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My mother is a fucking bitch. Not just any kind of bitch, she's a stuck up good for nothing selfish bitch.

You don't believe me?

Well I have proof.

My mom was born a raised in Forks, Washington a small town in the Olympic Peninsula of northwestern Washington State. She was the towns golden girl smart, pretty, and rich all the things needed apparently required to be on top. Everyone kissed her ass her whole life which may be the reason why she's the way she is today. Everyone loved my mom especially my father. They had known each other their whole lives and were the picture perfect example of childhood sweethearts. They were very much in love and married right out of high school just like everyone knew they would.

The summer before they were suppose to leave for college my mom found out she was pregnant with my older brother Emmett and instead of leaving like they had always hoped and dreamed my parents stayed in Forks. I guess they were happy for a while but it didn't last very long. My mom wanted more out of life then what the small town of Forks had to offer her. When Emmett was three months old my mom left both he and my dad and moved to Phoenix, but she didn't expect to find out she was pregnant with me. She didn't actually find out about me until she was three months along which made it hard for her to get rid of me as she would have liked. Yes my very own mother has made it clear to me on several occasions that if it wasn't for the fact that it was too late she would have gone through with an abortion.

Such a lovely woman she is right?

So you're probably wondering why not just give me up or send me off to live with my father?

I'm not really sure why she didn't.

Maybe it was because when she first moved here she was lonely and didn't have anyone else so it was nice to have me around to fill the void that now existed in her life.

Although I now think she keeps me around because she a lazy ass bitch.

I've been taking care of myself and her since I was twelve, doing the cooking and cleaning and having to remind her to do the little things like paying bills so she doesn't blow it all on shopping for things she doesn't even need.

Everything is different now my mom has remarried. Phil is a minor league baseball player name and truth be told, he's not all that talented.

What do I say about him?

Well for one thing he's a major fucking prick. Phil is seven years older than me, twelve years younger than my mom and thinks he's god's gift to this earth. I think he's more of a punishment.

So it seems my mom no longer needs me and since Phil's job means that he has to travel a lot and my mom wants to go with him, I'm now being shipped off to Forks to stay with my dad and brother. I can't say that I'm particularly happy about this. I mean before now I did everything possible to stay away from Forks, not that I didn't love my dad and brother but small town life has never really appealed to me but maybe this is what I need.

A fresh new start in a brand new place. I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock at the door.

"Belly you in there? Let me in, Trick" I smiled at the sound of my best friend Tanya's voice. "Yea one minute, Tan Babe. I'm coming" I stood up and walked over to the door so that I could unlock it and let her in. I opened the door and there she stood all 5"7 of my best friend. Tanya was very beautiful with her long luscious strawberry blond hair, deep blue eyes that would make the ocean jealous and a body to kill for. We've been best friends pretty much our whole lives, well ever since kindergarten when she stole my peanut butter cookie and in return I took her chocolate milk it's been a beautiful friendship ever since.

After she stepped in my room I closed the door and we went over and sat down on my bed. Tanya is the only reason leaving was going to be so hard. We were the type of friends that did everything together from shopping to dating. We had our first kiss on the same day and lost our virginities on the same day too. Not being able to share the last two years of high school with her was going to be very fucking hard.

"I'm gonna miss you so much, Belly bean. What am I going to do without you? Life will be so boring" she said while pouting.

She was right though, life will really suck without her.

"I'm sure you can find some other poor lost soul to amuse you" I told her, brushing my hand through her locks.

She placed her hand on her chest and pouted dramatically "There's no one else out there who could take your place in my heart"

I looked at her skeptically "Tan, do you even have a heart"

She reached be hide her on the bed throwing one of my pillows at me "Yes bitch I have a heart! It just happens to be mostly black, there are red parts in there damn it and you're in that tiny limited space"

"Awe Tan, you're my best friend I love you to death. If I didn't have you I would have gone completely bat shit crazy a long time ago. I'm going to miss the shit out of you but we'll talk everyday, and you can come visit me whenever. I'm sure Charlie wont mind. I promise not to forget about you just don't forget about me" I pulled her off of my bed and hugged her tight

"I could never, belly, you're my best friend too" she sobbed, hugging me back

"Well I better get going. I have a flight to catch soon… Do you want to give me a ride to the airport?" I asked hopefully. I was suppose to ride with my mom but I'd rather off my self then have to ride in a car with her right now

"Yea, Yea come on bitch lets bust this move…. So are you having your bike shipped out there?" she asked.

"Yea it's on its way as we speak with the rest of my stuff." I said grabbing my bags getting ready to walk out of the door

"Is that even Forks friendly? You know they're not really known for their great weather."

I turned around and looked at my best friend trying to convince my self not to slap her upside her head. "Yea smart ass, which is why the Audi is down there too"

"You're such a spoiled bitch, come on lets get going so we can send you off to no man's land" She said as we walked down the stairs towards the front door.

"Tan, you're going to make me fish slap your ass aren't you?" I laughed as I opened the door and we stepped out into the heat of the Arizona sun, it's rays beaming down on us, wrapping us in its scorching heat. I was going to miss this place, the warmth, the smell the clear blue skies, but I had a new life waiting for me and it was time to start living it.