Barking At The Moon

Disclaimer- I don't own Twilight or anything else recognizable.

Summary- Jared Imprint leaves him a mess, but just maybe there is someone who can heal him after all. Slash.

If you haven't figured it out this story is rated M and it will have M content. Don't like it don't read it.


Jacob groaned at the sound of the front door slamming shut. Jared groaned when the back door slammed shut.

"They left. Great." Jacob told Jared, before sliding down the wall so he was sitting on the ground. Jared nodded and slid down the opposite wall so they were facing each other.

"I tried to kill Bella." Jacob told him.

"I saw you kiss Bella." Jared told him. Jacob nodded and stayed silent, he pretended to dust some imaginary dust off his jean shorts. The two ignored each other for about half an hour before Jacob spoke.

"What's your favourite colour?" Jared raised an eyebrow "What? We're supposed to talk."

"Okay. Favourite colour.. dark blue. You?"

"Dark purple. Favourite food?"

"Pizza, with chicken breast, ham and black olives." Jacob frowned

"That sounds good actually." Jared laughed and nodded.

"What's your favourite movie?" Jacob asked

"Umm.. War of the Worlds. And you?"

"The Notebook." Jacob coughed out. Jared chuckled at Jacob's answer.

"Favourite song?" Jared asked after a few minutes of silence.

"ABC's or Happy Birthday to you." Jacob joked, "You?"

"Addicted by Saving Abel." Jared answered for real. "What is your favourite thing to do?"

"Working on cars. I thought that was kind of obvious. What yours?"

"Art. I like drawing and sketching and painting." Jacob nodded he knew that. He only ever seen glimpse of Jared work when they were in wolf form. The two sat in silence each of them lost in their own thoughts, or just enjoying the silence. Jared fingers brushed across the floor boards, lazy patterns being drawn. It was a habit when ever he was nervous, scared or just bored his fingers would dance on the surface of whatever was closets to him or they would move in lazy swirls.

Jacob leaned his head back resting it against the wall. He closed his eyes and started humming the ABC's tone.

"...W, X,Y, and Z now I know my ABCs next time won't sing with me." Jacob finished the song with words instead of hums. Jared smiled and shook his head.

"Won't sing with me?" Jacob asked staring at Jared.

"A, B, C,D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z now I know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me." The two finished the song and started laughing.

"So now what?" Jared asked after another silence settled over the two. Jacob shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. We both messed up."

"Yeah. So how do we fix it?" Jacob looked straight across the closet to Jared, their eyes stared into each others.

"Why did you break up with me that day in the forest?" Jared frowned as he remember the reason why, he shifted under Jacob's stare, but he never lifted his head to meet Jacob's eyes.

"I had a dream. I woke in the forest alone, so I followed the dream and went to Sam and Emily's too see if I could find anyone. I got their and the whole house was empty like everything was gone, all the furniture was gone. I then went to my house and there was nothing there either. It looked nobody ever lived there." Jacob frowned and waited for Jared to carry on with his explanation. "I made my way to the shopping center next, there were very few people there and every time I tried to talk to someone there would look at me before turning away and acting like I never existed. Eventually I found an old lady who was zipping the zipper up on a young girl before she would pull the zipper down before zipping it back up. It was weird but I then tried talking to the young girl and she understood me. She looked to be about six and she had the most beautiful chocolate almond eyes. I asked if she could show me where everyone was she shook her head no so I left. I was about to head back into the forest when I saw her again this time she was wearing a black dress. She took my hand and was so cold, and she lead me into the forest to the cliffs. When we finally stopped the pack came out and phased back human. You all started circling me before you all called me things."

"What kind of things?" Jacob asked listening to Jared explain his dream.

"Paul called me disgusting, Sam said freak, Embry said Nasty, Seth called me trash, and you called me queer." Jacob felt his heart drop to his stomach.

"Jared I would never-"

"You guys just kept taunting me and insulting me. It started to feel real." Jared cut Jacob off before he could say anything. "The next day Andromeda Lee shows up at school in my Spanish class. She had the exact same chocolate almond eyes as the little girl in my dream had."


"After that everything really just hurt. Leah was mad at me because you were hurt. My mom was disappointed with herself because I was hurting and she said she would never let me hurt after my father left her. Andromeda Lee was being an annoying Bitch. And the pack was trying to avoid getting involved."

"Then we made up and I had to go and mess it all up." Jared looked up and waited for Jacob to catch his gaze.

"You didn't mess it up, Isabella freakin Swan did." Jacob looked at Jared.

"But I kissed her."

"You were in love with her."

"You were in love with Kim."

"She hurt me and left me."

"I know, and then I wanted to heal you." The two sat in silence, neither talking or moving.

