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Dean was getting frantic as he pushed the call button on his phone for the fifth time in two minutes. Sam isn't answering his phone and he promised Dean that he would be back two hours ago. The phone rang and ended on Sam's voicemail again. Sam and Dean had been on a real easy and simple ghost haunting in this little Maine town for two days. Sam had gone out for food and hasn't come back yet.

"Dammit Sammy" Dean grumbled as he lunged off of the bed he was sitting on. He walked to the little motel fridge for a beer cursing Sam again as he hit dial. He sat back on his motel uncomfortable style bed and drank for his bottle as he listened to Sam's voice telling him to leave a voice message. He flipped shut his phone and threw it a bit away from him on the bed with angst and pinched the bridge of his nose.

There was a knock at the door and Dean looked up to the door and sighed in relief. He recognised it as Sam's knock. He got of the bed in a way that made his body seem heavier than believable and crossed the room to the door. He put his beer bottle on the little kitchen bench as he went.

"Dammit Sammy, What took you?" he said loudly enough for Sam to hear him through the door as he turned the knob. But it wasn't Sam. Dean had been looking at the height that Sam's face would be if it had been Sam and had to look down to see a teenage girl looking up at him with a sad expression and puppy dog eyes that was oddly familiar to Dean.

"Dean..." she said in a miserable voice. Dean looked down at her, raised his right eyebrow, pursed his lips and moved into a defensive stance before talking to her.

"Yeah?" he enquired.

"It's me" she said while giving him the same puppy dog look he recognised as the one of Sam's face when he needed his help.

"Sam?" Dean questioned as he raised his other eyebrow at her.

"Yeah" She said lowering her head and avoiding his gaze. Dean moved back out of the door way and let Sam in. Watching her or him or whatever as she moved to sit on the end of Sam's single bed, looking down and dragging her feet.

Dean shut the door and grabbed his beer off of the counter and moved over to sit on his bed looking at her. He nursed his beer in both hands as he slouched on his bed still staring at Sam. She looked up in Dean's direction with the puppy dog eyes.

"Dean? What do you think?"

"Uh, Sam...You're a pretty girl"

"Dude, stop staring at me" She said and she lost the puppy dog eyes and furrowed her eyebrows in anger.

"What the hell happened?" Dean said trying not to laugh at the exact seventeen year old, girl version of his little brother.

"I dunno, I was driving back here with your cheeseburger and then the next thing I know I was parked in the car on the side of a road like this" She said as she got off the end of the bed, walked over to the fridge, grabbed a beer and walked back to sit on the side of Sam's bed facing Dean.

Dean laughed at how weird it was to see a teenage girl speaking, acting and even moving like Sam.

"What's funny about this Dean?" She exclaimed, "I'm a girl!"

"Nothing, sorry Sammy but I think you're under age" Dean said as he snatched the beer bottle out of her hand as she had only just taken the cap off. "So, thinking witches maybe?" Dean said as he walked to put Sam's drink back in the fridge trying to change Sam's mood but just leaving Sam with her mouth open and hands in mid air.

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