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Pairings: Tweek/Craig, Tweek/Clyde

Summary: For three years – Craig and Tweek haven't been friends. It's confused Tweek, since they were best friends, but suddenly, in their first year of high school, Craig began to push him away and stopped hanging out with him all together. Tweek has been nervously trying to figure out why Craig wouldn't want to be friends anymore. Little does he know that Craig is finally ready to admit that he wants Tweek back… and not just as a friend.

Notes I: I have a few stories going right now, I know lol but I felt inspired to write this pair

Notes II : Just to clarify, they were friends up until their first year of high school – before Craig began to treat Tweek like shit, and basically end their friendship. They are now in their last year of high school - and the story is taking place.

Notes III: This story probably isn't the most original in terms of arch, etc. but hell, I just felt like writing some Creek lol

Chapter Song: You Don't Understand Me – The Raconteurs

Craig wasn't lying when he'd promised to be Tweek's best friend again.

He reverted back to their old routine; he swung by Tweek's house to pick him up for school with a fresh coffee. And a free ride was a free ride… besides, Craig HAD apologized, and Tweek figured it was time to start rebuilding that friendship. He knew deep down he'd be lying if he said he hadn't missed their bond.

When they got to school, Craig stayed glued to his side – and was sure to glare off any looks that Clyde might throw Tweek's way. He wasn't really prepared to let Clyde anywhere NEAR Tweek for the next little while. The ebony-haired teen was eager to patch things up with the twitchy blond, and he knew if Clyde had anything to say about it… he would have a much harder time convincing Tweek he was trustworthy.

After he walked Tweek to his first period class, the blond felt a small, warm fluttering in the bottom of his stomach. It was only the FIRST day of this 'new' Craig… he had to get a grip! There was no guarantee that Craig wouldn't slip back into his old habits, or begin to hate him again. The twitchy blond tried to concentrate in class – but was having a tough time, since Clyde was in that same class. He wouldn't stop staring at him… in fact, it was unsettling Tweek to the point of small, anxious noises and excessive flinching.

When it was over – Tweek practically jumped out of his seat to get away from Clyde's staring. Unfortunately when he emerged into the hall, quickly walking toward his locker… Clyde was right there beside him.

"Hey Tweek," He greeted quietly.

The blond made a small, uncomfortable noise in the back of his throat – and kept walking; clutching his empty thermos nervously.

"Um… how are you?" Clyde asked softly; his voice seemed to show a genuine concern and heartfelt remorse for the wounds he'd left on Tweek's face.

Tweek's eyes began to water on their own accord. He was ready to Clyde to just jump him; to attack him and start wailing on him right in the middle of the hall.

"Clyde!" A harsh, loud voice interrupted, causing the blond and brunette to stop dead in their tracks. Craig was standing a little further down the hall, his gray eyes narrowed ferociously toward Clyde. There was a brief moment of silence, before Craig took a heavy, threatening step forward. "Step the FUCK back…" He hissed.

The brunette swallowed, and reluctantly, moved away from Tweek – tossing a sneer toward Craig. "Jumped through your hoop already, did he?" Clyde mumbled distastefully. His eyes turned toward Tweek. "He's a liar, Tweek. And he doesn't care about anything but himself and his OWN selfish desires."

"Clyde, I'm not going to say it again!" Craig yelled, taking a few more quick steps in their direction.

It had done the trick, because with Craig's steps forward, Clyde immediately took two more steps back. "Fuck you…" He mumbled, turning to fully walk away from Tweek and head down the opposite end of the hall.

Closing the distance between them, Craig wrapped a protective arm around Tweek's shoulders, and placed a few fingers under his chin to raise the blond's eyes to his own.

"You alright?" He asked, his brow furrowing with concern. He couldn't help but notice the frightened tears lingering in Tweek's eyes.

The small blond shuddered, and nodded. "Y-Yeah, nngh, I'm fine…" He said.

It was so strange; he and Craig hadn't been friends for three whole years, and yet, Tweek still felt incredibly safe around him… that old feeling hadn't gone away, and it seemed they'd both been able to slip back into these roles quickly.

Reaching Tweek's locker, Craig reluctantly released the twitching blond and opened his locker for him. Reaching down, his hands gently rested over Tweek's as he clutched his empty thermos. Looking up to the ebony-haired teen, Tweek couldn't help but blush as Craig gave him a gentle smile – taking his thermos from his hands. Twisting it open, Craig poured in a fresh coffee that he'd gotten for the blond.

Tweek's cheeks flushed even more as Craig twisted the top back on, and handed it back to him. "T-Thanks…" The blond nodded, averting his eyes.

He felt those damn butterflies in his stomach again when Craig placed a finger beneath his chin, and tilted Tweek's head back up to look at him once more.

"Anytime." He purred; sinking his eyes into Tweek's anxious, hazel orbs.

