A Chance Encounter

This story is dedicated to xXxFallenSakuraxXx who asked if I would write a new story with the pairing of Sakura and Hayate. : ) Here you go dear; I hope you enjoy it.

It was obvious what she had to do; when she saw him in trouble the only logical thing to do was save him. Now that she has, however, it has changed quite a few things in Konoha… along with her love life.

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Sakura hid quietly within the walls of the library. It was currently long after closing hours, and Sakura needed to stay quiet so she wasn't found. She had a lot of studying she still had to do.

She was currently reading through her third medic-nin book; a book which taught one to use medical jutsu. After tying with Ino only two days earlier during the Chuunin exams, Sakura had realized that she needed to become stronger, not only for herself, but also for her team.

Sakura already knew asking Kakashi to help her become stronger wouldn't work; he was far too interested in Sasuke and Naruto to give her the time of day. Sakura had to do this all on her own.

Sighing deeply, the pink haired girl brushed her newly short hair out of her eyes as she continued to read. She definitely liked the shorter length; she didn't even care what Sasuke thought of it.

When Sakura saw Sasuke lose control in the Forest of Death, she had been afraid; it was raw fear, and Sakura had never felt it before. She had been even more afraid of Sasuke, even more than the psychotic manic that had caused Sasuke to become this. Sakura was so afraid of Sasuke… she didn't even know if she loved him anymore.

Sighing again, Sakura's eyes were transfixed on the book before her; that is they were, until she heard a loud noise outside the library.

Ignoring her books to further her curiosity, Sakura stood from her chair. She moved slowly to the window located beside her chair and looked out with interest.

Outside the window was her proctor for the third part of the Chuunin exams, Hayate, she remembered easily. He appeared to be panting heavily; the Suna genin's Sensei stood before him with a sword in his hand.

Sakura's eyes widened slightly at the scene before her… she had to think of a way to get him out of there.

The Suna nin smirked before slicing a deep wound against Hayate's chest. Hayate coughed blood as he fell backward and landed on the ground; appearing to be unconscious.

"We need to finish him quickly," a voice Sakura recognized, stated. Sakura's eyes widened even more as Kabuto appeared from deep within the shadows. What was going on? "We wouldn't want anyone else to find out about Suna and Sound's alliance."

Sakura's breath hitched as she watched Kabuto walk closer to the unconscious Hayate. She had to do something… she needed to be strong; she couldn't just let someone die in front of her, she refused to be weak any longer.

Sakura let out a loud scream and watched Kabuto stop in his tracks. His eyes quickly darted to the window Sakura was staring out of, and Sakura watched his eyes narrow. Sakura let out another scream, and soon several lights within the area began to turn on.

Kabuto's eyes widened, as did the Suna nin's. Sakura knew Anbu would be here within a few short moments; the other two nin must have also known, because they quickly began sprinting away from the scene.

Sakura opened the library door, and ran through it quickly. She knew Hayate was losing way too much blood, too fast. Kneeling down beside him, Sakura concentrated as she tried to draw chakra into her hands. She had read it in one of her books, and she smiled when her hands began glowing an emerald green color the girl had read about.

Placing her hands on his chest, Sakura closed her eyes as she pushed chakra through her hands. Keeping her eyes closed tightly, Sakura began to slowly weave her chakra through the deep gash on Hayate's chest.

The process of healing was taking a lot more out of her than Sakura had anticipated, and she was growing tired quickly. She used every ounce of chakra she had, and when she had no more, Sakura felt a tingling sensation blossom over her. She didn't know what this feeling was, but she kept pushing on, using the warmth to make Hayate's entire chest glow emerald.

Hayate quickly began coughing, as Sakura pushed the last bit of strength into his system. She knew Anbu would be here in under a minute, sighing deeply she fell against the older male's chest.

As she did, Hayate's eyes began to slowly open. He grunted slightly as the pink haired girl collided with his chest, but she really wasn't that heavy. Blinking his eyes quickly, Hayate soon began to cough a deep, raspy cough, and slowly tilted his head to the side as he coughed out a dark black liquid.

"Is that…" Hayate's eyes widened as he wiped his mouth with his hand and grimaced seeing the black liquid on his hand. It looked like poison, or toxin. "What-"

"What happened here?" a team of Anbu appeared before Hayate. Hayate's head was still a bit hazy.

"I don't think that's important right now," another member from the Anbu team spoke quickly. "It is obvious two shinobi are in need of medical attention."

Hayate began to fade in and out of consciousness. The last thing he was able to comprehend before he completely faded was the sight of a semi-recognizable pink haired girl being pulled away from his chest… Where had he seen her before?


Hayate woke with a start. He practically lurched from his bed, his hand clenched tightly against the hospital gown covering his chest. His eyes darted slowly around the hospital room, and stopped when he saw the Hokage standing in front of him.

"Hokage-sama," Hayate bowed his head to the man before him.

"There is no need for that here, Hayate," the Hokage smiled. "I was wondering if you could tell me what happened last night."

"It was hazy before, but I believe I can remember most of it now," Hayate stated with a nod. "I will need you to fill me in on what happened after I passed out though… assuming you know."

Sarutobi smiled again and nodded. "Sakura has just awoken also," Sarutobi stated while he sat in a chair beside Hayate's bed. "Amusing girl, she is. She had actually snuck into the library to get some late night studying in; lucky for you she did."

Hayate nodded slowly. "I am still kind of unaware as to when she entered the picture," Hayate stated, "But this is what happened. I was making my nightly rounds throughout Konoha, and I heard voices. I quickly concealed my chakra, and walked closer.

"I immediately noticed Kabuto, the one who tried to attack Sasuke-san earlier yesterday, and also the Suna nin, Baki."

