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Allen smelled the sweet scent of mitarashi dango wafting through the open door minutes before Miranda walked in. "Hello Allen. I brought you some Dango. I know it's your favorite and Komui said that familiar things might help you wake-Wah!" Miranda gave a scream as she most likely tripped. The plate clattered to the ground with a horrible shatter and Miranda uttered a loud "oof" sound. Curious, Allen tried to listen for signs that Miranda was hurt more than normal from this fall.

"Are you okay?" asked a deep voice. Marie?

"Oh, thank you Marie!" Score one for Allen in the "Guess That Voice" game. "I'm sorry to bother you…" Allen could picture Miranda and her nervous heartfelt apology that usually ended with her falling again. He sort of missed that.

"Not a problem Miranda." Marie laughed. He was a pretty laid back guy. "Looks like your food couldn't be saved though."

"Ah! I was bringing it to Allen in hopes it would help him wake up. I'm sorry Allen! Now you'll never wake up and it's all my fault!" Miranda wailed.

"Don't worry Miranda, it's not your fault," came a new voice, entering the room. A soft fluttering noise was heard as well.

Lenalee! Allen felt the soft, warm feeling that came over him whenever he heard Lenalee's voice. It almost made him forget his anxiousness over the soon approaching wake up time or General Cross's cryptic message.

"Let's clean this up," Lenalee calmly said. "Timcampy will gladly help clean up the food." She laughed as a crunching noise came to Allen's ears.

My dango… Allen had really been looking forward to a meal after so long. "What do you have there?" Marie asked.

"Oh, potatoes. Since I don't have a mission I decided to help Jerry out, but I needed to come see Allen, so…"

"I'll help you. Marie, were you doing something?" Miranda chirped in.

"Oh, just looking for Kanda or General Tiedoll. If you see them, please tell them I'm looking for them."

"Will do!" Allen knew perfectly well Miranda would not be in any hurry to find Kanda. He had a tendency of snapping at her. Allen heard Marie leave. For such a large man he was light on his feet. Never mind the fact that Allen had witnessed him needing to duck to get through a doorway.

Lenalee took her usual chair and Miranda dragged over what Allen judged to be a stool. They chattered idly about the weather and the happenings of the Order. Allen was grateful for their company. Whenever the Fourteenth and Crown Clown left the familiar loneliness consumed him. He'd grown attached to the pair during his coma and hoped they would continue to have a voice later….well, not so much the Fourteenth, but he'd miss them both.

Miranda was discussing her last mission with Lenalee, sharing notes and tactics. Allen worried about the both of them. Miranda due to her Innocence not having a clear attack or defensive purpose, and Lenalee for being, well, Lenalee. Allen had no clue what he'd do if anything happened to her. Just as she felt those of the Order to be pieces of her world, Allen's world could not stand without Lenalee. His world had grown around her, using her as a reason to go on and to fight. He'd never felt like this towards anyone else. Of course he cared about his comrades (grudgingly accepting even Cross) and he loved Mana, but it wasn't the same as what he felt for Lenalee. He loved her. And dang it, he was going to tell her even if it killed him. Life was too short in his opinion.

It was silent for a few minutes as the women sat there peeling potatoes. Allen's stomach grumbled making Lenalee laugh. "He's going to be ravenous when he wakes up."

"Lenalee, do you love him?" Miranda asked quietly.

"What?" Lenalee squeaked, her voice rising. Allen really hoped he wasn't blushing. "What do you mean, saying that all of a sudden!"

Miranda gave a small laugh. "You're blushing."

At least I'm not the only one.

"I mean…I love all of you. You're my family." Lenalee hesitated. "But Allen is something more. I love him so much it hurts sometimes." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "I can't stand seeing him like this…so helpless. Anyone could come in here and hurt him. It makes me sick worrying about him." She paused as her voice cracked. "Everyone has been so supportive. They're always telling me not to worry and "It'll be okay". Even Kanda's been nicer to me. I know I bother him especially. I always go to him when I have trouble…he's like an older brother."

"What about Komui?"

"Oh, Brother's been the greatest. He's actually tried not to cause too much of a mess for me to clean up. Mr. Reever thinks he's sick." She laughed. Allen could tell she was crying at this point.

Please don't cry Lenalee. You're strong, I know that for a fact, and you've been crying so much.

"Here, have a tissue." At least Miranda was helpful in this sort of situation.

I'd probably be running around in circles without a clue what to do… but it would be better than nothing, he thought wryly. Crown Clown, Fourteenth, you guys better hurry up. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand not doing anything.

