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Confused Love Story




"Damn it Kagome come on! We're gonna be late!" Inuyasha shouted up the stairs.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Kagome responded as she picked up her bag and went to the stairs. "How fast do you expect me to go in my condition!" She shouted as she began to waddle down to him.

He looked up at her and couldn't resist the grinning. Kagome was just starting her third trimester. That's right! She was pregnant and her belly was so large now it was the first thing he saw whenever he looked her way. They had waited until they got out of college to begin their lives together as a family. During that time they went on many, many, many dates everywhere even overseas. Inuyasha was able to give Kagome the romance she had always wanted and the sex was almost always amazing especially on the nights of the new moon when he turned full demon and really gave it to her- he had to use a condom though but the moment they got their diplomas he didn't hold anything back and she got pregnant automatically.

To be honest, she had gotten pregnant 3 1/2 years ago as well- that was the time Inuyasha had first turned full-demon and sexed her all night long but then due to the stress with the Shikon No Tama, Tsubasa and the demons she had miscarried and they both decided they would wait until she was a little older and ready for parenthood. She had still had plans of college and so they realized that the miscarriage happened for a reason and it wasn't time for them to have a child but now...

Inuyasha was proud to say the least as he took her bag and helped his pregnant wife the rest of the way down the stairs. Kagome could be clumsy sometimes and he didn't want to risk her falling at any time during her pregnancy.

"I can walk you know!" She huffed as he picked her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing.

"I know but we'd go faster if I'm carrying you," and he was right. They were out of their quaint little home in less than a minute and Kagome was seated in his spacious new silver Rolls Royce. "Put your seatbelt on."

"As if I can get on," she frowned as he got in and strapped her in himself. "I don't like being so big!"

He smirked. "You're beautiful,"

She huffed and looked out the window. "Where's the interview supposed to be again?"

"At the Television and Radio Station- Shinoshi 100 or something," Inuyasha said as he turned a corner.

Ever since the jewel had been destroyed almost 3 1/2 years ago, the city had been changed. The Shinoshi government no longer kept its citizens in the dark about what had happened in the past. President Oekami made certain of that when he was given another term to run as president. The legislation was changed, new councils were created, new laws to suit human, demon and hanyou races had been created.

Inuyasha, Kagome and everyone who had been central in the fight against Tsubasa and the demons were made icons in the city. They were made living legends. The media was making a killing off of interviews and reports, television broadcasts, radio talk shows and everything focused around the many past eras and how important it was to know one's past.

"Are you nervous?" Inuyasha asked her.

Kagome shook her head. "I'm pretty use to everything going on with the media. I don't blame people for wanting to know about the Shikon No Tama and the truth behind it."

"Yeah but they better back the fuck off a you," Inuyasha growled. "It's like they don't give a rat's ass about your condition! They're always calling, calling, calling wanting to book an interview or a conference and I'm getting fucking tired of it!"


He sighed. "I just want you to live a normal life Kagome," he said. "And when we have our kids- I don't want them being bombarded everyday while going to school and shit."

She stared at him. "Everything will be all right Inuyasha," she told him. "All we have to do is wait for everything to die down."

"It's been more than 3 years!"

"It's still a shock for many people to find out that they were either descended or reincarnated from demons and that they too have powers that have to be sealed away and stuff. The people still have to come to terms with their pasts- it's not our fault the government decided to hush everything up and now people only want answers." Kagome said.

"I get that but Kagome- if one fucking reporter uses any kind of force to get a few words outta you I'm gonna kick all of their fucking asses!"

Kagome felt herself laughing softly. "You're so overprotective Inuyasha,"

"I'm not! You're my wife," he said. "And you're pregnant you don't need all this stress-"

"It's just another interview," she told him as he pulled into Shinoshi TV/Radio 100 Station. "And afterward we're going to your parents house to spend the Christmas holiday. Won't that be fun?"

"I guess," he huffed as he got out of his car, sneered at a male reporter who dared to run up to the car and then went to Kagome's door. The cameras were already flashing and reporters were already shouting questions but when Kagome stepped out in her beautiful formal maternity dress the place seem to explode with excitement.

