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Things Change Again

By: Tech-Man

Beast Boy awoke sometime in the early morning. With a rather pleasant warmth surrounding his body; looking down a mess of blonde hair met him. Slowly, he became aware of how they were intertwined. His and Terra's legs were over lapping each other and he was momentarily startled by how silky smooth they felt against his. She was lying over his left arm using it as an improvised pillow and his right was draped over her slim figure. Only after wriggling his wrist did he realize his hand had worked its way onto Terra's left breast. For a split second he marveled over how its size fit perfectly into his hand and it appeared that she wasn't wearing a bra as her stiff nipple poked through the thin material and into the palm of his hand.

Like most guys, he couldn't resist gently messaging the orb in his hand. Of course, as Murphy's Law always seems to play a major part in Garfield's life, Terra chose that moment to wake up. "Having fun," she asked the sleep in her voice evident.

Shame washed over him as he realized what he had been doing. Here was this girl that trusted him enough to let him sleep in the same bed with her and he was groping her. "I am so sorry Terra," he stated removing his hand from her chest and scooting towards the edge of the bed hanging his head in shame. "I…I think it would be better if I slept in the Great Room so I don't do anything else to you," He began moving toward the edge of the bed when he left a hand grab his shoulder.

"You didn't answer my question," she stated rising her eyebrows daring him to lie about it.

"What do you want to hear," Beast Boy asked knowing his answer was going to get him in more trouble than he could imagine. He just got her back, and he had already managed to ruin it.

"I want to know if you enjoyed feeling my breast through your t-shirt," she asked leaning down and crawling towards him. Her position offered him a perfect view down the neck of the shirt and to the objects of many of his fantasies.

Terra watched as the blush spread up his neck and covered his face. She thought he was so cute, but wished he would admit to thinking she was sexy. She couldn't list how many times she dreamed about what would have happened that evening if Slade hadn't interrupted or if she would have given in to her desires earlier and came back with him to Titan's Tower all those years ago. She figured he was not going to admit to enjoying it, but the way he continued to look down her shirt was all the proof she needed. If she wanted anything to happen she was going to have to make a move herself.

Terra crawled forward until she was straddling Garfield's legs. A look of pure lust mixed with total confusion on his face. Leaning forward Terra pressed her lips to his. It took only a moment for him to respond and join the kiss. Taking charge of the kiss BB opened his mouth and traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Terra smiled into the kiss allowing her tongue to dance with his.

In an effort to keep her balance she used her arms to support herself holding onto the wall in which BB was leaning against. His hands in turn began to roam over her back and sides before fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. Terra getting the hint that he needed some kind of permission before continuing broke away from the kiss long enough to look him in the eyes allowing all of her pent up feelings to come pouring forth.

Garfield slipped his hands underneath the shirt amazed at the heat radiating off her body. Rejoining their kiss his hands covered every inch of her back and sides before making contact with the sides of her breasts. The smooth skin almost made him loose control of himself. Using both hands he began to work her shirt off; when he met no resistance he removed it completely stunned speechless at her beauty. Her chest was not overly large, but fit the proportions of her body perfectly. Her stomach was smooth save a few small scars that shown lightly against her tanned skin.

"Beautiful," was all he could say before he crushed his lips to hers again; loving the feel of her lips against his, of her chest pressed against his. Using his position and leverage he pushed her back against the bed towering over her. The two lovers looked into each others eyes watching the emotions play across their faces. "Terra," BB whispered leaning down and nuzzling her neck and ear with his nose.

An out of breath, "Yeah," was all she responded with turning her head to allow him greater access to her neck. He licked her neck leaving a hot trail from her earlobe down to her collarbone and back up to her jaw. He smiled as her breath hitched in her throat at his actions.

"I love you, but if we keep this up… I know I will not be able to stop myself. So, if you want me to stop you need to tell me now," he whispered before lightly biting her ear then soothing it over with his tongue.

Terra allowed a low moan to escape her mouth before turning her head over and kissing him full on the lips. "If you don't lose the shirt you put on in the next ten seconds I am going to rip it off of you," she whispered running her fingers down his chest making sure to trace the muscle pattern under the fabric.

Grinning like a mad man BB pulled his shirt over his head. Terra smiled at the sight before her. Once again he captured her lips with his allowing his bare chest to touch hers. Slowly, he moved from her lips to her jaw and down her neck. Her skin was smoother than silk and the taste…she tasted better than anything he could ever imagine. Working his way down he left a trail of kisses until he reached the mound of her right breast.

Flicking out his tongue he toyed with her nipple causing her breath to hitch in her throat. Not wishing to leave her other breast neglected he moved his mouth capturing the former in his hand and massaging it lightly. Terra began aching her chest up to meet his mouth and hand loving the feelings he was generating within her.

