A/N: Hi everyone. This story is going to be a bit out of character, but the idea for it has been whirling around in my mind. The characters are the same wonderful vampires that we know and love, with our favorite human Bella Swan. But this Edward is going to be so in love with her that he hides his vampire side from her, not telling her what he is. He is much more in control of himself. He is drawn by her blood, but not to the point of killing her, just to the point of being smitten, and incredibly sexually attracted to her. Resulting in him being drawn to her and eventually falling in love with her.

How will this turn out for them once events unfold and they become involved? Read on to find out

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Warning!!! This story will contain lemons as it continues!

Chapter 1

Earth Changing Events.

Edward's Pov.

I sighed to myself, running my fingers through my perpetually unruly hair. I know how important it was for my family to maintain the image of us being human teenagers, but the monotony of sitting through year after year of high school, pretending to be interested in some middle aged mans view of world politics was not exactly my idea of a thrilling way to pass by the hours of the morning.

I tuned out the teacher's droning voice, and tuned myself into the thoughts of the others around me. There was an undercurrent of excitement in the air today. Something that I hadn't heard in the minds of those around me since my siblings and I had started school here a few months before. The thoughts of those around me were centered on the arrival of a new student, a girl, someone named Isabella Swan.

Well at least it was something more interesting than Mr. Porter's view on things in the Middle East. I sifted through the thoughts of those around me, curious to find out some details about this new persona that I would surely hear way too much about through the course of the day. The male minds in the room were beyond easy to read, their thoughts centered on what she would look like, and if she was pretty, who would be the first boy to snag her attention, the first to kiss her… the first to claim her. I tuned out these irritating thoughts and grunted at their inability to think with the head on top of their shoulders instead of the one between their scrawny legs.

I turned my thoughts to the females in the class, hoping to get a more open minded outlook on the arriving student, but found that their thoughts were almost as juvenile as the boys. Their main concerns were whether the new girl would be competition, or fodder for rich gossip that they could share amongst one another. They pondered over the idea that she might be a possible new friend, but that she was more likely to simply be a new irritation.

Humans! I thought miserably as I shifted in my seat, stretching out my legs in front of me to help give off the vibe of my being human as well. I tuned into the thoughts of my siblings, they were far more cultured and interesting…well usually. Rosalie my sister was bored in her science class as well, and was mentally re working in her mind how she would tune her car when she got home. That made me smile, as she appeared to be a super model in the eyes of all humans, but she would rather have her head under the hood of a car then to spend a moment with any one of them. Emmett, my bear of a brother... well I didn't bother to venture into his thoughts as they too involved Rosalie and the hood of a car, something I didn't need images of.

Jasper, my quiet older brother, he was mentally bashing the teacher of his history class, correcting each error that the teacher made in his meticulous vampire mind, as the clueless human professor droned on about the civil war, a war that Jasper had fought in personally. This made me smile, these human teachers felt that they were so educated, but they were often clueless about the real details of past human events. However as vampires we had total, perfect recall for everything we had ever witnessed, it often made for good clean, albeit irksome, fun to pick out the vast number of mistakes that each teacher made in each class.

After chuckling along with Jasper's thoughts, I tuned into the mind of my favorite sister Alice. It wasn't that I didn't love my sister Rose, it was just that Rose could be downright bitchy and annoying, but Alice was so upbeat and energetic that it was impossible not to smile when she was around. Alice was in art class. It was funny to filter through her thoughts as she worked, I could see that she was busy imagining what the female teacher could do to fix up what Alice considered to be her highly out dated wardrobe.

I chuckled a bit louder at Alice's thoughts and suddenly found myself distracted by thoughts from nearby that were practically screaming at me.

Just look at him, those long legs, those fine shoulders…Edward Cullen you are just sooo hot! If you knew the things I wanted to do to you, you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss me….

I inwardly cringed as I heard the familiar timbre that accompanied the thoughts of Jessica Stanly. How much she disgusted me. She had the biggest crush on me, and her mental fantasies, that she thought would make me more receptive to her, actually did the complete opposite, repulsing me thoroughly. I had never felt that sort of attraction towards anyone, vampire or otherwise, and I sure wasn't going to start with her.