"Go on," Sarutobi nodded quickly. This news was not good; it appeared there was going to be a war going on within Konoha, and that war would start very soon.

"They were discussing invasion plans during the final part of the Chuunin exams," Hayate stated quickly. "I tried to sneak away to come and tell you, but it appeared Kabuto and Baki were quite away of my presence.

"Baki attacked me," Hayate stated while closing his eyes. With a sigh, he opened them and stared straight into the Hokage's. "I can't remember anything after that."

"Sakura heard the commotion," Sarutobi stated with a smile. "She saw you fall unconscious and figured she had to do something. She screamed, and I guess it scared away both Baki and Kabuto. After that she raced out and healed your wounds… don't even ask me how she was able to.

"Genin are not supposed to have that precise of chakra control," Sarutobi stated with an affectionate smile. "The girl healed the wound Baki had caused to your chest… She was also able to heal the illness that has been plaguing your lungs as of late."

"But I had been to many medic-nin and none of them could cure me," Hayate stated with slightly wide eyes. That must have been what the black liquid was; he remembered now.

He woke up only to find the pink haired girl, Sakura, unconscious on his chest. He wasn't aware she had anything to do with healing him. "How was she able to-?"

"I'm not sure," Sarutobi stated as he stood; his expression was much more somber now that the discussion was rapidly coming to a close. "I believe a thanks should be in order to her though, don't you? You should get on that as I talk with my Anbu teams; we will keep the knowledge of their invasion a secret, for now."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Hayate stated as he bowed his head lightly as the Hokage left the room.

Hayate sighed once he was left alone; it was obvious the pink haired girl, Sakura, had saved his life, and Hayate was deeply indebted to her for that. He needed to find a suitable way of thanking her; it was obvious just a simple thank you wouldn't be enough.

Hayate sighed again, and brushed his long-tangled brown hair away from his eyes. He was really never that good at saying thank you; he supposed he had Genma to thank for that, but then he really didn't…

Genma was an ass hole, but Hayate only knew that all too well because the senbon wielder was his best friend. Chuckling lightly to himself, he silently wondered when his twin-like best friend would arrive here.

Without even another second going by, Genma walked into his room nonchalantly. "So how's the poor little guy doing in here, huh?"

Hayate groaned at the entrance of his brunette haired friend. "I'm fine," Hayate stated while slightly massaging his forehead with his hand; whenever he was with Genma he seemed to get a headache... Hayate was sure it wasn't a coincidence.

"That's good to hear," Genma nodded as he sat down in a chair next to Hayate's bed. "I think I'd cry if you actually did die."

"I didn't know you cared so much," Hayate stated in a mock tone of flattery. "Why are you really here, Genma?"

Genma sighed, and used his tongue to sweep around the senbon needle that seemed to permanently reside in his mouth. "Yugao was pretty upset," Genma commented. "She thinks this is all her fault."

Hayate stiffened slightly at the mention of the purple haired woman. "Well it kind of is…" Hayate muttered softly. "I don't think I would have been so reckless if she hadn't…"

"If she hadn't broken up with you," Genma stated with a slight nod. "I understand it hurts, bud, I really do, but you went into a dangerous situation with no back up! You're lucky that pink haired Genin was there or your ass would be-"

"I'd be dead," Hayate stated with a nod. "But you already knew I was dying."

"I chose to ignore that fact," Genma stated with a stressed sigh. "I still do in fact."

"There's no need too, anymore," Hayate stated while watching his friend closely. "While Sakura was healing my gash wound, she also healed the illness."

"She what?" Genma asked as his mouth appeared to drop. "She's only a Genin!"

"I am aware of that," Hayate stated with a slight smirk. "I guess luck was just on my side."

"You're a special Jounin, and you say it was luck that kept you alive?" Genma commented with a slight whistle. "You better thank that pink haired girl."

"I'm trying to find a way how to," Hayate sighed as he stood from his bed. Stretching slightly he walked over to the mirror in his room. He pulled down his gown slightly, and was impressed to find only a slight scar on his chest. "Maybe I could help train her for the exams next year."

Genma nodded his head enthusiastically while he sat behind his friend. "That could work!" Genma stated. "I'm so proud you came up with that all by yourself!"

"Just shut up," Hayate stated as he rubbed his forehead slightly again. "You're giving me a headache."

"How old is this girl?" Genma asked nonchalantly; seemingly out of the blue. Hayate turned to raise a curious eyebrow to his brunette friend's question.

"Thirteen," Hayate stated while trying to remember. "Why?"

"You know you're only twenty yourself," Genma stated with a knowing smirk. "That's only seven years difference."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Hayate asked with slight alarm as he appeared in front of Genma.

"I dunno," Genma stated while trying to cover his smirk. "It just seems rather amusing that a beautiful young girl would come and save your life… it's just your luck, you know."

Hayate sighed. "Don't you try and go anywhere with this," Hayate stated with a frown. "I don't know this girl, and that is exactly what she is, a girl. And thirteen is a little young to call a girl beautiful…"

"That's just an afterthought," Genma stated while waving his hand nonchalantly in the air. "I could get you two together; love knows no bounds, ya know."

"Stop while you're ahead," Hayate commented while sitting back down on his bed. "There's no way this is ever gonna happen; no way I want it to at least."

"Uh huh," Genma nodded with a smirk.

"Promise me you won't do anything," Hayate stated while looking at the male in front of him.

"Scouts honor," Genma mocked saluted at Hayate before standing. "Well bud, it seems I better take my leave… I have other things I need to be doing."

"Genma," Hayate stated with a warning tone. Genma smirked at the other brunette before leaving the room quickly. Hayate sighed wearily. "Just my luck indeed."