A/N This is my first fan fic i hope you like it.

It had been three hours since we reached the main schola and we were still in the 'principals' office. Graves was rubbing my sore spot as I waited to hear who my trainer would be.

"Well," Principal Scott said. "It looks like an old friend if yours is here and he wishes to train you."

"And that would be?" I asked putting as much Dru bravado into my words as I could.

"Augustine. He says he was a friend of your fathers."

Augustine was safe! I could finally relax. I jumped up. "Where is he?"

"Under the circumstances I think you should wait until practice until you see him"

"I said where is he?!" I glared at him. "You have three seconds to tell me before I walk out that door." I'd been kicked around all my life. I'd never had a home so if I left or not…it didn't matter to me.

Scott seemed to realize I was serious. "He is down the hall and to the left but before you go we have one more issue to discuss. Your body guards,"

That was a deal stopper right there. "No bodyguards."

"You have to have them…you're a svetchka. (Don't remember how to spell it.)

I heard Graves ease of the chair behind me. "Sir, the thing is we don't trust anyone hear so until I know who I can trust…..my guys and I will take shifts watching Dru."

"I don't know if that's best.

Graves sighed. "To bad." Then he walked out the door.

I jumped up smiling. Time to see Augustine.