Your wish is our command. We're ready to give you our power.

I want mine back though.

Shut up.

Well then rephrase it. We're "loaning" him our power.

Have I ever mentioned that you two bicker like an old married couple? Allen was met with silence. So how do we do this?

Well, first we need to concentrate on synchronizing our powers and then-

That's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me. Basically, take it slow and concentrate on everything on step at a time. Say we start with opening your eyes, moving a bit, jumping up and planting a big kiss on Miss Lenalee -we all know you wanna- and then-

You idiot, he wouldn't be able to do that for at least 20 minutes….maybe 15 if he tried hard enough. And there's no telling how weak he'll be after not eating in so long.

Will I be able to talk any?

If all goes right, you should be able to talk once you get your throat working again.

I won't stop breathing or anything, right?

If you do, I call your body! I might even let you stay on as a tenant Clown.

You're the clown!

Not in my name so…

They bickered for another minute over who'd get Allen's body and who was a clown. Allen wasn't sure whether to be worried that a) They were not arguing about whether or not he'd die, but rather who'd get the body or b) That he wasn't really worried by this.

Um, guys, I hate to break up this lovely conversation about my death, but let's get going.

Fine, but I still called it!

Okay Allen, ready when you are.

I think I'll start with opening my eyes and talking. Ready?



"Marie, are you in here?" Allen's concentration came to a shattering halt as Kanda entered the room. "Have either of you seen Marie, I think he's…looking...for me…are you crying?"

"N-no!" Lenalee gasped, sniffling.

"That is it!" Kanda roared.

Allen heard Kanda stomp across the room as Miranda ran out yelling for Marie to stop the crazy man. As far as he heard, Lenalee hadn't moved. "Kanda, what are you doing?" she yelled. "No!" Allen heard her grab something, and was getting ready to try and beat the crud out of Kanda when he felt himself be lifted up by the front of his shirt. He blearily opened an eye a fraction and was met with the glare of a furious black-haired Exorcist.

"You idiot! Why won't you get out of this coma already!" Kanda roared, shaking him. "You stupid good for-nothing bean-sprout! The whole Order is acting like a morgue, and Lenalee is always crying. It's messing with my meditation too! Wake the hell up Bean-sprout!"

Allen was pissed to say the least. Was Kanda really blaming him for this mess? He already blamed himself for Lenalee crying, but if Kanda thought the coma was his fault…he had another thing coming. "It's Allen Ba-Kanda." he managed to croak out. Kanda promptly dropped him back on the bed with a string of profanity.

"Allen?" came Lenalee's incredulous gasp.

Allen opened his eyes further and gave a weak smile. "The one and only." He tried to sit up only to have the breath knocked out of him as Lenalee tackled him back down onto the bed.

"Allen…" she whispered. "You're okay."

"I love you." He kissed her cheek. "Thank you for being there for me Lenalee." He held her tight.

Miranda had returned with Marie. Kanda stood there dumbstruck. "What did I do?"

"Why ask why? Just be happy he's back." Marie commented.


Miranda suddenly burst into tears, making both Kanda and Marie jump. "I-it's just so beautiful!" she wailed. Marie patted her on the back. "There, there." Kanda was slowly making his way outside as Komui barged in, breaking up the happy reunion.

"Allen Walker, get away from my Lenalee!" he growled upon entering the room, taking in the sight of his precious little sister being hugged.

"Brother…" Lenalee warned, breaking away from Allen to give her brother a stern stare. "You better be nice to Allen! He's been through a lot!" She turned back to Allen who was still perched on the edge of the bed. "How do you feel?"

"Hungry…very hungry." He put his head down. "Could you please help me to the cafeteria?" He was somewhat ashamed to ask with the cynical Kanda around but he had a feeling he couldn't make it to the cafeteria on his own even if he used all the energy he had.

"Jeez, you're hopeless." Allen was pretty sure hell was freezing over as Kanda helped him up. Marie grabbed the other side and they carried Allen out the door. He was uncomfortably lopsided as Marie was taller than Kanda. Lenalee and Miranda followed, dragging Komui with them. When they reached the cafeteria, the trio was met with a stunned silence from the gathered Exorcists and Finders.

