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Chapter 34

It was a nice spring evening and Edward was on a guys only vacation with Emmett and Jasper. Emmett said since Edward the last single guy of the group that they needed a big blow out weekend first.

However Jasper corrected Emmett with saying Edward was actually the first one of the group to get married and he was remarry the same girl, so technically, he was never really single.

I just laughed at their guy ish ways and wished them a safe fun trip. We had been staying in Seattle for the last month so Alice could help me with the final preparations for the wedding. This time I wanted a small wedding. Nothing fancy or over the top. Actually we would be getting married in the Cullen's backyard

I wanted to keep it simple. Hell, town hall would have sufficed for me, but Edward at least wanted our family there. I was sitting in Alice's backyard watching the kids play with a ball. Rose and Alice both came out and sat beside me, handing me a virgin margarita.

"Thanks Al, this looks great." I smiled up at her

"Well it would be better if it had something to spice it up, but since you are like the size of a house, I couldn't do that could I?" She laughed

Oh yes I was the size of a damn house. I was 8 months pregnant now feeling like a blimp. Edward insisted he stay home with me instead of joining his friends, but I insisted that he go. It had been too long since he did something exciting like that.

"Look at those kids. Can you believe it feels like only yesterday we were teenagers." Alice sighed

I took in the sight before me. You had EJ who was now almost 5 years old and Rose's other son Nate who was about to turn three. Then you had Claire and Tim, who were Alice's children. Finally you had my precious Jackson who just turned two a month ago.

Thinking of Jackson just turning two, I remembered it had been a year since Edward's accident and our life being messed up. Now we were back on track and I was ready to give birth to our second child. I guess everything in life as its purpose and reason, but I couldn't be happier than I am at this very moment.

"I wish I had known you guys when I was a teenager. I would have loved to see what Emmett was like." Rose laughed

"Oh not that much of a difference, I can assure you." Alice said sipping her drink

Rose smacked her arm and they both laughed.

"Emmett was Bella's first kiss." Alice sat up a little straighter in her lawn chair

I covered my face out of my embarrassment.

"I didn't know that." Rose leaned in more

"We were playing spin the bottle and it landed on me." I knew I was a tomato at that point.

"I always knew you had a thing for my husband." Rose laughed.

"Oh yea you caught me." I said sarcastically throwing my hands up.

"Believe me, they were very awkward to watch. I was embarrassed for her." Alice giggled

"You know I remember when me and Edward stayed in Forks before moving to New York, we were swimming in the pool. We were reminiscing about when I first met him." I shook my head laughing

"Oh that was a fun time! I can't believe we were ever friends with Lauren." Alice chimed in

"Correction Alice, she was your friend." I pointed at her

"Well whatever, she was so in love with my brother, it was annoying. I think that was the only reason she ever wanted to come to my house."

"Who is Lauren?" Rose asked leaning to look at me

"Some girl in high school who had a serious obsession with my husband."

"Ooh I love stories, tell tell." Rose got excited...


It was my first summer in forks that I wouldn't be returning to Arizona. I decided I wanted to stay with my dad for my high school years. Plus it didn't hurt that Alice was here. Me and Alice had been friends since we were 4 years old. Even when I moved when I was 8 to Arizona we stayed best friends.

. It was Alice's 16th birthday party. I hadn't seen Edward for the last 5 years since every summer he spent with his grandparents in California. This would be the first summer he was staying in Forks. I guess as you get older hanging with grandma and grandpa not as cool.

There were a ton of teenagers everywhere. Lucky for the Cullen's there house was huge. However the basic party its self took place where the pool was. I was sitting with Lauren Mallory by the pool. She was the only one beside Alice that I really knew in this town.

Lauren was pretty. She was blond and had huge boobs for a 15 year old girl. About six guys had already tried to talk to her. I mean clearly her chest was on full display for the whole world. She had on the tiniest pink bikini.

