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50 Ways to Say It

Ch. 5 (end!)


"Does this smell like chloroform to you?" Ling held the tissue up to RanFan's nose. She turned away after taking one whiff, "Ling! Why would you…" Before finishing her sentence, she lost consciousness. "Oops."


"I give you my heart," Ling gave her a small, red paper-mache heart with a warm smile. It slipped from her hands, "It's quite small and ugly, Ling." She said deadpanned, he stood shocked at her reaction.


"You have nice teeth." Ling blurted, taking a sip of his tea. RanFan stared at him dumbfounded, "Um, thank…you?"


"Will you show me how to make babies, RanFan?" Ling asked with a cute expression. RanFan sighed tiredly, "Ling, if you don't know how to make children then I am going to leave your side as your wife immediately."


"You must be explosive," Ling began with a grin, "'cause you got 'handle with care' written all over you!" He chuckled. RanFan pulled out a hand bomb, "Technically I am explosive, Ling." She replied with a smirk, he sighed in defeat.


"I'll be six and you be nine," Ling directed with a sly grin. "I dislike the numbers nine and six. I do not want to take part in you silly game." She turned away childishly. Ling sobbed dramatically, wondering where he had gone wrong.


"You're like a prize mouth bass, I don't know if I should mount you or eat you." Ling purred, only a few mere centimeter's between him and his lover. "Are you implying that I am an ugly fish that you won in a contest?" She glared at him and moved away. He hung his head dejectedly.


"I'm like milk," Ling said smoothly, "I'll do your body good." He moved closer to RanFan to kiss her, she placed a finger on his lips, "I hate milk." Ling's eye twitched with anger, "We're not going to Amestris ever again."


Ling held up a coin, "if I flip this coin, what are the chances of me getting head." He said with a smirk. RanFan stared at him for a moment, "Like any other time, tails." She smiled grimly. Ling turned away, blushing.


"Okay! No more joking around, RanFan!" Ling suddenly shouted. RanFan looked at him incredulously, she opened her mouth to speak but he pointed at her, "Don't you dare speak! I need to tell you this frankly, because I have been trying to tell you for the past forty-nine days how I feel!" He continued almost angrily. She quickly shut her mouth and listened attentively.

"Every time I say something you knock me down, RanFan! Do you not feel the same way as I do? So please, just listen," He cupped her cheek with a gentle hand, causing her to blush. "I love you. I always have and I always will." Slowly, he inched closer to kiss her, but she placed a delicate finger on his warm lips. Irritation blatantly displayed on Ling's face, "Is that what you've been trying to tell me all this time?" She asked incredulously.

"…yes…" He smiled, anger in his tone.

"Why do you need to tell me if I already know?"

"Could you please let me kiss you?" Ling asked exasperated. She nodded, and finally he moved closer and kissed her gently, with every ounce of love that he held for her. When their lips parted, RanFan said with a smile, "I love you, too, Ling." He smiled at her and kissed her once more.

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