"You sure you want to do this?" Inuyasha asked her. "We could just go to dad's house-"

She shook her head. "No the museum is opening again after being destroyed when we fought Tsubasa and the demons we have to be here!"

"All right then," With her firmly by his side Kagome and Inuyasha walked through the barricades that were being manned by the Shinoshi Police.

"Kagome Takahashi!" A reporter shouted. "Shikon 7 News- can you tell us how it felt to fight those demons almost 4 years ago?"

Then another reported, "Inuyasha Takahashi! What's the name of your sword again?"

Inuyasha and Kagome ignored them as they headed into the building. Taking a deep breath, Inuyasha looked down at his wife. "You okay?"

"I'm starting to think fighting the demons was much easier," she told him.

And then the manager came to them, "Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi, how splendid you could come. We're going on the air in five minutes."

Five minutes later, Kagome and Inuyasha were seated with so many faces staring at them. It didn't take Kagome and Inuyasha long to get into the show and soon Kagome was speaking with so much passion about the past that even her husband was a little stunned.

"How did this all begin?" The host asked them.

"Honestly I can't really say," Kagome spoke. "Everything just started happening all at once. I suppose I can say that my life changed from the moment I met Inuyasha. Nothing has been the same since that day."

The crowed awwed at her words. They could see how much Kagome loved her husband and Inuyasha too wasn't ashamed to show his affection for her with a warm look.

"Then tell us about that," the host urged. "How did you two meet?"

"We met at school one day," Inuyasha said. "It was pretty ordinary. I used to play my guitar and write songs and at that time I was seeing another girl. Her name was Kikyo but she died during a battle with the jewel. But anyway, I fell for Kagome quite instantly when she said she liked the song I was singing and that I should write it down and keep it."

"Did you?" The host asked completely enraptured.

"No," he shook his head. "I didn't have to. The song wasn't nearly as important as her encouragement was. After that day I just wanted to see more and more of her-"

"Were you two-timing then?"

Inuyasha's gold eyes went to the host and he smirked, "I suppose you could say that," he confessed. "I wasn't a malicious or evil kind of guy to hurt Kikyo or any girlfriend purposely- I just found myself gradually straying from her to Kagome. Kagome was the one who inspired me and helped me out whenever I needed help. Our relationship wasn't easy and for a long time I had to pretend I didn't love her when I knew I did but- love is complicated and it'll take forever to explain our relationship. Though the most important thing I can say is that communication is key in any relationship. Without effective communication, people can get the wrong ideas and a relationship that could work could go completely down the drain. Right Kagome?"

She nodded. "Yes, he's absolutely correct." She said. "After the jewel was destroyed, I just spent a lot of time thinking about how confusing love could become if communication wasn't a central part of a relationship. Take Priestess Midoriko and Half-demon Shinota for example." She briefly explained who they were and their story. "I realized that if Shinota and Midoriko had only talked to each other that day they would've realized the trick Tsubasa had played on them. It was because of that trick that the jewel was formed and wreaked havoc upon Shinoshi city for so many centuries. But once the misunderstanding was cleared, Shinota and Midoriko were able to stop fighting and focus on the fact that they didn't hate each other- they loved each other. That's why if you go to the Shinoshi Central Museum in the very center you will see a man holding a woman in his arms as they kiss. That is actually the real bodies of Shinota and Midoriko after the jewel and Tsubasa was destroyed. There's also many articles to be read there thanks to my grandfather who collects everything and anything ancient and stores them away for times like this. So visit the Higurashi Shrine as well for more information."

And then the host's buzzer rang.

"Oh dear! All our time's up for today!" The host exclaimed. "Would you like to say anything else before we finish?"

Inuyasha spoke, "I'd appreciate it if all of you reporters would have a heart and leave my wife alone for a few months."

"Inu-" Kagome began but he stopped her.

"It's important to me that you don't stress her out." he said. "We don't mind giving interviews but if I catch anyone skulking or hiding out in the trees around our house I may be forced to pretend you're a burglar and shoot you."

Kagome gasped.

"Thank you and that's all," he finished and gave the mic back to the stunned host. "Let's go Kagome," He helped her up and the crowd cheered as they left. Getting into the car again Kagome sighed.

