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A tired sigh broke the silence of the cold December night. The streets of the small Britain town where empty. Empty except for one individual. A lone young man, looking to be in his early 20ds, tucked white gloved hands into his black long coat. His curly black hair kept falling into his dark blue eyes as he continued forward, down the dark streets. The young man was ruff looking in appearance but carried himself with grace that would fit a nobleman, even with his shoulders hunched.

The young man sighed again turning his dull blue eyes up. His eyes fall on an old run down church that stud almost forgotten to his left. The young man's lips curved down into a frown as his feet slowly tuck him to the rooting wood doors, one slightly agar.

The trail of blood that he had been following lead inside and if he listened he could hear the quit sobs drifting out from the crack in the door. Apparently the one he had been sent after and sought refuge in the old church.

Maybe she hand been looking for aid from her god, or some kind of forgiveness.

The young man pushed open the wooden door with little effort. He slipped in through the opening and closed the door behind him. There was no need to have what was about to take place heard by any who might happen to pass by.

His footsteps where load to his ears as he made his way toward the one at the front of the old church. A woman covered in blood was laying there on the ground. She was clutching at the wound on her shoulder and her skin was so very pale. Her gold colored hair was plastered to her face from sweat and her breathing was pained and short.

The life was draining from her quickly. The young man was grateful for this, this meant he would not have to kill her himself. The woman's terrified silver-blue eyes turned to him and she smiled shakily up at him, her body trembled and then everything drained from her as her body sagged against the cold stone floor.

"it's a…. demon… my punish…punishment… for wanting…wan…to see my…husband…again. I only wanted to …have… him back…" she gasped out as her life faded from her.

The young man smiled cruelly down at the body of the woman. She was dead. The Earl had nothing to worry about now. He truly didn't see way the Earl had sent him after the woman in the first place. No one ever survived a dealing with the Maker.

So what if an Innocence had supposedly interfered. The Earl could have been mistaken. The woman was obviously not an Accommodator. The Earl had said that a white clough had rapt around the woman and saved her from the Amuka that was made from the woman's husband.

It had to be a mistake, because he could not sense any innocence within the woman. The young man sighed again and turned to leave the old dusty church. Let the humans deal with the body. The young man took three steps when he felt it. The shiver that ran up his spine and left him feeling overly warm.


There was innocents close by. Very close…

The wail came then, a soft cry from within the pews to his right. He turned unbelieving dark blue eyes to the pews. His feet took him to the source of the cry, and there on the cold dirty floor of the old falling down church was an infant. The child was still slick from birth, and so very small. Skin pale white and wet white heir, the infant cried out again.

His dark blue eyes not missing the black left arm the infant bore, or the pulse of green that was coming from the cross on the back of the hand. Innocents. This was the Innocents that the Earl had seen.

A parasitic Innocents to be sure. The young man had never heard of a human being born with an Innocents. Truly this would be very significant to the war…

The young man moved closer to the crying infant and crouched down. He would have to kill it for sure. The Order did not need anymore exorcists and the Earl would demand it. He brought his hand forward, it starting to glow blue with his power.

It was truly to bad, he had hoped to not have to kill again so soon, but…

The infants eyes opened and silver eyes looked up at him. The infant stopped crying as the silver flickered to gold for a breath of a moment and back to silver. The young man paused. A new feeling ghosted though his mind then and the young man slowly frowned. His glowing hand returned to normal as he moved to lift the child from the cold ground.

The child cooed at him has he rapt the infant in the loose folds of his black long coat. "Well what do we have here?" he asked softly. "A very interesting little thing aren't you?"

The infant cooed again as the silver eyes slid closed, the infant falling to sleep rapt in the warmth of the young mans coat. The man's frown grew as he traced the pinkish-red birth mark that ran from the pale forehead to the bottom of the left check. The top of the birth mark was in the shape of…

"So what is that you have there my dear Mana-kun?" a voice asked happily from the entrance to the old church. The young man, Mana, turned his eyes to the other.

The Earl stood there with that ever present grin on his face. His golden eyes looked at him in true curiosity. Mana turned and carefully made his way to the fat man that waited patiently at the doors. Once he reached the Earl, Mana showed the infant to his waiting eyes. The Earls eyes peered at the infant for a moment and then his grin grow wider and sinister. "Noah?" he spoke, his tone showing his surprise and pleasure.

"Yes, and Innocents…" Mana said as if the word left a soar taste in his mouth.

"Yes, yes indeed. Truly intriguing." The Earl mumbled in thought, rubbing at his chin as Mana pulled the infant back against his body. The young man frowned at the Earl, waiting and dreading the order to kill the infant that he know would come. The Earl watched this with calculating gold eyes. His smiled at the young man with amusement. "The new addition to our family will need a name, correct Mana-kun?"

Mana looked at the Earl with surprised dark blue eyes. "We are not going to destroy the Innocents and its accommodator?" Mana asked.

"No, No, there will be no need. He is also part of the Noah after all…" the Earl spoke again appearing lost in thought as he turned to leave through the odd set of heart shaped double doors that where behind him. "Now come along Mana-kun, bring along your new nephew. The others will be dying to meet him."

Mana moved to fallow, his lips set in a deep frown as he grimmest. He could only imagine what Road would do to the poor infant when she sow him.

It was December 24, the date of Allen Walker's birth. The day the musician, the 14th Noah was born and joined the Noah Clan.

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