minutes ago? … That's it! Forget it! I-I can't go in." He said, waving his hands in a 'its-over' gesture.

"Two minutes, Alvy." Ashley sighed.

But Tweek interrupted her, "No, I'm sorry, I can't do it. We-we've blown it already. I-you know –ngh— I-I can't go in in the middle." He said decisively.

"In the middle?" She repeated in disbelief. Tweek nodded his head 'yes' silently, and listened as Ashley let out an exasperated sigh. "We'll only miss the titles. They're in Swedish."

Tweek pretended to ignore her, "You wanna get coffee for two hours or something? We'll go next-" He began.

"Two hours?" She cut in. "No, u-uh, I'm going in. I'm going in."

The blond boy shook his head and waved childishly, "Go ahead. Good-bye."

Ashley, however, moved back and grabbed Tweek's arm, stopping him.

"Look, while we're talking we could be inside, you know that?" She reminded him. "So… whatta you wanna do?" Ashley asked, resting her head on his shoulder lazily.

Tweek was about to speak, but suddenly, a voice from the audience interrupted their scene, "Be careful, he's a faggot." It said darkly. The blond froze, his eyes immediately finding Craig in the audience, looking just as pissed, just as he was this morning.

"Mr. Tucker, keep your thoughts to yourself until the end of the scene." Mr. Fox warned. Looking to the pair on stage, he gestured for them to continue.

Tweek cleared his throat, and tried to get himself back into the scene. "I don't know now. You-you wanna go to another movie?" He asked. Ashley shrugged. Looking around, Tweek finally suggested, "So, -ngh- let's go see The Sorrow and the Pity." He suggested. He could feel himself beginning to twitch more… damn Craig's stupid interruption. What the hell was his problem?

"Oh, come on, we've seen it." Ashley complained. "I'm not in the mood to see a four-hour documentary on Nazis." She sighed, rolling her eyes.

Tweek shook his head, "Well, I'm sorry, I-I can't ... I-I-I've gotta see a picture exactly from the start to the finish, 'cause-'cause I'm anal …" He argued.

"Ha, that's a polite word for what you are." Ashley laughed.

But again – the voice of Craig broke through the audience, "No, that's an ACCURATE word for what he is and does." He shouted bitterly.

"Mr. Tucker, I know you're NEW to this class, but one more outburst like that and I'm going to kick you out." Mr. Fox said calmly. "Let's not start the first day of senior year with a detention, hmm?" He warned.

Tweek stood there, blushing profusely and twitching as he fiddled with the bottom of his shirt. Their scene was over, but now there was an awkward silence looming in the air; Craig was still giving him an evil glare. "It's nice to see you are both still comfortable with that scene. Well done." Mr. Fox complimented, giving Tweek a specific, reassuring nod. "Alright, I want another pair up. How about … Jamie and Patrick." He suggested.

Feeling a tug on his arm, Tweek was pulled out of his thoughts by his scene partner Ashley – and they both left the stage. Going back into the audience, Tweek didn't look at Craig again as he sat down; Ashley taking a seat beside him now.

"Ignore him." She whispered to Tweek. "Craig's just an asshole, everyone knows it. You did a great job." She smiled, patting his arm.

Twitching, Tweek nodded, "T-Thanks. You –ngh- did too." He said, biting his lower lip.

Giving a small sigh, Tweek tried to watch the other scene that was happening on stage… but it was impossible. He didn't get why Craig had gone from bullying him and pushing him away; successfully ending their friendship … to ignoring him and avoiding him completely … to suddenly being back around, bullying him again! It just didn't make any sense – and as confused as Tweek was, he was also kind of angry. What had he EVER done to Craig to deserve this kind of treatment?

When the class ended, Tweek slipped his messenger-style bag over his shoulders again, and began to head out of the auditorium. He didn't even want to see Craig; he kept his warm, coffee-hazel eyes down as he made his way toward the door. But as he emerged out of the auditorium space – he could feel eyes burning a hole in the back of his head. He knew someone was following him… and Tweek had a pretty good idea as to who it was.

Stopping and letting out a sigh, Tweek turned, and found himself face to face with Craig.

"W-What?!" Tweek said, his voice stronger than usual. Even Craig was a little taken aback by the sound of it. "It wasn't enough to humiliate me in class, so –ngh- you've got to stare me down in the hall?" He twitched, his eyes oddly focused.

Craig's eyes hardened, "I'm not 'staring you down' Tweek, I've got better things to do." He said, looking the blond boy up and down. "But by the sound of it, you're on your high-and-mighty horse now that you're dating Clyde." Craig said snidely.

"W-What the fuck's that supposed to mean?" The blond asked, anxiously bobbing his leg as he stood there with his ex-best friend.

The raven-haired boy looked at him seriously. "Clyde's too good for you, Tweek, and you know it. He'll realize it soon, and you'll just be another lonely faggot in South Park. You should be dating some other freak on your level." He said coldly.

Tweek opened his mouth to say something – but he couldn't. He could only twitch, and stare back at Craig, trying to hold his own.

But Craig saw through him; those large, coffee-hazel eyes of his portrayed Tweek's every vulnerable thought. The words had hurt him.

Without another word, Craig moved past Tweek – and continued down the hall, leaving him standing there alone.

Emerging outside, Craig tossed his book bag against the brick-wall of the school in anger. "Fuck, fuck fuck!" He cursed to himself. Reaching into the pocket of his blue hoodie, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. As he plucked one of the cancer sticks out of its confines, he tried to light it… but he noticed something: his hands were trembling.


