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Author's Notes: Hello again, everybody. I know…you're all waiting for me to continue on with my Naruto stories. And I'm sorry. But like I said, I'm in a SERIOUS rut, and need some down time to think up some more good material. In the meantime, I'll be experimenting with new stories. I started Out of the Smokey Ruins, a Naruto/Deadpool X-Over. Taking Chances, a Beastboy/Jinx love story, and To release a Caged Bird, a Naruto story. If anyone is interested, check them out when you get the chance.

But back to the matter at hand. This is a Teen Titans/Deadpool X-Over. This tales place right after the team meets Terra. But unlike the television version, when the team discover Terra's power problems, Terra won't run away. She decides to stay, and get the help she needs. And…as you can guess, this will be a Beastboy/Terra pairing story, followed by others. Hope you all enjoy this, and please, Don't Forget To Leave Reviews, telling me what you like about it. ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 1: Meeting the Maniac Merc

The sun was beating down on the busy city of Jump. It was the highest temperature recorded within three years. On a day where outside was 97 degrees Fahrenheit, the Titans took refuge in their air conditioned tower. Beastboy sat on the couch, playing Mortal Kombat Deception with Cyborg. Because inside was still hot, even WITH air conditioning, the green Titan wore a white tank top and a pair of gray sweat pants. He wiped the sweat off his head on his arm, as Cyborg performed his fatality on him. "Arrgh…. Why do I have to have extra fur on the hottest day of the year…?" The green changeling groaned, passing his wireless controller over to his leader, Robin. He pulled out a little handheld electric fan from his pocket, and sighed with relief as the cool air struck his face.

After cooling off for a few seconds, he stretched his arms and looked around. Robin, even under this immense heat managed to keep his cool and collected composure. He sat next to Cyborg, leaning back and with one leg over the other. Sure, he was sweating, but other than that, he showed no signs of being hot. Over by an open window, both Starfire and Raven were levitating in the air, meditating. Raven, being as cool and in control as Robin, floated there with her eyes closed, and with an emotionless expression. She had a fan cooling her off, along with the wind blowing on her from outside. So she was only mildly sweaty.

Her friend, on the other hand, was nearly her complete opposite. Starfire had a wide smile on her face, and she was telling Raven stories about when she was on her home planet. Her long red hair drooped past her shoulder, shiny because she just ran a wet comb through it to cool her off. And her levitation wasn't like Raven's. Unlike the Goth girl beside her, she was floating up and down happily as she chatted away.

But Beastboy's attention quickly turned from Raven and Starfire, and was given to the newest Titan. Terra was standing in the kitchen, drinking a ice cold Coke she pulled from the cooler. Her long golden blond hair fell past her shoulders, shining bright when the light from the sun struck it. Beastboy looked at what the girl wore to beat the heat. On her torso, Terra wore nothing more than a black bra, showing off her developing breasts. (WOOHOO! SEXY!) She wore her normal brown shorts, and a pair of blue sandals.

'God…. She's beautiful…' Terra had been on the team for about a week now, and in that time, Beastboy has developed a mad crush on her. She laughed at his corny jokes, she liked video games, and she was both a dude and chick at the same time. ( Or more clearly put: a Tomboy ) "Yo Terra." With a blush on his face, Beastboy called the girl's name. Terra pulled her lips from the can of Coke, and gazed at him with her ocean blue eyes. "You think you can get me a Sprite?"

Terra smiled, and raised an eyebrow at the request. "Sure thing, your Majesty." She giggled, reaching into the cooler she was sitting on. "Would you like me to rub your feet and fluff your couch pillow as well?" She said sarcastically, pulling out Beastboy's Sprite. She tossed the soda to the green Titan, and moved over so he could take a seat on the cooler beside her. "Did I please you, Lord BB?" Garfield laughed as he opened up his cold can of soda.

"Very much so. Thank you, my fool." Terra giggled, and gave her close friend a hard slug on the shoulder. "Ouch! God, you are such a dude, girl!" Beastboy snickered, rubbing his ice cold soda can on his now sore shoulder. Truth be told, the blond also developed a crush on Beastboy. And in their case, making jokes about one another was their way of flirting. Everyone in the Teen Titans, minus ironically Beastboy and Terra, knew that the two liked one another. Cyborg would gag every time they would flirt, annoying both of them to no end. Robin would laugh, but would say nothing more about it. Raven didn't care, and Starfire would giggle like a school girl, and glance at Robin.

"Or maybe you need to toughen up, wimpy." Terra countered, drinking the last of her Coke. "I've had colds that could put up more of a fight than you." Beastboy snorted in laughter, and placed his half empty can of Sprite on the kitchen counter. He poked her in the forehead, as if challenging her.