I had on a black bikini top with gray exercise shorts. I was splashing my feet back and forth in the water while Lauren idle chatted to me about gods knows what. I tried to block her out. Alice had ran inside to get more towels. I was too occupied with watching my feet paddle back and forth to notice Lauren saying my name.

"Huh." I said looking up at her.

"God have you been paying any attention, like at all?" She said in her annoying force.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I shook myself out of my coma

"I said isn't Edward so hot." She rolled her eyes

"You mean Edward Cullen?" I asked unsure

"Duh, he is like the only Edward in Forks.."

I hadn't seen Edward in so long that I was pretty sure if I saw him now, I wouldn't recognize him. But like it was on cue, What a man by salt and pepper began to play when the patio door opened and out walked the most sexiest boy I ever saw. He walked in like he was the man with his friends trailing behind him.

All the girls stared at him and I swear I saw Lauren just about swoon. Girls were giggling and pointing at him and he just pretended not to notice.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Look at him, I could just die!" Lauren squealed

I wish you would die please! I thought to myself

I tried to play it off like I wasn't impressed at all, but lord knows, I wanted to act like just like the rest of them. He was gorgeous, It just didn't seem right for one person to look so good. If he was ice cream I definitely wanted a scoop. Hell I wanted the whole tub!

He made his way around the room greeting people and even hugged a few. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Lauren turned to me then. He was adjusting her boobs and her hair. Oh lord!

"How do I look?" She asked bouncing her top

"Um, you look okay, I guess." I shrugged at her

"I need to be better than okay Excuse me, I need to make my presence known.." She stood up and sauntered off to I assume Edward

At that moment Alice came back. Thank god!

"Sorry I took so long, my mom wanted me to help her with something. Are you having fun Bells?" She smiled sitting down next to me

"I'm trying to. But it seems your brother as stole your spotlight." I giggled at her

"Oh he can have it. My best friend is here! This is the best gift ever. Half this people are only here because I'm Edward's sister. I bet they don't even know my name."

"Well I know your name, its Allison right?" I joked pointing to me chin in deep thought

"That's not funny." Alice pushed me playfully

I looked back to where the god had been standing and he was gone. I tried to play it off when I looked around to find him, but Alice knew me too well.

"What are you looking for?" She eyed me curiously

I immediately stopped hunting for him and knew my face gave me away.

"Um nothing."

"Isabella Swan, don't lie to me!" Alice gave me a pointed look

But before I could answer her the person I had been seeking out appeared at her side. He stood over us and then slid down next to his sister, smiling at me, or at least I hoped it was at me.

"Great party sis, I'm very impressed." He smiled at Alice

"Well thank you" Alice smiled proudly at him.

I tried to advert my eyes, but I caught his. They were so green and beautiful. God he had nice skin, so clear for a seventeen old boy. He gave me the most perfect grin and I gave him a shy one back. If love at first sight was real, well I think I just found it.

We just completely got lost in each other that I hadn't even noticed Alice clearly her throat.

"For the love of god! Hello? Earth to both of you." Alice put her hand between us.

Instantly we were brought back to life and Alice began to giggle.

"Edward, you remember Bella right?" She gave me a knowing smile

"Wow Bella, you have changed a lot since we last saw each other." He looked at me mesmerized

"You too." I said a little too eager

"Well it would be so since you haven't seen each other in five years, geez." Alice said rolling her eyes

"Phoenix has been good to you." He said with a sweet smile

"I live here now." Hypnotized by his eyes

"Well Forks just got a whole lot more interesting." His eyes flashed with something

I blushed at his comment. Suddenly he had become the most interesting person in the world to me. We just sat there between Alice smiling at each other. But much too soon someone pushed Edward into the pool. I looked to see who his attacker was and it was the huge football player looking guy.

"You want next Ali?" He grinned deviously at her

"No Emmett, you better not dare!" Squealed Alice

She ran away from him and then he eyed me.

"Awe new blood! You're next!" He gave me an evil look and went to lounge for me, but Edward grabbed his leg before he could.

