Chapter Twenty: And I lost who I Am

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"Gar, Garfield come out!" Kori called to him. "You must take your medicine!"

"Leave me be, Kori. I want to be left alone!" Gar snarled.

Kori forced the door open. She found her grief stricken friend in his beast form, curled up on his bed.

"If you dare to bite me, I will slap you!" Kori told him sternly.

"Please go away," Gar growled, hanging his head.

"If she were here she would not want you to mope about," Kori scolded him, stroking his gray fur.

"Don't talk to me about Terra!" he wouldn't look at her.

"So you will let her murderer go free, even if he is our ruler because you want to brood about how useless you feel?"

She felt her friend stiffen.

"Gar, take the medicine," Richard ordered. Their friend did as he was asked. His body shifted forms and he returned to normal.

"Good to have you back," Victor told him.

"Now get your armor on, and get your men ready, they say there's discontent everywhere and that they need a real leader to take charge."

"You do it, Richard, you've always been a leader," Gar said flippantly.

"I could lead this rebellion, but I'm not you, you have more of a reason than I do, she was everything to you, and he destroyed everything you ever cared about."

"Why should I?" Gar snapped.

"Because you're the only one who can."

"Fine, Richard, fine, let me get a drink first," Gar grumbled, he put on his good clothes and went out to look for some wine.

"He needs to be careful Kori, if he loses control, he'll endanger us all," Richard put a hand on her shoulder.

"I know, that is why I am constantly keeping an eye on him. I hope it will l be enough."

"I hope so too, Kori," Richard agreed. "I hope so too."

He said "Tend to Raven", in the vain hope that she was still alive, but she didn't move or breathe. Gar turned back to face his hated enemy. He would tear his foe to pieces, and then this would end.

"She's dead! Raven's dead and you've murdered her!"

"No, her death is your fault! Her blood is on your hands!" Malchior retorted.

"Garfield, she is still breathing!" Kori called out, but her friend was not hearing her words. Kori did her best to bandage Raven's wounds; she managed to move her friend to safety.

Gar was beyond furious, Raven was dead, no one could survive his vicious attack. This was wrong, it should have been him, she kept telling him that he was going to die. The hopes and dreams he had, for her, for their child, were shattered, if not hanging by a thread.

Gar barreled towards Malchior, slashing and biting the dragon's large hind leg, digging his claws into the hard scales.

The creature howled in agony, nothing had ever pierced his scaly hide, but this…thing could do it. He tried to shake it off, but its jaws were clamped down, refusing to release him.

Malchior tried to slash it when suddenly; a black tendril of power blocked his strike.

"What?!" he shrieked. It was Raven, and yet, not Raven. He could see her shape, and yet her body was still, unmoving.

Gar's eyes widened in shocked disbelief, momentary relief swept over him.

"You didn't think that I wouldn't prepare for your coming did you?"

"What have you prepared for me, Sweet Raven? A magic circle? You'd need something much more powerful than a mere circle to stop me!" Malchior boasted.

He glowered at her, flapping his wings, he returned to attempting to remove the pretender oaf from his leg. Gar bit down harder as a response. Malchior groaned.

"What good will it do you, since you're not even able to activate it even if there was a circle?"

Malchior could see Raven's Soul Self, and it was…smiling?!

"We do have a circle, and it can be self activated, even if something should happen to incapacitate me!"

Malchior was horrified, Raven held up his prize, the Philosopher's Stone as it was amplified by a magic circle, he saw the ground move and take shape as a familiar figure rose from it.

"No, that's impossible!" Malchior screamed.

"Miss me?" a familiar voice asked.

Gar, Victor, Kori and Richard stared in awe at a familiar sight. It was Terra, at least her form and her shape, powered by the Philosopher's Stone.

"You aren't real, Terra, you won't last long against me," Malchior smirked.

"I'm real enough to finish you! And I'm not alone!"

Malchior looked over as Kori notched two arrows to her bow and shot him in the eyes. He flailed wildly, screaming in rage and pain.

"Open fire!" Victor gave the order. Malchior staggered back as he was hit by a barrage of cannon fire.

Richard unsheathed his sword and leapt off the castle walls. He slashed Malchior with his sword. The dragon recoiled again, only to be hit by a barrage of earthen spikes from Terra; she kept smashing rocks against him, keeping him off balance. Gar released Malchior's leg, reverting to his human form as he once again grabbed a pair of swords and charged at his hated enemy.

Victor, Kori, and Richard all charged Malchior, Victor sunk his battle axe into his leg; Kori shot him through the eyes as Richard hacked away at the other leg. Now Malchior couldn't move, and he was rooted to the ground.

Gar rushed forward, slashing Malchior with his claws, he kept moving, rushing back and forth, tearing him, hurting him, inflicting agonizing pain on him, for Terra, for Raven, for everyone he'd ever hurt. Blood dropped to the ground, dark black and Malchior was too stunned to retaliate. This was something Gar had dreamed about, and now he would make sure this monster would never come back to haunt him or Raven again. He lost himself in vengeance, and it tasted sweet.

Terra used the earth to grab Malchior and pulled him down into the earth. She turned to Raven's soul self.

"Raven, thank you," Terra smiled. "Take care of him; he's a handful you know."

"I know, let's finish this!" Raven agreed, they both looked at the dragon as he began to panic.

"No Terra, wait, I'll bring you back to life, just let me live! Raven, I'll be the man you always wanted, I'll make it so we can all be happy and have what we want. Don't you want that Terra? Don't you want to be reborn and have Garfield back in your life?"

Terra looked at Malchior and sneered, "I find it abhorrent to live out my life for no other reason than I was born into it."

