An: Wrote this a year ago... just after finishing " The BlackBirder" the second book of the Marlowe series. some spoilers, just a warning.


He guides his people through the night

He trusts them all without a doubt

And when the time comes, and he's betrayed

He sacrifices himself and his enemy, is dead

His wife goes crying, she knew it all along

He did not listen to her and now she sits and mourns

She had a premonition, that something will go wrong

Oh why did he not listen and she sits and mourns

King James, oh King James, at least he died brave

King James, she mourns for you, although you have no grave

King James, King James, you were a prince, you were a slave

A husband, a warrior and a leader, you bravery was not a waste

Freed slaves, return, home with haste

And tales of your acts go far ahead

But…alas… now you are…dead

At least you have a place to go and rest

Yes King James you can go to heaven, you have passed your test