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Chapter 6 – "And Your Legs Were Wrapped Around Me, All Bruised Up By Other Boys"

It was dark outside when Nigel followed Jack out onto the damp grass, black duffel bag tossed over one shoulder. The sun had set early and the empty field looked serene in the emerging starlight. A few lights tossed an orange glow across the patch of grass closest to the cluster of brick buildings at the far end of the campus.

With Jack leading, the two boys quickly approached the buildings, stopping just outside the border of light. Nigel glanced around but saw no-one in the surrounding area. Surely most of the classes had let out for the evening, so the chances of crossing paths with anyone were slim. Turning, he was just in time to catch a glimpse of Jack stepping around a corner where the light was less bright. Nigel followed his companion, and the two boys slipped silently through the narrow passageways. Jack stopped abruptly, careful to stay in the shadow as he cast his gaze upon on the four-story library that towered above its surroundings. Nigel merely leaned his back against the wall, a vacant look on his face.

A silence settled across the complex, broken only by a harsh wind that picked up and wound its way through the tangle of buildings before dying down. The sound of a door sliced through the air, followed softly by footsteps. Nigel looked up just in time to see a slender girl in a black coat hurrying past, straight dark hair ruffled by a slight breeze. A single glimpse was enough for him to recognize her as me.

In one swift motion, he grabbed Jack by the collar and slammed him up against the wall.

Jack merely laughed.

"Not Elizabeth." There was a sharp edge to his voice and eyes as he stared down at Jack. Jack stopped laughing, allowing a pleased, vindictive smile to settle across his face.

"But Nigel, she's your Maraclea, is she not?" His sickly sweet voice clashed harshly with the cruel expression of pleasure on his face. I didn't understand what he meant by this when Nigel first told me the story of this day, but I was to find out all too soon. "Besides, it's you that killed my dear friend Josh on the train that night," he continued dismissively.

Nigel let out a low wordless growl and released his grip on the other boy, turning down the passageway that I had since disappeared along. Jack merely stood there, watching him go and smiling to himself in the shadows.

"An eye for an eye…"

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Elizabeth sat at her desk, idly tugging at the uncomfortable skirt of her uniform. She found her gaze drifting away from the chalkboard at the front of the classroom towards the window she was seated next to. Her fingers gently probed at the remaining soreness in her neck as she stared absently out at a patch of dark, roiling clouds that predicted an evening storm. Realizing what she was doing, Elizabeth quickly pulled her hands from her neck, praying that she hadn't smudged the thin covering of make-up over her slowly fading bruises. The others were easier to hide beneath layers of winter clothing, but her neck…

She sighed quietly to herself and turned back to check the clock above the board. At least the day was almost over. If it weren't for him she would have skipped more often than not, but as it were that would only lead to more… incidents. What her mother saw in that man Elizabeth would never understand. He still tried to get her to call him dad, even after four years. That he dared to consider himself a father figure to her after all he had done… The end of classes bell startled her out of her thoughts and she looked down to find her hands curled into fists upon her desk. Her anger subsided in a wave of exhaustion, replaced by a slight shiver as she stood to leave, gathering her things with now trembling hands.

Elizabeth made her way through the jostling crowd of girls in the stone hallways of the Catholic school compound without taking notice of her surroundings in the least. By the time she stood in front of the house on Rosebay Lane she could hardly remember how she had gotten there. She slipped quietly past the softly dozing hound just inside the metal gate and made her way to the hidden basement room where Nigel sat studying a leather bound book at the small desk. He didn't look up when she entered, sliding the thin panel closed behind her, but he took note of her presence.

She was greeted by a dry rustle as she sat down on the edge of the bed, followed by a thin smack as today's paper hit the floor by her feet. She looked up at Nigel, who merely leaned back in his chair and looked at her, unreadable as always. Picking up the paper, Elizabeth was greeted by a large picture of a familiar freckle faced boy. The article on Alex's disappearance took up half of the front page, an unnecessarily large amount of space for a missing persons case.

"His father must have the whole city out looking for him by now," she murmured, scanning the newsprint for anything that might hint at a suspect. The space was mostly occupied with quotes from Alex's father and information on how tragic it was for such an influential man to lose his sole heir. Dropping the paper back down into her lap, Elizabeth looked up at Nigel. "What did you do with him?" She paused, fidgeting on the bed. "I mean, what if they find his..?"

"It's been dealt with," he stated simply, cutting her off midsentence. After a few moments of silence the raven haired boy crossed the small room to stand over the slender girl. "Or don't you trust me?"

Elizabeth flinched at the harshness of his tone, straining her neck to hold the gaze that had captured her in its depths once again. Kneeling down in front of her, Nigel's voice softened dangerously.

"Such a pretty face," he cooed sweetly, reaching his hand up to trail a finger ever so lightly against her cheek. "But far too broken for anyone to ever truly want. Who do you think would accept you other than me?" Desperation and defeat reflected in her soft gray eyes, but still she never looked away from his cold gaze until he kissed her.

Soft lips pressed roughly against her own, as the warmth of another body pressed in against hers. Nigel leaned in closer, steadying himself with one hand on the bed beside her while the other cupped her chin firmly. Elizabeth struggled to focus on breathing, feeling as if the breath had been torn from her lungs. Their lips parted after what seemed like an eternity, and she opened her eyes, unaware of having closed them. Nigel moved the breathless girl further back onto the bed, running his hands down the smooth skin of her legs, causing her to clutch at the blankets.

"Who else cares for you besides me?" he whispered huskily in her ear, as she writhed beneath him. Her entire body burned at his touch as she surrendered to the strength of the young man above her. He slipped his hands under the button up shirt of her uniform, grabbing roughly at her sides and hips, leaving more bruises alongside those already fading. Her hands reached out to his chest before finding his neck and pulling him down towards her. Nigel nosed his way gently down her neck, his breath hot against her sensitive skin. He nipped her collar bone lightly a few times before attacking her skin more violently, pressing his body roughly against hers. Elizabeth whimpered in his ear, digging her fingers into the flesh of his back. Nigel pulled back, a fierceness in his cold blue eyes.

"You're mine, Elizabeth, and no one hurts what's mine," the boy growled possessively before returning his lips to hers.