Risa and Otani walked down the street, holding hands and looking at all the cool stuff in the windows.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Risa was in a tank-top and shorts, and Otani had a polo and water shorts on.

They stopped at the crosswalk, and waited for the light to change in their favor.

They started to cross, and several cars stopped to wait for them.

They were about halfway across when several things happened at once.

Risa took a step forwards, meaning to skip across.

The car stopped two feet next to her jumped forwards, brakes malfunctioning.

Otani saw it all happen in slow motion, his heart accelerating.

Without thinking, he darted forward and shoved Risa out of the way.


Right into the path of the car.

Risa looked back, and saw Otani's limp figure under the wheels of the old car.

She crawled to him, ignoring the blood dripping down the side of her head, and people beginning to mill around.

As gently as she could, Risa dragged him slowly out, gasping slightly when she saw the red blood staining his shirt and face.

Gently, oh so gently, she cradled his face, listening to the ambullance sirens get closer.

They loaded Otani into the back of the vehicle, laying his on a stretcher.

Risa tried to get in behind him, but one of the paramedics pushed her back.

"Please" She whispered, the tears beginning to race down her pale cheeks.

For a second, the EMT's face softened, and she let her climb in and sit next to her fallen angel.

As the Ambulance began to move, Risa gently took Otani's hand as they began to hook him up to their monitors.

She listened to the beeps of the heart monitor, and she knew it was bad.

His heartbeat was too slow.

She could hear the beeps of the breathing monitors.

They were bad too.

Too fast.

It was all too fast.

She squeezed his hand, trying not to fall into the oblivion of grief that was threatening to sweep her under.


He squeezed back.

More tears began to fall down Risa's cheeks as Otrani opened his eyes slowly and looked at her.

"R-Risa...I love you"

He blinked twice...

Then the monitors went dead with a hollow beep.

Risa forgot how to breathe, she started choking.

The tears were falling now, faster than rain.

One EMT put an oxygen mask on her and held her down in her chair, forcing her to breathe again.

The other two started CPR on Otani.

Risa took a panicked look at the gurney next to her.

She threw off the EMT, and bent down to grab Otani's hand again.

"Please Otani...I need you" She whispered, kissing it.

AT first nothing happened,





The monitors came back to life.

Risa started laughing, the breath suddenly returned to her drowning lungs.

Otani opened his eyes and smiled.

"You saved me"

Risa smiled back.

"Always will, dummy"

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