Hello. *waves* I know I've been gone a while. The hiatus and 100 really threw my muse for a loop but I'm BACK, Baby, and I do intend to keep working on Blue Eyes for those wondering. But this little ficlet series just wouldn't let me go. Leave a little note if you enjoy.




The thing about moments is it's not until you're on the other side of them that you can measure their significance.

For instance right now, it's late Friday night and they are still laughing over scotch about two-headed soulmates. He keeps the tone light as always, but as always is wondering if she realizes how long he has known that she is the only one for him. She follows along, knowing he is thinking about something deeper, but not wanting to press an answer from him. She trusts he will share that with her in due time.

What they don't know as she insists that he crash on her her guest bed and he complains but eventually complies, is that tomorrow morning a very nervous Dr. Sweets will knock on her door. He will try not to act surprised to see them both there and they will explain Booth's presence hurriedly. He will wave them off because, really, this makes his job easier.

That is when he will produce his newly finished manuscript and ask them to read it for him and get back to him on what they think. The only thing he requests is that they read and take notes on it separately before discussing it. They share a look, a infinitesimal shrug, and a nod of agreement.

After all, what could it hurt?