"You care to prove that, little miss Blondie?" He asked, with an intimidating smirk on his face.

A confident smile appeared on Terra's face as accepted the challenge. "OK, String Bean! You're on!" With surprising speed, Terra leapt forward and tackled Beastboy. Cyborg and Robin laughed when the two rolled on the floor, trying to get a hold on the other. Terra had Beastboy on his stomach, and had his head in a headlock with one arm, and bent his legs back with the other. "Say uncle, and I'll let you go." Seeing the two wrestle was so entertaining, Robin and Cyborg paused their game and watched. Raven growled in annoyance, and left the room, with Starfire following her. Thinking quickly, Beastboy morphed into a snake, both escaping Terra's hold on him and scaring her in the process. Than he morphed back into his "Normal" self, and tackled the blond girl. "HEY! NO FAIR!" Terra whined, as Beastboy turned the tables and pinned her against the floor. He pressed her wrists against the ground, and straddled her stomach, holding her down with his weight. "Cheater!"

Beastboy smirked. "Stop whining and accept defeat. Say uncle, and I'll let you go…and I'll even teach you how to wrestle." Terra tried to push him off, but she couldn't. "Come on…say it. Say uncle to Beastboy. You know you wanna." Cyborg and Robin laughed as Terra started thrashing around, trying to get free. Coincidently, Cyborg looked down and saw Terra's digital camera laying on the floor next to the couch.


Driving down the long bridge leading to Titans Tower, a strange man was drove up in red and black moped. This man was a slim, yet muscular man, wearing a red and black form fitting rubber costume. On his belt was an array of weapons, ranging from grenades to shuriken ( Ninja Throwing Stars ). Attached to each of his red combat boots was a fully loaded .9MM Glock. And on his back were two large Katana swords. As he neared the tower, he mentally went down his list. 'OK, lets see. 1) Find super powered teens. 2) Kill teens. And 3) Collect the hundred thousand dollars and the subscription to Cosmopolitan….' Deadpool thought, pulling up to the front of the tower. He turned off his moped, and snuck to the side of the building.


Deadpool, currently in New York, was asleep in his bed when his phone went off. It was 3:31in the morning, and Wade had a long day previous to this morning. So he groaned, and pulled the phone off the hook. "Weasel. For the last time…. I don't know where your fucking Shonen Jump magazines are!" Wade moaned into the phone, annoyed. "Check your garbage can! That's where I remember tossing them!"

"Umm…. Hello? Is this the residence of Wade Wilson?" The mercenary's eyes opened when an unfamiliar voice answered on the other line.

"Yeah, who is this? If you work for Professor Xavier or Tony Stark, you can tell them to…!" Wade's angry snarl was interrupted by the man on the other side of the phone.

"No…no. I work for an anonymous employer, who is in need of you "Unique abilities". He has a job that he felt you would be perfect for." Deadpool sat up, listening to the man on the other line. "My employer is willing to pay you a hundred thousand dollars to carry out a hit. Are you familiar with the Teen Titans, stationed in Jump City?"

Wade scratched the back of his head, and shrugged. "You mean those goody-goody-two-shoes teenage heroes from the DC comic book universe? Yeah…I heard of them. I think that Starfire girl is HOT."

"Umm…. Yes…anyway. My employer wishes for the Titans to be taken care of, and thinks you would be perfect for the job." Deadpool arched his eyebrows.

"Hey…dude, I don't know who your employer thinks he is, but I don't do under aged assassinations. It's immoral, it's wrong, and I won't do it unless I get a subscription to Cosmopolitan!" He added, standing up from his bed. "I need some tips on how to pick up chicks, so I need something that money can't buy: The ability to get ass WITHOUT money." There was a pause on the other side of the phone for a few seconds.



'Hmm…. Maybe I'll drop by and see my big bro after this. He still owes me some lunch money from high school!' Deadpool thought, as he scaled the side of the tower with suction cups. As he slowly made his way up the side of the building, he made loud suction noises. But he was too busy thinking to notice…or care. 'I mean, seriously! We're FAMILY! And family don't screw family like that!'


Terra and Beastboy laid on the ground, panting loudly. Terra managed to escape Garfield's hold on her, and so the wrestling match continued. For ten whole minutes, the two wrestled, and didn't stop until Beastboy finally gave in. Robin and Cyborg grew tired of the two halfway through the ten minutes, and turned back to their game. "Psst…Robin…" Cyborg whispered, nudging the leader in the ribs. "Check this out." Pausing the game once again, he handed the digital camera, with a picture of Beastboy straddling Terra on the screen. "What should I do…? Internet, or make copies of it and sell some to random people?"