A small sound escaped Tweek's trembling lips as he stepped away from Craig nervously. The ebony-haired teen simply smiled; accepting the fact that he'd ventured a biiiiiiiiiit too close with that little gesture. But it couldn't hurt? Inside, Craig was kind of excited that he could make Tweek get so flustered. That only told him there was a good chance he could still sway the blond to his side.

"Ready for drama class?" Craig smiled, holding his hand out for Tweek.

The blond twitched and nodded, but couldn't help but tug on his jagged blond locks. "O-Ok, but… -nngh-… you don't need to hold my hand." He stammered.

"Yes I do." The ebony-haired teen confirmed. "I don't want to chance getting separated from you… not after Clyde's little attempt." He spat bitterly. Reaching out, he took Tweek's hand in his own without waiting for an answer, and began to lead the blond down the hall.

When their class had ended the two boys headed toward the cafeteria. Tweek had felt particularly awkward in that class, because it was the first time he and Craig had revisited the scene since that 'eventful' night a few days ago.

It still turned Tweek on… and from the way Craig was acting, he was all too happy to be touching and pressing himself against the twitchy blond. He was actually thankful when the class was over, because it gave him a chance to distance himself from the attractive teen. But Craig had other plans, it seemed...

After they'd gotten their lunches and sat down, Craig sat unnecessarily close to Tweek while they ate; his leg stayed pressed against the blond's as his hand continued to 'accidentally' bump into Tweek's.

Every so often, Tweek would blurt out, "ARG! Too much pressure!"

But Craig would just smirk, and drop his eyes to Tweek's lips.

The whole day was a test of Tweek's will. He had to continually remind himself of Craig's betrayal – if only to STOP himself from giving into Craig's flirtations. It was hard not to be flattered; Craig was extremely good looking (at least TWEEK thought so), and no doubt could get anyone he wanted. He was an asshole, yes, but obviously, he behaved differently around his crushes.

A few times during the day, Clyde had attempted to get closer to Tweek in the hopes of speaking with him – but Craig was always there to back the teen back a few steps. He acted like Tweek's own personal Rottweiler dog; warding off any-and-all threats to the fragile blond teen.

So after all that… Tweek wasn't exactly surprised when Craig drove him back home after school and followed in after him. His parents were still gone for a little while, and after Tweek had mumbled some obscure, paranoid 'theory' involving Clyde hiding inside his house to kill him – Craig had practically TOLD Tweek he was coming in, rather than waiting to be asked.

Heading into the kitchen, Craig put on a fresh pot of coffee, knowing that Tweek would probably be getting close to empty soon. But they had a few minutes before the coffee was actually ready, so Craig turned back to the twitching blond standing in his kitchen doorway.

"Come here," Craig told him warmly, patting the top of the kitchen counter.

Tweek flinched, taking a few steps into the kitchen. "Arg! B-But that's dangerous, man! What if I hop up and miss? What if I fall off? What if the counter collapses into the ground and drags me with it?" The blond theorized, tugging on a few handfuls of hair.

"Tweek, don't worry." Craig smiled, grasping Tweek's hand and tugging him over toward him. "I won't let you fall, and I won't let the counter swallow you. We need to change the bandage over your stitches." He said, as his gray eyes flickered to the wound still lingering above the blond's left eyebrow. Grasping Tweek's hips, Craig helped him sit on the counter, as he moved between the blond's legs comfortably. "Hold still." He mumbled, tenderly peeling off the bandage.

Tweek winced, but bit his lower lip to prevent himself from shaking, or thinking about their current position. Craig's fingers lightly brushed over Tweek's soft skin; pushing some stray blond hair away from his forehead so he could properly change the bandage. Taking this time to examine the blond's condition, a small smile grew on his lips. "Your stitches look like they've almost dissolved. That's a good sign." Craig nodded.

"GAH! O-Oh Jesus, they're dissolving into my skin? Nngh! W-What if they're poison? What if they carry toxins, and my blood turns into a thread-like substance?" He rambled, biting his lower lip harder – so much so, he accidentally pierced the skin. Making a small noise, Tweek pulled his own teeth away from his lips and replaced it with his tentative pink tongue; darting in and out as he lapped up the blood.

Unfortunately, that very move made Craig's expression fall completely from his face; his eyes lustfully staring toward Tweek's tongue and slightly irritated lips. His hands gripped onto Tweek's hips tighter, subconsciously pulling them closer together as he stared longingly at the blond. Tweek noticed Craig's sudden daze, and blushed. "C-Craig?" He whispered hesitantly.

That was it. Hearing his name spoken so gently by the blond snapped something in the ebony-haired boy, and he couldn't resist crushing his lips hungrily against Tweek's. The nervous blond made a muted sound that was swallowed by Craig's mouth over his own. Craig's tongue and lips lapped eagerly between Tweek's lips as he held their bodies together, wrapping his arms around the smaller blond.

Hearing Craig's eager, desperate moans – Tweek couldn't help but get a little dizzy. God, no one had EVER kissed him like this. But the thought suddenly struck in his mind; this was Craig… and they were supposed to be friends. This was too soon, wasn't it? Isn't this exactly what he'd wanted to avoid?

