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~.Chapter Three.~

"We're already through!"

Ugh. My head hurt like hell. I opened my eyes and stared at the clean white ceiling. My mind was blank. I could still remember, yet I did not want to remember. What actually happened yesterday? It was the most horrible day of my life. I closed my eyes and rolled on my bed. Rolled, rolled and rolled and— THUD!

"Ouch! Aaah…" I mumbled as I supported myself and sat up. Now my heart hurt ten times more. Stupid floor. Why did you have to be so hard? It was already 9:30. Oh my goodness! Classes already started and I'm gonna be late! I rushed to the bathroom and took a speed-bath. I raced out of my room, down the stairs and tumbled on the floor.

"Stupid Idiot."

I should have guessed who said that. Hotaru-nee-chan was staring at me with such blank eyes and helped me up. It was going fine when I slipped again.

"Stupid stupid floor! Why do you have to be so slippery?!" I murmured angrily.

"Poor floor. You're being abused by a chipmunk," nee-chan said with a loud sigh. "Well, I should consider you talented. It takes skill to trip on flat surfaces." She looked at me, walked up the stairs and locked herself in her room while I scurried to the dining room.

"Mikan! What on earth happened to you?" my mom asked looking horrified. "Your hair is not properly combed, your eyes are all swollen and you even wore your uniform inside out! My dear princess, you're a mess!"

I looked at my reflection from the glass walls of our dining room. I looked at myself. How horrible I looked that morning was indescribable. Tears fell from my eyes.

"Ma… We and Zero broke up… He… I…" I cried and cried. My mom hugged me tight and said,

"Oh that's great! I really think you're too good for him. Now, Honey, Go up to your room and fix yourself up. And don't wear your uniform again. It's a Saturday for goodness sake!"

I took a long warm bath. I sulked in the tub thinking of everything that happened yesterday.

"You want to break up with me?"

"No, Zero, that's not true…"

"What's not true Mikan?"


"We're together now so you can just scurry off. How's that for a taste of your own medicine, bastard?"

"You son of a bitch!"

"Hn. Aren't I the one supposed to be saying that?"

"Zero-kun! Zero! Natsume you jerk!"

I called up Zero but all he said was, "What are you saying Mikan? You've hurt me so much! We're already through!"

Another tear fell.

Stupid. I love him so much. No, I'll explain everything to him. I will explain everything. That everything Natsume said wasn't true. That what he did was just to piss me off.

I covered myself up with a towel and walked out the bathroom. I saw him sitting on my bed staring at me. Our staring contest lasted for a minute until I realized I was still only in a towel.

"KYA! Pervert!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and went in the bathroom once again, slamming the door.

"Hn. You're the one who went out and deliberately showed your immature body you know." I heard him say.

"Why are you HERE in MY room anyway?!" I yelled.

"Nothing. You're mom let me in right away." He replied. Shit! That stupid mother of mine is so insensible. Doesn't she know bad things can happen?!

"Leave my room!" I ordered him. There was no sound. I waited until I heard the doorknob click and the door close. Ahh. Coast clear! I can change now. I opened the door and walked out. I turned right to where my wardrobe was and pulled out a matching pair of underwear and a pink halter dress. After I got into my clothes, I opened my drawer and got a brush. I combed my hair and let it fall freely on my shoulders. I looked at the mirror. Much better than what I saw earlier in the dining room. I turned around to walk out the room when I saw Natsume standing there, his back leaning on the wall and his head facing down. What the hell is he still doing here?! I thought he already went out? He looked at me and he was stopping himself from laughing.

"So it's blue flowers today huh?"

The nerve. He was peeping!!!

"You big perv!" I said and raised my hand ready to slap him but before it could even reach his face he stopped me.

"Who would take interest in an ugly girl like you? You were too ugly that I had to close my eyes. Sheesh. You really are an idiot. Falling for a sound trick." He let go of my hand. I pouted and went out the door.

"I'm going out for a stroll!" I screamed so that my mom would hear and then went out the house.

It was already fall and the roads were covered with dry leaves: a typical setting for a broken girl like me. I kicked the leaves and they flew here and there. Why do I have to be so miserable?

It was already noon and I felt hungry so I went to my favorite pastry shop, hoping that the sweets could take the pain away. I sat on table inside. It still wasn't that hot since it's nearing winter so I decided to take a seat outside and waited for the cream puffs and frappe I ordered. Everything is pretty dull now that I think of it. I guess when the one you love leaves your heart, he takes all the color away too. I took my phone and dialed Zero's number. I was going to beg him to stay.

The ringing lasted for a minute until he finally picked up.

"No. I've told you Mikan. He kissed you in front of me isn't that proof enough? These 2 years I have spent with you, I have been faithful. But what about you?"

"I was faithful Zero! Natsume can never ever take your place in my heart."

"A no is a no. And please don't call again. Goodbye."

I closed my phone still not believing what I just heard over the line. I can't do anything about it now. I sighed.

"A stupid girl is sulking on a table. Still can't get over it?"

Ugh. So this pervert actually followed me. He ruined everything! Making it appear as if we were an item. Who was he kidding?!

"I don't care. You got some nerve showing up before me Hyuuga."

"Shouldn't you be glad I helped out? You're bound to realize he's not the one for you anyway." He said taking the seat beside me.

"What do you mean? Even yesterday… What were you talking about anyway? You're making a fool out of me Natsume."

"If you had half a brain you would understand." He said pointing to a couple who were all lovely dovey and obviously they were happy with each other. The couple was walking on the opposite side of the street but I immediately recognized the man the girl was smiling at.


I acted upon my instinct and didn't even bother paying attention to the waitress who gave me my order. I ran across the street. It was a good thing there were no cars else I had been dead by now.

"Mikan!" I heard Natsume say as he ran after me.

"Zero!" I screamed and he looked at me. I turned to look at the girl he was with. Panting, I even managed to let out a laugh. The girl was pretty but she was a slut.

"Where's the pain huh Zero? In a day you managed to catch someone. Poor girl. You'd be hurt by this bastard too." I said acting tough. "Take my advice girl."

"Mikan. We're already done so please leave our business."

"So since when have you been together?" I inquired ignoring his last statement.

"I can answer that for you." I heard Natsume say from behind. "It was exactly twenty days from the day you agreed on being his girlfriend Mikan."

"That's great. Just great." I said and slapped Zero's right cheek.

"That's for making me a fool!" and I slapped his left cheek. "That's for cheating on both of us," I said referring to the other girl.

"And this… " I kicked his thigh. I think I should have aimed a bit higher though. "is for… Oh, I just felt like it."

He fell on the floor and his girl went down with him and gave him a big punch. Ouch. That must have hurt.

I left them stunned for a while as tears continued to fall from my eyes. Natsume caught up with me and hugged me from behind.

"Hush. It's okay now. Stop crying. Damn."

I continued to cry and I couldn't remember the rest of the day.


"Ouch!" I woke up on the floor. Why do I have to fall on the floor. Why can't it be pillows?!

"Wake up you stupid sleepyhead!"

"I'm already awake!" I screamed and looked at the person who just spoke. "Natsume?!"

"Shut up and get ready. We're going on a date."


The End for Now…

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