"You better not mess with my Bella dude or you're gonna get it!" Edward said with a huge smiling dragging Emmett into the pool.

I watched them dunk each other for a few minutes then Edward swam back over to me. He gave me the sexiest smile and before I knew what was happening he pulled me into the pool. I squealed like Alice and he just laughed why he dunked me under the water.

When I popped back up I looked at him with amused disbelief. He gave me an innocent shrug and I gave him an unconvinced look. I swam away from him to where Emmett was. I watched Edward staring at us while I whispered into Emmett's ear. That was the day Emmett became my best ally

"Emmett, can you get Edward back for me? He just dunked me under and I know I would fail miserable at getting him. What you say?" I bit my lip in anticipation.

"Hell yes Bells!" He exclaimed in excitement.

I swam back to Edward and he was just staring at me.

"What are you up to?" He gave me a questionable look

"Oh nothing." I gave my best innocent look

"Right." He nodded

Suddenly Edward disappeared under the water. At first I thought he was going to drag me back under, but I looked down to see Emmett pulling him by his feet. That started an all out water war. I dragged myself out of the pool to join Alice.

By the end of the day everyone but Edward, Emmett, Eric Yokey, Lauren, me and Alice were left. Eric was a nice kid. Alice had the biggest crush on him at the time. He was Korean with greenish brown eyes. His hair was black and styled to his shoulders. I always wondered if he might be gay. He was better groomed than Alice and that's saying a lot.

Esme and Carlisle had gone to Seattle after dinner to see a play and wouldn't be home til around one in the morning. Lauren comes up with the brilliant idea to play spin the bottle. Okay yes this would be great if it was only me and Edward, but I had to compete with Lauren.

Alice was all for it, especially if she got to kiss Eric . Lauren got a coke bottle and forced us all to sit in the middle of the living room in a circle. Of course Lauren got to go first. She spun the bottle and of course my biggest fear, it landed right on Edward.

He looked at it in shock, like he couldn't believe it actually landed on him. At the time, I thought he was happy it had. He gulped down and began to lean forward. I looked at Lauren who had the biggest fucking smile on her face. I just wanted to reach over and yank out her blond hair.

I could tell Edward was just going in for a quick peck, but Lauren grabbed his neck and shoved her tongue down his thought. I just stared at the sight. I never wanted to bash someone's head in so much. He eventually pulled away and she say back with a shit eating grin on her face.

"Your turn Bella." She said a little too smug for my liking.

I swallowed down the vomit from watching her kiss Edward and spun the bottle softly. It landed on Emmett. In a way I was relieved it didn't land on Eric because Alice would have killed me. I also was relieved it didn't land on Edward because Lauren just had her tongue in his mouth.

I didn't move from my spot. I was just frozen sitting there. Emmett laughed and leaned over to me and smiled sweetly.

"Ready kid." He said softly

I nodded my head. I had never kissed a boy before. This would be my first kiss. He leaned in and all I could think was, he is like a brother type. We had so much fun budding around today that kissing him just would be, wrong.

We both hesitated as we got closer. Then I felt a hand on the back of my head and our lips touched quickly and I pulled away. I turned to look at Lauren who had pushed our faces together.

"You were taking like six years, I couldn't stand it." She rolled her eyes

"Who's next?" She cheered from her spot.

"I don't want to play anymore." I said getting up from the floor

"Oh come on Bella, its just a game." She mocked from her spot.

I walked out of the room back by the pool. I could hear Edward talking to her from behind me.

"You don't need to be such a bitch all the time Lauren." His tone harsh

I had on a tee shirt and some shorts and sat along the pools ledge. I swayed my legs back and forth in the water. I wonder if Edward liked the kiss Lauren gave him. Would they be a couple now? I heard the door open from behind me and figured it was probably Alice.

"Ali, I'm fine, go back and have fun, its still your birthday." I said without even looking at her.

"I never been confused with Alice, maybe I need to work on my look." Edward chuckled nervously

My head shot up and I was rewarded with his adorable face.