"What time do you think it is?" Jared asked rubbing his hand over his tired face, they had been in there for a while.

"Probably around midnight." Jacob answered letting out a huge yawn. Jared nodded and rubbed his eyes with his index fingers.

"Do they expect us to stay in here all night with no food. How the hell are we supposed to sleep in here? It barely fits us and we're both sitting."

"I don't know Jared." Jared nodded stared at Jacob. Jared swallowed feverously. "What?" Jacob asked after he noticed the way Jared was acting.

"If I ask you to do something will you do it?"

"Depends on what it is." Jared nodded, he moved to his knees and crawled over to Jacob and straddled the taller teens thighs. Jacob rested his hands on Jared hips and stretched his legs out straight.

"Kiss me. Please." Jacob nodded and raised his left hand to graze Jared cheek, he cupped the cheek before pulling Jared's face closer to his. Their lips meet in a soft gentle kiss, Jared's top lip brushed, Jacob's bottom lip before he pulled back to meet Jacob's eyes.

"Can we try again? Maybe take it slower this time?" Jacob pulled Jared close again and the two slammed their lips together. Jacob's tongue ran over Jared bottom lip before Jared opened his mouth and their tongues danced for a few seconds before Jared pulled back. He pecked Jacob quickly before pulling away. Jared raised his hand and brushed Jacob's hair away from Jacob's forehead. Jacob's one hand was gripping the back of Jared head, it was buried under his dark black hair.

"I can't say I love you yet. I told Kim that and she said she loved me back and yet she broke my heart. I don't want to get hurt again Jacob."

"I don't want to hurt you. Hey Jared?"

"Yeah?" Jacob swallowed and stared deep into Jared's eyes.

"Do you still love Kim?" Jared flinched slightly before lowering his eyes, he thought about his relationship with Kim and compared it to the relationship with Jacob.

"No." Jacob smiled and lifted Jared chin with his index finger, Jacob leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on Jared's lips.

"Good." Jared eyes connected with Jacob and he felt it happen. Everything around them disappeared and Jacob was the only one around, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Jacob was the only other person around.

"You imprinted." Jacob told Jared.

"But how?"

"You said weren't in love with Kim. You broke the last string connecting your imprint to Kim. Which allowed you to re-imprint." Jared smiled and leaned forward drawing Jacob into another kiss. Jared wrapped his arms around Jacob's neck, pulling them in even closer.

"We should sleep." Jacob said once the two pulled back. Jared chuckled and raised an eyebrow.

"How exactly?" Jacob gestured Jared to get off him, Jared did and watched as Jacob shimmied down until his was laying on his back with his knees bent and his feet flat on the ground. Jared smiled before laying down on his side with his knees bent and his head resting on Jacob's chest. Jacob wrapped his arm around Jared's shoulders and pulled the boy closer towards him.

"Go to sleep." Jacob whispered and placed a kiss on Jared's head.

"You too." Jared whisper-yawn before snuggling closer to Jacob and closed his eyes.

"WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTIES!" Quil yelled as he entered the house with the rest of the pack following. Emily smacked Quil on the arm.

"Be quiet."Paul and Embry placed the pizzas on the table.

"So how where they?" Sam asked Andromeda

"I have a full stomach." Andromeda told them standing up to show them the hole disappeared.

"So that means they made up?" Leah asked

"Let's go find out." The pack made their way to the closet, Embry unlocked the door and opened the door, the morning light filled the closet making the two teens groan at glare at the people at the door. Too tired to move Jared buried his head into Jacob's chest.

"So I'm guessing our plan was a success?" Andromeda asked. Jared turned and glared at her before burring his head again.

"Should have know this was your plan." Jared mumbled into Jacob's chest.

"Who me, I would never do such a thing. I would never make your friends lock you two in the closet and then sit in the living room all night eating popcorn and reading Vogue magazines. I can't believe you would think so low of me."

"Right doesn't sound like you at all." Andromeda laughed and danced out of the doorway the pack following.

"Theres pizza in the kitchen." She called, a second later Jacob and Jared came scrambling out of the closet to attack the pizza boxes.

"So everything is good now?" Emily asked once the two boys had eaten half of their pizzas. Jacob and Jared looked at each other before nodding.

"Everything is good." They all smiled.

"Yeah and if you guys happened to chain the bitch to a chair so I can have a go at her everything will be perfect."

"Don't worry about Bella. I have something panned." Andromeda told them and grinned a wicked smile.

I hope you enjoy. This story is coming to an end soon. Probably about 4-5 more chapters. After I finish my Summers Never Been Better for HP, I'll be starting a crossover between Harry Potter and Twiligt, it'll be a Draco/Jacob. At least thats the plan so far.