I curled my body upon itself in a vain attempt to shrink away from her eyes, but it was pointless. Humans were attracted to our kind, it was a part of what made vampires so alluring to the prey we usually dined on. But our family was different, we hunted on animals, refusing to kill humanity for our own selfish needs, choosing rather to live among them.

While this proved difficult at times, it was far more rewarding in the long run, allowing us to settle down, and even on occasion to learn new things, or to focus on hobbies. We each chose to dedicate ourselves to this way of living, and through it created a close knit family.

Carlisle, our father and the vampire who created most of us, was a doctor…a real life, honest to goodness, can you tell me what is bothering you today, human doctor. He didn't even bat an eye at copious amount of human blood spilling around him. You had to respect that kind of control.

Esme our mother, was the kindest, most loving and giving person I had ever met, and regardless of the fact that many of us were older than she in years, she was our mother in every sense, keeping our family together through highs and lows.

I was so bored, and I impatiently waited for this class to end so I could move onto the next class of my day, Physics…oh joy oh bliss. Now that was sure to be loads of fun! I mentally counted down the remaining seconds to class, noting that all of my siblings, excluding Emmett , were doing the same thing. Emmett was still the most human like out of us, finding it easy to get lost in his thoughts and fantasies, especially if they involved Rose.

I managed to make my way through the next few periods of classes, focusing more and more on the ongoing thoughts of the new student Isabella Swan. I quickly realized that she chose to go by the name Bella, as opposed to the more poetical Isabella. As the days moved on I became aware that the males of the school we now thinking more about her, some about a heart shaped face with long dark tresses, and about their lips pressed against hers, but the images ranged from innocent to downright lewd in nature but were not clear enough for me to get a clear picture of her face.

The girl's thoughts were far more aggressive, they were jealous, they imagined doing cruel things to this poor newcomer. Humans! I thought once again, so ruled by their weakness's such as lust and envy. How lowly. I rolled my eyes searching the minds around me for the few thoughts that rang true from those that polluted my mind.

A young, mousy girl named Angela, who sat in the front of the class, was thinking very kind thoughts about how the new girl must feel scared and overwhelmed on her first day at a new school. She was kind hearted as was a quiet girl named Lisa who sat beside her. The two were close friends, and I had never heard them think or say a single cruel thing to anyone. If only more humans could be like those two, they were genuinely kind, their thoughts consumed for the most part by their family and school work, along with the innocent fun they had together. I was not surprised that the two of them were best friends, they truly complimented each other.

I wondered whether this new student, Isabella…or Bella as she seemed to prefer, would fit into the majority of the student body, or if she would fit better with the kind hearted girls who sat a few rows ahead of me. I scanned the school, room by room trying to get a grasp of the new girl, looking for her mind to scope out her thoughts, but I came up empty. She must not be thinking anything particular at the moment or I would have been able to pick her out.

I assumed that I would finally get to meet this girl during the lunch hour. Everyone in the school gathered in the large cafeteria during lunch, mainly to show off or to gossip to one another as they took a break from the pretense that they were actually paying attention in school.

I moved through the food line of the cafeteria, picking out a variety of foods, that would never pass my lips, but that would help keep up the façade that we were like everyone else, and I made my way over to a far off table, to where my siblings were gathered.

I placed my tray on the table, beside the others that would also go untouched, and dropped into one of the hard plastic chairs that littered the room. "So, how was History?" I asked Jasper with a chuckle. "Inaccurate as always." He drawled slowly in response before we both broke into laughter.

I scanned the room looking for the new student, and Alice chirped from across the table. "Looking for someone?" She asked curiously. I nodded, "The new student. Everyone is think…umm talking about her, but I haven't seen her yet." Emmett spoke up. "I saw her going into the office when I was on my way to first class." I turned to him. "What does she look like?" I asked, curious.

"Well as far as human's go, I guess she is pretty, but no one compares to my Rosie!" he said eyeing her in adoration. Rosalie turned to him and gave him a deep, passion filled kiss, to recognize his compliment. And he sighed contentedly. I turned away from them, really not needing a front row seat for another performance of Rose and Emmett triple XXX.

Jasper sighed, most likely feeling the lust that was rolling off our siblings, and Alice soothed him, by stroking his hair as she kicked at Rose under the table. "Ouch!" Rose hissed turning to glare as Alice who giggled at her expression. "Humans can't bend their bodies the way you were about to Rose, they're not that flexible. Besides the principal is one his way in, I guess the new girl got lost, so he is going to show her where the cafeteria is." She said smoothly.

