Pairing: Xanxus/Squalo, known as XS, 339 or 344. Why? Becasue it's my total OTP.

Notes: I just wanted to say that I'm from Poland so my English is not perfect but I was trying my best. Sorry for all mistakes I made.

I'm here.

Xanxus woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. A cold sweat covered his face, his breathing rapid, his heart pounded like crazy and a veritable terror hid in his eyes.

This nightmare again, he thought, trying to calm down.

He hated when he dreamed that he was frozen once again. It was the only thing he feared. This pervasive cold, the silence disturbed by nothing, total isolation. The pain which was almost impossible to eliminate and was piercing his entire body. A sense of helplessness. He hated it all and he never wanted to feel that way again.

'I'm here,' he heard a quiet, hoarse voice by his side.


The swordsman raised his head from Xanxus' chest and looked at his sweaty face. The heart of the black-haired man was beating so hard and fast that Superbi woke up alerted.

Varia's boss felt the other man's fingers stroking his hair for a moment, then moving along his jaw and finally intertwined with his own.

'So go to sleep, stupid Boss, it's still early,' Squalo continued in a whisper, nastling lazily into Xanxus.

The black-haired man smiled softly to himself incidentally. He reached out his hand and began troking and playing with white a silk strand. Shortly after he fell asleep, completely relaxed with fingers in Squalo's hair.


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