"There's nothing wrong with how you look." I looked up in awe

He just laughed and sat down next to me.

"Shouldn't you be inside playing spin the bottle?" I smiled shyly

"Game over. Eric and Emmett actually went home."

" Oh I hope I didn't make things weird in there." I started stammering

"Naw not at all. Emmett said kissing you was like kissing his sister, if he had one." His smile was so cute

"I felt the same way." I laughed

"I never got my turn." His face reddening slightly

I didn't really understand what he meant at first. He brushed a piece of hair from my face, pushing it behind my ear. He rubbed my cheek with his hand and leaned in like he was about to kiss me. I closed my eyes waiting for it to happen, but of course Lauren's squeaky voice ruined the moment.

"Edward, I have been looking all over for you!" She just about bounced over to us.

He gave me an apologetic look and stood up from the pool side. I got up as well and excused myself. I made my way into the kitchen to get something to drink. Alice walked in and hopped up on one of the counters.

"Are you okay?" She tilted her head with a smile

"I'm fine." I said sipping my glass of water

"Lauren is a bitch. I think we need to ban her." Alice laughed

"I agree. Can you believe I kissed Emmett!" I gave her a dramatic look

"No I seriously can't. At least you can say your first kiss was a really hot guy, even if it was Emmett McCarty."

Alice hopped off the counter and I put my glass in the sink. She proceeded to wrap me in a friendly hug.

"I'm glad you are here with me now. Its great that we both live in the same place. Let's go to bed." She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and we made our way upstairs.

It was around midnight and I couldn't fall asleep. I decided to maybe try to swim, that always seemed to work. So I grabbed my suit off the chair in Alice's room and made my way downstairs. Before I even got to slide the door to the pool open, I saw flashes of a blond head bobbing In the water. I looked a little closer and saw it was Lauren.

Then I saw Edward as well. He was laughing and splashing her. I don't know what made me watch their display, but I couldn't move my eyes. She moved closer to him and it was like a movie scene. They grew closer and she was looking deep in his eyes. She moved her hands behind her head and untied her bikini top.

All I could see was him kiss her and I couldn't watch anymore. I ran so fast back up stairs and silently cried into my pillow.

"Bella that's awful." Rose rubbed my arm.

I hadn't even realized I was really crying. I wiped the tears from my eyes laughing at myself.

"God that was like a million years ago."

"He was never good enough for her. I always told him that." Alice patted my leg

"You what?" I looked at her in surprise

"He was always interested in you, I just refused to let him get that close to my best friend. Who knew you would end up liked this." She pointed at my belly

I had to laugh at her. I didn't regret any moment spent with Edward, I loved him and he was worth it to me. It was me who didn't deserve him.

Edward's POV

We were in Las Vegas for the weekend. Typical I thought when Emmett mentioned it, but figured it would be a good time. I hadn't had a lot of time to hang with my friends since I moved to New York. I had really missed them a lot.

But was I complaining? Far from it. Bella gave me a second chance and I couldn't be happier. She was the one person in the whole world who just got me. She owned my heart and soul. I'd die before I would lose her. She was everything.

I remember the day before I left to go to New York. She hadn't given me answer and it had been over a week since I told her. I was busy packing my stuff when my phone began to ring.

"Hello?" I answered before even looking at the ID

"Hey." Her sweet voice came through from the other line.

"Bella, how are you?"

"I'm good. Actually I wanted to see if we could meet for lunch?"

"Sure where do you want to go?"

But before she answered I heard the door open and she stood there with a smile. I dropped the phone on the bed and walked over to her. She put her hand out to stop me. I froze in my place.

"I need to say something. Please just let me get it out." Her eyes pleading softly

I nodded my head and she took a deep breath.

"I can't ignore the last six months. They happened. I want to so badly pick up exactly where we left off before you lost your memory, but we can't. You see through your own eyes and see the pain you caused to someone you swore you wouldn't. I just want a chance to know you again. To remember why I loved you to begin with. So yes Edward, I will go to New York with you, if you still want me to." She looked down unsure of herself.

