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They promised each other two things when they came to L.A. one, that they wouldn't lose sight of who they were. But Logan and Carlos promised each other something too.

When they saw red rain in Los Angeles, they would kiss in it.


"Logan…I think that red rain should be a natural wonder of the world." Carlos said, lying is head on his best friends lap.

"How do you get red rain?" Logan said, playing with the soft black hair covering the Latinos head.

"When the sun is setting on rain…wouldn't that be beautiful?" Carlos sighed in contentment.

"Yeah it would…promise me something then Carlos." Logan offered, smiling down at Carlos.


"When we see red rain here in Los Angeles…we kiss in it."

"That's something I will promise you, Logiebear."

End Flashback

"Hey Logan…Look." Carlos said, turning from the window to smile at Logan, who was sitting on the couch.

"What?" Logan asked, hauling himself up from the couch over to the window, staring out into the rain.

"…red rain…" He muttered in awe. The sun was about to set, peeking over the L.A. mountains, painting the falling drops of water an auburn red. It looked like an artist spilled a bucket of red paint, letting it fall on the state of California.

"Let's go, come on!" Carlos said, grabbing Logie's hand.

"What? Where are you taking me?"

"Seriously Logan? You're the one that made me promise!" by now they were in the elevator, their pale and tan hands contrasting, but still clasped together. Carlos yanked Logan forward, walking into the rain when the doors opened. His dark hair immediately flattened to his forehead, little droplets beginning to cover his tan skin, keeping the red coloring. They stood in front of each other, looking in the other's eyes.

Carlos was the first to make a move. He reached out, cupping Logan's cheek, hooking his arm around his neck. They were standing nose to nose, peering into each other's brown eyes. Logan's slowly fluttered shut, and their lips slowly met in union. Carlos' lips were soft and gentle, Logan's warm and comforting. The kiss wasn't moving too fast; it was just a kiss. But it left the boys breathless. When they pulled away, Logan couldn't help but take his friends face in his hands, bringing their lips together again. Logan rested his forehead against Carlos'.

"I can wait for red rain to kiss you again." He murmured, loving the way his hands deflected any drops of red rain that wanted to fall on his Carlos' face.

"Then don't…" Carlos answered, his eyebrows furrowing up, giving Logan an adorable look.

"I won't…" Logan stated with no doubt in his voice, laying his lips of Carlos's again.

And they stood there kissing.

Just like they promised.

In the red L.A. rain.