Gar had noticed something lying beside Raven's body. It was a book; it looked like it was very ancient, as if it'd existed for a long, long time, before she'd even been born. Malchior had told her that it was cursed, and that it was in his possession for safe keeping.

"I did a lot of research while waiting for you Malchior, you taught me spells, but I just learned a curse!" Raven spat. Her powers grabbed a book that had been lying beside her body,

"Aldruon Enlenthra Nalthos Sola Narisnor!"

"NOOOO!" Malchior wailed as the energy engulfed him, binding him and dragging him toward the book.

Suddenly Gar threw his sword and severed Malchior's head; he dropped to the ground, and didn't move.

"Looks like you were in way over your head, Malchior, you shouldn't have been stupid and lost your head!" he smirked; he turned back to his remaining men.

"We're having a feast with dragon tail tonight boys!" Gar shouted, the remnants of his army cheered. He then turned immediately and scooped up Raven.

"Garfield, I'm sorry," Terra looked over at him. "She used the Philosopher's Stone to revive me to help her; she didn't use it on herself."

"Don't be sorry, that was her decision. Terra, I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

Terra gave him a smile, "There wasn't anything you could do, but you can save her. I never blamed you for what happened to me, so stop blaming yourself."

She stroked his cheek, "I love you. Goodbye."

She swirled and dissolved, vanishing before his eyes. "Thank you Terra, thank you."

He carried Rave inside, placing her on a bed, Kori had informed him that she'd stopped bleeding and for now, she wasn't in danger, but she wasn't waking up and that was concerning.

"I do not know why she is still unconscious," Kori frowned.

The servants spent the next few days preparing a feast, the army and common folk celebrated for days, but Gar wasn't in the mood, worry stole his appetite.

He was pacing back and forth in his chambers. Raven still wasn't moving.

Gar clutched his head in his hands and rushed to the table, fumbling for his medicine; he drank it and sighed in relief.

Suddenly he heard a voice call his name.

"Garfield," Raven spoke.

"Raven?!" he asked aloud, looking over at her inert body.

"I'm sorry, Gar, I'm using my powers to telepathically communicate with you, normally I don't do this, but this is the only way I can speak to you. My mirror is for meditation, and it's a portal into my mind. It's the only place I can safely exist right now."

"Raven, what mirror?" Gar asked, he looked over and saw a small one lying on a table. "Oh!" he picked it up and looked at it.

Suddenly a dark red hand reached out and pulled him into the mirror. He screamed in surprise and shock.

Garfield climbed to his feet. He looked around at the dark, barren wasteland before him; everything was a strange gray color, like Raven's skin.

"Raven?" he called again, suddenly, he looked up and saw her; she stood still and said nothing.

Suddenly, the view changed, Gar stared around in awe. Instead of a cold wasteland, he saw a beautiful field of flowers, the one from his memories where they had spent time together when they were first married.

Raven pulled him against her, kissing him deeply.

"Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven," he whispered her name over and over, running his fingers through her hair.

"I thought I lost you!" he gasped as she stroked his cheek, running her hands over his chest.

"I've missed you Gar, I've tried to wake up, but my body is too weak," she sighed, leaning against his chest.

"The baby? What of our child?" he asked, concerned for his offspring was foremost, Malchior hadn't stabbed her through the stomach, but through her chest and lungs.

"How come you aren't dead?" he asked, stroking her hair as they lay in each other's arms.

"I used all of my power to help Kori stop the bleeding and most of it was used to activate the magic circle, the remainder of it is being used to protect the baby."

Raven looked up at him, distraught, "I have to choose Gar, between myself and our baby!"

"I'll find a way to heal you, I promise," Gar reassured her, soothing her.

"I don't want to die, I don't want to lose the baby either, I'm afraid," she pulled him close; he nuzzled her neck, kissing her lips.

"Everything will be fine, Raven, everything will be fine."

"What was that?" Raven inquired, curious.

"What was what?" Gar replied, unsure of what she meant.

"That creature you transformed into?"

"It has no name, I call it a Beast. It was fused to me when I was a child, I became very ill and my parents took me to a wizard named Rorek and he fused me with it, saying it would keep me alive."

He continued, "I transform if I'm under a great amount of physical and emotional stress."

"You've never done that in front of me," Raven observed.

"I have medicine Kori gives me that keeps him under control."

"So that's what you were drinking earlier," Raven sighed.

"Are you afraid of me Raven?" Gar asked.

"No Gar, I could never be afraid of you," she stroked his face lovingly. She leaned over and kissed him deeply, holding him in her arms.

"You should leave, you've been in my mind for hours," Raven told him.

"I want to stay with you," he sighed.

"You have to go back before the others start looking for you."

"All right," he conceded, she opened a portal for him and he stepped through.

Gar landed on the cold, hard stone floor with a thump, "Ugh!" he grunted, rubbing his butt in irritation. He stood to his feet; he looked over as Kori opened the door and entered the room, followed by Richard and Victor. There is a doctor who might be able to help us, I know of him, but not how to find him."

"Garfield, this is far beyond my skills. I do not know how to help Raven. But I do believe I know of someone who can help heal Raven.

"Kori, you said there is a famous doctor, one far more skilled than you; do you know where he is? Can you find him?"

"I do not know if he will be able to help, but I will bring him to you."

"Find him immediately!" Gar said eagerly.

"Kori, who is he?" Richard asked.

"His name is Ra's Al Ghul, he is a famous physician. They say he can revive the dead."

"But Raven isn't dead," Victor noted.

"But she is near death, and either way, I am sure he can help her," she looked at Garfield. "I have heard that his methods have unwanted side effects. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Gar's eyes were set, "Bring him here, I'm sure. I will bring Raven back to us, no matter what the cost!"