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Pairing:Tyki x Allen one sided Kanda x Allen

In all the fifteen years of the Fourteenth Noah's life, his world had never been silent. There had always been some type of sound that he could feel or hear. Weather it was a soft hum or a voice singing soothingly, his world had never been quiet.

Allen had never quite understood what true silence was, until now.

It only took seconds to travel from one place to another using Noah's Ark, in that small moment, Allen's world went truly silent. There was no hum and no voice singing deep within his heart…

There was just nothing.

It was like the Ark gave its last to get them to Edo. One last pulse of sound and life and then it was no more.

They came tumbling out of the white gate. The mismatched group nothing but arms, legs, and feet as they all hit the unforgiving ground hard, the gate breaking and falling to peaces then faded from existence. Tyki pushed himself up and growled, then shoving one of the humans feet of his head. The Noah then turned his gold eyes on the younger underneath him.

The Noah of Pleasure frowned when terrified silver eyes met his gold. Allen looked to be truly lost and scared. Tyki sighed and pulled the younger Noah to his feet and then pulled him into his arms. He was very displeased to note that his shounen was shaking.

"He's Noah…" the old and deep voice of the Bookman said and Tyki's eyes narrowed. He met the old Exorcists unbelieving gaze.

His gray lips sliding into a wide grin when the red haired human spoke in a shocked voice. "But that's not possible, he has Innocence-!"

"Our Fourteenth is just special that way." Tyki breathed out as he petted at Allen's white hair. He was well aware that almost all of the humans were watching them. But the Noah of Pleasure didn't much care.

"I was under the impression that there were only Thirteen Noah." a new voice spoke from the groups left. Tyki turned his eyes to the new speaker, his hold on the younger Noah tightening. A few long steps to the groups left were three other Exorcists. One wearing a gold lined Exorcist uniform. Next to the one dressed in black and gold was an Akuma. No doubt modified like the one from the ship.

Tyk's amused grin twisted into a frown at the sight of the Exorcist General. The hand that had been petting at Allen's white hair coming to a stand still. The Noah of Pleasure's golden eyes met the General's, the human just continued to look the two Noah over before he approach.

Tyki's frown deepened and without even blinking he moved the younger Noah behind him, The Musician of Noah didn't fight him, his silver eyes now locked on the approaching General.

Allen's heart was filled with fear and uncertainty. Tyki had told him that if they were ever to come across an Exorcist with a gold lined coat, that he was to run or summon a gate and return to the Ark. He was under no circumstances to stay anywhere near one.

But at the moment there was nowhere to run to. The Ark had gone silent and the Maker was trying to kill them…

Allen pale and dark fingers took a hard grip of Tyki's white shirt, the older Noah the only thing he had. It brought the younger Noah a small amount of comfort that Tyki was here with him, but Allen was still afraid, so the younger pressed even closer to the older's back.

What if the General decided to attack them?

"I have no intention of harming him, or you." The General said, his dark eyes looking at the younger Noah before they turned to meet Tyki's hard golden eyes. "I believe the circumstances put us on the same side." the gray haired man finished as he came to a stop before the two Noah.

The Exorcist named Kanda hissed at how close the General was to the enemy and the other taller and dark skinned Exorcist frowned. The General smiled, "I am General Fio Tiedell. May I get your names?"

Tyki blinked, then he chuckled, his lips returning to his amused smirk. The Noah of Pleasure pushed his hands into the pockets of his black pants as he looked the group of humans and Exorcists over. They were all looking at them now, with expressions ranging from hateful to the curious. "I'm Tyki Mikk, the Noah of Pleasure and the Third." he said smoothly, his gold eyes landing on the Exorcist with the sword.

Tyki hadn't missed how the human with the sword was looking at his shounen. "The shounen here is Allen Walker, our Musician of Noah and Fourteenth."

General Tiedell smiled and nodded, the younger Noah relaxing slightly when is became clear that Tyki and him were not going to get attacked. "It's nice to meet you, Tyki and Allen." The Exorcist General said in a nice tone, his eyes turning to look at Kanda and the rather tall Exorcist. "These two are Yuu Kanda and Noise Marie." Kanda frowned and continued to glare.

"Do you have any idea why the Millennium Earl gave the order to kill the Noah?" the red haired Bookman asked, his green eye narrowed and watching the two Noah with a calculating look. "Why does he want Allen back so badly that he's willing to kill his allies?"

"Yes, I do find that odd. Even if this 'Mana' that you spoke of had betrayed him, it doesn't make sense to kill any and all Noah that were to get in his way…" The older Bookman said, his tone thoughtful. His dark eyes turned to look at the two Akuma watching the group talk. "I believe that the question that we should be asking is what's so special about the Fourteenth Noah."

Tyki chuckled and shrugged. His gold eyes narrowing when his shounen pressed closer to his back. "Allen is very different then the other Noah, his only ability is to control the Ark..." The Noah of Pleasure said thoughtfully. "Not even Road or the Earl can control it on the scale that Allen can…"

That most be it.

Tyki turned and his hands came to rest on the younger Noah's thin shoulders. His gold eyes hard and his voice deep with concern. "Allen, you said something was wrong with the Ark?"

Allen's pink lips pulled down into a soft frown, his brow creasing and his silver eyes still holding that lost look. "It's… It's silent…" the younger Noah whispered out, his voice also filled with his confusion over the fact that something that had always been there, that had been there all his life, was just no longer there.

"That's because the Earl has begun his plans of building a new Ark." a deep voice spoke up from behind the miss match group. Everyone turned to look at the one that had spoken, Allen could feel his heart ach in his chest and the young Musician of Noah ran forward, passed the group of Exorcists and wrapped his thin arms around his fathers waist.

Mana Walker smiled and patted his sons head, his gold eyes raising to look at the group that had gathered in Edo. "If the Earl succeeds in making a new Ark, he will be able to bring about the Three Day's of Darkness…"

The Noah of Longing's face twisted into a grim look, his eyes turning to met Tyki's gold. The Noah of Pleasure frowned, his arms raising to cross over his chest. What the Noah of Longing said made sense, but what did that have to do with the shounen…?

"What does that have to do with Allen?" he asked, his eyes still narrowed and his voice filled with his confusion.

Mana sighed, his shoulders sagging and his eyes filling with defeat. "To make a new Ark the Earl will need the Heart of the current Ark. He will need to erase and reintegrate the existing Heart into the new Ark to make it functional…"

Tyki's gold eyes widened, his mouth parting then closing. Everything making sense now. The Noah of Pleasure had always thought that the White Piano was the Heart to Noah's Ark… The others of the Clan had all been lead to beleive that the Piano was the key...

But the piano had played on its own…

No, that was wrong. Allen had made the piano play, without even having to touch it, the keys had simply moved according to his will

"The Heart of the Ark isn't the Piano." Tyki hissed out coldly, the Noah's heart filling with cold dread. Hs gold eyes falling to meet confused silver, his shounen having turned to look at him when he started to speak. Mana's face looked even more defeated, his eyes falling to look at the fifteen year old still holding onto his middle.

"The Fourteenth Noah is the Heart of Noah's Ark."

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