Making a small noise, Tweek pulled away from Craig, and turned his head to the side. "C-Craig, stop…" The blond murmured.

"Tweek," A desperate noise of protest escaped the back of Craig's throat, as he kept his arms around the blond, and leaned his forehead against the side of Tweek's turned head. "Please… God Tweek, please," Craig whispered huskily. The blond had never heard Craig sound so weak – so needy and desperate. Normally, he was the living embodiment of the word 'strength' and 'independence'. But here he was, rendered to a pathetic, begging mess by a twitchy blond freak.

But Tweek placed his hands on Craig's strong shoulders, and meekly pushed him away. "I-I said –nngh- no…" He mumbled sheepishly, still unable to look at Craig.

To his surprise – Craig kept to his promise, and slowly pulled his arms from around Tweek. Flinching, the blond looked back to his friend, and saw that his eyes were still filled with a hazy lust… but also regret: like it was tearing him apart to let go. "Ok… I'm sorry." Craig breathed out with a nod. "I'm… I'm cool." He mumbled, flipping Tweek off – it seemed like it was more for appearances, because clearly, his heart wasn't in his favorite gesture. Moving away from the counter, Craig attended to the coffee, which had begun to brew, as Tweek slid off the counter.

His knees felt weak, but he kept that thought to himself with a small squeak escaping his lips.

When he could, Tweek stole glances at Craig through the obstructions of his jagged blond hair. He still couldn't get rid of the heavy blush on his pale, smooth cheeks… how the hell was he supposed to forget something like that? Craig was obviously having a hard time controlling his urges. Tweek didn't know if he should be flattered, or worried. It could be a good thing – or it could be a bad thing; what if Craig only wanted to be friends again so he could fulfill his lewd, sexual desires on him… before leaving him?

Craig swore he would change; he swore he'd be the best friend he possibly could be.

But it had ONLY been the first day. He had to keep reminding himself of that,

"Tweek?" Craig repeated gently, pulling the blond from his thoughts. Turning his large hazel eyes back to the ebony-haired teen, Tweek awkwardly took the full coffee cup from Craig's hands - and nodded to him silently in thanks. "Wanna watch some tv?" He asked.

The blond twitched, took a long gulp of hot coffee, before wordlessly nodding in agreement. The two made their way into the Tweak's living room, before settling themselves onto the couch. As Craig picked up the converter, he flipped on the television – and looked to Tweek, prepared to ask the blond what he felt like watching.

However, the blond's eyes were already focused on something. Following his gaze, Craig saw a small, almost unnoticeable stain on their hardwood floor. By the look on Tweek's face, Craig assumed it was probably a lingering bloodstain that had been cleaned up. He'd seen enough bloodstains in his life to know what one looked like.

"You ok, blondie?" Craig asked; keeping his gray eyes focused on Tweek.

The smaller teen twitched rapidly, before shaking his head and looking back toward Craig with wide eyes. There was a moment of silence that fell between them, as Tweek looked back and forth between the fading bloodstain, and Craig – who sat at the other end of the couch. "Nngh! C-Can I sit closer to you?" The blond found himself blurting out anxiously.

"That's a stupid question…" Craig mumbled, a small smirk forming on his lips as he reached over and grasped Tweek's arm – pulling the blond boy up against him. He wrapped his arm comfortably around Tweek's shoulder.

The blond made a few small noises, before he settled into a comfortable, safe position beside Craig. Friends could cuddle, right?

When Tweek opened his eyes… he realized that it was now completely dark out; the illuminated light coming from the television still allowed him to see a bit through the surrounding blackness. Craig's eyes were closed; they'd fallen asleep on the couch. Tweek certainly didn't remember falling asleep – specifically in the position he now found himself in. Craig was lying back on the couch, and Tweek was somewhat on top of him; his knee resting between the apex of Craig's legs, their hips pressed together as the ebony-haired boy's arms stayed securely wrapped around the blond; clutching him to his chest.

Making a small noise, Tweek gently slipped Craig's arms from around his body, and tried to move away from him… but a louder noise soon erupted past his lips – as Craig's hands instinctively grabbed his arms. Turning his wide eyes back to the teen beneath him, Tweek stammered incoherently as he was met with the calm, gray eyes.

"Where are you going?" He asked quietly; his grip surprisingly strong considered his relaxed position.

"Nngh! N-No where." Tweek responded bashfully.

Craig gave him a slightly predatory smirk. "Good." He answered simply, tugging Tweek back down to him.

The blond squeaked as he felt Craig's arms wrap around him once more; only tighter this time. Resting his head onto his friend's warm chest, Tweek was slightly comforted by the sound of Craig's heart thumping rhythmically against his ear, and the feeling of Craig's hand stroking his wild, golden hair.

This wasn't going to plan.

