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The New Member of the Order


After months of being kept in the dark staying with the Dursleys for more than a month, Harry finally got the opportunity to get answers. Sirius and other members of the Order had given him permission to ask any question about the Order and what Voldemort was planning.

After Harry asked a few questions about Voldemort rebuilding his army, Harry turned his attention to what everyone did in the Order.

"I'm doing nothing but sit around here in this blasted house" Sirius Black said bitterly.

"I'm trying to recruit people for the order in the ministry but I have to be secretive of course." Mr. Weasley said with pride.

"Actually Harry, Dumbledore has given me a mission to-" Lupin was then cut off by who completely shushed Remus.

"Don't you think it's inappropriate to tell Harry about the missions?" Ms. Weasley said in disapproval.

"No, I don't because even Dumbledore doesn't know if this halfa, or Phantom even exists." Lupin said in a very calm voice.

"Wait what is this halfa?" Harry asked confused.

"Ah, here lies the mystery." Lupin said turning to Harry.

"Apparently, there is a powerful ghost that's taken shape in a solid form but isn't a poltergeist."Sirius Black said.

"But can't ghosts only be intangible?" Harry said.

"That is why a member of the Order or Remus in this case is going to America before a Death Eater may catch wind of it. A ghost that powerful could be a powerful enemy against any wizard or witch... If it's real of course" Mr. Weasley said, with hints showing his disbelief in the halfa.

"So you're going to find this halfa or Phantom and try to recruit it?" Harry said turning to Lupin.

"Well if the sources are correct then this halfa may be an invaluable asset to the Order and Dumbledore has ordered me to try and recruit it to the Order." Lupin said.

"Well I think that's enough of twenty questions Harry, now it's time for all of you to go to bed" Mrs. Weasley said suddenly, backing herself up with a hard glare at Fred, George, Ron, Hermoine and Harry.

"Come on one more question" Ron pleaded.

Mrs. Weasley glared at all the underage kids in the kitchen. Knowing that they weren't going to win this fight they walked through the kitchen doorway and made their way up the stairs only to notice Ginny lifting up an Extendable Ear.

"So, you heard the whole everything sis?" George asked with a proud smile.

"Ya I did. Thanks to your Extendable Ears. You think that halfa thing is real I mean a ghost that can be tangible is pretty farfetched to me." Ginny says with a sceptically tone.

"Yeah but a giant snake that can kill you with a single stare is not out of ordinary?" Harry said.

"Well seeing all those ghosts being intangible at Hogwarts seemed to be norm. While in America, there's a special ghost that can choose to be tangible or not." Ginny said with some sarcasm.

"I wish we were in Hogwarts so I could research this halfa in the library" Hermoine said.

"Of course you'd want to go to the library Hermoine" Ron says with a smirk.

"Remember, this thing has even Dumbledore stumped on what to describe this halfa" Harry said.

The others nodded and Harry slowly made his way up the staircase to his room with Ron and went into the old bed to fall asleep.

Chapter 1

3 days later

Danny Fenton woke up to the constant beeping of his alarm. The teen started to groan from the loud noise blaring in his ears trying to get his attention. Danny raised his arm and slammed down on the alarm and looked at the electronic clock, it read 11:00 a.m.

'It's nice that it's the summer...that way I get to sleep.' Danny thought smiling.

Danny slowly got out of bed and gathered all of the stuff he needed. He got into his signature white t-shirt with the red logo placed in the centre, with old light blue jeans covering his legs. His dark black hair was still messy and out of place, but Danny would make no effort in making it neat, he never had enough time to deal with it anyways.

Once Danny felt he was good enough for the public, he turned into his ghost half and flew through the ceiling. Then, the halfa started to fly over to Tucker's house as fast as he could.

Danny flew at a steady pace above the city taking in the warm noon sun on his face, making leisurely twirls through the air. But, little did Danny know, he was being watched by the ghost zone's greatest hunter, Skulker.

"Ah, my prey is in sight" Skulker said as he was looking through his binoculars, and then with a quick slice his binoculars slid back into his mechanical arm. Skulker then proceeded to prepare to capture the ghost child, trying to figure out the best way to attack. The element of surprise was crucial to Skulker's hunt and he wanted to use it to greatest efficiency.

With a press of button a large blaster slid out the mechanical arm ready to fire. Skulker took his time to aim and with a press to the trigger, shot a laser beam straight towards the teen halfa.

Lupin was exhausted from the last two days searching for Phantom. Not only was he getting nowhere with his questions to the Muggles but his search of Amity Park was so far unsuccessful.

