Chapter I


I wonder if Miranda even remembers me. Sebastian thought, staring out to the sea.

"Are you all right? Sebastian?" Malachai asked, making Sebastian jump. "Oh, f-fine. I'm O.K.," he answered. Malachai eyed him suspiciously, taking a small step back. "Really, I'm fine." Sebastian said, turning to look at him; his captain was smiling.

"You know, Sebastian," he said, a playful glint in his eye. Sebastian turned back to the sea. "I think that you're thinking about Miranda again. I also think that the Wonderlab shouldn't just sit around gathering dust." Sebastian perked up a bit. "Do you want to try it? Just to see if it works, of course."

Sebastian's expression changed from it's original depressed to hopeful. Extremely hopeful. He spun around to Malachai, grabbing his shoulders with eagerness. "Could we?" he asked, barely able to get the words out.

Malachai, who was grinning and nodding, answered, "I'll go fire it up."