Rose gave Emmett one last peck on the cheek before turning back to her tray and fiddling with the food that sat on it. I turned towards the door near our table, turning into the thoughts of the principal as he came nearer, his footsteps echoed by another softer set.

I hope Chief Swan will hear of how I helped his daughter, maybe he will go easy on me the next time he pulls me over for speeding…..

I laughed at his train of thought, then I tried to focus on the mind closest to his, but I found …..nothing! How odd, surely the girl wasn't so blank minded? I turned in my seat, since our table was the nearest to the door they were going to enter through, my chair was barely a foot away.

I heard their foot treads coming closer and I waited until finally the door way pushed open, letting in a breezy waft of air from outside. I was hit with the most amazing smell, like strawberries, vanilla and some sort of flowers….freesia maybe. I had never smelled anything more pleasant in my life. I inhaled deeply, wanting to bath in the aroma that swarmed my senses, blocking out everything else. It was so intense that I could not help myself, rising off of my chair to take in the scent more thoroughly.

The sound of a clearing throat almost directly in front of me snapped me out of my reverie. I was almost face to face with the principal, his balding head sweaty and shining in the florescent lights. "Mr. Cullen? Can I help you?" He asked looking at me oddly.

I cleared my throat, trying to gather my thoughts that were temporarily, uncharacteristically out of control. "I..umm…no sir." I stammered, quickly lowering myself back into my chair. I was immediately hit by thoughts from my siblings, from every side.

Edward…what's wrong? Jasper questioned

Dude, what's up? Questioned Emmett.

Are you alright, Edward? Alice asked worriedly

You okay? Rose asked amused by my sudden confusion

I turned away ignoring those thoughts, and instead turned back towards the principal, still inhaling that intoxicating scent. I was so overwhelmed by the smell that I barely heard the principal speaking. "And this, Ms. Swan is the cafeteria!" He said, speaking in his best official voice. I turned my muddled eyes away from him to the figure beside him, noting as I turned my head to it that the smell increased in its potency.

There beside him stood the most gorgeous, ethereal, enticing creature I had ever laid my eyes on. She was dazzling, magnificent beyond words…speech failed me. I was frozen to my seat as this girl...no, this woman…. cast her eyes about her taking in her surroundings. Her gaze raked over the room taking in the chaos, and the students milling about until her eyes met mine, piercing me with her intense, wide chocolate brown gaze. Her mouth parted slightly as she took in the intense way I was staring at her, and she ducked her head, blushing, breaking the temporary connection between us.

I felt my whole mind and body react to that one simple movement on her behalf. There was a sudden, intense pressure from my groin, causing both pain in pleasure. And I thought I might pass out from the desire that flooded through me.

Umm, Edward?…… Edward?……..EDWARD?

Jasper's thoughts roared into my mind, breaking my focus from the breath taking figure in front of me.

"What?" I growled, irritated at him for interrupting me.

Just thought I should warn you that you may not want to stand up for the next little while…especially since I have never felt such intense, raw lust from you before…..Thanks for that though. Now I need to leave with Alice, Try not to let Emmett notice, or he will never let you live it down…

I didn't understand for a moment and just sat there as Jasper dragged Alice away by the hand, his thoughts full of things he wanted…needed to do to her to relieve the tension that Emmett had started, but that I had pushed over the top. I sat there thinking about what he said, and why he had said it when I realized that for the first time in my life I had an erection…an it was caused by this human girl, who hid her face from my view, blushing intensely. I shifted in my seat, truly uncomfortable for the first time ever in this life, as I tried to ease the pressure against my jeans.

I turned to the girl and tried with all of my might to focus on what she must be thinking, pushing my mind to wrap around hers and reaching….. nothing…absolutely naught. The principal placed a hand on her back to guide her forward, and I stifled a growl in response to him touching her, even though I knew it to be an innocent gesture on his behalf. But as he moved away with her, and I kept trying to touch her mind, I realized that I could not touch her…she was not simply blank minded, her watchful eyes bespoke an intelligence that was beyond the simple minds of these high school children, she was not daft…she was silent to me. And I was stunned.