He was supposed to keep a fair distance from Craig in order to sort out his own feelings. But it didn't seem like the ebony-haired boy was prepared to let him out of his sight from now on.

After they woke up from a SECOND nap – Craig finally agreed to go home, but not before flustering the thin blond by giving him a long embrace; his fingers affectionately stroking Tweek's hair.

When he left, Tweek spent another hour freaking out alone, before falling into a restless sleep. He had to do something – he HAD to try and distance himself more; this wasn't working. The next morning, the blond showered, got ready for school, and left his house early. He walked to school, knowing that Craig would probably be pissed when he got to Tweek's house and didn't find him there.

Heading toward his locker once he got inside, Tweek noticed Stan and Kyle cozily standing beside one another a little further down. "Hey Tweek." The redhead called to him.

"A-Arg! H-Hey." He said back, giving them a nervous smile. Stan nodded to him in a silent greeting, but seemed more interested in nuzzling Kyle's neck as he whispered something into the redhead's ear.

Turning back to his locker, Tweek began to spin the lock, when another voice addressed him. "Hey Tweek." He said.

Clyde leaned against the neighboring locker – his eyes trailing over Tweek's healing face.

"Nngh!" Tweek flinched, his lower lip trembling. "I-I don't want to talk to you." He admitted a bit defensively.

The brunette sighed, "Tweek, will you please just hear me out?" He begged. "I want to apologize. It was so unbelievably wrong of me to go off on you like that. As soon as I got home that night, I was sick to my stomach. I-I wanted to apologize sooner, but you didn't come to school the next day… and now, Craig is guarding you twenty-four seven." He said distastefully. Looking around, Clyde furrowed his brow. "Where is your obsessive protector, anyway?" He asked.

"Gah! I-I don't need him around me all the time!" Tweek snapped back awkwardly.

Clyde nodded, "You're right. You don't." He shrugged, completely agreeing with that statement. Reaching out, Tweek made a small noise as he felt Clyde's hand slip into his own. "I am sorry, Tweek."

"Ack! P-Please… let go of my –nngh- hand." Tweek asked anxiously, tugging on his blond hair with his free hand as his large, hazel orbs began to well with tears.

The brunette sighed, "Tweek, I'm trying to apologize." He repeated - a hint of annoyance creeping into his voice. Tugging the blond's hand, Tweek stumbled forward a bit; closer to where Clyde stood. He looked up toward his ex-boyfriend, unable to stop trembling. "Are you telling me that you can forgive CRAIG for abandoning you for three years… but you won't forgive me for accidentally beating the shit out of you?" He asked.

"Nngh! It wasn't an ACCIDENT!" Tweek exclaimed loudly, "Y-You wouldn't stop hitting me!" He rambled quickly.

Clyde rolled his eyes, "Tweek, I was upset. You'd just told me you sucked Craig's dick – I think I was entitled to freak out a little." He shrugged. "I already said it was wrong for me to go off on you. But between me and Craig, there's a LESSER of two evils." He reminded the twitchy blond.

Tweek didn't have time to answer, because Clyde was suddenly ripped away from him – and slammed up against the lockers by a stark-raving Craig.

The blond shivered; he didn't think he'd EVER seen Craig so mad.

"The LESSER of two evils would be the only one of us who hasn't kicked the shit out of him!" The ebony-haired boy hissed darkly. Clyde's own eyes also narrowed angrily – and he reached up to grab the sides of Craig's shirt. Not that it did any good; with the hold Craig had on the brunette, he obviously had the upper hand. "I'm not going to tell you again. Stay the hell away from Tweek." He threatened.

Clyde growled, "He's not YOURS, you selfish asshole!"

"YES he IS." Craig snapped back, squeezing his hold on Clyde's throat tighter.

The blond flinched, watching the two nervously. "Ack! WHAT?" He exclaimed, tugging on his hair impatiently.

"Shut up, Tweek," The dark-haired boy warned, making sure NOT to take his eyes off Clyde, even when he was addressing the blond. "Clyde, I'm serious… stay the fuck away from Tweek. If I see you around him again, I WILL beat the living shit out of you. I'll stomp on your lungs and pulverize your kidney's to the point of needing a donor." He threatened.

Tweek made a small, paranoid noise as his eyes widened. Clyde, however, seemed defeated… and he certainly knew; deep down, he was no physical match for Craig. Not just because of the other teen's strength, but because of his fierce determination and resilience. In all their years together – both Clyde AND Tweek had never seen Craig actually 'lose' a fight.

It was nerve-wracking to say the least, and no one wanted to be on the asshole's bad side.

But Clyde knew he was. He and Craig were no longer friends… not after this.

Pulling Clyde off the lockers, the dark-haired teen shoved him roughly down the hall. The brunette stumbled, but caught his footing, before turning and shooting a glare toward Craig. His eyes softened for only a second, regrettably, on the still-twitching blond… before he stormed off down the hall.

For some reason, Tweek had a sinking, yet satisfied feeling that it would be the last time he spoke with Clyde.