But one thing so far in Lupin's search intrigued him. Everyone in the town knew of the existence of ghosts with concrete proof, even though they shouldn't know anything about ghosts. This included Phantom, who was described by the people of Amity Park as, the brave saviour of the town.

He was also baffled by the pictures that he obtained of Phantom. He had expected an old or middle aged ghost to be Phantom, instead the mysterious ghost was in the form of a teenage boy. With an unusual colour scheme for a ghost with his white hair and green glowing eyes.

Lupin walked along the street towards the park when he noticed some flashes coming from around the street corner.

Lupin turned the corner looking up to see Phantom flying towards another flying figure that looked like a mechanical person. The mechanical figure started shooting some type of beam at Phantom but dodged them effortlessly. Phantom then fired a blue beam at the enemy that started to freeze the machine figure. In an instant the machine started using a flame thrower to counteract the beam. The machine figure started to smile as he melted the ice around his legs.

"Is that the best you could do prey?" The mechanical figure asked confidentally.

Phantom smiled and suddenly split into 2 more of himself. All three Phantoms quickly started shooting a green beam from their hands at the mechanical figure.

The other figure dodged two of the shots but was hit by the third shot. The figure went flying back into a wall but the figure just phased through the wall.

Lupin quickly ran to the next block, desperate to get Phantom's attention. Lupin ran around the corner. There he watched Phantom fly away following behind the mechanical figure in the opposite direction.

Lupin groaned as he watches Phantom flying away, too fast for him to follow. He had missed his chance to contact the ghost boy, but Lupin knew now that Phantom was indeed real.

Danny was angry at himself for letting Skulker get away, now he had to wait for Skulker's next attack.

'But it could've been worse' Danny thought practically. 'One day he could actually slay me for his sick hunt'

Danny flew down to a building alley changed into his human form. He walked across the street going towards his destination from the beginning, Tucker's house. Where the teenager plans to hang out with Tucker and Sam watching movies and playing video games.

Later that day

Lupin walked back to the hotel at in a swift pace. He needed to contact Dumbledore and the Order as soon as possible.

Lupin took out his quill and started to write down everything he had seen. Once he was finished writing he put the letter into an envelope. To send his message as soon as possible he went into the first abandoned house he could find and started a fire in the chimney.

Lupin took out a sack of floo powder, grabbing a handful of the powder saying "#12 Grimmauld Place" he threw the powder into the fire and quickly threw in the letter.

Back in Grimmauld Place, Harry and company were in the kitchen relaxing after an exhausting morning and afternoon exterminating the Doxies out of the curtains.

Ron and Harry playing Wizards Chess with Fred and George watching. Meanwhile, Hermoine was reading one of her many books.

Harry just taken one Ron's pawns with his knight, he then heard a tiny pop coming from the fireplace behind him. Harry looked down and grabbed the letter addressed from Remus Lupin.

"What the heck?"

Everyone all looked at Harry with puzzled looks. A moment later they all spotted the letter Harry was holding.

"Hey, what's that Harry?" Hermoine questioned.

"It's a letter that I found on the ground, apparently it's from Professor Lupin" Harry said confused. Then with the speed of a hawk comes in and grabs the letter from Harry. Ron started to protest but Mrs. Weasley just ignored him and opened the letter.

She started to read it, at first looking at it thoughtfully. But slowly the thoughtful look on her face changed into concern and curiousity. The group of teens picked up on this and Ron said in a calm voice "Is something wrong with Lupin mum?"

Mrs Weasley went out of her trance staring at the letter and hands the letter to Harry. "It's alright for you all to read it. It doesn't give anyway anything too important."

Harry quickly grabbed the letter from Mrs. Weasley and started to read it all to the other teens.

To 'The Order,'

I have recently spotted this "Danny Phantom" in America (his full name). If the sources are correct, this ghost has the power to be tangible, but is capable of making itself intangible. Phantom also has colour instead of the normal silver blue at Hogwarts. Instead the ghost wears a black and silver hazmat suit, with snow white hair and glowing green eyes. I witnessed Phantom battle another being that seemed to be some sort of mechanical ghost. In this battle Phantom also displayed the powers to multiple himself, shoot green blasts from his hands, shoot ice beams and turn invisible. Though I'm sure there may be more. Another fascinating aspect about Phantom is his form. He looks like any other 15 year old boy in America, instead of a powerful spirit from the past. It's also still unknown as to why he's called a halfa. I will try to contact Phantom as soon as I can.


Remus Lupin

P.S: Please pass this along to Dumbledore.

Harry stopped reciting the letter and stood dumbstruck at the page. Harry looked at his friends who also had confusion written across their faces.

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