**Okidoke...about this story, I'm a huge fan of the It Girl series and of the Jenny portrayed in the story ('cuz if you've seen GG you know she's totally different),
So I ended up writing this long long story with a Jenny-like protagonist at a boarding school of the Arts. So no deception. It's not an It Girl story, butI felt like
since it developed from that series that readers might still enjoy it. I started this project over a year ago and I've just finally published it, just to see if people would
like it. If not, that's ok. This was just a trial run, i understand some people just want strictly fan-fic.

As always Please Comment and rate, positvely or negatively...but please don't be rude. I am very proud of this story whether greatly accepted or not.
Thank you...

Our Time Now: A mini Series - From the Mind of Kaede.B

Stage 1 - It started out as a Feeling

Leaves were falling on the pathway creating obstacles for the luggage, RoseMary Clerk wheeled behind her. It was the last of her overly stuffed baggage she had brought with her to Riverwood Academy, the prestigious Arts boarding school in the south. Her mother and uncle had switched shifts driving over four times on a road-trip that had seemed it would never end. A road-trip she had hoped would lead her to becoming the person she always wanted to be. Somebody, who wasn't good little RoseMary Clerk. Boring little Miss RoseMary Clerk. I mean come on, even her name sounded boring, she admitted silently to herself.

Nearing the front steps of her dorm building, she glimpsed up to see smiling, yet unfamiliar faces greeting one another and laughing around. She felt a pang. 'Will I find friends to joke around with like that?' She questioned, in her mind. Bumping her luggage up the steps as she went, she nodded to the giggling girls, who already looked so comfortable in their new home. "New home, eh? Hope it's comfy. Come too far to going running back to Tennessee now.' That was something she was going to continue to tell herself; even though, she was only right across its border.

Walking into the common area, everyone was walking briskly around, all settling in. People, already dominating the wash room... People, lounging around the t.v., chatting nervously to their new companions or roommates... People, shuffling through the little kitchen area even... Swooning around to see that the elevator was a lost cause, she began to walk briskly to the stairwell. Up two flights to her third floor dorm, she'd already been up repeatedly, unpacking. The previous three times, her roommate had not yet arrived. Perhaps now... Perhaps now she could get to meet... Josie Emory as her white board outside the room had read. 'Well her name sounds nice at least.' She thought.

Finally reaching her floor, making her way to her end of the hallway, shyly peeking in at the other girls busy moving in, she noticed that her door was opened. 'She's hooommmeee' She thought, sing-songly. She forced her body not to go into panic...or shock. 'She's just a person. Just a girl.' She tried to think. But her quivering hand betrayed her. The dread was seeping in. The worries, the fears. She couldn't help it. She was going to be living with this girl, for an entire year. What if this Josie, didn't like her? What if she found little Miss RoseMary Clerk....what? Weird? Lame? Plain? Ugly? 'Why should it matter?' She tried to force her mind to think. But regardless of what she could psych her mind into believing...she knew the truth. She cared. She Uberly cared. It mattered to her. She wanted this girl to like her. To accept her. They didn't have to be best friends...just..please...she didn't want Josie to hate her.

Reaching the doorway, surprisingly she didn't halt; despite her fears. She just casually walked in...holding her breathe, expectantly; whether she realized this or not. A petite girl, with chopped short black hair, stood before her. Earphones around her neck, and leaning to the side with a smug smile, it was obvious she had heard RoseMary coming. Suddenly she was glad she hadn't hesitated outside the door, then she would've been the weird girl, gawking outside their dorm room.

"You RoseMary?" She posed. "Yea." RoseMary replied, trying to shake the fear from her voice, not really sure if she was succeeding or not, "Are you Josie?"

The girl wrinkled her brow, and quietly laughed. "Uh-huh, but...yea..everyone calls me Jo. Please, don't be the exception."

RoseMary couldn't read her tone, but decided that it seemed sincere enough and nodded. Trying not to make the moment awkward...she shuffled her luggage in the closed, deciding to un-pack it later. Closing the door, she spun around to find Jo pinning a poster. Glancing around, there were several others already pinned, all photographic shots of morbid scenes. RoseMary found them oddly cool and interesting, and felt a sudden rush of fondness towards Jo; though she wasn't quite sure why. 'She's artsy. She's cool. She's people I've been waiting to know all my life... That's why' She told herself.

"Whaddya think?" Jo asked, adjusting it one last time before replacing her hands on her hips. The question startled RoseMary. "Cool." She blurted lamely; and could feel her face flush with shame at the dull response.
But Jo simply turned around and nodded smiling..."Cool?"
"uhh...Yea. very." RoseMary replied, again unsure of Jo's tone, but still returning her smile.

Perhaps she could get used to this environment... Maybe all the people on campus were like this. Cool. Hip. Artsy. Sure of themselves. If so, she sooo needed to find all of those things in herself to. RoseMary's mind began to spin with wonder and excitement. And without thinking, she plopped face down on the bed...already exhausted with the day, after moving... And you know what? She didn't even care, if her roommate thought, it made her seem sloppy.

This place was Definitely already beginning to rub off on her.