"Allen!" shouted Lavi, running up and hugging his friend, nearly taking down Kanda in the process as Marie had been smart enough to let go. He turned to the crowd, keeping an arm around his friend to support him. "Everybody Allen's back! Jerry, you better start making some mitarashi dango. I bet this kid is hungry!" Lavi grinned. "Let's set him over there." The older boys placed Allen at a table as the group quickly filled in. Kanda could not escape from the crowd that now surrounded Allen and was forced to sit and wait.

"I bet you have a ton of questions." chirped Lavi, who had taken a seat across from him. Lenalee, holding his hand, peered over from her spot next to him.

"Not really." Allen's voice was getting better. "I've been able to hear you all for a little over a month now."

"What!" came the shout from the surrounding crowd.

"You've been able to hear us this whole time? Why didn't you do anything?" asked Kanda, none too politely.

Allen thought for a moment. Telling everyone about Crown Clown and the Fourteenth helping him might only make them think he really was crazy or betraying the Order. He gave a nod. "I couldn't move." He thought for a moment of a lie that wouldn't make Mana too ashamed. "It was like I was dreaming sort of. It came in and out of…focus."

"Why'd you wake up now?" asked a curious Johnny.

"I'm not all too sure…I just woke up and found I could move." Speaking of betraying the Order… "Where's Link?"

"Right here." A voice replied directly behind him. Allen tried to turn around as quickly as he would normally but only managed to slowly turn the upper half of his body. He really wished he could get some food and fast. Then he needed to do something. He was stiff as a board.

"Hello Link." His calm reply came as no suprise to the older man. What was surprising was when Link stuck out a hand. "Good to have you back Mr. Walker." Allen shook his hand gratefully. "Good to be back."

Just then Jerry came over with the food. It was quite literally a mountain of food . Laid out on the table there wasn't any wood visible. Allen immediately dug in, only pausing to make conversation with Lenalee. Everyone else was ignored. Amazed, they watched him eat, and slowly the crowd dispersed until only a few remained. Kanda had managed to escape the clutches of General Tiedoll by running full throttle out of the cafeteria at the sight of the man.

Allen finished up his food in record time. He stood up with a contended sigh. He felt like a new man with food in him. Lenalee and Link also stood. "Well Walker, I need to go report to Inspector Leverrier. I will be," He looked at his watch. "Two hours. I expect you can behave in this time. I'm sure Miss Lenalee will keep you out of trouble." If Allen didn't know any better he'd have sworn he saw Link wink before making his way out of the cafeteria.

"Um, Allen…about earlier…when you said you loved me…did you mean it?" Lenalee's soft voice carried the question to only Allen. He looked at her. Her face was tinted pink, and she'd taken to staring at the floor.

Allen firmly grasped her chin and had her look up at him. "Of course I meant it Lenalee. I love you so much." His voice softened. "You're what made me want to wake up the most." He gave a sly smile. "Lenalee, would you like to go on a walk with me?"

She smiled. "I'd be delighted to. Can we count this as a date?"

"If you want to." Allen caught a flash of blond hair at the edge of his vision. General Klaud stood off to the side of everyone and was looking at him. He remembered what Cross had said. "I'm sorry Lenalee, but I need to speak to General Cross for a moment. Is that okay?" He felt he was ditching her, even for just a moment.

"Okay," Lenalee replied, a confused look on her face. "I'll be in the hall."

Allen quickly made his way over to the General. "Master is sorry for missing your date!" he blurted.

Klaud looked momentarily stunned but regained her composure. "So he did visit you? I'm not really surprised…are you going to look for him?" She stared at him with her one visible eye. Allen liked that she wasn't one for idle chatter.

"I suppose yes…" He looked over to where Lenalee had exited.

"Live in today." Klaud's said, sounding slightly mysterious. "The past can wait."

"Thank you." Allen gave a curt bow and rushed back over to Lenalee.

You know, I really do like General Klaud. She seems to be a no nonsense kind of woman.

But you love nonsense.

Your point Clowny?

I am not a clown! It's simply part of my title. Either call me by my full name or-

Glad to see you stuck around.

Aw, we couldn't miss our little host's first date.

Be a gentleman! Offer her your arm.

Lenalee shyly took the his arm as they started at a slow pace down the hall. "You know, you're going to need to get back into the practice of fighting," Lenalee mused. "I could help you train…"

"That would be wonderful Lenalee." Allen thought about the work ahead of them. He was going to take Cross's advice and hunt down that red-haired womanizer and finally have the answers he wanted. And he was going to be the best Exorcist he could be. For the Order and his comrades…for Mana. For Lenalee.

Kiss her you fool!

Allen was only too happy to agree.


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