Robin laughed, and looked down at the two. Terra stood up, sweating heavily, and helped Beastboy to his feet. "Both." Robin snickered back. Raven and Starfire came back into the room, just as Terra and Beastboy took a seat on the other couch. "How did you two like touching and rubbing one another?" Robin asked, getting a snicker from Cyborg. "Did you two get all of it out?" Terra and Beastboy blushed, but Terra was the one who countered.

"Shut up, Birdboy. You're just jealous because you want to "wrestle" with Starfire. But you're too scared to ask." The blonde's comeback hit it's mark. The alien girl blushed, and looked away in embarrassment. And even Robin went red in the face, and looked down. "That's what I thought." Terra turned to Beastboy, and smiled devilishly. "So…. You interested in learning how to wrestle? I'm sure by the end of the week, you'll be able to be able to take on any girl 150lbs and under."

"Whatever…" Beastboy grumbled, looking down with a blush on his face. "I was going easy on you. I didn't want to make you cry. So consider yourself lucky, Terra." The blond earth mover giggled, and gave him another slug on the shoulder. "OUCH! STOP THAT!" He yelped, rubbing the bruise on his shoulder. "God, why can't you be more like a normal chick?"

"Speak for yourself, dude! I like tough chicks!" All of a sudden, the team heard an unfamiliar voice. They all turned to see Deadpool, suctioned to the window. "Oops…. Damn it. Shouldn't have said that out loud, huh?" The mercenary, using his physical strength, kneed the window, shattering it into pieces. He managed to keep his balance, and leapt inside the tower. Deadpool than reached down, pulled out both of his .9MM Glocks and started to fire off bullets. Bullets bounced and ricocheted off the walls and floor of the tower. Raven managed to get a protective barrier around her, Starfire, Robin and Cyborg. Beastboy's reaction was quick. He grabbed Terra, and managed to get behind the couch. But after a few seconds of continuous gunfire, Deadpool ran out of bullets.

"Titans GO!" Robin cried, as he and the other Titans come out of cover when Deadpool was reloading.

"Titans go? Go where?" Wade asked, looking around and forgetting to reload his gun. His question was answered when Cyborg picked up the couch he and Robin were sitting on, and chucked it at the red and black mercenary. He didn't react in time, and was knocked off the edge of the building. He and the couch flew through the air, and landed in the ocean. He kicked the couch off him, and lifted his mask to spit out ocean water. "Oh…. Battle call…. Got it." All six Titans leapt from the shattered window and landed on the ground, ready to fight.

"Who are you?!" Robin shouted, pulling out his retractable staff. "Why did you attack us?!" After shaking off the water, Deadpool reached back and withdrew both of his swords.

"OK, in order: Hello, my name is Deadpool. My likes include guns, swords, and bombs. My dislikes include Logan…well, that's about it, actually." The Titans looked at one another, as the assassin continued on his crazy rant. "My hobbies include killing people, getting paid to kill people, killing the people who hire me to kill people, and midnight strolls down the beach. I'm here because you all have been very, VERY bad kids…for some reason. So I've been hired to kill you all. Anymore questions?" Beastboy growled.

"Yeah…. Have you ever been mauled by a tiger before?" In the blink of an eye, Beastboy morphed into a large green tiger, and pounced at Deadpool. Since Wade was near the shore, he was standing in ankle high water. So Beastboy wasn't impeded by anything. "RRRRRAAAAGHHHHHHHH!" The tiger let out a fierce roar, as he leapt into the air and dived towards the red and black wearing mercenary.

'Hmm…. Nah. Too easy.' Thinking about it, Wade slid his swords back into their sheaths. With impressive physical strength, Deadpool leapt into the air at a angle, and kneed the green tiger in the ribs. "You're a bad kitty. And bad kitties gets a boot in their faces!" Using his other leg, he delivered a hard kick to Beastboy's face. The tiger was kicked off course and sent flying down into the ocean. "NEXT!" Terra and Starfire answered his statement. Terra summoned two large boulders from the ocean floor and chucked them at Deadpool. And following the thrown boulders were Starfire's energy bolts. ( Or whatever the hell they're called ) Wade managed to leap out of the way of the boulders, but one of Starfire's energy blasts struck the ground beside him, sending him flying through the air and into the side of the tower. 'Oh goody…a challenge.'