Starting up again he moved lower still tracing a path with his mouth alternating between kissing and swipes with his tongue. The taste of her skin was nearly intoxicating and he was sure that nothing in his entire life had ever tasted so good. Coming across one of the many scars he bit down causing a gasp to escape from Terra's mouth. Before the pain had time to register he soothed the sore spot over with his tongue. Bringing his hands down he began to massage her hips and thighs squeezing hard enough to toe the line between ecstasy and pain as his mouth continued it's journey south.

Her thin black cotton panties were all that separated his hot breath from the lips of her pussy. Taking a deep breath he exhaled directly onto her center causing her to buck her hips up desperately trying to make contact with something firm, but BB kept his hands locked pressing her hips forcefully into the bed. Her hands in turn clenched tighter into his hair trying to force his face down if he wouldn't let her rise up.

A smile worked its way onto Garfield's face as he turned to look up into Terra's face. "I love you," he whispered before moving to the side and trailing a line of hot kisses down the inside of her thighs before making his way to her feet. It was something that he loved about her. He really didn't have a thing for feet, but hers always seemed so perfect. Slowly, deliberately, he kissed the top of each one of her toes before making his way back up the opposite leg; finally arriving at the point he left off.

Once again he locked eyes with her silently asking permission once again before moving forward. A simple nod of her head and gently he began working off her panties. They slid easily down her legs. Where his fingers grazed, goose bumps rose to the surface. After they were completely removed Garfield placed his mouth over her entrance.

He began by placing a single kiss just above her clit, before moving down and placing one directly on her folds. The sensation of his lips touching her most sensitive areas was nearly enough to push her over the edge. Terra had dreamed about being with BB for so many years, but had always been so sure he would reject her after everything that she had done, but no. He was so loving to her and…he carefully slid his tongue between her folds scrambling her thought process as she gripped the sides of the bed in a near death grip.

A low moan escaped her as he slowly began licking around her clit before slipping in a single finger. He was amazed at how tight she was and as a result he was worried about doing something wrong, but if her reactions were anything to go by she loved the attention. BB began to gyrate his finger in and out curling the tip against the inside walls of her slick tunnel. Using his tongue he began to toy with her clit. He felt it when her first orgasm ripped through her as she clamped down on his fingers and nearly suffocated him by shoving herself as close to his face as possible.

When she finally relaxed, BB scooted himself up next to her. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Absentmindedly, he began tracing random patterns on her stomach and chest. "Garfield," Terra spoke his name like a question. "Where did you learn to do that," she asked turning onto her side and bringing her lips to his in a chaste kiss.

BB smiled placing another kiss on the side of her check. "I'm kind of surprised you would want to kiss me," he said a nervous tilt to his voice. Terra just smiled back before kissing him again on the lips.

"I think you think to too much; now are you going to tell me who taught you to do that," she asked again this time boring her eyes into his.

"No one taught me anything," he answered. "I read about it, and kind of always hoped you would be the girl I could try it out on," he whispered turning his eyes down her petite body.

"I love you too BB," Terra whispered before running her hands down his chest. "Now, where were we," she asked flipping him onto his back and moving to straddle his waist just above his massive erection.

Terra slowly started moving backward deliberately toying with him. "Are you sure you want to do this," BB asked out of the blue startling Terra.

She looked over at him a smile prominent on her face. "Do you love me," she asked seemingly not phased. Garfield simply nodded his head in response. "Well, I love you, and I think we have both waited way too long for this moment to just pass it up. Don't you think," she smiled tilting her head to the side. Her long blonde hair flowing around her shoulders and down her back. BB could barely make his mouth work looking at the goddess sitting above him.

Raising her hips she lowered herself on to his waiting shaft. Both groaned at the feeling of pure bliss. Years of waiting and years of uncertainty coming to an end as Terra leaned down to capture his lips with hers. Their kiss was fiery passion as the two settled themselves into a steady rhythm. The two lovers embraced each other, working together to being the other toward the height of pleasure.

Garfield moved his hands from where they gripped Terra's hips up to her sides tracing the outline of her breasts as they rose and fell with her movements. He traced the patterns of battle scars wishing desperately that he could take all of her pain away. Raising his hips to meet her downward movement he brought her lips down to his loving the unique taste that was Terra. She sighed as she felt the tightening sensation start deep within her. "BB…I…think," she panted increasing her tempo.

"Me…to," he responding picking up his pace to match hers as there bodies worked in harmony with each other. Terra's head reared back as the first wave of her orgasm rocked through her petite frame. The spasms of her body through Garfield over the edge as the most power orgasm he had ever had scorched through his body. Their combined orgasm fed off each other before Terra collapsed on top of BB in a post-orgasmic bliss. BB for his part held on to her tightly running his fingers through her beautiful hair and down her back.

"Wow," was all he could manage to say as he placed a short gentle kiss on the top of her forehead. Terra smiled before leaning up and kissing him. Her lips parted to allow her tongue to trace his lips that he gladly parted deepening this kiss. After a few moments she slide off him onto the side of the bed closest to the wall. The two lovers snuggled closer together drifting off once again into a peaceful sleep.

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