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Good night, Europeans! REVIEWS are always great... especially during these rough times!Chapter 4

It had been years since she last had lunch with no other than Chuck Bass. If we could do this over the phone, it would be so much easier, Blair thought, ignoring the fact that his voice alone could drive her crazy.

When she opened the door of the restaurant she saw him sitting in the corner, intrigued by his own BlackBerry. When he heard the all too familiar footsteps he looked up and sort of smiled at her. So did she in response.

''You're late, Waldorf.''

''Always fashionable, Bass.'' He stood up and pulled her chair out for her as all gentlemen would do.

''I've ordered you a dry martini. Unless you prefer something else?''

''No, martini is fine.'' It's still my favorite, she wanted to add.

Then it was quiet for a moment. Blair scanned the restaurant with her eyes, full of judgment and disapproval. Chuck looked up at her. His eyes wandering over her, taking in every little detail. Her ruby lips, her satin skin, her lovely dress. She was perfect.

When Blair turned to face him again, he quickly shook himself awake and said: ''So let's talk wedding stuff. What exactly is our job?''

''If it was for me to say, you're job would be standing next to Nate during the ceremony. That's it.'' She smirked slightly.

''Thank the lord it's not for you to say, now is it. I think we have a list, my dear.'' He said as he emphasized that last bit.

Blair shuddered at that last word, but tried to act normal and took a sip of her martini.

''We have to do all sorts of things, mainly trying things out for the wedding, Blair. Like wine tastings, cake tastings, search for locations to host the reception, dinner and party. Churches, guest lists, invitations… everything. Serena didn't want a wedding planner, because she thought it would offend you. But don't forget Blair, that we're in this together. Nate's my best friend and this is the least I can do.'' He said sincerely. ''Now let's order food.''

After awhile of casual talking things got boring. Blair wasn't used to this with Chuck, with him things were never boring. The reason was that they couldn't really talk about anything that mattered. They're lovers hadn't come up yet nor had the past or the future. There's not much left to talk about if those subjects are out of reach.

''Coffee?'' Chuck said.



Blair smirked and nodded. He knew her too well and here she thought she'd changed. Perhaps change isn't necessarily in ones taste for coffee, she said to herself.

''So when is your precious William coming?'' Chuck said not looking her into the eyes.

''I'm not sure. As soon as possible, I hope.''

''You don't know? It almost makes me wonder, does he even exist…'' He said with a big smirk.

''Why would you wonder, I'm sure you've checked up on me the entire time. Still have your PI's on speed dial, Bass?'' Blair raised her eyebrows, waiting for his answer.

''What's makes you think I'm still interested in your life?'' He said moving closer to her over the table. He searched her eyes to find an emotion.

''Were you ever interested?'' She licked her lips subconsciously and he watched the movement with vivid attention.

''I'm having lunch with you, Waldorf. I don't have lunches with uninteresting people.''

''That makes me feel so much better.'' She stared at him across the table. The tension was undeniable for the both of them. The moment their knees brushed under the table, Blair opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. His face hadn't changed one bit. His strong features and his warm soft eyes, that only she could find warm and nice, were still the same. And his hair…

''Can I have the check please, madam?'' Chuck interrupted their moment.

''Why didn't you call me?'' Blair said out of the blue.

''When?'' He said taken aback, even though he already knew what she meant.

''When I moved to London of course. Not one call, not one e-mail. You once said you loved me…'' She looked down at her empty coffee cup. ''But you didn't fight for me.''

''I did love you! I still… '' She looked up at him strangely. ''I still think… that I loved you. Back then.'' He said awkwardly. ''But I did something terrible to you and I knew you deserved better. So I let you go.''

Blair scoffed. ''You let me go? How kind of you to do so! I was alone in freaking England and it took me months to get over you!'' She said trying not to shed a few tears. ''I thought we were endgame Chuck. I thought.. I thought that you'd come after me. Otherwise I would have never gone to London. You know I hate the rain.'' Blair said honestly.

Chuck shook his head, not knowing what to say for the first time in a long while. If only I'd known.

''I'm sorry.'' He said.

''Whatever. It's the past now and I'm very happy with William.'' Blair said faking a smile.

''Oh and I'm very happy with Lauren too.''

''That's great.''

''Yeah…'' he trailed off. ''Shall we go?''

Once outside, Blair made her way over to the edge of the sidewalk to hail a cab.

''A cab, Blair, really? Public transportation… I'd never thought I'd see the day.'' He smirked. ''Come on, my limo is over there.'' He motioned to the corner of the street.

The limo. So many good memories they had shared in there. From her deflowering to making love after he'd finally said the 8 letters back to her. Do I have to get in there again?