"You really shouldn't threaten the media like that," she said.

"Oh yeah?" he asked as he reversed. "I have all the right to protect you. Look at the laws Kagome- I'm within right to protect my mate."

"I know-" she smiled at him. "Let's get to your parent's house I'm dying to see everyone."

And so he sped off toward his parents home. When he arrived, reporters were already there. "So fucking annoying," he muttered.

Kagome laughed. "Don't worry Inuyasha," she said. "We can always call the police and get them escorted away. Let's just ignore them and enjoy ourselves."

Inuyasha helped Kagome out of the car and they headed into the house he used to live in almost 7 months ago. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see so many children running around. He heard laughter in the living room and then Rin ran to them.

"Hi uncle Yashi!" She greeted now 8 years old but still as cute as a button. "Hi Auntie Gome!"

"Hello Rin, I saw all the cars parked out there. Is everyone here?"

"Yes," she said and they began to head into the living room where Miroku had his hands full with a set of three year old twins-both girls and Sango was preparing to take one to breast feed. Kagura was rubbing her face in Sesshoumaru's neck- her body was no longer inflated due to giving birth to their three sons who Inutaisho and Izayoi were preoccupied with. Saya and Yusuke were laughing with Mira and Niroku. Kaede and Kagemaru were making out in a corner. Everyone else were just walking around chatting until Inuyasha and Kagome walked in.

"Kagome!" Saya got up and went to her. "Oh look at you sweetie!"

Kagome beamed and greeted everyone. Yusuke and Saya hugged her to their hearts and Inuyasha of course got his slap on the back by his dad and a deep hug from his mother who was sooooo happy to see him.

When Izayoi finally let Inuyasha go, he saw three silver haired, red and gold eyed demon pups looking up at him hard.

"What?" he asked frowning at them.

And then they attacked him. Inuyasha found himself on the ground with Sesshoumaru's pups trying to slash him up with their claws. "Ah geez! Sesshoumaru control your pups will ya!"

Sesshoumaru looked at them and said, "But little brother they miss you-"

"Ah hell!" Inuyasha sat up and the three 3 year old demons were grinning at him .

"Daddy says we can use you as target practice!" They smirked.

'My ass you will,' Inuyasha thought.

"Oh they've gotten even more adorable!" Kagome exclaimed as she bent to look at them. "So cute!"

"Auntie!" They got off of Inuyasha and hugged her feet.

"Kagome you should sit down, they'll throw you over," Inuyasha got up and very swiftly lifted Kagome up and away from the three little rascals and set her down in a chair and then sat beside her. "Hello everyone," He finally greeted.

When they greeted back Sango spoke, "So you and Kagome had another interview."

"Yeah," Inuyasha stretched. "They just wanted to pry into our lives again," he said. "Anyway, Miroku so how's business going?"

Due to the change of the entire city there were now more than sufficient jobs for practically anyone looking for one. Miroku was now the head of an Exorcism Corporation he and a group of specially trained monks would go into the homes of any distressed individuals and exorcise demons from their homes and businesses for a hefty price. They'd give their customers special wards and seals to protect themselves and all sorts of other things to provide security.

"So your basically conning the hell outta people," Inuyasha asked.

Miroku puffed up. "I'll have you know I make an honest living!"

"Honest my ass," Inuyasha grinned. "And what's Sango's doing- wait... is she pregnant again?"

"Maybe-" Miroku laughed. "Anyway Sango's actually the principal of a school for demon slayers." He said. Sango's school was named Taijiya Slayers Academy and she had hundreds of students male and female enrolled already. "She has her brother Kohaku teaching weapon wielding and she's had to hire twenty-five other teachers."

"She's catching a lot of hell with the Demon Council isn't she?" Yusuke asked remembering hearing about the Slayer School being under fire for teaching people how to kill demons.

"Yes but Sango's lawyers are amazing," Miroku told them and then turned to Inutaisho. "Thanks again for recommending them and giving your support to us."

"That's not a problem," Inutaisho said, "The Demon Council can't understand that humans too need to find ways to protect themselves since demons are far stronger than them. There's a whole lot of stuff but the lawyers I recommended will sort everything out."