Biting his lower lip, the blond choked back an awkward sound, as Craig turned around to stare at him with a steely, over-protective gaze. "Why didn't you wait for me to pick you up?" He demanded.

"Arg! W-We're getting too close! This is happening too fast!" Tweek blurted out, trembling as he quickly covered his mouth with his hands.

Craig growled, and grabbed Tweek's arm – pulling him down the hall and outside. It was still early, so a lot of students weren't even AT the school yet… much less mingling around outside. So suddenly, the blond found himself alone with Craig near the side of the school. "WHY are you fighting it?" He asked bluntly.

"Nngh! F-Fighting it…" Tweek repeated awkwardly, appearing not to understand.

The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes, "Fighting IT. Fighting ME, fighting off my feelings for you!" Craig clarified quickly, holding onto Tweek's arm and pulling him closer.

"I-I… I-I don't wanna give in! What if I let it happen, a-and then –nngh- you LEAVE me again?" He stammered, his eyes shimmering with paranoia. "I couldn't take it, man! It would be WAY too much pressure!" He said, moving his hand back to roughly tug on his own hair. "Gah! There's ALREADY too much pressure! Y-You called me 'yours'! I-I'm not yours!" He said, shaking his head.

Craig narrowed his eyes, pulling Tweek closer to him as he wrapped is arms around his waist. "YES you are, Tweek. I know that's probably a lot for you to deal with… but you ARE mine. You just won't admit it." Craig pressured; that lusty haze passing over his stern gray eyes. "And you can keep denying it if you want - but everyone else knows: you're mine. And no one is going to touch you, but me." The ebony-haired teen purred.

"B-But how can I be yours?" Tweek asked, a blush portraying his confusion and spreading over his soft cheeks. He kept his head turned away from Craig, unable to look into the taller teen's deep eyes.

Craig rested his forehead against the side of Tweek's head, nestling his temple with his nose. "You've ALWAYS been mine, Tweek. I set a claim on you a long time ago… I made you mine when I took care of you – when I comforted you and made you my best friend. We fell out, yeah… but now we're back together." He said, letting out a long breath. Tweek could almost swear that Craig was inhaling the scent of his hair. It was hard to suppress the shiver that fluttered down Tweek's spine, and unfortunately Craig noticed; a small smirk crossing his lips as he held the smaller blond against him.

"Please… nngh – let me go," Tweek said in a timid voice; the blush still heating his cheeks.

The dark-haired boy's face softened desperately, "Tweek, please…" He breathed. "Just kiss me… and… if you STILL want to just be friends… I'll have to accept that." Craig proposed; his arms encircling the paranoid blond in his arms. He nestled Tweek's nose with his own and let out a quiet groan.

The mere sound caused Tweek to mutter incoherently as he weakly squirmed in Craig's arms. "N-No, Craig, please! I'm scared! This is too much pressure!" He cried.

"You have NO reason to be scared. NONE." Craig clarified strongly; his voice assertive and reassuring. "I'm not going to hurt you Tweek. I promised. I may be a lot of things, but once you have my word – I STICK to it." He said desperately. "But I can't take this anymore… I've never felt so helpless. I've never wanted anything or anyone so… badly…" Craig groaned, rubbing his hands against Tweek's hips.

Pausing, Craig snaked one of his hands up to grasp the back of Tweek's neck, pulling their faces inches apart, and focusing the blond to look at him. "What needs to happen? ... What do I need to DO to get you to trust me? To PROVE that I love you?" He asked quickly.

"Arg!" Tweek flinched, getting more and more aroused by the grip Craig held on him. It was hard NOT to find his own eyes getting blurry. The tall, dark-haired teen smelled so good… his hands were strong, his arms were comforting, and his lips were just begging him for a kiss: Craig was begging him. "Y-You need to … -nngh-… feel what I felt." Tweek told him awkwardly - trying to get his mind to focus, and ignore the betraying lust flowing through his body. "T-That's the only way it's FAIR, man!" Tweek devised quickly.

"…What does that mean?" Craig asked hesitantly; his brows already furrowing in worry.

The blond flinched, "Nngh! I-I'm going to sleep... with Kenny." He blurted out finally as his answer. "Y-You slept with Stan AND Thomas… a-and you… GAH! … YOU need to know how that felt." He finished, looking down embarrassingly.

There was a beat of silence, before Craig's voice echoed against the wall of the school they occupied.

"WHAT?" He yelled; his eyes wide with horror. "Tweek, NO!" Craig screamed, holding the blond even tighter. "Tweek, NOT that!... I already had to deal with the pain of you sleeping with Clyde!"

The blond flinched and shook his head, "I-I never… nngh, SLEPT with Clyde, though." He admitted sheepishly.

"…You didn't?" Craig said, his face dropping even more in shock. "Tweek are you… a virgin?..." He asked. His mind shot back to that amazing hand job and blow job Tweek had ALMOST given him a few days ago – Jesus, it was hard to believe he could be THAT good… if he'd never had sex.

