Heroes of the Evolution chapter 5: Friends Lost and Found

(For those of you who don't know, Tabula Rasa is…(Latin?) For 'Blank Slate')

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So without further ado, I give you…(dramatic pause) Tabula Rasa!

Previously: "Umm." I said out loud. Through the crushing confusion, I felt this… I don't know…pull. The word Africa kept running through my mind and I felt the overwhelming desire, the need to go there. I had no idea why. I was just about to ask what in the world had happened, when Emmet and Jasper both spoke at the same time.

"Anyone else want to go to Africa?"

Part One: Tabula Rasa.

(Alice PoV)

Once he realized that every one felt the urgent need to go to Africa, Carlisle attempted to hold a family meeting to discuss it but everyone (including him) had gotten to impatient to bother and now we were running all over the house, packing all of our belongings in our cars and into a moving-truck Carlisle had ordered an hour earlier, saying it was an emergency, and that he would pay double the cost, due to the hour.

Everyone had a room to pack: I was packing up all of my designer clothes and shoes out of me and Jasper's room, while Jasper helped Carlisle put all of his books into boxes. When I was done with our room, I ran down the stairs to the living room, where seeing papers scattered onto the table, I quickly gathered them all up, not even glancing at them as I quickly tossed them into my box of ancient fashion magazines from I don't even know how many years ago.

Once everything was packed, we all got into our respective cars and drove to one of the many warehouses we owned and put any unnecessary items in it, including my box of old magazines. Maybe I could donate them to an auction house that gives its earnings to homeless shelters? I bet theses are worth a lot of money…

Just before we shut the huge metal doors, for an instant, I saw the corner of the small stack of papers I had thrown into the box from the table, and then the doors shut with an ominous CLANG!

Part two: Awakened.

(Unknown PoV)

When I first came to, I had no idea where, or who I was. For a few seconds I had no idea even what I was. All I saw was blackness, and when I tired to move, my arms and legs just hit walls. When I tired to move my neck even an inch, all I got was a painful bruise to my head.

Then I realized something. The air was oddly stale, and the smell of the earth surrounded me. If I listened closely enough, I could just hear the muted sound of movement outside my small, dark prison.

Then in a rush of sound and heat and terror, I remembered. Fire surrounded me. Wooden beams fell from the ceiling only to crash into me, pining me to the ground helplessly. I remember losing consciousness, and moving toward a bright light.

That's when I realized I was in a coffin.

My scream for help was heard by no one.

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