Author's Note:

I haven't written for fun in ages! So, using the excuse of improving my writing (and also because I'm thoroughly sick of writing reports, proposals, etc.), I am starting this story which is loosely based on AbNaGbEyL's challenge: the Harry Potter/Twilight Harry McCarty challenge. To make the two separate series fit, I've moved around the timelines quite a bit. Basically, either Bella's story happened a lot earlier or Harry's birth came a lot later. By that, I mean that Bella moving to Forks roughly coincides with Harry's early childhood (pre-Voldemort attack).

The story starts after Edward and the Cullens left Forks after the disastrous birthday party for Bella at the beginning of New Moon.

Chapter 1 – Memories Lost

Mid-February, 1982

Emmett Cullen was lying in a field of thick snow, watching blooming clouds race across the sky, musing on the current scattered state of the Cullen family.

The instant they all arrived in Alaska, Alice began to scream at Edward for his decision to leave Bella without giving her a chance to explain things or even say goodbye. Edward, strangely enough, merely clenched his jaw but did not respond to anything Alice had said. In a fit of anger, Alice immediately packed up her and Jasper's belongings and left, stating that she was unable to stay in the same country as someone as selfish as Edward.

A couple of days later, Jasper called Carlisle to report that he and Alice were now in the southern portion of Argentina. He also mentioned that Alice was still extremely angry at Edward, and so it was very unlikely that they would be returning to the rest of the family any time soon.

When the rest of the Cullens finally visisted the Denali coven after settling in, they were very surprised to find Laurent with them. It seemed that Laurent was intrigued enough by their diet of animals and was willing to give it a try. It also didn't hurt that he caught the eye of Irina and their infatuation with each other provided ample reason for him to stay. As the Cullens enlightened Laurent and the Denalis of James death, Laurent informed them that Victoria, as James' partner, will most likely exact revenge on Edward through Bella. This prompted Edward into packing and leaving to hunt down Victoria before she had a chance to hurt Bella.

Thus, only Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett remained in Alaska. Rosalie was firmly of the belief that Bella was the main cause of the breakup of their family and took to sulking alone in the house. Even Emmett couldn't get through her bad mood, so he began to go hunting alone, which was why he was currently lying alone in the open meadow covered with snow.

It had been an unusually warm winter, and now, in mid-February, many animals were starting to come out of hibernation. He was out by the north coast of Alaska earlier and had dined on several seals. Suddenly, the quiet rumble of something digging in snow sounded at the edge of his hearing. He sat up and cocked his head in the direction of the sound, idly wondering what it might be. Deciding that anything would be better than the general depressed mood back home, he got up and sprinted towards the sound.

Emmett arrived just in time to see a mother polar bear poke her head out of her den, checking her surroundings for any dangers or threats. Emmett stopped and stayed at a respectable distance to watch. Soon, two polar bear cubs came tumbling out of the hole, wrestling each other while slipping and sliding down the slope. He smiled at their antics, but the sight tickled something in his memories. Settling in the permafrost, he began to dig through his past as a frown appeared on his face.

The trauma from both the severe mauling of a bear and his turning into a vampire caused him to lose most of his human memories. The polar bear cubs seemed to have brought something from the shadowy depths of his mind. Light, twinkling laughter was first to surface from his memories, but it was not laughter Emmett recognized. As he wracked his brain to place a person to the laughter, fuzzy images began to appear. It appeared to be a memory of a zoo, standing outside an outdoor exhibit. There was a large moat behind the railing, and the habitat was one of snow, on which there was a small, white fuzzy animal of sorts tumbling about – a polar bear cub!

The laughter sounded again, and the memory swung to the side to show a toddler, a girl, clapping her hands in delight at the antics of the cub as it wrestled with some brightly coloured toy inside its habitat. The girl had long curly hair and dimples as she grinned.

"Da!" the toddler cried, "po-ar bear!" Her young speech was missing 'l's.

The girl was held up by a woman, whose face was too fuzzy to make out in the memory. But who was this girl, Emmett thought. No matter how much he forced his brain to remember, he simply could not identify the child. Giving up, he finally decided to head back to the house.

As he neared the home, Esme came to open the door for him, to welcome him back. Ever since Alice, Jasper and then Edward had left, she had taken to this habit of welcoming everyone home, be it Carlisle, Rosalie, or him, to reassure herself that the rest of the family are still around. However, the instant Esme stepped out the door, Emmett halted in his tracks, another memory from his human life swarming up. His wife, Anna, did the exact same every evening when he came home from work.

When Rosalie rescued him when he was being mauled to death by a bear, she did not take note of the location before she ran towards Carlisle. He also had no other memories of himself as a human apart from basic facts such as his name, Emmett McCarty. It never occurred to him, or to Carlisle, or anyone else in the Cullen family at the time, to get more information apart from his basic identity: name, age, location of residence. But now, it came as a total shock to him that he had been married to someone else named Anna prior to that fatal hunting trip.

"Emmett?" Esme called, worried by his sudden stop.

Emmett ran towards the house again, flashing a reassuring grin at Esme when he drew near.

"Sorry, Esme, got a little lost in thought there."

"Well come on in, dear, and welcome home."

Esme drew Emmett into a strong hug.

"How's Rosalie?" Emmett asked, concerned that his wife was still in such a bad mood even after all this time.

"About the same, I'm afraid," Esme replied with a slight frown, "won't you please try and talk to her again?"

"I will. Just let me clean up first."

Emmett dashed up his stairs for a quick shower and a change of clothes. As the water ran down his body, he thought back to those two memories he recently remembered. A wife, and the child, could that be his own daughter?

Cleaned up and in fresh clothes, he knocked on the door to the bedroom he and Rosalie shared.

"Rose, love, talk to me please?"

"Go away!" came the snapped reply.

Emmett opened his mouth to respond, but froze. Sarah! Sarah McCarty! The toddler's name was Sarah McCarty, and she was his daughter! He all but tore down the stairs, running into Carlisle's study to borrow his computer. He sat down and drummed his fingers rather impatiently while he waited for the computer to boot up, unwittingly creating dents on Carlisle's desk. Logging on to the internet, he quickly looked up a trustworthy genealogist. Quickly punching in the number into his cellphone, he deleted the browsing history, turned off the computer, and dashed out of the house once again.

"Emmett? Emmett!" Esme cried as he ran out the door.

Moving to a spot far enough away from the house for privacy while staying in the range of his cellphone's reception, he dialled the number and waited for the genealogist to pick up.

"Hello? Yes, I would like to track down the whereabouts of someone I recently realized I was related to. Yes, her name is Sarah McCarty, and she was born around 1933 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee..."