Tweek looked down, and slowly nodded, biting his lower lip.

"Fuck Tweek, PLEASE… DON'T make me do this! I can't handle it!" Craig said weakly. To the blond's surprise, Craig loosened his grip again – only to allow himself the leeway to fall onto his knees, clutching his arms around Tweek's slender waist. Looking down at him, the spastic blond was actually shocked to see that Craig's gray, brave eyes... had filled up with tears. "I can't just stand by and let that happen! Your first time SHOULDN'T be with a slut like Kenny McCormick!" He pleaded angrily; he was trying to keep his strong front, but Tweek saw through it to the absolute heartache and fear lingering within Craig.

It was rare to see. "I-I can't let you! I WON'T let you." He growled.

The blond stepped away from Craig, breaking free of his arms, much to Craig's protest. "T-Token is having a party tonight. Nngh! It'll be over… r-really soon…" Tweek said.

For the first time EVER… Tweek witnessed Craig Tucker shedding a tear.

Two rolled down his cheeks as he knelt there on the ground; trembling, as he kept his eyes tightly shut and grit his teeth together. He looked like he was in such agony… like he was trembling to contain his anger and jealousy. There was so much pain on his features; if Tweek had simply walked in on Craig looking like this... he would have thought the teen had just been stabbed right in the heart.

Biting his lower lip – Tweek dashed inside, unable to stand looking at Craig so defeated.

The rest of the day was painful for both Craig AND Tweek. He'd spent most of their drama class trying to convince Tweek NOT to go through with this. But when lunch came around, Craig's stomach only sank deeper when he saw Tweek talking to Kenny. The blond was twitching rapidly as he spoke in a hushed voice to the promiscuous McCormick teen… and Craig's eyes couldn't help but flash with jealous anger as he saw Kenny grope Tweek's ass.

The spastic blond jumped at the contact, and blushed – before he wiggled his way away from Kenny, and sat down at his usual table. Craig was over at his side almost immediately. Gripping his arm, the ebony-haired teen pulled Tweek against him; pressing his forehead against the blond's temple as he spoke quietly into his ear. "Tweek… please stop. PLEASE." He begged in a breathy voice. "I can't take this. I can't TAKE the thought of you with him! Nothing's even happened yet, and I'm already losing it!" Craig groaned unhappily.

But Tweek didn't answer; he just made the occasional small noise – and kept his eyes down sheepishly.

While he HATED to see Craig so upset… Tweek was beginning to feel satisfied. Now Craig would know how Tweek felt ALL the time – Craig would realize the aching panic, and complete desperation the blond had felt while they were apart. Tweek had gone through the same feelings when Craig stopped speaking to him.

For the rest of the day – Tweek had to try and tune out Craig's muttered, anxious whispering, as he begged him not to go through with his threat.

By the time school was over, Tweek had sent a reluctant Craig home – and told him he would meet him at the party.

Heading home, the blond quickly took another shower and changed his clothes. He'd never been so nervous. Frankly, Tweek wondered if he could ACTUALLY go through with this. It was true, he was a virgin, and yes… part of him had always thought his first time would be with someone he trusted. Someone he loved.

Namely? Craig.

Did he really want to put Craig through this much pain? True, Craig had put Tweek through a lot of shit… but that's who Craig WAS. He was an asshole. Tweek didn't think he was an asshole – and really, he had no experience in making others suffer.

It seemed like he was good at it, though, since he'd never seen Craig so distraught and unfocused.

Hearing his phone vibrating, Tweek picked it up; he had two new voicemails. Putting in his password, the blond listened as he heard the first message, from Kenny:

Hey Tweekers… looking forward to tonight. Find some excuse to slip downstairs to Token's basement. I'll meet you in the wine cellar. Can't wait. I promise it'll be the best first-experience of your life…


Trembling, Tweek blushed as he pressed the delete button, and listened to the second message from Craig:

I KNOW you don't wanna hear this again… but Tweek, PLEASE don't go through with this. Don't. It's not you, and you'll regret it! Kenny doesn't DESERVE to be your first. I just… God, Tweek… Please…


The blond shuddered, closing his eyes and tugging on his hair.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

Jesus, he really was NO good at this stuff. He liked it better when he didn't have to make these decisions… when he could just be led around, and told what to do. Who was he trying to kid? He wasn't independent – and when he tried to be, he ended up in situations like these!

Craig got to the party unnecessarily early. He waited impatiently as everyone else began to arrive. Luckily, Kenny arrived before Tweek. Rushing over to the McCormick teen, Craig grabbed his arm and dragged him outside.

"Cut the shit, I KNOW you plan to have sex with Tweek tonight." Craig growled. "And I'm letting you know that it's NOT going to happen. You're going to tell me WHERE you plan to meet – and then, you're going loan me your parka." He ordered.