"YO! Red, black and crazy! Suck on this!" Cyborg's energy cannon composed from his left arm. He aimed, and fired off a large blue energy blast out at Wade. But right when it was about to strike him, Deadpool vanished into a flash of red light and a blur of black smoke. ( Like how he teleported in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ) The blue blast collided with the side of the building, and crashed through, leaving a smoldering hole. Cyborg's real eye popped open in surprise. He looked around frantically. "What? Where did he go?"

Suddenly, Deadpool reappeared beside him, with a sword raised high. "Right here, brotha!" Wade, with a mighty swing of his Katana blade, severed Cyborg's cannon arm off in a clean slice. "Anyone got a hand? HAHAHAHA!" He joked, following up with a donkey kick to the large teen's face. Cyborg groaned in pain as he stumbled backwards. He reached to his belt and grabbed a couple of grenades. Robin and Raven were charging his way, so he pulled his arm back. "Special delivery!" But before he could throw them, Beastboy morphed into a Ram, and…umm…rammed into Wade's side, sending him tumbling across the ground. Unfortunately for Deadpool, he still had the active grenades in his hand. "Oh fuck…"


Both grenades detonated when Wade tried to dispose of them. Deadpool's body was sent skidding across the ground, shortly followed by his severed arm. Shrapnel was embedded in his body and face, and parts of his costume was smoking. "DAMN IRONIC JUSTICE!" He shouted, struggling to pull himself to his feet. Blood spurted out of his arm socket. The Titans watched in horror and amazement at the sight of Deadpool still being alive for the explosion. "Heheheee…. Well, I suppose I deserved that." He chuckled, reaching down and grabbing his severed arm. He placed the severed arm against his arm socket, and to the Titan's shock, the skin, muscles and tendons reattached to one another. A few seconds passed, and the arm was reattached to Wade's body. "Aww…. Much better. I swear, this happens to me in every fan fiction. It sucks."

He turned his attentions back to the Titans, and smirked. "OK…where were we?" He reached to the ground. and grabbed his smoldering sword. "OH! I remember!" Withdrawing the other sword, Deadpool charged the team of teenagers. This time, Terra charged forward on a flying boulder. She summoned a hundred smaller rocks, and launched them at the mercenary. But in a blurring fury, Wade swung his swords in a circular motion and deflected them as they came at him. ( Just like what Wade Wilson did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine )

"Cool huh?! Learned that in a movie!" Wade shouted, as he leapt into the air as Terra continued to near. As he and the girl passed, he took a swing at her with his swords. Terra winced, but passed virtually unharmed. But Deadpool's swing didn't miss it's mark. As Terra turned around on the levitating boulder, her bra slowly fell off her chest, since the straps her severed in between her cups.

"EEEK!" Terra cried in embarrassment, as she dove into the water to hide her exposed body. Raven, using her magic, captured the boulder Terra was riding on, and brought it rushing towards her. But luckily, Deadpool was too busy laughing and pointing at the embarrassed Terra, whose neck up was the only thing visible sticking out of the ocean. So, Wade didn't see the large chunk of earth coming his way.


Deadpool was struck in the stomach by the large rock, and was sent stumbling across the ground. But it wasn't over. Seeing an opening, Robin and Beastboy charged the staggering mercenary. Robin brought his staff down across Wade's face, and Beastboy followed up by morphing into a kangaroo, and doing a double footed kick to Deadpool's face. "AARGH! My face! My beautiful, deformed face!" The assassin cried, trying to keep his balanced.

"Take this, you asshole!" Terra shouted in embarrassed anger. Suddenly, from out of the ocean, a face sized rock shot out and smacked against Wade's head. He mumbled nonsense words, as he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Robin and the others immediately swarmed the unconscious mercenary, and Robin slapped on some heavy duty handcuffs. He turned to Cyborg. "Cy, take Deadpool to the holding cells. When he reawakes, I will interrogate him." The one armed teenager nodded, and picked the unconscious man up by the collar of his costume. As the Titans reentered the tower, Beastboy turned and looked at Terra, who was red in the face with overwhelming embarrassment.

"Heheheee…. You OK, Terra?" He asked, with a blush on his cheeks. He scratched the back of his head, as he noticed the severed black bra laying on the ground. "Ha. I guess you know now not to wear only a bra in battle, huh?" He didn't wait for a remark. He took off his tank top, and handed it to the blond girl. Terra blushed, but smiled and accepted it. She then submerged herself in water, and slipped the shirt on. She came back up, with the wet fabric sticking close to her body. The green teen went beat red in the face, and looked the other way.

"Thanks BB…" Terra thanked, as she and Beastboy went back into the tower.

To Be Continued……

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