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Chapter 1

Crickets concealed by the velvety darkness of the nighr.The moon hidden behind the clouds that blanketed the whole area of the eerily quiet streets of Edo.

Tomoyo Daidouji,aged twenty,ventured out into the night in her pale pink kimono covered by a white shawl.She was terrified,going out all by herself in the dangerous streets of Japan's capital,at night even.Assassins and other bloodthirsty killers would not hesitate to play with her.She didsmissed her worries.She was ready to face anyone because her primary concern was to find Li Syaoran.

"Sakura-chan must see him."she told herself.Li was her best friend's fiance who worked as part of the government patrol troops who were placed in night shift.In that particular night,the man was delayed by several hours already.She shook her head.She refused to dwell on negative thoughts!

She frowned.The coming of the foreigners in their land didn't help also.Those western people who thought all the Japanese people are as gullible and as eager-to-please as those weaklings in the government."Those brutes whom we offered a friendly hand but seized the whole arm!"she muttered.

Their boots did not have the right to step on Japan's native soil.They did ot have the right to breathe Japan's air.But there they were,staying in the most luxurious quarters that an ordinary citizen who plowed hectares of land all his life could never afford.

It was unfair.

It was unjust.

She listened carefully and heard footsteps going her way.She hid behind a tree and waited.

"I thought I saw somebody move."said Eriol Hiragizawa to himself.He sighed and looked around the villa he bought just this morning.It was said that his territory included some land where the townsfolks' houses stood.He would just have to talk to them tomorrow.

"Master Hiragizawa,come inside.The breeze is too chilly for you."said his maidservant,Nakuru Akizuki.

He looked at the woman who had took care of him ever since he was an infant-his mother's wet nurse.She was a Japanese brought by her mother home who had been the latter's inseperable companion.Until now,Nakuru was with the family even after his parents died early in his life."Nakuru,someone's out there."

"Now you REALLY should get inside,master.Fanatics will target you here mercilessly."

He stood up.Yes,she was right.He would be a PERFECT target.A peace ambassador from his country to the hostile Japan.His position left him with one foot stepping in his grave.

"Will I draw your bath already?'asked Nakuru.

He nodded.He was about to follow her inside when he caught something move behind a tree.Someone or something's definitely out there!

Taking his rifle,he went out into his garden to investigate.

Tomoyo was about to turn around when he heard the footsteps going towards her hiding place directly.But her whole body was paralyzed with fear.She suddenly regretted not taking those kendo lessons Li was offering her.She really needed the swordskill now.

Suddenly,something cold touched her neck.Her heart jumped.Although it was dark,she could see the outlines of a rifle.

A rifle?!

"Don't move!You are in my property!"A deep male voice commanded authoratively.

Tomoyo watched as fireflies flew around the speaker.As if in slow motion,the faint light coming fropm the insects revealed the most beautiful pair of eyes she ever saw.Too bad it was staring at her piercingly.His face was so handsomely sculptured by nature-from the perfectly-chiseled nose to his strong jaw.

His words then registered in her mind.She frowned."Dare desu ka?"she asked testily.

He frowned."What?"

She clenched her fists."You say this is your property but you do not understand simple Japanese?"

"Of course.I'm not a Japanese."

So that's it.Her blood immediately boiled.A foreigner!"So you're saying you OWN this place but you are not from here."

"Exactly."He lowered his rifle."So what are you doing here,trespassing in my place?"

"TRESPASSING?!"She stared daggers st him."This place is ours!You're the one who's trespassing!"

His mouth twitched."Me?"

Tomoyo saw it.He was making fun of her privately.His eyes attested to it."Yes you,mister!You have some guts claiming our land as yours!"

"I have a right to claim so because I paid for it."he replied.

Her heart stopped."Y-You're lying!"

"Would you like to see the papers?"

Tomoyo looked down.Suddenly she felt unsure of herself.

The stranger eyed her intently."What are you doing here anyway?"

"None of your business!"she hissed.

"Don't you know how dangerous the night is for a young woman like you?"

"I kow that?I was BORN here!I'm not stupid!"she snapped."Anyway,it is you who must not be here out in the open,unless you want to be a willing target in Edo's slaying gallery."

"Thanks for your concern,but I won't go in unless I see you off into your house.Heaven knows what people will think once they see you walk unescorted-"

Her cheeks turned hot."Why you-"She stopped when she saw a flicker of light somewhere and the familiar buzzes of men's voices."Li!!"

"Li?"The man frowned.

She spun around and hurried towards the marching men."Li!!"She disappeared into the darkness.

Eriol looked at where the woman stood awhile ago.Her flower-like scent lingered,and he took it in.He smiled crookedly."I didn't get her name."


(to be continued)