… Perhaps because he'd never felt so horrible.

What he'd said to Tweek was low; and even as the words were leaving his mouth, he knew it. Tweek didn't deserve this shit.

But this was what happens when confused teens realize they're gay.

Craig didn't know how to handle it. He'd always felt something for Tweek; he naturally felt the need to protect him and look out for him, but as they continued through grade school – that feeing only grew stronger. He wanted to spend most of his time with Tweek, and not really anyone else… which was saying a lot for the anti-social 'bad ass' Craig Tucker. He had quite the reputation, and no one fucked with him. So how was he supposed to feel going into high school – realizing that he didn't just LIKE Tweek… but he loved him.

He tried to convince himself otherwise of course, but every time he saw the twitchy blond, he felt that familiar fluttering in his heart. All he wanted to do was grab him, hold him, kiss him, lick him, fuck him… god, he would do everything to that kid. So, naturally, being so freaked out by these sudden feelings, Craig did what he always did: he acted like an asshole. He pushed Tweek away before his best friend had a chance to learn his horrible secret. Craig remembered feeling bad even then – Tweek seemed to so hurt and confused as to why his best friend had turned on him. Hell, even Token and Clyde tried to talk to him on Tweek's behalf… they were just as confused. But Craig's only answer was his trusty middle finger, and that was the end of it. He continued to make things worse when Tweek tried to approach him personally – begging to know what he'd done. Craig took the coward's route, and instead of talking to his best friend, began to bully and tease him ruthlessly.

It seemed to do the trick. He knew Tweek's weak spots, and what he was self-conscious about… so teasing him had been easy.

But it hadn't felt good. In fact, Craig hadn't had a good night's sleep since the whole mess started. He knew it was his fault, and the guilt had been eating away at him for three damn years. In their third year, he'd managed to avoid Tweek all together, and while seeing him had eased the pain… it certainly didn't push the pretty blond from his mind. He had even resorted to experimenting with a few different drugs. But he got out of it, and now only smoked cigarettes and weed to take the edge off.

Deep down – Craig knew there was only one cure for his anxiety and depression.


However, that possibility kept getting further and further away. He had intended to wipe the slate clean, and maybe apologize to Tweek… come clean. But those hopes were dashed when he'd seen Clyde pawing the twitchy blond before classes started. Craig couldn't believe what he was seeing – and he'd never felt so jealous. Tweek was GAY?! Why hadn't he told him?! Of course, the irony was delicious... and Craig was kicking himself during his whole first period for not just coming clean; if he had, maybe they would be together now.

So, switching his second period class to 'drama' wasn't exactly a lax decision; he had to have at least one class with Tweek. He felt a strong urge to reclaim what SHOULD have rightfully been his.

Watching the blond had been incredibly hard. Damn, Tweek had gotten sexier… more so than he remembered. On stage he almost seemed like a different person; far more confidant than he expected. Then again, he couldn't help but shout out his stupid comments – hoping to draw Tweek's attention BACK to him. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself! Hell, he was desperate.

Once the class had ended, their damaged relationship took two more giant steps back… as again - Craig couldn't sensor what ran out of his mouth, and he'd ended up hurting Tweek's feelings yet again.


Finally getting his cigarette lit, Craig smoked desperately – drawing the familiar warmth into his lungs.

He had meant it though… Clyde WAS too good for Tweek, and the raven-haired boy had a feeling that Tweek knew that. Did that make it right to point out? Well, no. But if his words had any effect on Tweek, it went a long way to hopefully winning the blond back to his side.

Craig Tucker was not above fucking over other people in order to get what HE wanted.

Entering the cafeteria at lunch, Tweek's eyes immediately searched for Clyde. When he spotted him, he eagerly made his way toward the brown-haired boy. "H-Hey," He greeted with a nervous smile. He wanted to get some encouragement; he wanted to see someone who actually loved him... not someone who'd turned their back on him.

"Hey Tweekers." Clyde smiled, wrapping his arms around Tweek. "I heard you had a rough drama class." He said. Tweek seemed to look a bit surprised, but Clyde gave him a reassuring smile. "I ran into Ashley in the hall… she told me all about Craig chirping you while you were on stage. That fucker." He growled.

Tweek blushed and nodded, "W-Whatever -ngh- he's just an asshole." He mumbled. Pulling on his boyfriend's arm, Clyde led them over to a table. Sitting down, he pulled Tweek comfortably into his lap; wrapping his arms around him. "J-Jesus man." Tweek said anxiously.

"Calm down." Clyde laughed, nestling his nose against Tweek's cheek and hair. "I'm just trying to make you feel better. That cocksucker is just jealous." He mumbled.

The blond twitched as he considered that word: jealous. "J-Jealous? Ngh, J-Jealous of what?" He asked.

"I dunno. Jealous of us, maybe? That kid's so difficult he'll probably be alone the rest of his life." Clyde smirked, rubbing Tweek's hips comfortingly with his hands.

While the comment was said to make Tweek feel better – it only made him feel worse. Yes, what Craig had said to him in the hall was hurtful… but his ex-best friend had only mirrored Tweek's OWN insecurities that Clyde was too good for him.

But the blond couldn't help but pity Craig after hearing his boyfriend's joke; Craig WAS difficult, and maybe he WOULD be alone for the rest of his life.

Well, Tweek had once assumed that he would always be alone… and that was a feeling that no one should have. Loneliness was probably the scariest thing of all, and Tweek didn't wish it upon his worst enemy. Or his best friend – who, after everything he'd put Tweek through – probably deserved it.