Oddly enough, Kenny smirked. "Sure thing, Craig." He purred. "But you owe me. You owe me BIG time… loosing out on fucking a virgin isn't cool." He grumbled, unzipping his parka and handing it over to Craig. The ebony-haired boy tossed his chullo aside, and pulled Kenny's hood up over his head. They obviously looked NOTHING alike, but Craig figured the parka would distract Tweek long enough.

"Whatever." Craig mumbled.

The mischievous blond smirked. "We plan to meet in Token's basement. In the wine cellar." He explained.

Craig nodded, and without another word, made his way back through the house and downstairs.

A short time later, Tweek finally arrived and weaved his way through the crowd. His eyes immediately searched for Craig, but much to his disappointment, he didn't see the ebony-haired teen there. His heart sank a little… maybe the pressure had, for once, been TOO much for Craig.

Nerves fluttering around his stomach wildly – Tweek didn't spot Kenny anywhere either. Figuring he was already downstairs, the blond nervously slipped past the door and trotted downstairs into the dim room. Finding the wine room, Tweek saw Kenny's familiar orange parka standing there in the dim light.

"Agh! H-Hey…" Tweek greeted awkwardly, wringing his hands together as he closed the door. "I-I… don't know if I can –nngh- go through with this, man!" The blond immediately began to stammer.

The disguised Kenny took a step forward, "Why not? I WANT you…" Craig answered, his voice muffled by Kenny's parka.

Thankfully Tweek didn't seem to notice, and took a step back.

"GAH! I-I'm sorry, it was a stupid idea! I was just upset! T-This isn't right!" Tweek blushed, backing himself up against the wall.

Craig closed the distance between them, putting his arms up on either side of Tweek's head – trapping the blond against the wall and between his arms. "Why not?" Craig asked eagerly.

"Nngh!" Tweek shuddered, turning his head away from 'Kenny'. "BecauseIdon'twannahurtCraig!" The blond blurted out quickly – his words mashed together.

But Craig heard him.

Craig had been waiting to hear those words ALL day.

Unable to stop himself, Craig raised his hands to the parka hood, and pushed it down – revealing his face and jet-black hair as it fell across his gray eyes.

"ACK!" Tweek screamed. "C-Craig!" His beautiful hazel eyes widened with shock.

The dark-haired teens arms wrapped back around his slender torso, "I'm sorry Tweek, but I HAD to intervene… I couldn't let you do it! And from what you JUST said – it seems like you never REALLY wanted to," He breathed huskily, his eyes shining with adoration for the trembling, blond mess before him.

"I-I… nngh!" Tweek stammered, his eyes shifting in embarrassment. But Craig silenced any further despair, by claiming Tweek's lips in a deep kiss. The blond groaned, immediately sinking into the warmth of the taller teen before him. As Craig's tongue prodded his mouth for entrance… Tweek ACTUALLY gave it to him; and as soon as he was exploring the warm, coffee-flavored cavern of the blond's mouth, Craig began to lose control.

Groaning loudly, Craig's hands flew to Tweek's jeans and began to undo them. "Please Tweek… PLEASE… just let me…" He whispered huskily against the blond's lips. Tweek couldn't help but cry out in shock as he felt Craig's fingers wrap around his already hardening cock. His head lulled back on it's own accord, and Craig took that opportunity to attach his lips to Tweek's neck.

He began sucking and biting the skin eagerly. "Nngh! O-Oh god, you're a vampire!" Tweek moaned, trembling a bit more.

"God, Tweek…" Craig moaned out loud. Fuck, hearing Tweek's paranoid thoughts while they were fooling around only made Craig HOTTER for the blond.

He would have initially thought that hearing Tweek talk during any kind of foreplay might ruin it… but instead, it only made Craig hornier. He'd always had a thing for weird quirks, and Lord knows, Tweek was a walking MASS of odd quirks.

Tweek shrieked again as he felt Craig beginning to jack him off. "O-Oh… GOD… ARG!" The blond screamed; his hands flew up to clutch at Craig's shoulders, and rid him of Kenny's parka.

Craig seemed to agree – and removed his hand from the front of Tweek's jeans, long enough to strip the small blond (and himself) of every inch of clothing. When they were both naked, Tweek couldn't help but shudder and make small, nervous noises. Craig was so handsome; he was well built, toned, and powerful looking. It almost made Tweek wonder if he'd be able to DEAL with what was about to happen? How could someone like Craig be attracted to him at all?

But Craig was rendered breathless by the beautiful sight of Tweek before him. He was slender and lithe, like some kind of elf – smooth, flawless, pale skin and large doe-like eyes. As Tweek bit his lower lip, he released a small moan… Craig's cock twitched and he immediately pushed the blond back against the wall. Gripping Tweek's dick, Craig began to stroke and fondle him; unable to stop himself from panting as he saw Tweek's head rocking back as he cried out in pleasure.

"C-Craig…" Tweek whimpered, thrusting his hips into the other teen's hand.

