Never again . The Timmy Turner story

. Its the day his parents died due to crocker. Well i guess i should go back 2 years ago. The day is march 19 , Crockers worst day , but today wasnt going very well for Crocker. He woke up to his just married beautful wife Britney Britney. They both were very tired. slowly drinking his coffe wondering why a beautiful girl would marry a hideous man as himself crocker threw his coffe at the wall and said " why would you marry me and not that wonderful dinkleburg". His wife stared a blank stare and said " i dont know why would i when i have you a crazed fairy hunter lunatic as a husband". Crocker slowly got up and picked up his coffe mug and threw it britney britney. britney britney dodged the cofee cup and walked to the fridge got out a jar of applesauce and hit crocker in the head knocking him out. ( a few hours later) Crocker woke up to an empty house , nothing but a few appliences his mom bought for him as wedding gifts. Crocker gets up puts his jacket on and decides to go see timmy turner. crocker arrives at timmys house and slowly walks in. crocker walks up to the kitchen and gets a glass cup. timmys dad roger is siting at the table . crocker hits roger upside his head killing him. blood is all over the floor. crocker walks up the stairs to the parents bedroom were timmys mom kathrin was asleep. crocker walks in to the bathroom attachted to there bedroom and gets a towel. he slowly waks over to kathrin and puts the towel over her face. moments later shes dead. Timmy walks in the house and says "mom dad are you home" . crocker slips out of the house with no traces of his dna.