It's been quite a while since I last wrote something for Fanfiction. I still haven't finished my last story 'When it all comes together', because simply I lost all inspiration. So sorry, for those who wanted me to update! I do, however, have new inspiration for a different story. Of course it's about Chuck and Blair!

This will be a multi-chaptered story, but only if there's any interest. So please REVIEW and tell me what you guys think, want and suggest anything you'd like to happen.



5 years later. Blair moved to London after the Jack Bass/The Empire incident and never came back. Until now…

''You're getting married? Oh my god!'' Blair screamed on the phone.

'I know, right? It all seems so surreal, but it's really happening B! I will be Serena Archibald in a few weeks.' Serena squealed.

'I can't believe it. Or actually I can, you two were meant to be together. Congrats, S!'

'Thanks. The wedding is in 3 weeks already and of course you'll be my maid of honor.' Serena said.

'I'd have to actually be there to be your maid of honor, though.'

'You're kidding me? Of course you have to be there. If this is about Chuck again, I can assure you that he's moved on. You have William now and he has Lauren. You guys are done. Besides, without you, no wedding! Do you want to be responsible for that?' Serena said.

It was quiet for a long time, but then Blair said: 'Fine, but you'll have to inform him that I'll be coming. I don't want things to be awkward. Oh and about William… I'll bring him with me. When shall I come?'

'Well, it is a wedding we're talking about, in fact, it's my wedding we're talking about. Why don't you come… tomorrow? Grab the next flight! We have so much to do in so little time. But I'd understand if you can't… You probably have work to do, so...' Serena trailed off.

'No, no, I can come! I mean, it's my best friend's marriage we're talking about. And weddings are my forte. I'll be there as soon as possible.'


Blair went to London to start a new life. Though she never really went back to the Upper East Side, it would always be a part of her. She didn't have any reason to go there anymore. She avoided the business trips to the US and Serena and Nate visited her frequently. Her mother lived in Paris with Cyrus so she probably saw them more now, than she would have if she'd lived in New York. So no reason to go back, really. Except for a wedding.

After Blair left, Chuck was a mess for a long time. Nate and Serena tried to help, but nothing would work. Bass Industries continued without him.

But after a few months, he got better and picked up his work again. Bass Industries was now all he got, but he had accepted that and tried to move on. A few weeks ago, he met a woman at a benefit dinner thrown by Bass Industries. Lauren was a gorgeous young blonde who worked as a model and she was nothing like Blair. She was easy-going and fun to be with and for a change, Chuck felt comfortable around her. That was not something he had with many people.


'Man, I can't believe she said yes!' Chuck slapped Nate on his shoulder.

'What's that supposed to mean?' Nate laughed.

'Well, look at you…' Chuck smirked.

'Ha ha! But you do know what this means right?'

'No, not really?'

'Dude, who do you think is going to be Serena's maid of honor! Blair, of course!' Nate said loudly.

Chuck turned pale. That was something he hadn't considered yet. Seeing Blair again.. the last time he had seen her was, what, a year ago? That one night in five years… Chuck was in London for business and ran into Blair at an exclusive party thrown by a mutual business partner. They had locked eyes and never looked anywhere else that night. They shared a late dinner, drinks and in the end, a night. It was the best sex he had ever had and yet the worst morning too. He woke up in an empty bed, with a letter that said: 'Sorry, this was a mistake. Have a nice life.'

It was only a few weeks later that he met Lauren.

'Are you still there?' Nate woke him up from his thoughts.

'Yeah yeah, no I'm fine. So when is the wedding and what do you need me to do?'


A few days later the Non-judging Breakfast Club would be reunited once again...


So not a lot I know and not really good either. But please stay with me! Let me know if you'd like an update on this story!