The ebony-haired teen growled, "Say it again…" He purred hungrily, licking his tongue up the blond's neck and jaw.

"Mmphm…" Tweek gasped, pursing his lips together in the hopes of keeping himself from screaming.

Craig moaned hotly, "Say my name, Tweek…" He breathed, removing his hand from Tweek's cock, and instead, sliding a finger inside him.

The blond screamed and dug his nails into Craig's shoulder. The teen hissed in pain, but it got him more turned on. He felt Tweek's slender legs desperately climbing up his sides – so using his free hand, Craig hoisted the lighter, blond teen up, so his legs were forced to wrap around his strong waist. Continuing to finger Tweek, Craig hungrily ran his tongue over every inch of Tweek's throat – before finally plunging it into his mouth again. His greedy tongue thrusted in and out of the blond's mouth, muffling Tweek's repetitive, rhythmic cries of pleasure.

God it was the hottest thing he'd ever felt. It was even MORE amazing than Craig had fantasized.

Craig yelled out as he became more uncontrollably desperate to feel the twitchy blond around him. Removing his fingers from Tweek, Craig thrusted up into him without a second of warning. The blond screamed louder than Craig had ever heard him.

"Are… you… ok?" Craig breathed out between his clenched teeth. God, the blond was SO tight – he could have cum right there and then.

Tweek shook violently; his twitches hiked up to a whole new level. In fact to Craig, it felt like he'd just thrusted into a warm, living vibrator. He gasped, and pushed himself deeper into Tweek before he'd gotten an answer. He couldn't help it – this blond was just too much. He had hoped to go a bit slower for Tweek's first time… but Craig couldn't do it. He was selfish, and he wanted ALL of Tweek right here and now.

But he heard the blond stammer into his ear, as huskily as he could muster: "F-Fuck me… Craig… f-fuck… me…" Tweek whimpered.

Craig officially lost it.

He'd never pounded into anyone so desperately. Before long, he and Tweek were crying out in unison; pleasure and lust coating their voices as they moved together. The blond's fingers moved up, and laced into Craig's dark hair – tugging on it roughly, spurring him on. Craig didn't mind one bit; he didn't mind that the blond's lithe legs tightened around him to a degree that wasn't too far from suffocation. He didn't mind that his head had begun to throb from the tension Tweek was pulling it at.

He had Tweek. That was all that mattered.

His hand snaked down to quickly grab Tweek's still-erect cock in his hand, and continue to jack him off as he came to his own end. This only intensified the blond's pleasure, and his voice began to crack with the new strain added.

Craig was practically drooling at the sound as the saliva pooled in his mouth. It was indescribable. He LOVED being the reason Tweek was screaming so loud…

It didn't take either one of them long to cum; Tweek exploded over his own stomach and Craig's hand – while Craig released himself into the blond.

For a few moments, all that could be heard was their panting; the shallow, heavy gasps of passion, mingling in the small space that lay between them.

"Tweek…" Craig moaned, licking his tongue over the blond's trembling, half gaping lips. "Tweek… Jesus…" He sighed, unable to even form proper words in his foggy mind.

He hadn't orgasmed THAT hard in his entire life.

The two stared at each other for a few minutes in silence after that; basking in the afterglow of their passion. A knowing gaze between the two of them signaled their next course of action. They parted from one another and dressed themselves again. Craig took Tweek's smaller hand in his own, and led the blond upstairs slowly and back into the party.

But no one seemed to notice them come up from the basement… and no one seemed to notice them leave.

Heading out into the cool night air, Craig pulled Tweek closer; draping his long arm around the blond's shoulders as they started to walk down the empty street. Tweek instinctively wrapped his arm around Craig's waist, and rested his head on his shoulder.

They only got a block or two away, before Craig noticed the small noises and murmurs coming from Tweek as they walked. Stopping on the street, the ebony-haired boy turned, and pulled the blond into his arms; cupping his cheeks gently, before capturing his lips in another kiss. Tweek's murmurs stopped then, as did his trembling; he simply clutched onto Craig tighter. As they pulled back from the kiss, Craig nestled his nose against Tweek's. "See?…" He whispered with a small smirk. "You ARE mine."

"Nngh," The blond flinched. "N-No…" He stammered tentatively; his teeth coming to graze across his lower lip. Craig frowned, and was about to argue, until Tweek continued: "Y-You're… mine." The blond clarified.

Craig stood there, awestruck for a few moments, before he gave Tweek a warm, genuine smile.

"Touche." Craig agreed, pulling Tweek against him for another kiss.

He WAS Tweek's. He would always be Tweek's – he couldn't live without the twitchy blond, and the thought of losing him scared him more than death itself.

"I'm yours." The ebony-haired boy whispered.

Looking into the hazel eyes across from him, Craig smiled as he saw they were filled to the brim with unfallen tears. Grasping the back of Tweek's neck gently, Craig kissed the blond's forehead, and pulled him into a hug – stroking the back of his unruly blond hair as they held one another.