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Under the Mask

Chapter 1

The nice breeze of the summer was blowing through the luscious green leaves of the trees. The bright moonlight shone down to where the couple had just come out of the church. They were holding hands and smiling.

"So, how'd you think the practice went?" asked the blond woman. She had beautiful green eyes that, at the moment, were glistening with such excitement.

"Um, I think it went alright," answered her fiancé, Takuya. He had chocolate colored eyes, brunette hair and a nice body because of the many years he played soccer. "But I can't wait for the real thing…are you ready?" he whispered into her ear.

Zoe giggled as his warm breath tickled her ear.

"Yeah," she replied and smiled.

"I'm gonna miss you tonight," he said huskily.

"Yeah, me too, but you know you can't see me until the actual wedding event. It's bad luck!" she said throwing her hands into the air.

"Oh, whatever. What can possibly go wrong?" he said and leaned into her. Their lips were only millimeters away until a voice crept behind them.

"Oh, save that for tomorrow night," joked Koji, one of the couple's closest and dearest friends.

Takuya and Zoe were thankful for the night, for they felt a blush on their cheeks.

"How does it feel now that you're going to get hitched?" asked his twin brother, Kouichi, and patted Takuya on his back.

"Uh…you know…" answered Takuya nervously as he scratched the back of his neck.

"I know how it feels! But you don't have to answer, I'm joking!" smiled Kouichi.

"Speaking of which, I didn't see Jessica here, is she okay?" asked Zoe.

"Yeah, she's fine, she was just getting some check-ups while we started the practice, but she'll be here tomorrow," said Kouichi.

"Oh right, I'm going to be an uncle!" chuckled Koji.

"Oh, you sneaky you," joked Takuya.

"Stop it!" blushed Kouichi. "You two will probably feel the joy of expecting a child in what—three days, the most!"

"Oh shut up!" said Zoe and playfully smacked Kouichi on the arm.

After a few more minutes of happy conversation, the twins announced their departure.

"Well, we gotta go, I have to drop off this bastard now that he's expecting a baby he wants to be careful or whatever. It's not like he's the one who's carrying the baby…paranoid…" said Koji.

"Shut the fuck up! Let's go," defended his brother. "We'll see you tomorrow. Now don't call me bastard, you know what mother said…."

Zoe and Takuya could not help but smile at how funny their friends are.

"They'll never change will they?" asked Takuya.

Zoe shook her head in return.

"Zoe dear, are you ready to go?" came a female voice.

Zoe immediately knew who it was. It was something natural that a daughter knows her mother's voice. "Uh, yeah, let me just get my stuff and we'll be on our way." She began to walk away from her parents and Takuya.

There was an uneasy and awkward silence between them. Takuya seemed nervous and meek as he stood next to his future in-laws. Mrs. Orimoto was calm. But Mr. Orimoto seemed impatient and almost angry.

"Well, aren't you gonna go help her," said Mr. Orimoto scornfully, breaking the silence.

Takuya flinched and, with his head low, quickly walked towards his car, where Zoe's things still were.

After Takuya was out of sight Mrs. Orimoto spoke. "Don't be too harsh on the poor boy."


"You know you were the same when we were going to get married!" laughed Mrs. Orimoto.

Mr. Orimoto glared at her as he crossed his arms. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

Mrs. Orimoto smiled, noticing the pride and jealousy her husband was feeling at the moment.

From a distance came Zoe with a small bag and Takuya next to her carrying a bigger luggage.

"So…I guess I'll see you tomorrow…" said Zoe as she was now facing the young man.

"Uh…yeah…" answered Takuya. He looked first at Zoe, then at her mom, finally at Mr. Orimoto, who was eyeing him, and back at Zoe. He quickly hugged Zoe, shook hands with his future in-laws and departed.

Zoe was smiling uncontrollably. "Dad, why do you make him so nervous?!" she laughed and headed towards her parents car.

"What did I do?" exasperated her father.

Both ladies sighed.

--------Later that night

Takuya was tossing and turning in his bed. "I'm getting married…I'm getting married…" was all he thought ever since he last saw Zoe.

It was 1:00 AM and his eyes could not shut.

"Shit! Why can't I sleep?!"

He got up and went towards the kitchen. The apartment, where both Zoe and Takuya lived, was compact but luxurious. Beautiful carpeting made up most of the flooring, with the exception of the kitchen. Most of the walls were a chestnut color and the windows were large with a view of the city. With Zoe being an engineer and Takuya a journalist, their salaries weren't so bad.

"Damn, that's where I left my jacket…" he muttered as his eyes had already adjusted to the dark. He was looking at the sofa. He was passing through the living room, which was directly connected to the kitchen.

He stepped into the cold floor and turned the lights on. It took a while until his eyes were completely opened. He then said, "Now let's see…" He looked into different cabinets and drawers until he found his favorite snack. He quickly grabbed the bag of potato chips and walked into the living room.

He sat in the sofa and turned the TV on. He flipped through the channels as he used his other hand to shove the chips into his mouth.

"What am I doing…?" he asked himself. When he couldn't find an answered he shrugged and continued what he was doing. In a matter of minutes, however, he fell asleep.

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