Chapter VII


So he's probably not going to be okay. Just wishing for something doesn't always give you what you want then. She felt like throwing something out to sea. What she wanted to throw was Skotos, but as he was unavailable, (and probably wouldn't agree with being thrown overboard,) she walked along the deck, looking for something that wasn't important that she could throw. This? No. This? Uh-uh. Aha! She found a small pebble that was on the deck. She tried to pick it up, but as soon as she got a good grip, something pulled it away, as if someone were controlling it by a string. "Hey," she said, kind of annoyed. She stayed crouched down, and chased after it, as it only went an arm's length away. She put her hand out to snatch it, but it jumped away again. "Hey!" she called, actually pissed off now. Haven't I put up with enough today? Now a stupid pebble is running away from me! "Does nothing that isn't hurt or in danger like me-oof!" She ran right into someone wearing yellow and blue boots? As her eyesight ran slowly up the figure she had bumped into, she discovered that whoever it was, wasn't Cassie, Malachai, Alan, or Sebastian. It was a girl, who appeared about her age, with pointed ears that peaked out in front of her two waist-length braids that hung down in front of her. Miranda jumped back however, when she saw the left side of the girl's face. It held a long pale-brown scar from her forehead down to her jaw line.

"You know, I felt the same exact way for the longest time."

Miranda fell over completely. The last time she had heard anyone talk like this, was when Titania had told her "Oh, such pain," back when they first started going on any adventure.

Miranda staggered up, as the girl picked up the pebble and clasped it around her neck on the invisible thread, like a necklace. "Who are you and what do you want?" she hissed, not trusting this mysterious girl.

"Miranda?" Cassie looked in surprise at the mystery girl seemingly towering over her older sister.