I felt my spirits lift and I couldn't help it, but I walked up to her and picked her up in my arms. I kissed her passionately and felt tears roll down my face.

"You have no idea what this means to me." I cried into her neck.

"I do." She was crying too

"Dude seriously? Can we please go down to the casino. Whatever you are thinking about, stop it. You look creepy." Emmett shuddered

I laughed to myself hitting Emmett on the back. We made our way down to the lobby where Jasper was waiting for us. We headed into the casino to the poker table. Emmett and Jasper spent majority of the evening winning, while I just sat back and watched.

I decided to head off to the bathroom and that's when I saw her. I swore my eyes were deceiving me. There was no way it could be. I studied her carefully as she sat on the cream colored couch by the door. Her hair was long and brown, but her eyes were almost a bluish green.

However her face was completely the same. Maybe I just missed Bella so much that I was becoming disillusioned, but she had my Bella's face. Maybe different eyes, but definitely identical face. She noticed me gawking at her and she giggled.

I felt the embarrassment rake over my body. She caught me staring. Suddenly the girl stood up and approached me. Her smile was so much like my girl's except her stomach was completely flat. Last time I checked Bella was 8 months pregnant and it looked she had a beach ball under her shirt.

"Excuse me?" Even the voice matched!

"Um, yes?" I said more like a question

"Do we know each other or do you just like staring at people you don't know?" Her smile so much like my girl's

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare, its just, you look exactly like my wife." I stuttered out

She began to laugh even more.

"it's funny because I was going to tell you that you remind me of someone too." Her face flushed

Awe such a Bella thing to do!

"If I was your wife, I would never have left you alone." She winked at me

"She's not here." I all but blurted out

Her laughter once again filled the air.

"I'm Kristen." She stuck her hand out for me to shake.

"Edward." I nodded holding her hand in mine.

Out of no where Jasper came walking up to us.

"There you are, I was wondering what was taking you so long. Emmett won't stop whining about.. Holy shit! I didn't know Bella had a twin!" Jasper just about shouted in surprise

Kristen started to laugh.

"Yea, my name is Kristen, not related to this Bella girl, but she sounds pretty cool." She joked

"Wow the resemblance is uncanny." Jasper cocked his head to the side examining her.

"Well if you two will excuse me. Congrats Edward on your wedding." She nodded with a smile and walked away.

"Why does she look just like your wife?" Jasper gaped at me

"I have no idea, but can you believe it?"

"No and neither will she. Come on man lets go back to the table." Jasper patted my shoulder and we strolled back into the casino.

It was six pm Wednesday evening. I was standing in my parent's back yard waiting for Bella to come walking out. It was our wedding day. I watched as our friends marched down the aisle toward me. This scene had played out infront of me before.

I remember our first wedding that almost didn't happen. The relief that had washed over me when I saw her come down the aisle holding Charlie's arm was more overwhelming than anyone could possible know. She's everything to me.

The wedding march began to play and I was struck with pure admiration. There she stood once again holding her father's arm. She may have been eight months pregnant, but she looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her.

Her face was glowing and the smile she wore was priceless. God I love this woman with my entire heart. I never thought I could love another human being as much as her until Jackson came along. That only made me love her more. Now seeing her simple white dress with her bulging belly, to say I couldn't have loved her more, well that was an understatement.

Every fight, every moment kissing and making love, it didn't compare to this moment. She approached me with tears in her eyes. I'm sure mine were the same way. We exchanged our vows and the judge told me I could kiss my bride. I kissed her with such passion. She looked back at me with surprise in her face, but complete joy.

The reception was simple and when danced and had a great time with everyone we loved. The party started to die down around 11:30pm. I noticed Bella sitting in a chair with her legs propped up on another holding a sleeping Jackson in her arms.

She looked up at me and smiled. I realized after everything we've been through, she's the one...

The End!

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