Miroku nodded. "And what about you Inuyasha?"

"Well you know when I'm not running TRECO I'm with Kagome at her interviews and shit like that-"

"INUYASHA!" His mother admonished.

'Ah yes mom still doesn't like my swearing,' Inuyasha grinned fondly at her. 'Some things never change.'

Then Inuyasha looked at his pregnant wife and smiled. From the day he had met her his life had been altered permanently.

Kagome's eyes went straight to his when she noticed him staring. She flushed under his brazen gaze and then her eyes widened when she felt her baby kick. She rubbed her belly and watched as Inuyasha got up and come to her.

"Having fun?" He asked.

"A lot. It's nice to be around family and friends," she smiled at him when he replaced her hand with his own.

"I agree," He said and stood up. "You wanna go check out my old room?"

She blinked then nodded. He helped her up and they headed up the stairs. As they went Inuyasha heard his father say: Inuyasha I would tell you not to get Kagome pregnant but it's far too late for that.

"Har Har dad," Inuyasha shouted back at him. Kagome was flushed to the roots as they made it to his room. When she opened the door she realized that nothing had changed. When Inuyasha bought their home he hadn't taken anything because he wanted to start everything off new. "It's so nostalgic,"

"Isn't it?" He closed and locked the door behind them.

Kagome pretended not to notice what he had done and went to the bed. She sat and eyed him as he familiarized himself with the room he had stayed in for almost all his life. And then he came to her a moment later with his guitar in hand.


"Dyou remember this?" He asked as he sat beside her.

"How- how could I forget?" She said softly. "I met you through your music."

"I haven't played in so long- I wonder if I can still-" He strummed and the sound that cae out made him grimace and Kagome laugh. He began to tune it until it sounded right, then strummed again. "Now that's right."

She stared at his magnificent hands upon the guitar and thought to herself, 'Almost four years ago I remember wanting those hands upon me...'

"What are you thinking?" Inuyasha asked.

"We've come a long way haven't we Inuyasha?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Years ago I thought we'd never get to a place where we could just be together without the fear of other people or our emotions getting in our way. It was hell at times."

"I'm sorry," she leaned over to rest her head upon his shoulder. "It was really because I was just so confused and afraid of how I felt for you-"

"Actually it was because we both were confused in the beginning," He corrected. "You had every right to wonder why the hell a guy who was in a long term relationship was suddenly coming after you so... avidly." he said. "My response toward you- being very... physical- scared you and you kept running away from me. But your running just made me want you even more and I did things that made everything worst-"

"We should've talked to each other," Kagome interjected. "If I had told you how afraid I was instead of running-"

"And if I had used words instead of actions then we probably wouldn't have had such a hell of a time getting together."

Kagome laughed softly. "We really did make some terrible decisions but I suppose when you're young you're bound to make mistakes. You know now that I think about it- I mean really think about it love is such a complex and sometimes very confusing emotion."

"Tell me about it," Inuyasha muttered as he put his guitar down and laid back on the bed. "If we were to write a story about how love played a part in our lives and the lives of our family, friends and enemies we thought were enemies we'd probably never reach the end."

Kagome rested her head on her husband's chest. "That's because, Inuyasha, love has no end."

Then Inuyasha cupped his wife's chin to raise her lips to his and kissed her passionately. He knew that if given the chance to go back to the past and change anything he wouldn't. It was because of the trials in their past- the pain, the fighting, the misunderstanding and most of all the confusion that they were finally in each other's arms. They were together now- they could openly show their love for each other now.

At last, Inuyasha and Kagome can be content that they successfully got through their Confused Love Story.

That's all guys. It's finally over! I hope I've satisfied everyone's need for this epilogue! Lol. I enjoyed writing it and I think it really brings some finality to the story. Thank you all again for your support and reviews. I never thought I'd reach this moment- but now I have and it's because you guys helped me to get here.

Inuluver1990 finally ends Confused Love Story.

Disclaimer: I… don't… own… Inuyasha!

© 2010-2011, Apryl Johnson.
I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi, but I do own the idea/plot/storyline of this story.